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Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Ho'oponopono and the No Compromise Theory

today is Audio day at The Big Book of You Blog. It is a 22 minute audio file of a talk I did at a New Thought church Called Sangha in Huntington Beach California. I was pleased to present my thoughts about Ho’oponopono and the "No Compromise Theory" that is from my upcoming book, The Big Book of You. Take a listen, is is good information, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Sangha Sunday Talk – Ho’oponopono and the No Compromise Theory

Download sangha_talk.mp3

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

Unplug For Peace!


My friend John Berg has created this amazing project, UNPLUG FOR PEACE, using an
unconventional way,
yet easy for all of us to do, and will have a HUGE impact
if we join together and make it happen. John is very well connected and has
some big thinkers, celebrities and influencers on board, I ran into him at Agape (Michael Beckwith of “The Secret” fame’s spiritual center) today
and his enthusiasm and passion are phenomenal, I had to come right home and
write this post about it.  The idea is to
“reboot America,”
and I for one am in!!! Below is the information about the project, read it and
tell your friends about it. Send this blog post to 5 friends and know that you are
having an impact –healing America–
while honoring the memory of Martin Luther King and Mhatma Gandhi proponents of peace.

I would also encourage you to take another look at my post
for peace: Dona Nobis
, it offers ways to go inside yourself to find the peace within
that can truly create the peace in our time.

Unplug For Peace!

“No government demands so much
of the citizens as democracy and none gives so much back.”
James Bryce,
British diplomat and historian

On the 60th anniversary of Gandhi’s death, in his
and Dr. King’s memory, using their example of peaceful non-cooperation, it is
time to take one day and show our leaders we will no longer cooperate with the
direction this nation has been going.  We’ll invite Gandhi’s spirit to
guide us in a day of peaceful, non-participation and  mindful, non-consumption.
While there is much to celebrate, millions working diligently to solve the
painful riddles of our time, poverty, hunger, war, a disgraceful healthcare
system, environmental degradation, political corruption, fiscal
irresponsibility, corporate malfeasance, the list is long and growing and their
efforts are fragmented.  Worse, powerful interests are served by
prolonging these ills.  Many, believing nothing can be done or scrambling
to keep from drowning, have given up or lapsed into escapism.  We can no
longer afford obstructionism or despair.  It is time to wake up across the
board, time to call for change in a way that no rock concerts, fund drives,
movies or marches ever have.   

The vision is simple, a hundred million Americans
refusing for one day to go about business as usual. We’ll empty the skies, the
schools, the malls, the offices, the roads.  We’ll give our infrastructure
a day of rest by staying off the grid to the best of our ability.  No
lights, no radio, no TV, no phones.  The economic impact of one day of
massive, passive non-consumption is staggering. A one day 50% reduction in
traffic would save 7 million barrels of oil, a $500 million dollar one day
impact. Factor in cutting energy consumption in half, not shopping or trading
stocks for a day, you begin to see the economic power of this
demonstration.  Make no mistake it is a demonstration unlike anything this
country has ever seen. Completely peaceful, environmentally friendly,
psychologically and spiritually healthy.  The bonus is we’ll give the
planet a day to catch its breath, while we catch ours.  Think of it as
re-booting the computer known as America.  A young Marine heard
about this and exclaimed, "It’s like The Day the Earth Stood
Still."  He got it. 

UNPLUG FOR PEACE is about voluntarily recreating a
feeling that has only happened once in our lifetime in the wake of the disaster
on 9/11.  This day when we sacrifice just a little of our routine will
help us not merely avert the many disasters that await us if we don’t; it will
help us turn the corner into fulfilling our promise and potential.  Pledge
to join us on that day.  In a day of national stillness, miracles will

You can read more about this on John’s Blog: