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Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Transformational Healing Music LAUNCHED!

Jennifer Mark Romero podcast pic Mark Romero and I just launched our collaborative project of healing music.

This soul stirring transformational sound vibrational healing tool gets into your cells…

Imagine, simply listening to this Transformational Healing Music and feeling the resonance created within your body as it shifts into new levels of balance for renewed Prosperity, Relationships and Health…

We are so proud to release 3 Transformational Music CDs focused on Prosperity, Relationships and Health. (9 Total Tracks of Channeled Healing Sound Vibrational Melodies & Body Dialog Sessions)…
all available to help you remember who you are.GuitareImagegrnsml

You can let the sound vibrations of this music wash over you and fill you, and nudge your cells into vibrational remembrance back to the purest levels of Boundless Prosperity, Harmonious Relationships, and Vibrant Health .

This music comes from Mark Romero – Sound Vibration Therapist and Master Musician and (me) Jennifer McLean 20 year healer offering her own Body Dialoging, and Sound Vibration Soul Songs.

With the healing energies of this channeled music you can create a balance and harmony in your body at the cellular level to allow in the life you want.

Go check it out at
On our April Healing With The Masters call Mark Romero and I performed a spontaneous channeled song. And the response was OVERWHELMING. We both were inundated with emails and calls prompting us with "please do that again" wanting to experience more magic of that healing moment, and we did…

We decided to get together and create something that is so easy to use… ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LISTEN, to be transformed and discover and remember the truth of who you are.

Both Mark and I channel healing sound vibrational music and when we both brought our gifts together the results were remarkable, they even surprised us.

We have created a powerful set of three CDs with Transformational Channeled Music, Body Dialog Sessions AND profound Ho'oponopono prayers (and Mary A. Hall's HeartThoughts) all focused on three specific themes of: Boundless Prosperity, Harmonious Relationships and Vibrant Health.

In fact right now many are commenting on the spontaneous shifts they are experiencing by just listening to the samples found on the web site. We have had several adventurous folks tell us they played each of the sample demos of the songs all at the same time, and the results and shifts they told us they felt were really quite something. Don't you just love how the universe works that three samples played at once offers even more. If nothing else go check that out.

This music has been scientifically proven to strengthen the body… it realigns the body's energy shifting it into rejuvenation and vitality. When the systems of the body are disrupted through energetic obstacles, old beliefs and caked on trauma, the body cannot come into alignment and is weakened. However when it is aligned  the bodies natural healing abilities are sparked and take over revitalizing and creating strength and vibrancy. 

The interesting thing about channeled transformational healing music is it delivers both clear harmonies and dissonance. Within these channeled pieces comes the dissonance that reflect the dissonance we find in life. This is a vital component, the dis-harmony nudges the body and prompts it to move to a place of balance and wholeness. A true realignment follows and a deepening is experienced. Then the harmonious notes and rhythms take over, beckoning your cells to even more profound levels of Boundless Prosperity, Harmonious Relationships and Vibrant Health.


(Be sure to scroll down once you land on the page and check out the excerpts of the music with Ho'oponopono and my Body Dialoging samples. They are powerful too.)

Our hope is that you invest in yourself by daily listening to the deep strains of healing found in this channeled music.

Mark and I are quite proud of this healing transformational music and we are confident that you will shift, and move and be moved into Boundless Prosperity, Harmonious Relationships and Vibrant Health..

Just go to:

Friday, July 10th, 2009

The Most Important Questions ~ Abraham Hicks

Here is one of the best video segments that have come out of the Abraham Hicks camp it pretty much sums it up. Feel into this one it is the truth of who we are and why we are here.