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Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

What is authentic? Who are you really?

I was recently witnessing how I speak in groups and noticed
that there are times when I speak to be heard and seek attention and times when
I speak to be of service. The times I am speaking to be of service are when I
am most authentic.

When I stopped to observe myself in this process I saw that
when I contributed because I was moved to speak from my heart, it garnered a
deeper more genuine reaction from those listening than when I spoke because I
was seeking attention. It was a great and insightful moment from two
perspectives. One, I was able to observe both how I was feeling when I spoke
and second I noticed how people responded to my internal feelings.

It is now my intention to work this and continue to be present
and speak in service (from the heart) the majority of the time. I know there
are times when I am in my “stuff” that I still speak out of turn. But I take
those moments and simply use them as a filter to show me where I am at and the
insecurity that is revealing itself for me to work through. I will use those
times to see a better picture of who I really am and release those things that
I know longer need.

Since I have noticed this and applied it, a lot of things
have opened up such as new business opportunities and new levels of creativity.
I believe I am attracting even deeper experiences as a result.

Where in your life can you take a moment and notice when you
are being authentic and when you are not. Perhaps there is an opportunity for
you to change your behavior, and I trust that in the process you start
attracting different life experiences.

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Inspired Action and Ho’oponopono

I loved the Dona
Nobis Pacem program that Mimi Writes
put together (and the post it bought
out in me) so much I decided to leave it up a little longer than normal… so now I am
back at more regular posts. It received almost a dozen comments so it had the
same impact on you as it had on me.

This past week I learned an important lesson about inspired
action and holding the intention of strengthening my “feeling muscle” for what
I love to do. As most of you know I am live in a fragmented world of marketing
and healing. I spent time last week in my capacity as a market communication strategists
working with the venture capital (VC) world (I am helping to organize a VC
track for a technology conference in the Bay area). There I was at a conference
surrounded by this interesting group of VCs and the service providers who hang
around them. Most of VCs started as technologists in some form or another and became
VCs after a startup success and also became extremely wealthy in the process.

It feels energetically like most of them don’t ever have to
work again, but like to keep their hands in it, and gamble a little, through
investing in a start up technology company.

What I realized is there are some on power trips and some
that are just intellectually curious, those that need to be right and those
that simply need to win more and garner more prestige. Most importantly, each
one of these different attributes described aspects of myself. That every
person I meet offers the opportunity to reveal to me what is inside of me.

So at the conference I am spending a large portion of my
time looking at the person I was judging or appreciating and observing those
same qualities within me. I did my Ho’oponopono
work (thank you, I am sorry, I love you, please forgive me) and investigated
how I was feeling. Wow it was powerful, I clearly saw times in my life were I
was seeking power over, where I had to be right, where I pursued something
simply for prestige (and not in service). I forgave myself for that previous
behavior. I thanked the catalyst of these men for reminding me of the aspects
of myself I didn’t really want to look at, and for providing me the opportunity
to delve deeper.

Through that process I uncovered an even more important
piece, what I love to do, what gives me passion and touches my heart and what
is just fun. Those attributes I mentioned
above (prestige, being right etc.) pointed out the reasons why I chose various
jobs; they were in alignment with my beliefs and unconscious material at the
time. I can clearly see the law of attraction in action… I created many moments
to align with where I was at in that material. Now as I am reminded of those
attributes through the people I meet, I can go back to that moment of
unconsciousness and really look at it and see the “why” of who I was, and also
see how far I have come and now see what inspires me most as
I move forward in my life and work.

So my question to you is: who in you life can reflect back
to you what you have been creating for yourself then do your Ho’oponopono. Also, what fills
you up, what drives your passion. If you had a magic wand and could wipe it
over you life what would you be doing and more importantly what would it feel
like. What does it feel like in your body when you are doing what you love?
Grow that feeling muscle so that each time you feel it you know you are on the
right path.

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Dona Nobis Pacem


Today is the day of Peace. Mimi Writes Blog has put this amazing event together on the blogosphere
and it is an important movement of intention. Dona Nobis Pacem means
"grant us peace." I believe the peace we seek starts within us. The
wars that are out there started as a thought and finished as a manifestation of
belief. If we can look at our part of that group thought and see the way within
us and take responsibility for our own violent thoughts… we have a chance at

Who and what are you warring with? Where
in your body are you in tension? Who have you had violent thoughts about. Each
of these are the thoughts and beliefs that create global versions of the same,
not to mention tension in our own lives.

Take a moment right now to thank yourself
for the divine opportunity to explore you own thoughts and to recognize those
places of discomfort and tension, apologize to yourself for having the life or childhood
that created those thoughts, have empathy for yourself for having those
thoughts and actions as a coping mechanism, love yourself for having the Kaunas
to look and take action, for being able to release and for simply being you.
Apologies to those who you might have wronged through thought, word or deed.

You are free for the moment… peace is
now yours.

Monday, June 4th, 2007

An observation of clarity – the inner balance of love

From Reverend David Phears – Sangha Center For Spiritual Living
Huntington Beach California

How many of you feel that there is just too much love in the
world? Really – then how many of you would love to see more love expressed in
the world? Then have I got some good news for you – today is the beginning of
the era of love.

“The season of love begins today”

This whole month we’ll look at how we can see more love
showing up everywhere we look – not only in our lifetime but beginning right
here and right now.

After all to see the love that you want to experience, you
must realize that the experience of that love can and will only be experienced
by you. And you have everything; the ability and the tools to bring your
personal vision into your present experience.

Bottom line is that to experience this love = you and I have
to be the place where love happens. Because we are the only place where we can
ever truly experience the agape love of God.

“It’s an inside job”

And so this inner balance of love becomes a focal point of
contemplation. The key word here is balance, finding that place in your
everyday life flow to remember to go and be within. To choose from that place
of spiritual connection and enjoy the shift in your relationships as they

Today’s title is: Observation

For us to reach the pleasant, powerful prosperous state of
inner balance on a continuous basis – we must look at how we observe life

When my wife Michelle, and my daughter Davina and I are in
the airports or universal studios –however the Diaspora and mix of humanity is–
we people-watch, and in the process create positive scenarios about the lives
of the people we see. It’s fun and takes up the time but it doesn’t truly let us
in on the hearts of the folks; just our own observation/perceptions and conclusions.

Many people go through their own lives the same way in
reverse, they make choices, decisions and changes in alignment with what they
think other people are thinking about them. Living from the outside in.

Outside-in living is not natural. It might be the norm of
the herd, but living in reverse and expecting to arrive in a different place is
a set up for insanity and at worst a deep sense of intense separation.

Feeling separate is buying into an illusion. There can never
be anything separate form God, and God is all that there is, so it’s not the
reality of life that get’s in the way, it’s the un-clarity of the observation
that leads to a tainted conclusion and a rancid choice.

“Think before you stink”

S – separation

T – thinking

I – invariably infects

N – new

K – knowledge

All of this information – these spiritual tools – this
blessed philosophy is all about you – your inner life and getting clarity on
your best; your best life – best love best fun and best you.

These tools are like car wash… you drive up with the energy
of a thought that is worn, use and soiled, then run it through the spiritual
law with a wash of possibility, a scrub of determination, a rinse of gratitude,
some wax of highest good and you come out on the other side with clarity and

C – choose

L – love -

A – and

R – radiance

I – is

T – truly

Y – yours


I can see clearly; the fog of fear,
the smog of doubt and the mist of lack and limitation are gone. All that
remains in my life are love and all of the blessings that I can handle and
share – thank you God in me.

The essence of all life is god. This eternal ‘I am’ is all
that there is. This presence is the source and supply of all life. The external
weather itself is a product of this eternal energy. This energy is also within
me and all that I know and see – this energy – God – allows me to choose how to
deal with my inner weather, the climate of my daily living. Just like an
umbrella, sun screen or snow shoes does for external weather, I have the necessary
tools for thriving through any internal weather that shows up. I’ve got
headlights of faith to cut through any fog of fear and fresh breezes of
spiritual knowledge to dissipate any smog of doubt and windshield wipers of
love to erase all drops of lack and limitation. I am clear, yes I am clarity itself
right here and right now. Thank you God in me I let this thought fly free – and
so it is and so it is and so it is amen!