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Thursday, March 31st, 2011

The Magic of Matrix Energetics with Richard Bartlett

There was a lot of laughter on tonight’s call on Healing with the Masters with our guest, Richard Bartlett, and what great fun we had!

Richard shared that he doesn’t really see the real world as being real at all; rather, he sees it as virtual world which is based upon our perceptions of our unconscious mind. We live in a grid of consciousness, and it is our choices that give us the ability to plug into a different channel. A different data stream. We have the choice, at any given moment, to decide what we want to see, and what we see is simply our interpretations based on patterns (personal, societal, cultural beliefs, etc.). (more…)

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Release Your Emotional Freedom with Judith Orloff

We learned a lot about emotions tonight on Healing with the Masters from one of the world’s renowned psychiatrist, Judith Orloff. She shared how so many of us are being impacted with emotional stress these days, and told us that our emotions are a path to our spiritual awakening. And we are capable of gaining mastery over our emotions because we always have a choice by how we respond to what shows up for us. When we’re emotionally free, we’re choosing to clear out the darkness within and create more light in our lives.

Judith said that the spiritual path is when we open our eyes, and start living. And that every person that comes into our lives is a teacher.

In order to have mastery over our emotions, we need to not engage in negativity, or dark energies. Rather, we need to outsmart any negativity that comes our way. During those moments of reaction, we should stop and witness ourselves. Look at what’s triggered us. While witnessing, deep breathing and getting centered will give us the ability to respond from a greater place. (more…)

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Using the Planets to Co-Create with Elizabeth Jones

What an incredibly powerful and informative call we had tonight on Healing with the Masters with our guest, Elizabeth Jones.

Elizabeth didn’t waste any time tonight and right away, offered us deeper understandings of why some of us are feeling the way we are these days. Elizabeth told us that we’re all affected by the planets, and the effects are determined by their placements within our astrological birth charts.

Uranus entered Aries on March 11, something it hasn’t done in 84 years, and will be in effect until 2018. This aspect is greatly affecting us because Uranus is known as The Great Awakener. As we review the global events that have taken place in the past two weeks, we may have noticed that we are being prompted, and not so gently, to wake up. Now is the time for real change, and we are all being called to consciously connect with our own light. As great energy waves continue to come onto the planet, we will find that we are no longer able to sit on the fence, idling away, or waiting. (more…)

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Letting It Go with Hale Dwoskin

How exciting it was to have Hale Dwoskin as our guest tonight on Healing with the Masters, Season 7! His life-altering technique, The Sedona Method, has literally changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Hale said that this technique is simple, powerful, easy to learn, easy to do, and it helps us tap into what’s holding us back, so we can dissolve those obstacles and move forward.

This renowned technique allows us to have more loving relationships and be the love of who we are. We are more empowered when we let go of those things that caused us dis-ease.

Hale shared that our body/mind has built-in mechanisms to keep us sane, and one of them is laughter. This is actually an innate gift. Unfortunately, adults have forgotten how to play well with others, and we could learn a thing or two from children (who are seemingly more resilient after a conflict). He said that with age, we become dull because we suppress our natural ability to be present. When we let go, we retain the wisdom of what we’ve learned, but we also love, joy, and ease to come forward. (more…)

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Living in Love and Possibility with Jennifer McLean

Well, tonight’s guest on Healing with the Masters Season 7 was yours truly, me!

I was introduced by my good friend, Susann Taylor Shier. She lovingly told the audience that I was at the top of my game, and an amazing healer. Humbling words from a beautiful soul. To learn more about Susann’s incredible work, visit her at

What is Body Dialoging?
It is my system of healing; actually a vibrational shifting tool that I developed over 20 years ago as a transformational energy practitioner.

The essence of Body Dialoging is conversing with the body to discover what you carry throughout your life and how it shapes your reality. It is quite a fun and miraculous process that “foundationally” moves you to freedom. (more…)

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Trusting Your Divine Guidance System with Sonia Choquette

We are always thrilled whenever Sonia Choquette joins us on Healing with the Masters, and we are even more thrilled that she joined us for her fifth season on volume 7 of the series!

Tonight, we learned that we live in a conscious and benevolent universe, and that our spirit guides exists in many realms. They are all here to correspond and assist all consciousness in returning our consciousness to Source of love and light. These living forces want to help us, and we are feeling this calling more and more. Our guides make life a surprising joy and they offer us a backbone of confidence that we truly are not alone.

We are now at a point in humanity, and consciousness, where we’re awakening and resonating with the vibration to being and living as spiritual beings in physical form. The world is in a great transformational shift, and we’re finding that we’re now able to open our hearts and minds to a higher level. But it is up to us to choose to create a conscious shift, within ourselves, from a willful intellect and expect/allow our helpers to assist us in every area of our lives. (more…)

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Living in Trust and Gratitude with Jo Dunning

Words cannot fully express how incredible and amazing tonight’s call on Healing with the Masters was with our guest, Jo Dunning!

Jo returned for her fourth season with us, and what a thrilling ride we had. She reminded us of how exciting it is for us to be here, right now, in the physical as we move further into the Mayan’s 9th Wave of Unity Consciousness. She joyfully told us that we have the best “ticket ride” on planet earth, not only for 2011, but also for the years to come.

During all of Jo’s call, there are very powerful and transformational energy transmissions that help us to move forward and create miracles in our own lives. Tonight, we were giving another opportunity to fill our spiritual tanks to the point of overflow and experience life in an easier way. It is through our willingness to receive, that profound shifts can happen and more synchronicities come our way. (more…)

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Awakening into the Twelfth Insight with James Redfield

What an exciting and transformative time we had tonight with our first guest for Season 7 of Healing with the Masters, James Redfield. His words really captured what so many of us are experiencing, and it was wonderful to hear his insights on what’s happening in the world right now.

James said that it is a thrilling time to be alive and tuned in. We are entering a new deeper lived spiritual consciousness, and it’s by integrating this higher way into our daily lives with precise shifts that we then gain greater clarity.

He likened The Twelfth Insight to the Mayan’s Ninth Wave of Creation where we’re tuning into the unity consciousness on a massive scale. We were told that we’re at the hour of decision, and there’s a certain imperative as we move into a clearer consciousness, so that more individuals can move into it as well. In this space, we can reach out and solve a lot of the fear, anger, and alienation in the world. And destiny has been waiting for us to move into this new centeredness within ourselves. (more…)