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Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Wayne Dyers Special Bonus Offer

Wayne Dyers new book was announced today. I received emails from Joe Vitale and from Peggy McCollPeggybook_2
(she wrote an extraordinary New York Times bestselling book called "Your Destinies Switch" see picture to the right as well). Wayne’s launch offers some pretty amazing bonus gifts of meditation, snippets of videos and great e-books. Below is the full promo email. If you haven’t indulged in a bit of Wayne lately it is time!

Changing Your Life Is Only a Thought Away


Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

"This is by far one of the most powerful books Wayne Dyer has ever written. He tells it like it is, plain and simple. We do not need to fix problems; we need to fix our thinking. That’s all." Louise L. Hay
Best-selling author and one of the founders of the self-help movement

You have the power to eliminate all of the struggles in your life! Whether it’s a financial crisis, a family issue, a troubling illness or addiction, a distressing obstacle at work, or a problem in your relationship, you now have access to a solution for every difficulty you face.

The New York Times #1 best-selling author Wayne W. Dyer has discovered the secrets to achieving a way of life that guarantees integrity, joy, peace, and balance. Now you can too, when you read his newest book, CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

And the best part: You’ll be startled by how simple it is to use these secrets. "By consciously changing your thoughts, you’ll begin to see major changes taking place in your life."

Wayne Dyer, who has been changing the lives of hundreds of thousands throughout the world with his groundbreaking wisdom and motivating messages, says that the material he shares with you in CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS—CHANGE YOUR LIFE has personally turned his life around more profoundly than anything else he has ever experienced. After writing CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS—CHANGE YOUR LIFE, Wayne even proclaimed, "I finally get it!"

Win a Trip to Maui, plus FREE Bonus Gifts!

Eliminate the struggles of your life and win a trip to Maui to see Wayne Dyer in person! Get all of the details:

And there’s more! Hay House has also created a package of incentives from a collection of best-selling authors, all yours when you make the decision to turn your life around and forever change your perception with Wayne’s CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS—CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

The inspirational gifts you’ll receive with this offer are from like-minded leading visionaries and teachers who are excited to be sharing this with you, such as:

Louise L. Hay · Deepak Chopra · Esther & Jerry Hicks · Byron Katie · Cecilia · Immacul Ilibagiza · Eldon Taylor  Peggy McColl · Dr. Christiane Northrup · John Holland · Marianne Williamson · Loretta LaRoche · Colette Baron-Reid · Lydia Belton · · · Ray Dodd · · Hu Dalconzo and the Holistic Learning Center · Ellie Crystal · Dr. Laurie Nadel · PINK Magazine · Mary Robinson Reynolds · Matt Clarkson · Dr. Pat Baccili · Roger King · Scott Sulak · Rena Greenberg · Christina Marino

We’re very pleased to offer additional prizes to show our gratitude and support to all of you who are taking part in the discovery of how powerful your thoughts can be. The Grand Prize is an exclusive trip to fly to the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii, to see Wayne in his inspirational weekend workshop on Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life. The First Prize winners will receive a special introductory bundle of Wayne Dyer’s Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life titles. The bundle includes the hardcover book, the live seminar recording (6-CD set), the meditation CD, and the very special Gift edition of Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life.

For more information, visit:

New PBS Special!

Dr. Wayne Dyer also has a new public television special based on the life-changing book, Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life, which will begin airing August 6, 2007. Watch a sneak preview at and learn how to align yourself with the universe and start living a balanced and peaceful life with the help of Dr. Dyer as he reveals modern life lessons from the ancient wisdom text, the Tao Te Ching. (Note: Check your local TV listings for air times.)

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

Most of us believe that the only way we can change our lives is through tedious work and drastic measures—retraining ourselves, breaking habits, divorcing ourselves from others, changing jobs or even moving to a new area. But in CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS—CHANGE YOUR LIFE, Wayne shows us that it’s simply a matter of changing the way we think.

"When you change the way you think, you’ll discover that your sadness, fear, frustration and any other troubling feelings cannot last. Even nature can’t create a storm that never ends."

Do your fears stop you from doing what you really want to do? Are you always defending or explaining yourself? Do you worry too much about what other people think? Are you growing tired of always fixing situations for everyone else? Are you ready to do something just for you?

"Hidden in all the storms of your life is the peace you desire."

CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS CHANGE YOUR LIFE can help you weather the storms and challenges in your own life.

Everything you need is only a thought away! Purchase your copy today! And remember you’ll also get amazing bonus gifts and a chance to win a trip to Maui just for ordering:

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

The Artists Way AND EFT

I mentioned Brad  in my last post and today he sent me an email with a really cool program that matches the Artists Way and EFT. He is offering this 13 week program at a ridiculously great price, and I for one am in! I was so excited that I wanted to tell you about it. I will let him tell you more, following is his promo piece:

Tapping into Creativity!

A powerful three
month journey of creative and spiritual expansion combining EFT and “The
Artist’s Way.”

It was just over ten years ago that I picked up Julia
Cameron’s amazing book on creative recovery. Many of you may have heard of it – many may have even gone through the
course, and can attest to the profound differences it makes – not just for
those who make their living as an artist, but also for the artist in everyone
making life a work of art.

In Law of Attraction teachings, we talk about being
co-creators of our reality. Doesn’t it
make sense, then, to be as free and open with your creativity as possible…?

Here are the Basic Principles of “The Artist’s Way”:Artist_way

  1. Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy: pure creative energy.
  2. There is an underlying, in-dwelling creative forceinfusing all of life – including ourselves.
  3. When we open ourselves to our creativity, we open ourselves to the creator’s creativity within us and our lives.
  4. We are, ourselves, creations. And we, in turn, are meant to continue creativity by being creative ourselves.
  5. Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.
  6. The refusal to be creative is self-will and is counter to our true nature.
  7. When we open ourselves to exploring our creativity, we open ourselves to God: God orderly direction.
  8. As we open our creative channel to the creator, many gentle but powerful changes are to be expected.
  9. It is safe to open ourselves up to greater and greater creativity.
  10. Our creative dreams and yearnings come from a divine source.
  11. As we move toward our dreams, we move toward our divinity.

So… what am I offering?

From August through October, I will facilitate this journey
as we set off together as a group in search of greater creativity.

One of the most challenging things about doing the 12 week
“Artist’s Way” course is sticking with it. By doing it in a group, there will be motivation, companionship and
accountability – making it more fun and more effective.

Each week, for thirteen weeks, we will do a call with guided
EFT rounds for clearing the blocks that might otherwise get in the way. So, we will be taking Ms. Cameron’s already
powerful tools and adding EFT to supercharge the process!

There will also be a yahoo group to keep in touch with
others along the way by e-mail. This
will also create the opportunity for individuals to meet and support each other
in other ways as they choose.

Because the basis will be the book, I will only be charging
$130 (just $10 a call).

The calls will take place each Friday morning at noon
Eastern/9am Pacific from August 3rd until October 26th.

That’s thirteen hours of tapping for about the price of a
one-hour private session!

This will be a powerful experience, and I look forward to
having you join me as you empower the creator within you!

To register, please visit: Register soon, as there will be limited
space. The first call will be next Friday,
August 3rd.

The calls will be recorded, in case you miss a week or
simply want to do more tapping on your own (always recommended).

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Be Magnificent!
(916) 729-0347

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

Living a Deliberate Life (not at the affect of life)

Isn’t it time to be deliberate? There is no more time for sitting
back; now is a moment of action. Not just doing for the sake of doing but
opening to the divine and listening, which is an aspect of doing/action.
Observe your surroundings and notice what feels “right” and what feels off,
then act on that. Acting/doing in this instance might simply be noticing
what the “off” part is, and how it is being attracted to you… What is it, where
and how does it manifest in your life. Then focus on attracting the tools and
skills that allow you to release it. The fact that you are reading this now is
an indicator that you are likely ready to release something. Here are a few
methods and tools for release:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Check out Gary Craig’s information packed web site. This link directs you to the page where there is a free 85 page download to learn how to do this for yourself. It is a great start, but find yourself an EFT therapist. I have two, Mary Hall who is local and Brad Yates who has a great Sunday morning group gathering (well worth it). His products include Money Beyond Belief: and click on the link for his Tappings and his eBook. Mary Hall is my local therapist and an absolutely amazing healer, she also does tele-healing EFT sessions and can guide you through nutritional healing, you can reach her at
  • Ho’oponopono. Joe Vitale has an amazing new book that walks you through the basics of Ho’oponopono. This is seriously the real deal healing method. I do it daily… any downtime or moments of confusion are filled with Ho’oponopono.
  • Sedona Method. Hale Dwoskin invented this awesome model to help you to understand whether the feelings you are having are real or not. Is it real, is it true… most of the time when you finish this inner dialogue you have released whatever “it” was.
  • 3-D Workout Dianne Woodruff offers a remarkable "Therapeutic Fitness" system that helps to
         eliminate pain, markedly reduce chance of injury (AND dissolve troublesome fat pockets.) 3-D Workout was designed to restore the body’s basic organizational patterns while building strength and coordination. Whether you are recovering from injury or want to virtually eliminate chance of injury, this will do the trick! These are two videos that will change your life.

So there is a short
list of things you can do, review them let these choices sit with you, open
yourself to the energetic essences, and use your inspiration to make a choice.
That process is yet another exercise for you. Right now take a look at your “to
do” list. Now take deep breath relax into the moment, find your center. From
this place of calm take another look at the list, without thinking about it,
what is calling to you? Maybe there is something that is not on your list (like
something you really love to do), add it to the list. Then do that which is
calling you the most, do what is creating a yearning inside of you. Writing
this blog right now is that for me. This is working from inspired action and it
will guide you unerringly to your goals. This is how to start living more

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Healing Tools – Soul Song Retrieval

Several years ago I learned about harmonics, toning and how the
energy frequencies of sound interact with the body to create and enhance
healing. Since then I have used toning as a natural part of any healing session
I do with clients.

Sound in general whether it is a growl, a deep loud sigh,
increasing the volume of speaking in anger, laughing, or singing all can
contribute to release. I have found many of my healing clients are “sound repressed”
we were told from a young age to keep quite, don’t speak unless you are spoken
to etc. Sound is a tool of vibration that can assist in releasing just about
any issue.

Here is a quick exercise: Take a minute and go inside find
that still place within, now go to the place in your body where there is
tension, open you eyes and senses to that area, look around. Now listen and
feel… what is the sound that is there? Is it a tone like one note of a song? Is
it a reminiscent melody? Is it a guffaw, a laugh a growl or grunt? Now express
that sound, let it go and out. Sound expression I think is one of the highest
forms of release and expressing this sound from that point of tension allows a
reorganization and a letting go of the energy blocks.

Listening is also part of a healing process and there are
many forms of healing music available. My friend Tracy and I used to do channeled
singing were we would just start singing whatever notes came to us in the
moment. There would be glorious harmonies and stimulating dissonance. At the
end of these sessions we always felt different, more open, more “resonant.” A
little over a year ago, I fell into a meditation and was shown a way to take
this experimentation with channeled singing, and hone it for individual healing,
called “Soul Song Retrieval.

I had taken many years of shamanic training and it was
energetically similar to power animal retrieval and soul retrieval. I was shown
in this meditation how to travel to the essence of my clients and ask for their
soul song; the melody that will remind them of their fundamental essence. I was
shown that their soul song allows release, a letting go of the shackles of
everything that is not their deep raw essence of unconditional love, joy and

As mentioned I often tone during healing sessions with
clients and have found that it further cements the energetic
shifts occurring in the body. It knits the new patterns into a stronger place. Sound
is vibration, and vibration is essentially what each of us are at the atomic
level. With this method I sync in with the harmony of my client’s sound
vibration to retrieve their individualized and personal melody… a truly
healing tool.

(Pause for a quick commercial break, but there is a freebie
in it for you…) This customized melody of your soul essence retrieved from your
higher self / god force, is now
available. I was guided to do a sample version that is available for free. I
recorded the Soul Song of the Earth
which is a tribute to Gaia retrieving the essence of her truth so we can
remember and align ourselves energetically with that truth. As part of this
package you can also download you
own desktop version of The Big Book of
you Movies
which are also infused with healing energies.

Part one of the Soul
Song of the earth is now available for download
which includes an acappella
(no accompaniment just vocals) version of the earth soul song, and a meditation
in combination with the soul song that opens you to this sacred melody of the
earth. Also a Ho’oponopono version of
the song is available. Part two (which
will be available next week) will add an accompanied version of the melody.

The following full package describes what you will receive as part of your own
personal soul song. Your
personal Soul Song CD
would include:

  • Acappella
         version of your soul song
  • Acappella
         version of your soul song with a meditation to open you to this sacred music
  • An
         accompanied version of your soul song
  • An
         accompanied version of your soul song with a meditation to open you to
         this sacred music
  • A
         acappella Ho’oponopono version of your soul song
  • A
         accompanied Ho’oponopono version of your soul song

[Go to
to order your own personal Soul Song today, or click
to order it right now (NOTE: there
is a free tele-healing session as part of a special bonus)

For the Earth Soul
, you can have your choice of downloading each of these elements of the
soul song (free) or I would be happy to send you the completed CD.


Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Joe Vitale’s Zero Limits Ho’oponopono is HERE

I am VERY Excited to announce that Joe Vitale’s book Zero Limits about Ho’oponopono book is now available AND if you click on the links below you will receive hundreds of dollars in free gifts (including some from me!). I will be posting a review about the book a little later this week, for now take it upon yourself to learn about Ho’oponopono, one of the most important systems of self discovery and healing I have come across. I do it daily in as many moments as I think of it, and it has already changed my life.

Here is what Joe sent me…

Forget hitting #1 on Amazon.

What’s higher than that?


Let’s make people sit up and take notice about this mind expanding book called "Zero Limits."

Let’s make it go *higher* than #1 on Amazon. What does that mean?

Beats me.

But let’s find out.

Go here and grab copies (and your gifts)and give the copies as "seeds" to schools, churches, prisons, libraries, bus stops, hospitals, family, friends, clients, kids, and anyone else you can think of.

Let’s spread the power of "I love you."

You’ll get over $300 in freebies, including magazine subscription, audio, video, e-books, and much more.

And of course you’ll get the book with all the buzz around it: "Zero Limits."

The book has already been an Amazon bestseller three times — twice before it was even published, due to pre-orders.

And the 5-star reviews are coming in fast –Peter Michel said, "You just set off an atomic bomb in the consciousness of man. Nothing will be the same again. ‘The Secret’ was nothing compared to this. Hold onto your hat."

Dr. Marc Gitterle said, "There is real potential for this book to start a movement that will end war, poverty and the environmental devastation of our beloved planet."

Best-selling author Debbie Ford said, "This riveting book can awaken humanity."

Maverick marketer Craig Perrine said, "This book is like a stick of dynamite and the moment you start reading the fuse is lit."

BluBlocker’s Joseph Sugarman said, "’Zero Limits’ is Joe Vitale’s adventure into the most mind-altering reading experience of your life."

Not *everyone* loves the book, of course. Some people think it’s hype and hooey.

Well, is it?

Find out for yourself instead of relying on the biased opinions of others (including mine).

Get the book (and your gifts) at —

Even if you already have the book, surely you know one or two people who would welcome a copy as a gift from you.

Please forward this note to family and friends, post it on blogs, email it to your lists, and in any and every other way help get the inspiring

message of "Zero Limits" out to the world. The book describes the three stages of awakening, and I would love for the majority of the world to enter stage three.

What is stage three?

Get the book and find out.

Expect Miracles.

I love you,

PS -  You can get more details about the book,including how to get audios of the first seminar based on the ideas in the book, at -

PPS — "Zero Limits" is now on itunes (in the Audio Books section) and will soon be on CDs.


Dr. Joe Vitale

"Aude aliquid dignum" *

Author of way too many books to mention, including the bestsellers "The Attractor Factor,"Life’s Missing Instruction Manual" and ooohhh so many more, including the forthcoming head spinner: "Zero Limits" and then "The Key." [JENN: I have contributed a chapter to this one]


Member BBB Online 2007

* 16th century Latin: "Dare something worthy"

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

What's Happening on the planet?

Here is an amazing newsletter article that really lays out what is going on energetically with the earth right now. It is long but worth the read (you’ll feel better having read it). Yo can also check out Karen Bishops web site that includes this newsletter.

By Karen Bishop:

Here’s the latest: The Mercury retrograde
alongside the solstice (and just the ascension process alone!) began a pattern
that we are still experiencing. Some things are just plain weird right now,
with stories and scenarios changing by the minute. There also seems to be much
to do, oh much to do, and when one thing is finished, another arrives right on
its heels. But the “weird” things that seem to be occurring are the most
predominant, as much simply does not make sense.

Why? Because we are once again “re-calibrating” and restructuring.
Much came to the surface because of the solstice/retrograde energies. This
created a lot of debris in our paths, a big mish mosh of energies that were
flying around with nothing left to adhere to, and basically a temporary holding
pattern for many of us with some of our endeavors. Things, then, are not
settled yet, or all the way into their new grooves and we cannot then, move
forward until we get stabilized.

When much is being purged or released, as was the case
with the solstice/retrograde, the darker and denser energies move up and out.
When much of these types of energies are flying around, it can create what
feels like depression (and it can be very sudden and intense indeed), sadness,
grief, a strong desire for something that feels right and better to arrive
very soon
, and even feelings of panic and great loss.

This is a typical ascension scenario. In the beginning
years (from 2000 onward), depression was a continual epidemic because of this.
Much has been transmuted and removed now, so this scenario only occurs here and
there. If you are one who has been feeling depressed for quite some time,
please take care of yourself and don’t assume it is simply an ascension
symptom. Medication may
be required and a good doctor can really help. Most old souls, like we are,
experienced abuse and suffering in our younger years (so we could transmute
these energies for all of the planet through ourselves), and a great amount of
healing can be required before we can move forward. But once we do, many more
of the beautiful and glorious experiences seem to arrive in an avalanche!

Ascension depression comes in intense waves and lasts
briefly. It can feel nearly unmanageable and it can go deep. But we are able to
experience much bliss in between. This is the difference. It is the same with
panic and anxiety, and waves of crying and sadness. They come and go, and are
not always present. It can be quite challenging to know what is really going on
at times. And the ascension process mimics menopause very closely, with short
term memory loss, hot flashes and night sweats, heightened emotions, abdominal
weight gain, food cravings, an inability to lose weight (no matter what
we do!), sleeplessness, and the like. Only most men are having these symptoms
as well!

This latest round went deep. We excavated much. It was
rough. And because of all these released energies flying around, our paths can
get cloudy. It is hard to see with so much in our way. The beauty of the
ascension process, is that as more and more gets cleared away, we are then able
to really and truly “see” what is real. All the peripherals are gone. We do not
need them anymore.

My husband Phil loves to cook. He is an awesome cook and
does all the grocery shopping and prepares all the meals. Our refrigerator is
usually very full. I am not used to this, as I am a terrible cook, and my
refrigerator was always nearly empty. I am now having trouble “seeing” what is
really in the refrigerator, as it is so full! But he knows what is in there,
even if I don’t.

When much is temporarily in our paths, we can easily lose
sight of where we once knew we were headed. We may not know what is going on.
It can be tempting to come up with a new and sudden change of plans, as we are
confused. But if we know that we are simply re-calibrating, and that much will
become clearer when the debris clears, we can then move forward in a new and
better way in the near future.

Basically, then, much has been disrupted and does not know
where it belongs anymore. There are many old energies that are lost and without
a home, as the older and lower vibrating energies can no longer reside in this
new world. The energies have nothing to attach to, so “weird” things are
occurring that do not make sense.

But the “going deep into as yet un-attended to energies”
scenario can create some wonderful things as well. Things that were on the back
burner or were not ready for attention are suddenly needing assistance if we
are to move forward. For example: A few days ago our dog Louie began vomiting
with diarrhea. We take him out in nature every day, and as dogs get into some
yucky things and at times bad water, we thought this might be the case. But
after two days, he was failing fast and a vet was in order.

We were absolutely shocked to learn that he was
experiencing kidney failure. Phil had found Louie in the forest three years
prior, lost, malnourished, and frightened, and these two had become inseparable
buddies (they had most certainly helped each other through the ascension
process as well). Louie, like most of our four legged friends are, had become a
dear friend and constant companion to both of us.

The diagnosis from the first vet at the clinic was pretty
dire…Louie’s test scores were not good and he needed to be admitted to the pet
hospital for a few days for a strict diet of fluids only. After that, we would
all know more. We were crushed, could not eat or sleep, and I was too
distraught to check on things at a higher level. But when I finally did, I was
shown that Louie had at least three more years in him, and would most likely
depart this world for other reasons than his kidneys. And the kind of care he
needed was very minor as well.

When we went to pick him up, we had another vet. He was
very different from the first, but we really like them both. This vet said that
he rarely bought into any test results on paper. He had seen far too many dogs
recover and many dogs never fit the prescribed scenario. Then he said the magic
words….that we could basically make the situation whatever we wanted it to be.
With a low protein diet, and a regular monitoring, Louie might just be fine! No
worries, just relax, enjoy, and allow.

So what had occurred here? Louie had evidently had this
disorder for awhile. It had been hidden until the recent solstice/retrograde
energies had brought it to the surface for examination and healing. This gave
us a wonderful opportunity to now be aware of his condition, and treat it
accordingly. Without these powerful energies creating such an upheaval, we may
not have known about Louie’s condition until it was too late.

So much is being purged and moved out during this time,
that many of our four legged friends are behaving very strangely as well.
These sweet and loving beings are really feeling these energies.

Another scenario that occurred for me that many of you
might be tired of hearing about (smile), is the one with my web site. Yes, it
is still being worked on, as it was far worse than expected, but it involves
totally re-structuring the programming, getting a new server, and new domain
host, and I even have to get a new laptop.

These energies are revealing things at deeper, structural
levels that need to be rewired in order for us to move forward with a very new
foundation. I will also be getting new software from my new web team so I can
work on my web site myself, in every way possible. Everything needed to be
switched over and integrated so as to work in harmony, before I could begin
anew with the new program Stepping Into the New Reality. The underlying
format will extremely pure and harmonious to all viewers.

And this is how it currently is. This re-structuring
energy is manifesting in many different ways for all of us, but when this round
is complete, we will really be ready to move forward in a much better way and
in a much more re-aligned way as well.

As always, all is in divine and perfect order. And through
it all, I have never seen or experienced more love, caring, and respect from
everything around. We are vibrating so high now, that when we encounter things
that are not “tapped in,” connected to, or exhibiting complete respect, caring,
love, and support, it can feel like a hard slap or big splash of cold water in
our faces. This is why this latest round of darker energies may have felt so
very strange, unusually harsh, and a significant contrast to what we are
beginning to know as the “new norm.”

Yes, the new norm is here to stay. All our needs will be
met, and anything other than the highest of energies will feel so out of place
and unpleasant indeed. We have made great progress. July will really move
things forward again, all our ducks will be in a row, and away we will go!
Miracles abounding, joys ever-present, and our dreams manifesting….