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Friday, October 31st, 2008

Michael Tamura – I have a body…

Thursday's talk with Michael Tamura was astonishing in its simplicity and depth. What a joy Michael is and his depth of knowledge was remarkable it is obvious that he could cover just about any subject related to spirituality, healing, mediumship, health wellness, vibrational frequencies, pre-birth, after death etc.

Michael offered some insights on how the soul comes into the body at birth mostly as the emotional aspect of the soul. And we spend our first few years on earth frustrated that despite all that we see and hear form the psychic realm we can't seem to communicate these experiences with the other humans we live with and therefore lose that. Then from 7 on we gain another aspect of the soul and don't really have the full soul as part of us until we are about 21.

He also discussed that we are not our body, we have a body. That there is a soul and a body and recognizing that changes our relationship to one of ownership and honoring vs. neglecting and resenting. The moment he described that to us was a moment of change… the energy of that realization by the group was palpable and profound.

His final story of the bank robbery he was part of where the robbers could not even see him because he was in such a space of peace and amusement (yes amusement… part of a year long experiment he had been doing for himself—to experience amusement in his life). My take on it was that his vibrational resonance was so different than the robbers fear and violence and the victims fear of violence that they simply could not experience him. The part of the story that we ran out of time to tell, was that the FBI questioned him afterward trying to figure out why he was the only one standing and the others were all on the floor (they thought he might have been part of robbers group)… it was because the robbers could not even see him, simply could not experience the vibration he gave off. Pretty amazing, this man is the real deal.

I highly recommend his book, You Are The Answer – Discovering and Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose, go get it!

If you are interested in hearing this conversation, go to and sign up, I will send you the link to listen to the audio (only available until Sunday Nov 2).

Monday, October 27th, 2008

EFT and H.E.A.R.T. Thoughts – Mary A Hall

EFT therapist and healer extraordinaire Mary A Hall walked us through the nuances of healing describing how we hold trauma and reminding us who we really are. This was an elegant and profound call, I thought you might enjoy an an excerpt From Mary's talk right from the transcripts:

"What I also found out was that many clients that I worked with had such a traumatic past that they had no basis for what is joy, what is safety, what is love, what does that feel like.  And that’s how the heart resonance, and I kind of have grown it into heart thought, which is what does the heart really say when you’re there.  And when you say those phrases, which we will do a little bit later and you hear the resonance of that, you’re present and you’re there and so your vibration raises too remembering who you are.  So there is the aspect of making sure that we’re clearing, but I always say on any call that I do, the thing that I want you to hear more than anything is the key is to connect back to who you are.  That’s where we find our true strength and joy and peace and that feeling of wellbeing.  That’s where it resides is within us.

But what also happens is there has been this incredible program that has been running all along whenever anybody says you’re wonderful, you’re doing good things, it takes in that information and it runs it through the programs that has been locked in throughout your childhood or through traumatic events. If you’ve got a core program that’s running that says, “I’m not worthy of love” or “I’m not good enough” or “I’m broken because of my past,” if any of those programs are there what it will do is that information will come in and it will either sort it and file it into an area or it will delete it. And most often anything good comes in, it’s deleted because it doesn’t fit into the programs that you have running."

And later in the talk Mary discusses heart thoughts:

Mary :  "…I realized that there is a certain language that’s happening within the heart.  It’s like it also speaks in present tense, much like the subconscious mind, but it’s empowering.  So as we connect with the heart energy and your inner being, your true essence, as you connect within that and feel that, there is literally this whole language that’s there.  And so what I’ve done is I’ve taken phrases so that as we say the phrases they resonate within our body, within our being and it’s like waking up those parts of us to remember who we are. 

Jennifer:    Right.  It’s like the truth of the soul in a way.

Mary:    Absolutely.  And the part that’s incredible is that each person that says the heart thought if they say it in that space of being connected and really feeling into it, their voice carries the perfect resonant vibration that is like a tuning fork for their body to wake up."

Mary also blessed us with a very special sale of one-on-one personal sessions with her. She is offering 3 sessions for the price of just two!… an amazing opportunity to release and re-align you beliefs about the blocks in your life. If you are looking to make a change and increase your vibrational resonance to be in alignment with your dreams then join us tonight, you will be changed for the better, I promise it (I have personally experienced Mary's work, and it is second to none). Just go to and sign up you will love it.

If you want to listen to the talk sign up at and I will send you the link to listen… it will be available until tomorrow night (Oct 28)

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Marianne Williamson Prayer for Democracy

I received Marianne Williamson's newsletter today and thought her prayer was beautiful. I plan on saying it daily for a while I hope you will join me?

Dear God,
Please send angels
to guard our democracy
as we move towards the Presidential election.
Guide and protect our candidates
and shield them from harm.
Pave a way for our nation
to step onto a new path,
to correct our mistakes,
to atone for our errors
and rise up in glory.
Forgive us all,
and set our feet on new ground.
May we be lifted
to the highest level of possibility
as individuals and as a nation.
For this we pray.

Dear God,
As our nation and our world
endure economic stress,
please enter here and make all things right.
Where our hearts, our minds or our behavior have been inflated,
lacking integrity or authentic truth,
please forgive us.
May we begin again.
Teach us how to do better.
Shift our hearts, dear God,
and shift our planet.
Remove all fear
and send miracles to heal us.
Create an economy of righteousness for all.
May love prevail.

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Ho'oponopono with Mabel Katz

Mabel Katz offered a lovely practical yet deep overview of Ho'oponopono.
If you are familiar with Ho'oponopono then this is loving and gentle
refresher course. If you have never heard of it Mabel's analogy's and
overview should give you a really nice picture. I personally use
Ho'oponopono every day sometimes dozens of times a day and Mabel once
again illustrated to me the power, subtleties and importance of this
beautiful system and prayer.

Mabel told us a lovely story about the donkey that was stuck in a hole. The owner decided the donkey was old and he had no way to get it out so decided to call the neighbours in to fill the hole… donkey and all. The neighbors came and started throwing dirt in the hole. At first the donkey start to yell and cry, but then it stopped. The man looked in the hole after a while and saw that every time the dirt landed on the donkey he brushed it off and padded it down and started to build a ramp to escape. The lesson is to use the dirt that falls on you to get out of your own hole! Mabel showed us how to do just that using Ho'oponopono.

Of course she talk about the importance of personal responsibility for EVERYTHING in our lives. It is all our creation so we get to use it instead of being in fear of it. Who know where this so called "challenge" is taking you. Who knows how the thing in front us may not be blocking us but guiding us to the next thing that will bring us our dreams.

Saying thank you to all of it allows you to take responsibility… even it you don't believe it just say it… it can't do any harm. Thank you to the big bill you can't pay. Thank you to the illness that showed up for you or a family member. Thank you to the boss, or relative, or mate that is wreaking havoc. This cleans and clears the associated trauma for you (and for them).

I will throw out a dare of sorts <smile>, I dare you to say "thank you" and "I love you" to each and every challenge you face for the next seven days and see what happens!

If you want to hear what Mabel has to say you can sign up to Healing With the Masters and I will send you the audio recording link that will be available for 48 hours after Mable's call.

ALSO just for Healing With the Masters and Big Book of you Blog subscribers, Mabel has a special offer go to to check it out (only available until Monday)

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Eric Pearl – Light and Information

We had a truly unbelievable call tonight with cutting edge healer Eric Pearl founder of
The Reconnection. Eric took us deep
down the rabbit hole, we took the red pill, we went out there… ok you get the
idea. As one participant emailed me after: "I am still listening with the ears
of my soul."

Eric gave us a succinct yet deep description of The Reconnective
energy and The Reconnection describing how it started and how it evolved.

He talked about the "strings" and the "strands" that were mentioned in the 6 statements given to him by over 50 patients in a trance / channeled state. Eric described the changes we are going through, how the 4D bubble that is where we are consisting of height, width, depth and time is expanding… time is moving faster and our capacity to know more and experience so much more is here. He likened the DNA to software and we are receiving an upgrade.

There are scientist around the world that a backing up this information. Later in the program Lynne McTaggart and Gregg Braden both quoted by Eric in the call and in his book respectively, are going to be on the Healing With The Masters show and we can go even deeper!

importantly he shared with us a rare channeling that personally gave me chills. He read through the channeling he originally received in 1994–it was obvious
that these channelings are even more relevant to us now AND that these
channelings will likely affect you personally even though they were given to
Eric then.

I like to listen to my speakers after the call, but
know that I will listen to this one many times to hear the nuances of the
information Eric shared, you will likely want to as well. ALSO The Reconnection
energies were present and palatable and you will experience something
significant simply by listening. DON'T MISS THIS ONE! Sign up at and I will send you an email with the link to listen… you can still do so until Thursday evening.

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Healing Hypnosis – Wendi Friesen

Wendi Friesen has the number one
on the Internet, and now I know why. She was the guest on tonight's
Healing With the Masters show and she walked us through three full blown healing hypnosis
sessions AND shared a fourth that we can do for ourselves. Each
hypnosis session offered a way to clear ourselves and guide our bodies
to what they know best: discovering health and wholeness.

I first met Wendy at Joe Vitale's Miracles Weekend, I enjoyed her so much that when Lynne McTaggart had to postpone again (don't worry she is the last speaker, we extended the series to accommodate her), I immediately called Wendi to see if she could join us, and much to my delight she said yes!

Wendi showed us on the call how beliefs influence us at the neurological level and how it is difficult for simple affirmations to work. She explained that because the dendrites and neural pathways are simply not there to support the affirmation it can't take hold. In fact if we are trying to change something and don't move within to make those changes we can actually trigger the opposite of what we are looking for because we haven't established an internal template of what we want. Wendi also took us through several hypnosis sessions to show us how to create that template.

She also
described how her system healed her own life from poverty, moving her to
huge wealth and success. She showed how going within to discover the core belief of her poverty consciousness was the key to changing her life.

Wendi also offered an amazing package of her products at an all time low price.
You will hear on the call that she was only offering this special for
30 minutes (and she explained why)… but I made a secret deal with her
after the call, and this package is now available for the full 48 hours
that the audio recording is available (until Saturday at 6PM). AND only for those on my list and blog! So go to and grab her excellent products.

This audio recording will be available for approximately 48 hours, you can listen in by registering for the Healing With the Masters – The Daily Work program at

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

How To Cope in Trying Times

Ok so I got a bunch of angry emails today… I mean REALLY angry. There is a perception in one that I  I am misleading them, in another that I go too far, in another that I am disrespectful. Phew it was a lot…

Now, I had a couple of choices in the many moments I received these I can get angry right back, I can take it personally, I can change what I am doing and how I am shining my light and be at the affect, or I can see that many are hurting right now and just need some love and compassion. I can perhaps see that I have some anger that I am ready to let go of and do my own work around this since this is what I am attracting–It was unusual to receive so many in one day so I knew something was up.

So what did I do? A little of everything <grin>.

I had a knee jerk reaction of being hurt… "gosh I am just trying to make a living while getting this information to as many as possible." Do you hear "victim" in that statement. Isn't it amazing how we can fool ourselves? I was justifying that they are wrong and I am right and making myself into a victim at the same time. So THAT wasn't going to work.

Next I went to Ho'oponopono… part one: taking responsibility… have I ever had a triggered moment where I proverbially "shot the messenger"… huh, yeah a bunch of times. So this is a great opportunity to; "I'm sorry (that something inside of me needs to use anger as a coping mechanism), please forgive me (for those who I may have hurt through thought, word, or deed by using this anger in the past), thank you (for showing up to show me what I am ready to work on and release), and I love you (just because). Check out the post for the full Ho'oponopono prayer that I use with my dialoging technique.

Next I went inside my body and looked around asking into the areas that felt hurt and into the areas that felt anger. I worked with those areas did some re-patterning hung out with aspects of myself that needed attention and went deeper. I used it to explore and bring me out of victim mode and into the moment.

Then I was able to be in a state where I could see that those emails were just a lashing out from someone feeling overwhelmed and coming from a place of their own trauma. They, we, I, are divine love, and we each deserve the love that we are, for there is nothing else really.

Then I received emails from twice as many that said the opposite of
what the few had sent. One told me of their teenage son who based on
the conversation with Dr. Meg is looking at his actions in a new way.
Another of how they cried and released some big old baggage because of
the healing they experienced during the call I did tonight for Hilton Johnson, and dozens more thanking me for offering so much for free when they are struggling.
Not that I needed these emails but that is what I was now open to
receiving by moving myself into a new place, a place of peace.

So many of you ask me how to cope with the wild and crazy ride we are on right now. This story above is one way, and as Meg said in Tuesday's call… accept and live intentionally. I would add use what is in front of you to reach new depths / heights.

Thanks for listening and hope you know that we are all trying to sort things out… you are not alone!

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Meg Blackburn – I accept!

Tonight's guests on Healing With The Masters – The Daily Work, Dr. Meg Blackburn a renowned author, teacher, speaker and healer asked us what in the past happened to you that "makes your insides lurch" then guided us through an exercise to help us see the patterns within these life event.

In any given moment we can use it to identify the patterns that they are bringing. She walked us through a simple yet profound exercise:

  1. On a piece of paper right down all the things that have happened to you that still bother you, all the things that still grate on you, and pop up to continue to wreak havoc on your peace.
  2. Once you have all those events down then identify the feeling– how did it make you feel? Identify those feelings like; guilty, angry, helpless, broken, less than, etc.
  3. Then write those feelings down next to each event… write down that feeling in the margin.
  4. When finished look at all those feelings in the margins and see which ones come up the most.
  5. That is the core feeling you can now work with. That is the string that likely runs through your life.
  6. Now you have the core and can work with that core as the source.

She also walked us through her insights on what is happening with the
economy and how to stay in the moment no matter what life offers us.

When we are in the moment and triggered she offers this very simple and short exercise:

In the moment ask yourself "In this now am I safe?" then ask yourself "in this now do I have everything?" What we inevitably find is, in this now everything is safe and we have everything we need. The opportunity is to now stay in the never ending now to truly feel that blessing. This little self-test can take you out of a moment of fear and bring you back to this moment of truth that "I am fine."

And that was just the first 15 minutes of 70 minutes of this wonderful conversation.

She also talked about the children and how the ones who are challenging us through their own life challenges are actually a wonderful miraculous opportunity.

You will want to catch this one! The audio will be available for this interview for another 48 hours you can sign up at and I will send you an email with the link to the recording. I would encourage you to purchase the series so you can listen again and again and won't miss a thing.

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Discover Your Passion!

Janet Attwood shared her remarkable passion for life… and passion for her book about discovering your own passion, on my show Healing With The Masters tonight.

Did I mention passion??

Look it up in the dictionary and there is Janet…

She is traveling world meeting the true masters in India and Nepal; creating movies; DVDs; books; helping people become certified in The Passion Test model; and in months setting the certified coaches up in successful businesses. Janet is helping to run one of the largest inspirational online magazines on the web AND she has several programs  to help the homeless and disadvantaged women use this model. (Phew say that all in one breath.)

If that isn't an example of someone who is living her passion I don't know what is.

So get her book and she will guide you to yours…

Go to her certification site and get certified and help others find theirs…

Listen to this audio of the Healing With The Masters program (available for 48 hours) and hear Janet guide us through the exercises (nothing like hearing it live).


Janet's book The Passion Test and a ton of free bonus gifts (including mine) can be found at

Janet's Passion test certification program is found at

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Go Gratitude!

I wanted
to make sure that you received a personal invitation to be part of the
wave of World Gratitude which begins TODAY, Oct 1st, 2008. I participated in the first one several years ago and it is a wonderful program that came out of divine inspiration… the founders pushed out into the world with remarkable success.

To see what it's all about, go here:

There is not official cost for this program, you can choose… $0, $5, $10 $42 . . .

It's up to you.  They are offering  this
program on the basis of Appreciation. So everyone can participate regardless of financial means.

So, if you haven't already, please join The Go Gratitude group and the thousands of other World Gratitude family members that have signed up to participate
for this next 42 day World Gratitude wave.

It won't be the same without YOU, as each of us brings
our unique experience, wisdom and gifts to the table and adds to the energy
of the whole.

If there was ever a time
for us to unite and collectively focus our attention on the positive
differences we each envision for this world, it is NOW.

Hope to hang out with you in gratitude.