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Monday, April 30th, 2007

How to deal with food that is nutritionally absent

But why bother; why
don’t ya just eat better?

There are times when you just have to have that nasty snack
or old comfort food that has no nutritional value (Kraft macaroni and cheese
anyone?) Sometimes your really aren’t sure if the food was irradiated or not (if
it was then there is very little resembling enzymes and amino acids left). If
you can’t get to the health food store to get organic food then what to do with
the pesticide infested grocery store food? AND what about the good food, how do
you make it even better for you?

Everything has an energetic signature, if you can push that
energy into a more positive “spin” then the food will harmonize better with
your body. Here are two ways I know of that I beleive make a difference. Of
course it helps (according to the Law of Attraction) if you believe it!

Grace (of sorts). Just before you eat is a great time to
express gratitude for the bounty that is before you. Here is a great
affirmation of gratitude:

First rub your hands together to feel the energy moving.
Then place you hands over your food and say, “Bless this food that is before us.
Please send a special energy of gratitude to all of those who had a hand in
bringing this to our table,” (now take a moment and imagine with a heart of
gratitude all those hands; the grower, the person who picked the vegetables,
the truck driver, the grocer etc.). “Please assist this food in harmonizing with
my body in a way that generates vibrant health and energy. Thank you!”

You can even expand the visualization of the individuals
that participated in bringing the food to you, by asking that they open
themselves to the highest levels of love, light, joy, prosperity and abundance
you are sending to them. I believe that every time we do this to and for
another, we are sending that same energy to ourselves. If we did that with each
meal imagine the waves of peace we would be creating for the world and for us.

Another trick to changing food’s energy signature (to the
positive) is using a pyramid.
Remember those brass and wire pyramids from the eighties. My understanding is a
pyramid corrects the spin
on things that are in a state of dysfunction. The way energy bounces off the
sides of a pyramid creates a spin that has a positive influence on those people and things
underneath it. I put my pyramid on top of my fridge. I recently used one on a
box of 24 bottles of water. Did you know that moving water is much better for
you? Water that has been sitting in the bottle doesn’t have the same health
giving properties as water that has been moving. So I put my pyramid on top of
it to create that energy. When I do this there are usually bubbles in the water

When I noticed the bubbles I wondered if the pyramid effect
lasted indefinitely. I asked into this in a meditation and what I got was, yes
it lasted indefinitely for good food, and the changed properties only hold for
about 5 minutes for food that is not healthy.

Finally just thinking better thoughts when you are eating
has been scientifically proven to improve digestion. So rather than hammering
that food down, stop and have gratitude for it, eat slowly and chew more. Put
your fork down between mouthfuls. The food will taste better and be better for

Ok I have a confession to make, I am coming out of the
spiritual closet with these posts… I have a little fear that it is over the
spiritual top for many of you. Bear with me as I go to the depths of “woo woo”
and back again… while some of this might be weird; I guarantee it will always
be interesting. And it works, but again remembering The Law of Attraction; if
you believe it will work it likely will.

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Cleansing Emotions as Well as the Colon

I am starting a cleans today. My normal method of cleansing
is the “703 cleanse” by Bud Curtis.
His cleanse is unique and offers some intense options. If you’re in for a
tough, full time (you’re focused on the cleanse at all times) 7-day cleanse,
then this is for you. I have done this one 4 times, and every time I felt like
crap and had issues with hypoglycemia. But I felt great afterward. I also liked
it because was did not allow the time or energy for cheating.Toxinout_box_sm_2

However, this time I am trying a more gentle approach it is
a 3-month program by Dr. Natura. I am
doing both the colon cleans and the “Toxin-Out” program. What
feels different
to me this time around is I am choosing to be gentler (and risking that I will
cheat). It feels like it is time to explore the feelings and emotions that
inevitably come up and allow the time for acknowledgment and release. The daily
rituals of the 703 cleanse were so distracting that I wasn’t able to be with my
body and experience the release of the emotions.

From a Polarity Therapy
perspective, the colon can hold fear and anxiety, so when you are going through
a cleanse anticipate that these emotions are going to show up. My sense is that
if you are not open to the emotional release that can occur during a cleanse
the process isn’t as deep and won’t be as successful. BUT simply by choosing to
go through a cleanse we are making an unconscious decision to open up to the
emotional baggage that might be stuck in the colon along with the real impacted
material.  If we can bring some
consciousness to the emotional pieces of the changes, I believe we all would
have better results and longer term health benefits.

This applies to just about any change we undertake whether
that is diet, exercise, relationships or jobs. Allow for the inevitable
emotions that will come up. Feel them, express them, release them in love and
forgiveness and the process will be deeper, more positive and life changing.

I will likely keep you posted on the cleanse and any
observations about the emotional healing aspects.

If anyone has used this product or has gone through a great
cleanse and wants to share just reply in  comments and let us know or email me and I will write about
it in future posts.

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

Releasing Our Stories and Healing Through The Law of Attraction

We all have stories. Sometimes we dwell on those stories: Someone, your parents, your friends, your boss did something to you.

dwell on these negative incidents because they are often still stuck in
our bodies. When old negative thinking and  debris is stuck in various
energy blocks in our bodies, it acts like big rocks in the river of our
lives and slows down the energy flow. When the energy flow is blocked
we get sick and feel physical pain. It might also show up as emotional
pain and mental fatigue (memory loss etc.)

opportunity is to get clear, to take each moment and look at what we
are feeling emotionally and how that is showing up in our bodies. Our
bodies are perfect diagnostic tools.

physical pain and disease has a thought behind it; a belief that has
grown a hard skin of protection  that  cannot be interrupted. Emotional
healing and release allows access to that thought. The day of going
backwards into the story, into the trauma are over. That  process just
re-affirms the trauma again, and according to the law of attraction, attracts more of the same.

going deep and accessing the thought that created the traumatic moment,
that then got stuck in the body,  accessing that creates a spontaneous
change. The body intelligence then sighs into a new and reorganized
pattern, opening the flow to all the good you would ever want. Finding
the thought/belief behind our old stories, acknowledging that thought,
thanking it for its protection (it likely protected us in the moment of
trauma) and allowing it to release opens the portals to abundance, flow
and joy.

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

The Still Point

In cranial sacral therapy the still point occurs when the
body goes in to a state of apparent “non-activity” – a place of stillness. In
this stillness, however, a subtle undercurrent of true healing activity is taking place and the opportunity for
a shift into balance is available. A “healing pulse” shows up in the still
point, and often the heat of a stored energy block is released. Emotional
energies from the tissue are liberated and the cells, muscles and surrounding
area settle into a new place of being. The body has natural healing processes
that cranial sacral (and other therapies) can address and stimulate, and during
a therapeutic session there is constant changing and shifting occurring as a
result. While a healing process is initiated true resolution of an issue or
issues occurs during a still point. The still point can happen several times
during a session or might happen just once, but if there is a still point
present a healing resolution has generally occurred.

Still points are not just reserved for cranial sacral
therapy sessions; you can also find them in nature and in your everyday life.
For example, you can find still points in a river whirlpool/vortex. As the
water curls around the rocks in areas of white water or eddies at the edge of
the river you will see this whirlpool effect. If you watch closely you will
also see the swirl move in the opposite direction as an anti vortex. The center
point between the two swirling vortexes is the point of inertia where the
movement appears to slow down.Vortexstillpoint

There is a balance between the vortexes found here and the
motion in opposite directions cancels out the other creating this lack of
motion. This is very similar to a still point in cranial sacral therapy. When
white water kayaking this “still point” is where you can “surf,” where you can
sit in the place of inertia where the two currents cancel each other out. When
watching for vortexes in nature see if you can find this mid-point in the
currents and witness the stillness. In that moment search for your own internal
rhythm; find and match the stillness in your own being.

The still point can also apply to human activities. Within our own lives we create vortexes (and
sometimes tornadoes). Within these whirlwinds of activities there are still
points available to us. There is a place of calm waiting for us in EVERY life
situation. Within those still points are found the opportunities for healing of
our life issues. It is in the still place that all possibilities are available.
In the stillness one can discover a new connection to the divine or the source.
This is where the wisdom shows up and reveals the nuances of change that can
lead to healing.

So look around you, where are the still points in your life?
What whirlwinds are you creating for yourself and are there still points that
you are overlooking? If you can’t see it, go to nature and witness the
stillness there, let it remind you and nudge you. When you find that still
point in your life’s activities, stay with it for a moment or two, the answers
and the path to healing are waiting there for you.

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Look, Love, Appreciate, Release – Healing Through the Law of Attraction

I have been lecturing on the topic of “healing through the
law of attraction” for a couple of months now. A key experience I have
witnessed over and over is recognizing that everything in our purview is a
reflection of where we are in our lives at the moment. The good things
represent the areas of health and wellbeing that we believe and are
externalizing. The challenging situations/people are a reflection of
unconscious beliefs that are ready to be investigated, reviewed, acknowledged
and released.

Take a look at your life right now and review the
challenging personalities that are in your face in an unpleasant way. Where in
your life have you exhibited a similar type of personality to others? Can you
see that time or incident when you have treated someone the way this mean, spiteful,
manipulated, violent (you name it) person has been treating you. Even if it is
not an exact match can you think of thoughts you have had that are similar.
Then this person is reflecting back to you something that is inside of you.

Thank yourself for creating this opportunity to view it,
apologies to yourself for have the challenging experiences in your life that
created your own version of this person as you acted out in past situations. Love yourself anyway. Love yourself for being able
to thank yourself and apologies (empathetically). Love yourself for being
willing to explore and let go of this aspect of yourself.

Now bless the teacher (you know the mean guy or gal) for
helping you to open up this truth for you and send them the same love and
compassion you just had for yourself.

Congratulations you just passed the first of many marvelous learning
opportunities on your path to a joyful life.