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Thursday, October 25th, 2007

The California Fires, The Opportunity for Healing AND Ho’oponopono

Tonight in the talk I did at Sangha Center for Spiritual Living,
a group of us spent some time working on ourselves about the fires in California
using healing techniques and Ho’oponopono. We created a sacred space and explored
our internal landscape as it related to the fires, the arsonist and the opportunities
for release.

Take some time and experience this audio tape of that event.
This is a chance to heal the California landscape the earth and you. It was a
magical night that can heal you and the earth. Take the time for yourself.

 This is in two parts, here is part 1:  Download sangha_cal_fires_oct_07_part_1.mp3
and here is part 2 Download sangha_cal_fires_oct_07_part_2.mp3
. Click on these links to listen, or right click on it and "save as" to download to your computer.

If you are interested the full eight week series will soon
be available. Go to to sign up for the newsletter to keep track of this series.

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Joe Vitale's "The Key" AND California Fires


I sit in wonder at the events occurring around me with the Southern California fires. I took a few pictures of the fire that was in the hills right behind my home (available on my Facebook site) and there is a video of that fire taken by my friend who lives across from me. While I am safe and sound these occurrences are always a time of refection and time for payer for those who are currently in the thick of things. Please take a moment today to send a blessing for ease, effortless and safety as the folks in San Diego County, Orange County and Los Angeles County manage their circumstances. (I will be writing more about this in the next couple of days)

Joe Vitale’s The KeyCover


Joe launched his new book The Key, and now is your chance to experience this great new book AND receive a ton of bonus items simply for purchasing. FYI, I have been included in this book with a contributed chapter offering two exercises to clear and release the old beliefs and caked
on energy debris to open you up to the flow of your dreams. I am also offering some bonus items (I am the first on the list) as part of Joe’s offer.

Following is a message from Joe:

Come on, does the Law of Attraction
work or not?"

"Why does it seem to work some times but not *all* the time?"

Why is there at least one stubborn problem in my life that just won’t go away, even when
I throw all the self-help methods at it?"
"Is ‘The Secret’ hope or hype?"

I keep hearing those questions. Maybe you are asking them.
I’ve addressed all of them in my latest book,
"The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting
Anything You Want."

Before you rush out to get the book today from
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or from your local book store, let’s look at why
"The Key" is important to you.

Truth is, "The Key" explains what I regard as the fundamental error in virtually all self-help programs.
In short –
*Anything* will work when you are in alignment
with your goals.
*Nothing* will work until you get in alignment
with your goals.
"Alignment" means your conscious and un-conscious
mind want the same thing.

Most people are not in alignment with what they
say they want, so they end up blaming their lack
of results on everything from the movie they watched,
the book they read, the therapist they saw, the self-help
program they tried, and so on.
But the real problem isn’t out there.
The real problem requires inner "clearing" work.
How do you get in alignment so you can have, do, or
be virtually anything?
How do you get your conscious intent and your
un-conscious counter-intent to agree?
How do you "get clear" once and for all?

With "The Key.""The Key" is the missing secret to knowing how to
consciously co-create circumstances.
It’s the final piece to the puzzle.
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If you know you can achieve more but can’t
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Inside every person — yes, even you — are
subconscious "counter-intentions" that can
sabotage you and prevent you from getting
what you truly want.
Why else would you declare on New Years Day
your intention to go to the gym more often but
by the third day of the new year you can’t recall
where the gym is located?
Your un-conscious counter-intention was
stronger than your conscious intention.
"The Key" reveals ten proven ways to remedy this
situation, aligning your conscious and subconscious
beliefs once and for all.

Actress Jessica Biel said, "For those of us who loved The Attractor Factor and The Secret, Joe has
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Actress Cathy Lee Crosby said, "Joe Vitale’s energy
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Still not sure if you should go get the book right now?Then let me be a little more in your face about this,
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As you know, I’m in the movie "The Secret" as well
as "The Opus" and "Try It On Everything."
I’ve been on Larry King’s television show twice.
I’ve been in The New York Times and Newsweek.
I’ve stood my ground and declared that the Law of
Attraction is a law, and that everything you are
getting is coming to you because of what *you*
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You may be doing it un-consciously, but you’re doing it.

Many people don’t like to hear this, because it means you are 100% responsible for your life.
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Who is right?
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Expect Miracles.