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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Are you in Ego or in Love?

I was doing an exploration of the ego… how do I know when I
am working from ego or when I am working from love. Here is what I got:


























The Ego Is:



Love/God is:






Trusts and knows









Seeks attention









Forgives (through being present and in the moment)












Guides and acknowledges



Pushes into the world



Receives and embraces the world



Isolates / frenetic



Is clear and smooth



Is disruptive



Is balanced






Acceptance peace and trust








Ok so now I am in ego, how do I find my way back to love?
Here is a quick exercise:

Ask yourself; is it true? Is what I am feeling and the
beliefs behind those feelings true? Then give yourself the opportunity to explore
the opposite of those feelings as listed on the chart. Then, using the Ho’oponopono model, thank
yourself for allowing this belief to seep into your consciousness, forgive
yourself for having the belief, and simply love yourself for the gift that your
are, and for being the you that is willing to work at this level of evolvement
and consciousness.

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Acknowledging Your Own Darkness to Reveal the Light in Others

I was recently tagged by BonnieWabbit  from her blog Inspirational Awareness in
an effort to “reawaken the old lonely posts” which haven’t seemed to receive
quite as much attention as originally anticipated. I decided to use the post
that offered the exercise about releasing someone.
This exercise is a powerful
process and really works. It works because the energy of forgiveness is all
over this (without actually saying the word)

I received an important comment from Kay (found below) about this
and I was going to respond back in comments, but the tag was a great
excuse and Kay’s question was so important and relevant I wanted to bring it
back here.

An excerpt of the “revived” post:

Releasing a Person: An

the person you want to let go of. Imagine them in an absolutely stunning
crystal rock the size of a large mansion. This mansion/crystal is exactly the
right crystal for the person you are releasing. Inside the crystal is everything
this person would every want or dream of. Their hearts desires are contained in
this crystal rock. Picture them going into the rock and getting to experience
everything they ever wanted. Then step back, turn the rock so you can no longer
see the person or the entrance to the rock/mansion. Take a look at all the
energetic lines that are hooking you into this person. There are huge rope-like
things, small wispy tethers, sticky messy sinews, rubber band-like strings. All
of these are hooked up to your from this person and from you to this person.


Here is Kay’s

“I like the idea of releasing a
person and severing ties but I have a problem with the beauty of the crystal.
The person involved has done some very depraved things to children and the
knowledge eats at my soul. I need to release the hate and his influence but
don’t know how to get past the desire to allow him nothing he may enjoy or
desire. I can’t prove what I know so can’t anticipate any legal joy either.
What may work in that situation?”

I was in a situation like Kay’s and what I know now is that
if we allow the best for others, from our intention of experiencing love to
sending positive energy (no matter what they have done), we are actually
healing ourselves. The rage that is inside of Kay is hers and in my experience
often reflects the rage in the one we are judging. Until we as individuals can
release the feelings that are brought out by these types of people we will be
stuck in hate and blame and according to the law of attraction create more of
the same. 

My response here is offering no blame or retribution onto
Kay, what she is feeling is the most common feeling most of use have in
response to evil, and usually helplessness and lack of control come into play
as well. But if we can look inside our soul, if we can see the same types of
feelings that an abuser might have; the rage, the lack of control, the need to
hurt someone, then there is a chance for healing. I don’t know about you but I
have felt all of those feeling at one point on another in my life. The
difference between me and the abuser is that I have not acted on them against
another. However if the supposition of “we are all one” is true then these negative
feeling are likely showing up in the world.

If we can review our own feelings and acknowledge them (big
first step is to acknowledge that we have these dark feeling) then thank the
person who triggered these feelings in us for showing up, and apologizing to
ourselves for having them, then through that process of acknowledging and
gratitude the opportunity is available to release it. Each release of this type,
when I view it from an energetic perspective, unravels another layer of hate
from humanity.

Dr Len who practices Ho’oponopono healed a whole ward of
criminally insane (read Dr Joe
Vitale’s Essay on this
, scroll down on this page for the essay). These
criminals likely did even darker things than Kay’s nemesis, yet Dr. Len took
ownership within himself of the horrible things these people did. He looked at
their files and then looked at himself, at the darkness he had within and,
thanked, loved, and released those feelings and in the process, all were
released of their darkness. This is the opportunity, and the releasing exercise
helps to start that process. (Kay I hope this answered your queston).

I now pass this tag on to some of my favorite blogs: Dr Joe Vitale, Steve Olsen, the Daily Positive Blog, The Naked Soul, Today is That Day, Crossroads Dispatches an Cultivate
, Mimi Writes, Remedial Rumination; revive
those old underappreciated posts!

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Cleaning the Colon, change and Release

Just finished the first month of three of the colon cleanse and detox. It has been a remarkably easy process, gentle but definitely working. What I have noticed is some significant highs and lows in my emotional state and some moments here and there of fatigue. I also notice that when the deeper stuff comes out (literally.. sorry) there is an emotional release.

The opportunity is to go deep with a cleanse or for that matter any kind of change. If you explore the darker feelings that accompany change, the change is deeper and the healing more profound.

What change is in front of you right now. How are you handling it? Look at the change, explore your feelings around it. That is why it is before you, move through it, release it. Appreciate the process and smile if you can.

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Focusing on Your Strength IS the Path of Least Resistance

I am part of an amazing coaching program by Kim George and her system
which is called AQ (abundance quotient). Kim is a brilliant coach and has
packaged this quite remarkable system of different abundance illusions. She
offers some cognitive processes that give us the tools to reach and release our
core beliefs.

Here is a blurb about her book:

In Coaching Into Greatness, Kim introduces a new kind of
intelligence quotient, Abundance Intelligence™. Our AQ, or Abundance
Quotient, is the key to Living into our Greatness, moving from a
mentality of scarcity to one of abundance. Her book awakens readers to
the real reasons people get stuck and don’t do what they can do by introducing the concept that the ultimate scarcity is resisting who you are,
often caused by past events, circumstances, or experiences. Her book
offers a four-step process, teaching how to move anyone past their
Illusions to embrace the Abundance Aptitudes of Self-Worth, Empathy,
Self-Expression, Surrender, Actualization, Significance and Inquiry. True abundance, then, is exercising the freedom to be who you are.

Today in our coaching moment on our group call Kim offered
this amazing statement:

“The simplest way do what works for
you is to create a system. The system is; what is doing what is working in your life and NOT
fixing what isn’t working… It is easier to focus our strengths than on our

This is Kim so simple yet so profound.

Kim is starting another group coaching program, so if you
are interested in finding and working through your Abundance Quotient, then
sign up for this amazing program. There is a limit to the numbers of people she
will take per group. I am about 1/3 of the way through this eight month program
and seeing terrific results and meeting amazing people, so I highly recommend
this investment in yourself.

Here is an upcoming event to give you an opportunity to test
the waters:

AQ Community Call – Guiding Principles Series

Wednesday, May 30, 2007
7:00 PM

AQ Community Calls are complimentary calls
available to everyone who is interested in AQ.

The AQ Guiding Principle Series:
"All is Well, Especially in Difficulty"

7pm eastern time

641-985-1000 Access code 737180#

Join Kim as she continues to explore the Guiding
Principles of Abundance Intelligence. The Guiding Principles are the
frameworks, or overarching philosophies, of people with high Abundance
Intelligence. In this call, Kim delves into the 4th AQ Guiding Principle:

All is Well, Especially in Difficulty

Nobody relishes those painful times in life, and yet,
when we find the courage to sit in our pain and fear, living into our greatness
is possible. The key to life is not in "reinventing ourselves" or
becoming someone else, it is in coming back to who we are. In this provocative
call, Kim will explore the steps to discovering the opportunity in difficulty.
She will share her personal life journey and the tools that have helped her
choose her greatness over her fear in this very special discussion.

Monday, May 21st, 2007

Look, Learn, And Eckhart Tolle

This is an interesting and important video from Eckhart

My take is that we have a choice in each moment to accept
what is. We can also look at the things that are in front of us and use it as a
mirror to reflect back to us where we are. If there is lack in our mirror then
there is lack in our belief system, if there is anger in the people and
situation of our life, then there is anger in our subconscious. The next
opportunity is to acknowledge the opportunity and explore what it is revealing
and release it in grace.

Each time we explore and acknowledge we have the opportunity
to do what Eckhart talks about in the video, not react.

“Instead of reacting to content, the content is allowed to
just be.”

Eckhart Tolle, not reacting to content

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

(Personal) Blossoming Requires Fertilizer

Excerpts of Rev David Phears Sunday Talk

Sangha Center for Spiritual Living

Fertilization = the
act or process of initiating biological reproduction.

Imagine that thoughts are seeds and the fruit of those
thoughts are our experience. In the biological process of growing, fertilizer
is a important. Not being a farmer or a gardener, most of the biological
fertilizer that I have encountered in my life has been of the odiferous kind, when
I smell it I am repulsed so I tend to shy away from fertilizer of the
biological persuasion.

However in my own life I tended to do the same thing when it
came to ‘smelly situations’ that I ran into in my journey. I avoided things
such as intense loneliness, debilitating fear, raunchy addictions and a lack
and limitation belief system like a distasteful olfactory plague.

In hindsight I see that I indeed was the only one who
allowed the seeds of that kind of thinking to enter into the sanctity of my
decision making process. And I paid dearly for it – many of you have or are going
through similar things yes? It felt to me at the time that I had no way out –
no solution.

What I continued to run from was the confrontation with my
own belief system – the stinky stuff/the funky stuff the fertilizer necessary
for my weed thoughts to be cleared up – and the confidence/awareness and
practice of planting new seeds of prosperity, joy, forgiveness.

It took a willingness to stop pointing at people places and
things as cause to any wilted times or weed choked moments. I had to look at
me. I had to tell myself the truth and make a decision.

The fertilizer funk in your life shows up as button pushers,
nay-sayers – gossipers, ‘haters’ who think they know why they are in your
experience. But now you can take them out of the picture and focus on what they
– as your personal fertilizer funk – have initiated in your thinking and
feeling nature that can be addressed, refocused, transformed or transmuted.

Imagine, you can get so good at this spiritual living thing
that just like the stinky fertilizer for plants, you can smell the teaching
situation (usually called the challenge de jour) coming a mile away and guess
what – you can start on the solution before the problem has time to stink up
your presence.


Sometimes life may stink, yet when I
awake spiritually, if I stop and think that since life is all about ebb and flow
– then this too shall pass and from this I shall grow.

Rev David’s Sunday
talks is a weekly feature of The Big Book of You Blog

Friday, May 18th, 2007

White Bread an Example of Change…

The fact that fiber is an important lexicon in our dietary
vocabulary is an example of positive change. For many years I was troubled by
the large multinational packaged goods companies that had a huge control over
what we ate. Their focus and attention was to their shareholders and profits
and NOT to how additives and lack of fiber in our food not to mention the large
volume of sodium and sugar were contributing to a growing nutritional health
crisis. But the truth about nutrition has seeped out and even these companies
are being forced to change. The fact that one of the best known white bread
brands on the market is now including (or should I say putting back) whole wheat
into their breads illustrates the power of the truth. Each of us can make
demands that can contribute to changing the “system”.

So do what is right for you and life will follow.

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

A Lovely Story About Love and The Path to Healing

My Friend Eric Albertson wrote a moving story about his mothers recent illness. It touched my heart and I thought it would be valuable to share it with you. This is from his newsletter. This is a professional that applies his heart to his business and his life, and worthy person to put turn your attention to.

Thank you Eric…

In this issue: Love is the answer

by Eric Albertson, 

I wanted to give you an update on my mom, and her
recovery from stomach surgery.

No apologies needed if you want to pass on this. So
many of you have written and called, I would feel incomplete if I didn’t give
you an update.

As some of you may recall, my 78-year old mother was
sped to the hospital by neighbors about 30 days ago with acute stomach pains.
The MRI showed what appeared to be several large tumors. I was on a business
trip but came home immediately. The doctor thought Mom probably had advanced
stomach cancer and, given the size of the apparent tumor, was likely to not be
with us long.

She was lucky, she had several large ulcers. After
losing 1/3 of her stomach and a little of this and that, she is on the mend.

I also shared with you in that earlier article, that
she has been an inspiration to me and everyone who knows her. She grew up in
what we would today call poverty, married, and at 56 was left with
next-to-nothing when my father died. Within a few short years she earned and
saved enough from selling residential real estate to get a home to live in
without debt and had enough savings to have a secure, if modest retirement. She
retired at 65. She still saves money on her meager Social Security payment.

She considered getting married again for about 2-3
minutes. Did I say that she is very independent?

Life had not been easy for mom. The stories she tells
of her growing up make you want to cry. None of us should have any doubt about
just how lucky we are to be alive at this time in history. Despite all that, through
it all, she was almost always positive, giving and very loving to everyone in
her world. I am grateful to be her son. I have something to give because she
had something to give.

Mom had never been sick beyond the occasional cold,
had not been in a hospital and has never had a prescription. Stomach surgery
was bad enough. Recovery has been a bear.

This woman at 78, could out-walk most 40-year-olds
and had the stamina of a plow horse. She fully expected that she would bounce
out of bed and be back to normal once released from the hospital.

To her great frustration, life is not so
accommodating. She was released from the hospital two weeks after the surgery.
We were delighted that she could come home to my house and stay with me, my
wife Caroline, our two boys (Alexander 14 and Zachary 8), our 4 lb. scruffy
poodle named Teddy and our six chickens (Gladys, Hanna, Natalie, Henrietta,
ZaZa, and Whoopee — a.k.a. "the girls").

Caroline has been a total saint. I try to make 90
percent of mom’s meals and do all of the dishes. Still, Caroline has her
mother-in-law in her house and our 14-year-old is bunking with our 8-year-old,
all without a complaint. I can only pray that I would be half as well behaved
were the tables turned.

Each day mom gets a little better. The first few days
all she could do was sit up to eat a little and walk down the hallway once or
twice when I pushed her. She hated the slow speed of her recovery. It was made
all the worse because she had nothing to compare it to, given the fact that she
has never really suffered any ailments in her life; lucky her.

At times she slipped into depression because of her
slow recovery. So far, she always pops out of it after a good night’s sleep.
Today she walks up and down the hall every hour and then sits or lies down to
recover from the 60-foot walk.

Gifts come in the most surprising packages. As you
can tell, Mom is not thinking this slow recovery is a gift to anyone. She
thinks she is a burden to me and my family and she wishes she could go home.
Despite all that, her slow recovery is a huge gift. One she is just beginning
to see.

The gift is that we all have had more time with her
than we would normally have gotten in many months; we don’t have to chase her
down to say hi. The kids have volunteered to provide various forms of
entertainment, from magic shows by Zachary (really good show if you are willing
to close your eyes at strategic parts of the act), to micro-sized ice cream
deserts by Chef Alexander. The favorite is just a quick hello.

The real gift is that Mom knows in new ways how much
we love her and vice-versa. Had she not fallen ill, she would never had slowed
down enough for us to have a chance to show her the full scope of our love for
her when it wasn’t convenient, easy or common. Our relationship will never be
the same.

The other gift is that we all know anew how precious
life is in new and important ways. Mom now has more empathy for her aging
friends who didn’t win the genetic lottery that she evidently did, and that has
enabled her to feel so good and healthy for so long. She now has empathy for
the tens of millions who have had to endure seemingly endless experiences with
doctors, hospitals and insurance company fights.

I probably won’t write to you again about mom. It was
a delight that so many of you expressed such amazing love and compassion for
someone you have never met; it was pure inspiration to me about the quality and
character of the people who read our newsletter. I am honored to be in your

All of us have ups and downs. The lesson for me in
all this is that there is a gift and an opportunity in every turn of events. It
is often not what we wanted, but it is what we have. Making the most of it and
finding the hidden gift is the magic of a life well-lived.


Eric Albertson
Portland OR
May 17, 2007

PS: Don’t forget, no matter
what you might buy from us at,
your purchase is guaranteed with a lifetime 100% money back guarantee.


Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

Releasing a Person: An Exercise

Picture the person you want to let go of. Imagine them in an absolutely stunning crystal rock the size of a large mansion. This mansion/crystal is exactly the right crystal for the person you are releasing. Inside the crystal is everything this person would every want or dream of. Their hearts desires are contained in this crystal rock. Picture them going into the rock and getting to experience everything they ever wanted. Then step back, turn the rock so you can no longer see the person or the entrance to the rock/mansion. Take a look at all the energetic lines that are hooking you into this person. There are huge rope-like things, small wispy tethers, sticky messy sinews, rubber band-like strings. All of these are hooked up to your from this person and from you to this person.

Now, imagine you have knife or machete or ax and start cutting these lines of energetic dysfunction, cutting the attachments to this person. As you are doing this notice if there are any that slither back to reconnect. Do this for as long as is necessary, with strong intention of releasing these attachments. Then see the energy coming from above, from source and also feel the nourishment from below like a tree with roots getting the energy from the earth. This is where healthy energy comes from above and below not from the other person.

Next give the rock house a little push with your foot. What the house gently, lovingly float away or slide down a hill. It might fade away until you can no longer see it, or it may just move a couple of hundred yards. Take care of any energetic tethers that you may have missed. Finally surround the distant rock (and if you can no longer see it imagine it) with a beautiful purple flame, the purple flame of God’s love. Then let it go. Feel the sense of release and relief and joy.

Monday, May 14th, 2007

Today is My Birthday –You Get the Present

Today on my birthday, I am giving you a birthday present. I
am giving away

15 personal tele-healing
sessions (a $100 value).
To the first
15 people who link to my blog, either as a blogroll or just quoting one of my
recent posts (see rules below), and you’ll get a link back when you "win".

The "winners" (eight still left to win!)

Here is a description of a typical session…
what you will receive:

I go
to where your body is calling me, usually where there is pain and tension.
I look at it from the "inside” namely dropping my attention internally to
that place of tension (pain fatigue, discomfort) then we investigate it. I ask
it to show itself. Together we then have a dialogue with it. Sometimes it shows
up as a person (your little self, or your relative, or old rival). Sometimes it
shows up as a color or an object, sometimes it is just a sense or emotion.
We ask into what it is, what it wants to do, how it served you, why it is
there, and what needs to happen. While the dialogue is occurring I am finding
other areas of the body where that energy block is also impacting and
follow the tissue into an unwinding pattern until balance is achieved.

something shifts, you will get a tool or a helper to engage with the
block or it simply changes into another configuration or goes away. Then
we fill the space with love and light and bless it, thank it
for showing up to be released, apologies for the part of you that
needed to create it, and love it and yourself.

is similar to the observer effect in quantum physics, when you look at
something, and watch it, the something that is being observed says “oh your
watching me, let me show you a few things” and usually moves into the issue or
trauma. By watching it and witnessing were it moves and what it does when it is
observed, the block has the opportunity to change and alter and
reorganizes into a new system or pattern of renewed health and balance. I add
the healing piece with craniosacral therapy and Reiki energies (even long

work seems to “stick” with long term effects. Many of my clients who came for
chronic life-long issues have had them simply dissolve never to be an issue

I won’t do this type of giveaway again, with the word
getting out about my work in Joe
Vitale’s new book
, my schedule is booking up. This is a one time birthday


· Send me the permanent link to your post or the
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Happy Birthday to you and me [GRIN].