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Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Defying Gravity with Caroline Myss

Tonight’s call, with our guest, Caroline Myss, marked the end of another great season of Healing with the Masters, and what a powerful call it was.

Caroline spoke of her definition of defying gravity. She said mystics approach their experiences through God; they are weightless in these experiences. A mystic is someone who is blessed with the experience of the Divine, and that they have been taken out on a profound grace of the experiences of God where they saw the truth of the nature of God. They become the love of God; something the mind cannot comprehend.

Caroline said that truth is the most powerful force there is, and a mystic is drawn to the journey of knowing this truth. (more…)

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Experience Full Throttle Abundance with Mary A. Hall

We talked at great length tonight on Healing with the Masters about the importance of embracing our humanness, and our guest, Mary A. Hall, did an excellent job in guiding us to a deeper understanding of how to do this.

We were told that we’re divine beings of light and love living in our bodies, but our duality is we think we’re humans… living in our bodies. Mary said the more we do the energy play in our hearts, the more we actually get to embrace our humanness. What this means is when we’re being present to who we really are, we acknowledge the heart connection and experience greater expansion and openness. (more…)

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Exploring Spiritual Partnerships with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis

It was an absolute joy speaking with Gary and his wife and spiritual partner, Linda Francis, on tonight’s call on Healing with the Masters. Gary spoke again about what Spiritual Partnerships are. He said they’re partnerships between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth, and where each partner is creating authentic power.

Gary and Linda Francis told us that we can’t find spiritual partners in others. We first have to decide that our spiritual growth is our highest priority by becoming very familiar with ourselves and the parts that don’t want to change. It’s also important for us to acknowledge the caring, nurturing, and supportive parts of our personality. We must change ourselves. Gary said we have to frequently challenge the fear-born parts of our personality. When we relinquish control, we become a spiritual partner to ourselves; we become honest and real.

We must challenge the fear, and cultivate love within us. (more…)

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Understanding Men, Satisfying Women – Phases of the Hunt with Alison Armstrong

Human AnimalHuman Spirit… the duality of humankind. But Alison Armstrong, tonight’s guest on Healing with the Masters, did a beautiful job helping us to better understand how women and men relate to one another.

Alison explained her concept of “What if no one was ever misbehaving?”, and pondered a possible response, “What if men are actually responding to women?” In fact what if they (and we for that matter) had a REALLY good reason for doing what we are doing? What if, instead of reacting, we responded, and felt compassion in the moment for those we are interacting with as having an important reasons for what they are doing? (more…)

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Shifting Energy Patterns with Carol Look

So, what’s an energy pattern? Carol Look, tonight’s guest on Healing with the Masters, told us if everything’s a pattern then we have the power to tap into the energy we want to experience more. Do we want more stress (not enough money, weight issues, sickness), or do we want more abundance (well-being, healthy weight, wellness)?

Habits, parental teachings, and societal coaching all play a part in our behaviors, especially, if we don’t realize that the patterns can be changed. It’s when we recognize the pattern that it can be shifted. Patterns are a way for us to hide from the truth. (more…)

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Being Happier than God with Neale Donald Walsch

Why is the Law of Attraction so deep in the ego (“gimme, gimme, gimme”), but not about the collective conscious? What a great way to start off tonight’s call on Healing with the Masters with our incomparable guest, Neale Donald Walsch. This question was the premise for his latest book, Happier than God.

Neale spoke about how so many people are focusing on the material of what they can have by “using” the Law of Attraction (LOA), but also how so many of them seem to feel like they’re failing in their manifestations. Why? Perhaps, their focus is on using God’s energy, instead of directing His energy not only for what they want… but so others can also have what they want. If we ignore the direction, or God (which is where our power comes from), we place ourselves at a disadvantage in the game of life.

We need to know that our lives have nothing to do with us. But when we use the Law of Attraction to attract only the material, we miss our soul’s purpose, or desire. It’s when were happy with what is already in front of us that we can emanate more of the same into our lives. (more…)

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

The Peaceful Warrior in You with Dan Millman

Tonight’s guest on Healing with the Masters truly has a peaceful heart, and a warrior spirit. Dan Millman may be soft-spoken, but his words packed a powerful punch!

We talked about what it means to live the life of the Peaceful Warrior, and Dan told us the way is by striving to live a more peaceful heart, but have a warrior spirit. This means that we live and interact with life from love, but we also stand up for what we want and believe. These are some basic fundamental qualities to live life… better.

When things are going well, we often don’t look for change, or we may not care much about the world around us. It’s when things aren’t going the way we think they should that we become more aware of the need for change to better ourselves… which, ultimately, changes our experiences. A common belief is we think if we fix the inside by trying to control every emotion and thought then we can fix anything. But emotions and thoughts change all the time. When we stop trying to control, we see that what we can fix is what we do (our reactions to life). We “fix” by taking small steps that are in alignment with our desires. (more…)

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Be Spiritually Liberated Now with Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Tonight’s call on Healing with the Masters with our guest, Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, contained so much incredible content that expanded far beyond anything we could have imagined receiving in only one hour.

Rev. Michael shared with us how he became spiritually liberated, and he said that this opening occurred during his twenties. He experienced a very lucid dream where he was stabbed in the heart and died. It was this death that freed him from the old paradigm, and in this dream, he saw the universal presence was everywhere. He then went on a spiritual inquiry to seek answers to the awakening he experienced. What was beautiful is he told us that he’s still seeking answers every day because every time he experiences a shift in consciousness, he’s propelled forward. This is true for all of us. (more…)