July 30th, 2014

Purifying Healing & Congruence with Clayton Nolte

I just love having Clayton on our series… His unique energy, amazing presence and captivating expertise made for a profoundly fun, enlightening and healing discussion that delivered us into a brand new state of energetic wholeness.

From enhancing our food to purifying our energy fields and relieving physical ailments, we learned a TON about the power of structured water and its naturally miraculous ability to promote vibrant health, balance and harmony at the atomic level.

Clayton treated us to a remarkably uplifting structured-breathing exercise that integrated us into the present moment, beckoning our power of manifestation, which shifted our reality and activated the gateway to total transformation.

A HUGE thank you to all of you for your tremendous engagement and playing with us. All of your phenomenal questions created a beautiful ripple effect that brought us into a new field of balanced energy.
There is just SO MUCH information on this show. Tap in and allow the natural flow of all things beneficial.

Imagine your house singing in the vibration of love, structure, balance and harmony and THEN you showering with it!

So many of you have written in and asked us to help you structure your whole house and Clayton worked with us to make that happen in such a remarkable way.

Through this very special offer, we’re giving you FOUR options to be a catalyst of coherence for your whole neighborhood, the wildlife, surrounding trees, plants and so much more…

And this special is exclusive to this community! It’s not available anywhere else, folks…

There’s never been a more convenient way to experience and share the healing qualities of structured water and we’re bringing it to ya.

For the first time, we are offering Under The Sink units, which are perfect for those of you who live in an apartment or condo!
AND, you can get a FREE Portable Structuring Unit (A $399 value) with the purchase of the Dynamically Enhanced Whole-House Unit!

July 28th, 2014

An Incredibly Healing, Interactive Bonus Q&A With Jarrad Hewett

OH YEAH… What an incredibly healing, interactive, bonus Q&A call we shared with Jarrad on Friday…

He kicked off this HUGE show by generously gifting us one of the products from his special offer and we were guided to immediately shift life in the most remarkable, immeasurable ways. [We've uploaded a completely mastered version of this audio gift for the replay so that you can tap in and hear it clearly.]

His powerful statements and sacred formulas set the intention to release limits, move MOUNTAINS and LIFETIMES of frequencies, clear emotional trauma, heal soul scars and ascend into who we really are as Source.

The group on this call manifested tremendous energy through their amazing participation, which brought forth mesmerizing gifts of expansion, safety and support that moved all of us into new levels of being, trust and knowing.

We covered so much on this show … The energies and vibrations are simply OFF THE CHARTS and they’ve been preserved for you on the free replay.

CLICK –>Listen to the replay HERE

This is truly one of the most JAM-PACKED special offers we’ve ever been able to bring our beautiful Healing With The Masters community.

Jarrad has put together a couple of really remarkable systems and collections … I mean, they’re AMAZING! And each piece of the puzzle is built on years of research and fine-tuning.

Through graceful yet powerful guided meditations (some of which are set to frequency-tuned music) and a library overflowing with frequencies to help with every situation you could imagine, Jarrad leads you to embrace and strengthen your true creator essence – your real power for shaping and living this reality of Divine freedom and truth.

What if you were free from all perceptions of limitation? What if you could start each day KNOWING that you are manifesting your dreams, setting the course for exactly the life you want to be living?
…Now you can.
Be sure to check out this limited-time special offer and get ready to receive the greatness for which you are destined.

July 16th, 2014

Instant Harmonic Alignment Replay with Mashhur Anam

Mashhur delivered BIG TIME on this one and we tapped into the miraculously supportive holographic energy of the stars and universe, which imbued us with newfound hope, power, trust and confidence.

By detaching from expectation and judgment, we learned how to refine our unified matrix, which projects our reality, and connect to new morphic fields and algorithms for finding the purpose in all of life’s events (no matter their appearance).

A powerful, 5th-dimensional process disconnected us from old patterns, creating the sacred space for the acceleration of our highest good. And this potent, high-vibrational energy carried over into our Q&A where beautiful messages and insights transformed our energy fields, aligned us with harmony and created a platform of brand new possibility.

We went so deep on this call, our consciousness was heightened and we’ve entered a brand new dimension of being…

Listen to the replay and tap into the fabulous tools and teachings for creating new resonance.

Listen to the replay HERE:

If you are ready to advance into the next level in your morphic field and establish & maintain the harmonic vibrational resonance of abundance to create miracles across all areas of your life, one of these (or maybe both) is for YOU.

Masshur compiled three different options for your exponential peace & prosperity and we could not be more excited about these incredibly powerful systems of healing and re-awakening….

From Holographic Transformational Tools such as rings of harmony, vision board, energetic downloads, liquid luck, and group coaching from Masshur, himself, these instruments will pulse through you, radiating your information to the entire planet and connecting you to miracles abound.

And, with Bridge to the 5th Dimension, you’ll access your ascension blueprint and integrate its vibration RIGHT NOW as you infuse FIVE powerful AND new holographic matrices into your existence.

You are the creative force in your life and these special tools, along with Mashhur’s personal guidance, will help you harness your miraculous powers of creativity and manifestation.

Are you ready to connect with your Divinity and unlock your hidden potentials?

Check one, two, or BOTH out now… Up to 99% off!

July 10th, 2014

Mary A Hall’s Welcome Back to Love, REPLAY

This show was BEYOND POWERFUL as Mary held the template of possibility for reaching a new octave of loving wholeness and abundance.

We created the space for serious progress across all areas of our lives and released the barriers preventing us from experiencing the many different levels of love that are always available to support our highest goodness.

Mary delivered huge breakthroughs in understanding the invaluable lessons of gracing another with their path and fully accepting our own path so that we may fully return to and live in love.

These radiant frequencies of lovelight abundance flowed into a beautiful Q&A session where we saw ourselves through the eyes of love and allowed every aspect of our being to come out of the shadows and be seen, appreciated, acknowledged and embraced.

Beautiful, immeasurable expansion awaits your being on this one. Get ready to move into a whole different octave of being…

Listen to the replay HERE:

Mary has put together quite an astonishing offer for us… In fact, it’s been more than FIVE years since she has offered live coaching, so this opportunity to work with her and reach whole new levels of abundance and healing – and a new octave of love – is EXTREMELY RARE. AND, THIS is her newest content, containing the highest vibrating paths to wholeness.

This two-part offer includes FIVE weeks of live, group-coaching calls with Mary (11 calls total) accompanied by 30 days of remote healing and abundance energy to support you in this new field of love – promoting healing and abundance. PLUS, a pre-program containing 60 days of remote healing energies along with 5 healing/processing audios will get you completely READY for the coaching program!

The potent energies, frequencies and vibrations found in this OFF-THE-CHARTS program are what allowed me to really heal in my life. This is unquestionably one of her most powerful programs ever…

If you are being called to this unique opportunity to work directly with Mary, then please check out this very limited, life-changing offer.

Get ready to connect with and activate the gifts already within and flourish far beyond your wildest, most beautiful imagination.

June 27th, 2014

A New Paradigm of Enlightenment with Anamika

Anamika articulates a new paradigm of love that is SO vital for living directly from our souls, we were guided to simultaneous discovery and creation of self, each other and ALL of us in this moment.

Her palpable and potent transmissions allowed us to collapse suffering and clearly see and embrace our humanity and giftedness in totality.

We shifted from the old paradigm of living and into the new field of sweet, soft, beautiful, enriching energy to completely open our hearts, reveal and move blocks, and drop our defenses.

These wonderful resonant frequencies carried over into a liberating, 25-minute Q&A session where all of us transitioned into the state of weightlessness, allowing all of life to flow and move magically and elegantly with magnificent intricacy.

Beautiful, immeasurable expansion awaits your being on this one…

Listen to the replay HERE:

Anamika worked so closely with us to bring you something not available ANYWHERE else. In fact, this is her very FIRST product, so we are getting an EXCLUSIVE here, folks! Yep, this BRAND NEW, never-ever before released. Woohoo!

Two incredible video workshops, in which YOU participate, and 3 transformational audio transmissions deliver a powerful opportunity to personally experience the palpable and potent energy that lovingly allows you to move out of the old paradigm of rules, laws, and old accepted understanding and into a new octave of love and reality, where huge abundance of light and love await you.

Get ready to play without boundaries, create the greatest good for you AND all … And just for the FUN of it.

Embody the natural essence of the gracefully flowing life and love that YOU are and have always been.

There is a significantly different energy here compared to what we offered when Healing With The Masters started over 5 years ago…

Experience completely new octaves of overflowing gratitude, boundless love, perfect abundance, infinite joy, and expansive intimacy… A whole different state of being where YOU ARE ALL OF IT.

Allow your higher self to be in a way that you’ve NEVER experienced.

June 25th, 2014

HOLY Unity – Christopher Tims’ Soul-Shifting Replay

Christopher took us on a mystical journey through the all-encompassing path of true enlightenment and creation energy.

Through a series of newly exposed yet ancient teachings, sacred affirmations and beautiful processes, we learned how to consciously awaken and INSTANTLY unify with Source to embody the true nature of the creative mystic that we each are.

Our interactive Q&A was profoundly beautiful and uplifting as your intentions, desires, inquiries and experimenting created incredible change for a LOT of lives and showed us the real potential for living in this new paradigm of freedom and bliss.

Prepare to experience a very different and fresh energy that delivers you to a new perspective on experiencing life and reveals the possibilities for the greatest greatness of being.

Are you ready to move into the expansiveness that you are and open your entire being to the limitless possibility you hold?

Christopher is delivering a fresh aspect of ascension and awakening AND it’s not available outside his mystery school classes…

This is BRAND NEW power-packed material, created JUST for this offer and developed with YOU in mind. For the first time ever, you’ll have access to the the insider secrets, myths, and understandings that will liberate you into a natural dance and flow of life.

You’ll build on what you’ve already learned through his powerful Healing With The Masters show and develop a roadmap to living consciously and playing fully in your power.

Welcome your infinite greatness and embark on a journey into the heart and soul of YOU.

June 23rd, 2014

Healing With The Masters 13.2 Summer Season Starts TOMORROW

Can you believe it?!

In just 24 hours, we’ll be kicking off the new, summer season of Healing With The Masters 13.2 and I, Jennifer McLean, want you there when we start our new, LIVE series.

Register NOW to reserve your seat for our most wondrous and powerful season yet…

Speakers lineup

We are bringing back our live format due to wildly popular demand. In fact, Healing With The Masters 13.2 is SO live, that I am opening the lines for YOU to interact directly with these speakers and potentially receive one-on-one session work.

Arianna Huffington, Wayne Dyer, don Miguel Ruiz, Jo Dunning, Rikka Zimmerman, Hope Fitzgerald, William Linville and SO MANY more life-changing speakers are anxiously waiting to connect with you during this incredible season of fun, relaxation and rejuvenation. And we are overcome with excitement for the forthcoming expansion that awaits ALL of us AND this beautiful planet.

This is truly so important, so life-changing, so powerful; this season may be the one that turns it all around for you.


December 19th, 2013

How to Accomplish More in Less Time While Eliminating Stress and Worry

If I told you that there’s a way to worry less, do more, and have a peaceful partnership with your to-do list, you might think I was crazy. But the reality is, it’s completely possible and the secret is right here just waiting for you to jump onboard.

You don’t have to buy anything, nor do you need to achieve complete enlightenment. You just have to let go and trust in the universe…
So, what does that mean?

A few weeks ago, during one of my regular Body Dialoging Sessions at our MasterWorks Healing Membership Site, our amazing members helped to co-create a process and a new state of allowing.

Through that amazing experience, we played with the concept of embracing your Sacred Pace.

What we came to discover is that when we’re living within our Sacred Pace, the need to run, to do – or go really, super fast and get everything done, just fades away. Then, peace flows in and we do all the things we were so busy worrying about getting done.

In essence, by embracing our Sacred Pace, we get rid of the distractions keeping us stuck and tune into what we’re doing – what matters in the HERE and NOW. Our to-do list shrinks and makes space for more important tasks, we get out of the barrage of tactics, and into expressing our passions, efficiently and effectively.


It’s funny, because the answer was always right in front of me and I was choosing not to see it.

My best friend, Mary A Hall, lives at a Divine, sacred pace. And it used to drive me nuts, because I didn’t. I would go super fast, because I felt like I didn’t have enough time to get stuff done. Have you ever felt that way – told yourself that there aren’t enough hours in day to do all the things you just HAVE to do?

Well, I had a realization that Mary is right on target. To go slower and flow with the natural pace of creation is really, really honoring the Divinity that we all are. Now, you might be thinking “but I have so much to do,” or “My ‘s not going to run itself,” or even “Have you seen the stack of work on my desk?!.” And therein lies the challenge: doing all of it in harmony with divinity.

The key is to remember that we’re in charge.

And to know that when we assert that “I’m going to go at a sacred pace,” we actually have more space. Yes, we actually create more time.

Because, well, time is an illusion. Even some physicists are realizing this.

So let’s play with a Divine Sacred Pace.
First, let’s move into our Sacred Chamber (If you haven’t done this before, Click Here to read about moving into your Sacred Chamber).

Let’s ask the master that is us, the Divinity that is us:
“What does a sacred pace look and feel like?
If you were to show me the expression of a sacred and safe pace, what would that feel like?
What would the entire experience be like – help me feel the sensation be in my Being?

Now, describe that experience to yourself. Say it aloud right now.
Remember, what does it feel like? What is the sensation? What is it like to be in your sacred pace?

Take a nice, deep breath and just be with that feeling.
Allow all the worry and “lack of time” illusion to fade away. Then, as your shoulders drop and your mind clears, embrace the moment.

Breathe with the reality that when you’re moving at your Sacred Pace, there’s time for everything – and more. You have time for you, for work, for play. You have time to create the life you want to be living.

Now, look at that big, huge, honking list of to-dos.
Hand it over to the universe-to Source. Hand over everything that you can hand over.
I mean, listen, I’ve got to do the laundry today. Right? I’ve got to go get some things framed. So, those are real to-dos that I’ve got to do in the physical reality, but I can do them now within a new state of presence.

I can get each task on my list done without the stress and worry of all of the other things I’m not doing.

Remember: You are creating this reality. You are making the decisions. You’re in charge.

And, the Divine is here to support you along this path. So, let’s take everything that the Divine and our guides can help us with (Which is EVERYTHING), hand it over, and ask for help.

So let’s take everything on our to-do list that we can hand over to the Divine for assistance with and just say:

“I let go and give this to you.
Because what I really, really, really want to do is to be of service. What I really, really, really, want to be is of service.
What I really, really, really want space and time for is to be an instrument for peace. What I really, really, really want to be is a vessel for Love — spreading Light and Love. That’s what I want time for.
Please, take all this other ‘stuff’ and assist me so that I might lay myself down at your feet, beautiful Divine that I Am – and live from Divinity, live from this Sacred Pace, live from this sacred state of Being. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this moment and this opportunity to truly experience no thing, no time, just us, just now — this Sacred Pace.”

Feel that sacred pace, that presence, that Divine place of now, of knowing, of trust, of unencumbered energy. Feel how your body feels in this sacred pace.

Use urgency and the need to “do” as a barometer and a point of access.

When habits move us into distress, panic, unrest, or that feeling of just “not having enough time,” notice the experience and be with that feeling. Then, partner with the Divine to move back into sync with your Sacred Pace.

Personally, I’m going to allow that when I go into a habituated pattern of speeding up, of overwhelm, of stress, that I will use that pattern to move into this place that we are all in now. And I’d like you to join me in that commitment.

Commit to noticing, to being aware, and to moving past worry, back into a place of Divine harmony–Sacred Pace.

When we become less concerned with the time we’re taking to do something and are able to more fully focus on what it is we’re doing, we shift from worry and distraction into focus, concentration, and productivity through peace.

When we fully embrace our sacred pace, we’re trusting in the Divine, allowing that beautiful blanket of support to drape over us, so we can accomplish all that we’re really here to do.

December 16th, 2013

Moving Into Your Sacred Chamber

You have a place within you – a point of Divine opening that enables you to fully embody and express your true, unfiltered brilliance. It’s called the Sacred Chamber.

We move within, into the Sacred Chamber – the center point of your Soul whenever possible, to gain the most crystal clear perspective on this life – our place in all of humanity, our hopes, dreams, desires, and even to attract greater abundance and perfect health. While there, we have a powerful stillness and a heightened awareness that enables us to see things as they are: free from density and flowing in a golden sea of light and love.

With your permission, I’d like to guide you into your Sacred Chamber. Are you willing to move deeper into You and experience the joy that exists at the heart of your being?

If so, read on.
If you’re not ready, bookmark this post, save it to your desktop or just leave the page open so you can come back when you have the time and space to move into more of your innate greatness.

Join me as we venture past the perceived barriers of this dense physical world. Set all your distractions aside, turn off your phone, close the other tabs on your browser and take a deep, cleansing breath.

You are perfect and you are beautiful. You are capable of anything and you have the power to positively shift this entire planet.

Take another nice, deep breath into this expanded moment as you bring your attention to here and now. Feel the expansion of this moment. Feel you as an expression of this moment.

Let’s start by just moving within.
Feel yourself moving into a place of presence right now – in this moment.
Feel your energy and attention moving inside your being.

As you move inside, begin to notice who you are in this moment; notice your expression and allow yourself to feel and sense the You that is right now.

How are you holding your body right now?
Observe the position you’re in, your posture; notice the little aches and pains and the big aches and pains. Notice the areas of tension and the areas of light in your body.

Continue to bring your awareness to this present moment of You as the expression of You in the here and now. No judgment, just notice what shows up. There’s no to-do list. There’s no right or wrong. You don’t need to do anything or be anywhere but right here, right now.

If you feel judgements pop up, just let them go. You are perfect, so take as much time as you need. There’s no pace that’s better than any other – your pace is perfect.
Just let go.

Now, begin holding a strong intention and turn your attention to begin moving into your sacred chamber, that deep, deep place of center, that center point in your being, that center point of your soul.

The entrance point is found just below and behind your heart, between your shoulder blades, right in the middle. Yes, right there.

Feel and sense yourself moving into a perfectly-crafted little tunnel to the center of You. Allow yourself to move into that beautiful portal and let that sacred, warm-embrace energy flow over you. Begin to feel the safety of your infinite being until you are completely enveloped in Love.

Move in.
Feel the atmospheric shift as you settle into your place of stillness, of pure, beautiful stillness. Sense, within that stillness, the Divinity that is you.

Breathe. And be with your stillness.

Within that stillness are the threads of divinity, the threads of love and light and absolute pure safety, the threads of support and flow, abundance, the threads of beauty, hope, contentment, the threads of alignment, health and wholeness.

Tap into your beautiful, pure essences of divinity in this deep, sacred place and know that you are home.

December 7th, 2013

Jennifer McLean’s Miraculous, Divine Freedom Replay

What a thoroughly joyful experience.

Guest Host Bob Doyle helped us set the stage to create the space of pure, divine freedom and we discussed how the root of freedom comes from absolute faith and trust and knowing that everything is here for us, guiding us to what’s next. Moving into this state of being automatically paves the way to abundance, prosperity, joy, peace, and health.

Group energies of intention, compassion and support made for a POWERFUL Body Dialoging session and we embarked upon a wondrous journey of exploration into our deepest emotional landscapes and manifested remarkable frequencies of true possibility and newfound light in and around us. These shifts were HUGE.

“Every single solitary answer we seek is within us.”

The more we use life’s situations to move within and explore, the more we realize that we are being guided to blossom into the flower we are meant to be. Just go in and ask. The miracles are waiting to be shown to us.

We experienced numerous transmutations and profound expansions on this energetically encoded call and we inculcated these beautiful energies with a flute and voice Soul Song.

We wrapped this journey with a guided ho’oponopono prayer as a gentle, loving reminder of the freedom that you already are, that always awaits you.

We all truly moved into a new level of being. Make sure you listen to this one…


I am so excited about what you’re going to experience through this very special “All Time Favorites” season with our powerful speaker lineup.

Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Jean Houston, Jack Canfield, Gary Zukav, Donna Eden, Michael Beckwith, Neale Donald Walsch, Sonia Choquette, Gregg Braden, Panache Desai and MANY more powerful speakers are going to connect deeply with you during this astounding season from our best of the best.

So make sure you take time to listen to each of these profound shows (many listen more than once) and allow activation and awakening of your divine energetic fields. If you miss any, consider owning this phenomenal season. The cost of three shows pays for ALL 27!

If you’ve already purchased, please use the password we sent you to access your personal listening salons & bonus video footage to download your audios and transcripts for each show and video.


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