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Sunday, November 23rd, 2008


I have a GREAT gift idea for you… The Big Book of YOU! AND
you can get yet another discount by purchasing in bulk (see coupon below).

The book is not your average book and why lots of folks are seeing
that it makes a nice gift: It is a hard cover coffee table book (8.5 x 11 horizontal).
The inside pages are filled with artwork, photography, poetry (about the light and
dark of life), inspirational  quotes, as
well as pages of text dedicated to the many spiritual principles I have
developed over 25 years of playing and healing and working with clients.

It is an original piece of art that your friends and family
will enjoy. AND it will help them to find new ways to shift life’s difficulties
into gifts of release.

So, it is giving you triple duty: 

 check off a gift
on your list

– get an almost 40% discount

– AND help them to move into peace and health.

Cool huh?

Here is how the coupon works, by simply purchasing 5 books
or more you will receive a 10% discount off the entire order (that is after the already 30% discount on the

AND you will still receive all the great bonus

You can share that bonus gift link with those
you give the gift of the book to so they can enjoy the bonuses as well

You can still participate in the remaining Big
Book of YOU Teleseminar calls

AND you can upgrade to purchase and own the Big
Book of a YOU teleseminar series of six audios at the low introductory price
(another great gift).

Coupon Code: BBY5BOOKS

When you click on the purchase link at
 simply change the quantities in your order
to 5 then in the coupon area put in BBY5BOOKS and you will receive your additional
10% off.

I have been honored to receive wonderful feedback on my
little baby (The Big Book of YOU) and
know that you and your friends will enjoy it… who knows it might even change
your live and theirs?

Thanks for being part of this special community of readers,
I am honored and happy to have you join me on this wonderful spiritual
adventure called life.

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Big Book of YOU Launches!

Well, I am a proud Mama today… I launched my baby The Big Book of YOU. It is an amazing feeling to watch your big efforts go into the world and touch others. This has been a labor of love. Go check it out (and my brand new site) at, AND starting on Saturday I am offering a 6 week teleseminar program just for buying the book. This will become a product that will be for sale and an adjunct to the ideas in the book, but for now you can listen in live for free…

Here is a little info about this lovely little book:

With over 30 photographs, and artwork—contributed from over a dozen countries—and poetry that explores the light and dark of life, The Big Book of YOU is fast becoming the new “in” book in many spiritual and new thought circles. Jennifer created The Big Book of You Thanksgiving weekend 2005 starting with the poetry and it grew from there. As she explored her inner spiritual world and how it works with her outer world, it became clearer that seeming opposites are all contained within the One. The book was borne out of that perception and through word and image it juxtaposes all of life.

It is an interesting time, at the same moment I a birthing something magnificent I am also releasing something beloved–my car. I went and retrieved the contents of my car this morning after the accident on Thursday when I totaled it. While it might seem strange to love an object I have learned that what we give energy to (inanimate or not) reflects that energy back to us. I just LOVED that car, and in the end it came through for me and saved my life.

It is a wonderful lesson in appreciation for me… you can appreciate your "things" too and I have found they seem to find an ease and effortlessness in making you happy (likely offering a simple vibrational resonance). But notice if a thing is replacing something more important or filling a void. It is a continuous beautiful dance of giving and receiving.

So I share my joy in birthing (and hope you enjoy what I birthed) and my peacefully releasing in letting go with you. I now open up the space for something new and magical and encourage you to do the same.