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Wednesday, July 30th, 2008


WOW, what a night we had last night. The third call of the Vibration Healing series was an adventure in
sound vibrational healing. We explored the power of our voice and experimented
with techniques to find and powerfully project our own voice, engaging the
diaphragm and interacting with the old patterns for release. We also experienced
a healing meditation to release those old negative voices of others that get
stuck in cellular memory as well as tonal healing targeted to peace and calm.
The finale was a soul song that many commented on the call helped them go deeper
and re-align into health and wholeness.

If you listen to nothing else take the time to listen to this one… it was a VERY powerful evening. Make sure you listen right to the end of the audio recording, the soul song was a deep cleansing experience that would be valuable for you to hear. (The recording is only available until Saturday so catch it while you can. (You can also purchase the whole series at

ALSO I m offering a special package that your can use to experience further internal dialogging, and healings. Many have commented that they
want MORE and want to go DEEPER and REALLY RELEASE, I am offering my special package so
that you can do just that. This package of products (at a VERY special price)
will take you beyond just this fr*ee one hour call to experience all the many
modalities of healing available to you. You will have your pick of 3 packages
that have been proven to shift others into a newfound place of release, health,
wealth and fulfillment. Just go to this link and check out the packages, I know
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Saturday, July 12th, 2008

A Stroke of Insight GREAT Video

My friend Barry Bouthilette just sent me this link to a remarkable 18 minute video clip. Speaker Dr Jill Bolte Taylor a neural anatomist/specialist had the rare opportunity to study a stroke from a very personal perspective… her own. Through the stroke, she lost the whole, what I would call, “ego” part of her brain and discovered nirvana. She shares that moving and remarkable experience in this video.

 I just had to share this with you.  For me, it reminded me of several things… first, is the gift that our life challenges can bring. For Dr. Taylor that was long and arduous recovery, but such an important story for the world to hear and from a scientist no less. This stroke became a huge blessing for her and the world. It also reminded me of the important role of the ego brain and how it keeps us on track and alive, yet the remarkable power and divinity of the part of the brain that can experience nirvana and can understand that we are truly all one. So check out the video.

Upon reflection on this I hope you can look at your life challenges in a new light; there is a divine purpose to what happens “to us” and if we can hold that consciousness in mind as we are experiencing it, it becomes an adventure not a horror story… a wonderland of learning and sharing not a victim of circumstances.


PS, don’t forget to join us for this months FR*EE gift of the Vibrational Healing teleseminar intensive, click here for dial in info and further details.

Monday, July 7th, 2008

It May Just Be Helping Us…

I found this except in Karen Bishop’s reading found on, I thought this might resonate with you all…

“A few days ago I decided it was time to break down all the cardboard boxes I had discarded directly outside my back door in my outside porch area when I unpacked. As I began this process, I suddenly felt a great pain in my foot. I had been stung by a wasp, and now needed to go into the house, put my foot up, and tend to it.

Phil came over and doctored me up, and together we began again to tend to the removal of the boxes. In a very short time, we found a rattlesnake directly underfoot. It coiled and hissed, and Phil was able to remove it from the premises. (I have since had a conversation with the snake community and everything is now fine…)

The wasp had indeed protected me from the rattlesnake. And this is the way it is and always has been. Even when we feel we may be being beaten down, in actuality, we are only being protected and watched over. And although it may not feel like it at times, all is always right where it needs to be.

Even though it may feel rocky right now for some of us, at the highest levels things are being put into place. New connections are being made. Higher level doors are opening. Things we may have always wanted are beginning to arrive. We will no longer have to go it alone.”


So many times something may seem like it was a big deal or painful when in actuality it may have been protection. If we can feel into things without judgment we can find the knowing within it.