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Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

The Healing Power of Chocolate

Here is a contributed story (and cool offer) from Aimee Rousseau, she just announced the release of her newest painting of a chocolate tree. Below is the story or you can click here to go the web site and read it. i love her paintings and recommend them as a healing tool.Chocolateforwebsite You can purchase  limited edition signed prints at by clicking here. 

Chocolate is pure magic. It has captivated
the vast majority of people whose lives it has touched since its
discovery. Imagine the day, thousands of years ago, the miracle of a
day when the first chocolate tree was born deep inside the mysterious
Amazon jungle! Doesn’t it make a perfect sort of sense that the most
beloved plant in the world would be born in one of the most intriguing
places in the world!?
The room
visibly rippled with excited energy at Joe Vitale’s Zero Limits Seminar
in January as bags of M n M’s inscribed with the words Zero Limits were
passed around. Dr. Len had set the room abuzz with  delight as he
delivered the news that chocolate is a “cleaning” device as powerful as
saying the Ho’oponopono prayer! As we happily ate M n M’s by the
handsful, he went on about the bees; how if it weren’t for the bees
there would be no chocolate at all. They are just these little
creatures doing their small job, but without them there would be the
unthinkable, NO chocolate! 


THOUSAND flowers burst out of a chocolate tree in crazy profusion
anywhere they like; but the bees only fertilize about 20 flowers that
will then grow into pods. 20 pods only contain about 300-600 beans
total, which only amounts to about 4 lbs of cacao paste. These
particular bees, Sting-less bees, appear to have a pretty relaxed work
ethic; so it’s a miracle there is as much chocolate available in the
world as there is!


The Mayan’s
believed cacao was discovered by the Gods in a mountain. They held an
annual celebration to honor their chocolate God.  In the 400 years that
chocolate has had a world wide presence more than 100 medicinal uses
have been recorded; everything from it being a natural antidepressant
to it being a cure for anemia, tuberculosis, feeling faint of heart,
kidney stones and how shall we say… for stimulating “virility”. Since
its discovery chocolate has been used in every capacity ritually,
culinarily, medicinally, to bathe in at spas and even as currency.


chocolate is a powerful spiritual cleaning tool seems too miraculous to
be true! Most of the world’s population is thoroughly enchanted with,
if not outright addicted to, beloved chocolate. That bees are here on a
mission to drink from cacao flowers so that those flowers will become
pods full of chocolate beans is a miracle! Realizing that so few blooms
are fertilized brings a new awareness of what a miracle each and every
Godiva and Hershey display really is! That some clever soul saw funky
pods hanging off of a crazy tree in the Amazon and had the sudden
inspiration to crack one open and see what was in there, is a miracle.!
But we must be most grateful though for the most pivotal bit of
inspiration of all… that after having been brave enough to stick the
first bitter bean in his mouth this blessed person thought to himself
“You know I bet this would taste REALLY good with some sweetener!” And
to THAT soul we owe our eternal thanks and praise!


for me, not only is it incredible that such an irresistible food is a
powerful cleaning tool; for me Dr. Len’s story made me see the miracles
within miracles. If you peel back the layers of anything here on earth
you can’t help but be awe struck by the unfathomably delicate,
intricate choreography that is God. The perfection of the timing, the
incomprehensibility of his multitasking with everyone’s comings and
goings second by second so that our souls are touched by inspiration
and perfect, synchronicities that are pure magic, miracles within
miracles of divine timing.


chocolate painting carries that energy. It cleans you as powerfully as
the Ho’oponopono prayer itself and is a visual reminder to go looking
for the miracles within miracles in your life beginning in the most
unlikely looking places.



PS: I get no commission, jut like spreading the word about good products that heal.



Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Ho’oponopono and the New Spiritual Principles

I have been behind in my posts of late. I have been busy
finishing The Big Book of You. It is an
exciting yet time-crunched time and I apologize for my absence. I will work at
posting more in the coming weeks as I build up to my launch (tentatively
scheduled for Dec 10, 2007—guaranteed Christmas delivery!).

I have been doing a speaking series at Sangha Center for
Spiritual Living called Ho’oponopono and the New Spiritual
. I am two weeks into this great 9-week series and we are
having so much fun. Last night I talked about EFT and the Sedona Method as well
as the healing release technique I developed (that is included in Joe
Vitale’s book The Key
as a
contributed chapter authored by me). The original talk I did about this is available
at my last

Each of these techniques discussed at my talk last night encourages
exploration of emotions as a path to release. Feeling your feelings is truly
the key here. Being with your body and experiencing what you are feeling creates
space. The observer effect found in quantum physics applies here, by simply
noticing and acknowledging what you are feeling emotionally and physically
comes the opportunity to release. This doesn’t mean going into it like primal
scream therapy (that simply reinstates the trauma) but observing and “asking
into” your body; meaning ask what is there, why it is there and what it needs.  Then using what we perceive to be the
challenging feelings to release the old caked on energy blocks as well as using
the so called positive emotions (there are really no good or bad emotions) to
feel the gratitude and open ourselves to our dreams.

Miscellaneous Announcements: 

  • If you are interested, you can pre-order The Big Book of You by clicking here there will be special gifts to those who pre-order! 
  • Also Joe has a great intro video to his new book The Key just click here and scroll down. 
  • Soul Song Retrieval: The Soul Song purchasers seem to be enjoying their Personal Soul Songs,
         they have told me they are feeling the essence of their origins and finding healing and balance (and abundance and new found happiness as well). For a limited time I will throw in my new Tonal Healing Session
    to go with your Soul Song (see next item for details on Toning
         Sessions). This bonus gift won’t be included on the Soul Song Retrieval site, so mention that you saw it here and it is
  • Download you free Soul Song of the Earth. The "Soul Song of the Earth" is just that the soul melody of the
    earth. When you listen to this CD you have the opportunity to assist with the healing of the earth. By listening to the earth’s true melody you participate in sensing the perfect original vibration of the earth and allow her to remember that once again. It allows you to find a deeper reflected truth about who you are on this earth plane. It also offers a Ho’oponopono version for those who have been exploring Joe Vitale’s new book Zero Limits. 
  • Tonal Healing: I recently created a Heart Tonal Healing that is helping clear the heart and open up to intimacy and true love. It comes with a meditation, the heart toning healing session, as well as a Ho’oponopono version (all for just $10!): As I mentioned in my last email, for just $40 I will also perform a customized toning session that will open you in ways that few other modalities can address. Go to for more info. There you will find an AMAZING video of manadalas formed out of sound, it is quite confounding, and amazing evidence of the power of sound.