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Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Maureen Moss – Authenticity & the Power of Self-Love

The energy of this call was off the charts as Maureen Moss held us in a beautiful and sacred space of self-love tonight, on Healing With The Masters.

She guided us through powerful processes and prayers, releasing the stories that we’ve been holding about ourselves, which are out of alignment with the higher vibrational energy the Universe is moving into.

We have an unparalleled opportunity, never before given to human beings as a collective to move from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension. That alone is miraculous. In order to make that leap from the consciousness we’ve been living in for 26,000 years, we must raise our vibration.

The highest vibration of love is to understand something that 98% of human nature doesn’t understand, and that is Self-Love. For humans, the state of love has always been a state of separation. Because we don’t know how to love ourselves, we cannot possibly know how to love another nor to understand Oneness, which is exactly the 5th Dimensional bandwidth of energy that we are moving up into.

But, how do we turn loose the love onto ourselves?

One of the reasons we have failed at love so often is that we haven’t been living authentically. Everything that is done from a place of inauthenticity is out of integrity, out of alignment with our Higher Self. We are being asked, right now, to take off all the masks that we have worn in this and every other lifetime because it’s not natural to live behind a mask. When we are not living naturally we are not living authentically, and if we are not living authentically, how can we know what love is?

To know love, we must first find out what it is to love ourselves. Not in a pampering way, but in a way that moves us past patterns, traits and behaviors that we’ve been holding onto for ions. We must focus inward. Maureen shared that each time she gets over something that she has been holding onto, be it a perfection pattern, the need for righteous indignation, resentment, anger, being disturbed, etc., each time she has risen above herself, and found a new level of respect for herself. This can happen for all of us. We can like ourselves and be proud of ourselves. It is then that we will start moving on to loving ourselves.

We humans live with an underlying feeling of not being good enough. Did you know that you were chosen to come down to this planet at the most incredible, fortuitous time in human history? And, that beings of light literally stood in line wanting to take on an “earth suit” because the experience of this time would be unparalleled? Not everyone could come! Everyone that is here was chosen, but not everyone will choose to come into alignment with his or her authentic nature. You are good enough. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be here.

If your life were about to become all that you’ve ever dreamed of, what would you be required to do right now to prepare yourself authentically? If you knew you could never have the life you dreamed of, because you weren’t authentic, what would you have to do to prepare yourself to be authentic? Is there some “unplugging” from the old ways that you have to do? Some upgrading or refining in order to get authentic and prepare to step into that life that’s there for you?

Heaven’s not coming to earth by some magic wave of a wand. It’s coming to you, through you… because of what you’ve risen up to be… who you have stabilized yourself to be.

Where we are headed is a brand new life. A SEA OF INFINITE PROBABILITY. What we have called magic, grace and blessings are just going to be there. We have the opportunity to be standing on holy ground, and when we stand on holy ground, everything holy happens.

It’s not going to happen unless we’re vibrating high enough. We must clear ourselves of the dense energies we’ve been holding onto, in order to be able hold the light.

In the stillness ask, “Dear God, what do I need to know?” Then, listen. Let the answer come to you. As you make more room inside the incredible human template that your soul is housed in, the heart of God is housed inside of, the more you will be able to hear the answers that you need to hear for you, and the more you will be reset into the ocean of light that is going to be flooding us beginning on 11/11/11, like we’ve never known before.

This was an incredible call, with incredible invocations and clearings that are activated in the replay for anyone who listens. Everyone who is here was chosen, but not everyone who was chosen will choose to come into alignment with his or her authentic nature.

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Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Neale Donald Walsch – 7 Simple Questions & The Overhaul of Humanity

Neale Donald Walsch has been looking deeply at the old and formulating his viewpoint about what is going on in the world right now, around 7 Simple Questions.

Outlined in his new book, The Storm Before the Calm, and shared here, tonight, on Healing With The Masters, the intention of these questions is to begin a Global Conversation.

Humanity is desperately seeking a new cultural story to tell about ourselves. The present stories about virtually every aspect of our human experience come from ancient cultures. Tonight Neale invited all of humanity to help write a new cultural story, one for the times in which we are living now, beginning with an assessment of the myths and beliefs that we hold sacred.

Substantial shift and change is occurring as we move through what Neale refers to as The Overhaul of Humanity. The operating systems and structures of our lives are being examined closely. Corrections and repairs are being made. We can intentionally participate with our full attention, or choose to stand by, watching the systems and structures of our lives change as an unintentional consequence of what we are doing.

How is it possible for nearly 7 billion people to all say they want the same thing – peace, prosperity, health, happiness, safety- and still be unable to produce it after thousands and thousands of years?

It’s a compelling question, isn’t it? How is it possible to still be so impotent? Are we willing to look at that? Neale invites you to ask yourself this and six other questions. And, after you have received your best and highest answers to engage that part of the planet you touch, to begin what he calls The Discussion of the Century, by asking these same questions of everyone you encounter.

Learn how to become your own living demonstration of freedom, joy, love… the highest, clearest, and grandest feelings.

Discover the Truth about the 4% solution.

Find out how to intend every moment of your life simply to discover, and express your divinity, and still pay the rent.

This call will shift the way you think about spirituality and allow you to see things in new ways. You will come away with a broadened perspective of Love and God and of Life itself. Neale’s gift for voicing ideas inspires your own wisdom to bubble up from deep inside. The beauty and light of the highest intentions have been turned on and the result is your illumination.

How much light are you willing to have in your life? How much peace and grace? Allow yourself to expand your perceptions. Are you willing? Listen to the replay! If you’re really ready to step into your light and want to hear about Neale’s SPECIAL OFFER click on the link below.

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

don Miguel Ruiz – What Kind of Angel are You?

What kind of an angel are you? Renowned Toltec Shaman, don Miguel Ruiz, says that every single person on the planet is an angel because we transform and simplify everything with the kind of messages we deliver. And, the word messenger means angel. No matter the language used, nor the belief system followed, what’s important is to come from integrity.

In the Toltec tradition, which means the way of life as the artist, every creation around the world is a masterpiece, a work of art, including the reality you are creating as your life! But reality is relative, because just like you, every other person on the planet is creating his or her own reality too. What is true for you may not be true for them. Each person’s reality is just their point of view of the story they are creating.

As artists creating the masterpieces that are our lives we continuously deliver powerful messages into the world, filtered through our points of view. The question is, what kind of artist are you? What kind of angel are you? Are you delivering something beautiful or something dramatic?

This loving discussion with, don Miguel Ruiz examines The Four Agreements in detail and raises simple yet thought provoking questions that will leave you inspired to start creating the story of your life consciously.

• Are you choosing to create paradise or drama?

• Is your knowledge a tyrant or an ally, aligned with wisdom and common sense to help you enjoy life?

• If you’re talking in your head, who’s listening?

• What is the difference between knowing, knowledge and wisdom?

Our mission on planet earth is to explore life, to enjoy it, and be happy. Desire, takes you to obsession, which will take you to destruction. Passion, on the other hand, and living in the moment, leads you to inspiration, which will take you to yourself… the truth of what you really are. It will take you to love.

The Truth and real love are exactly the same.

The Truth doesn’t need anybody to believe in it. It will exist long after the extinction of humanity. It doesn’t matter if we believe in it or not. It just exists.

What is your truth of your story? What do you believe? Can you be the master of a beautiful life? Would you like to explore the possibilities?

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Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Elizabeth Jones – Planets of Light

Today’s bonus call with Elizabeth Jones delivered an amazingly uplifting and hopeful message. Drawing upon more than 40 years of astrological study and observation, Elizabeth has come to believe that the planets aren’t just making things happen to us. They are actually sentient beings of light that are there to help us… guardians of light that can help us transform, know Creator’s light, become more aware of who we truly are, break-up old patterns that no longer serve us and enhance our communication skills to expand how we see things like abundance and purpose.

The planets exist in our solar system with us, as a part of a unit that is constantly evolving and growing. They are actually here to be bringers of light to our emotional, mental and physical lives, and Elizabeth now believes that the planets are no less than of the angelic realm!

This important nuance is incredibly relevant right now. As we experience a breaking down, a crumbling of the basic elements of society, the planets are available to do things for us. We can actually invoke the planets! That’s some powerful energy to have watching our backs, isn’t it?

This information puts us at a point of choice to embrace the idea that the breakdowns we are experiencing are happening in service to powerful breakthroughs, which will align us with the truth of the magnificent light that we are, and the planets are there to assist us.

The current configuration of the planets is “shining a light” on things that are no longer working. Before the invention of the telescope in 1781, no one even knew Uranus, Neptune and Pluto exited, because they weren’t visible to the naked eye.

When a new planet is discovered and named, the archetype of that planet is available to everyone on earth. Spiritually and in more esoteric ways, discovery of a new plant is an indication that humanity is ready to take an evolutionary leap. The discoveries of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto did an important thing. They opened portals for great amounts of light to stream forth onto solar system and on to us individually.

In essence, each planet ushered in a stream of light that had not been available to humanity before. It turned on the light… the light that originated at the highest level of creation!

You are able to cope, manage and love through all the powerful things that are happening to your right now, just because you are here. That means you have all the powerful resources you need.

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Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Marci Shimoff – Love Trumps Everything

“Love is the only thing that trumps everything. It is the highest vibration on the planet,”
Marci Shimoff

The state of love creates the possibility for miracles to happen. It is actually a physiological state, which we can live in. Can it be sustained?

These are turbulent times. So many of us are in the midst of serious crises. How, do we find this state of love in spite of our challenges? Once we find it, how can we actually live in it continuously?

Marci shares her 3 Main Love Mantras, and how keeping them in your awareness can move you from being a “love beggar” to being a “love philanthropist.”

No matter what your challenge, the solution is always to raise your energetic vibration to the set point of love. Science has proven that we all have a happiness set point. No matter what happens, you will hover around that same happiness set point, unless you do something to change it. The same is true of love.

Eckhart Tolle introduced the idea that we all have a Pain Body, which feeds on pain and attracts more pain. We also have a Love Body, which is the accumulation of our experience of love. When you build up your Love Body, you come to life being love, and more love is then attracted to you! Want to guess what that does to your love set point? Woo hoo!

Raise your set point of love right now! Shift into the loving by taking advantage of 5 amazingly simple techniques that Marci shared on tonight’s show. These processes alone will move you into the vibration of love.

Treat yourself more lovingly. It has a ripple effect, which influences everyone and everything around you. It sets up an energy signature for others to be more loving to you. So love yourself first and start attracting the love you deserve.

What’s the most loving thing you can do for yourself today?

Perhaps it’s taking a walk or talking to a friend. Or, maybe it’s taking advantage of the fantastic Special Offer Marci has put together, just for Healing With The Masters! It includes 2 live coaching calls, and a surprise bonus, which Marci announced on tonight’s show. This Special Offer just might be vibrating with the energy of love that you want to bring forward in the next stage of your life!

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Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Barbara Marx Hubbard – “Crisis – Birthing a More Universal Human and Universal Humanity”

The incredible vision of Barbara Marx Hubbard can be dizzying. Tonight on Healing With The Masters, we got a taste of her capacity and depth for revealing very basic, yet profound truths about the nature and purpose of our existence, as we shift from evolution by chance to evolution by choice.

It was a REALLY FUN call too, because this lady has a sense of humor! There was lots of laughter amid discussions about going from procreation to co-creation, becoming a creative entrepreneur, the power of evolutionary faith, the value of a poised mind, and the compass of joy that helps with your vocation arousal! Whew… all this and more.

The Universe always wants more! Conscious Evolution tells us that the nature of consciousness is that we can be more creative, more effective and more tuned in to the deeper consciousness of spiritual intelligence.

In evolutionary story, when nature hits a crisis, it cannot be resolved by doing more of the same. The species either evolves and transforms or goes extinct. Conscious Evolution is the evolution of evolution itself, as the human species becomes aware that the Universe has been, and is, evolving. We realize that we are affecting our evolution by everything that we do. And, if we continue in the direction we’re going, we will destroy our life support system.

Change can sometimes be painful, but nobody wants to preserve a world of inequity and injustice. All of us who have this flame of expectation of a deeper life purpose are being called upon by the current collective crisis to become the more that is within us… to shift within ourselves into a more cooperative way of being.

It’s the greatest wake-up call and biggest evolutionary driver we’ve ever had in human history, because we’re experiencing a collective crisis. We are at this place where we can’t ignore it, the volume has increased so much, in all aspects of life, we are being called to something. It’s a call to something other than the devastation of the planet.

Everybody has a deep internal purpose of why we were born. Most people never get close to expressing it. Look within. What can you do better? Are you being driven to be more creative, more innovative, more of your essential self? Say yes to your deep life purpose, even if you don’t know where it will lead, because whatever situation you are facing, it is an evolutionary driver.

What is trying to emerge through you? What are you attracted to? What do you want to create? What can you do to shift the system to a more positive future?

The Universe is wanting more, through you, and you have the capacity to be a co-creator of the future. So, reach out in the direction of your attraction. Fall in love with the great creative process that is within you, and step into your capacity as an Agent of Evolutionary Change.

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Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Jo Dunning – “Staying in the Joy and Potentiality of the World”

Jo Dunning activated her profound healing energy and the gentle wisdom of her words simply resonated into our hearts like magic. Literally, the healing energies could be felt like a warm embrace as she shared her insights about the evolutionary changes that are at hand.

We are fortunate to be experiencing and witnessing a phenomenal awakening taking place in the world. Our moment-to-moment thoughts and interactions have great influence over this cumulative shift in consciousness. New planetary alignments are creating a shift in the magnetic field. The Mayan Calendar is completing. Economic, medical and political awakenings are taking place. It is an exciting time of growth and sometimes it’s not so pleasant.

If we can come into alignment with what’s happening, we can flow with it as opposed to trying to control it and getting tossed about in the turbulence of inevitable change.

If we can stay in the potentiality of the world we are birthing right now, we become receptive of this moment and the steps to take into the next moment. As we do that, our resistance goes away, our excitement returns, our joy of life stays present and we can move forward.

The changes can be rapid as you come into your own perfect positioning for what’s happening. It’s a matter of trusting that you are okay, and that everything that is happening is a vehicle for the evolution of your becoming what you were originally meant to be.

Your experiences are an interplay of who you use to be, with who you are becoming. Those two aspects of you meet in the present moment and in the alchemy of that moment you can make a change and create something absolutely wonderful.

It’s the process that is taking place that you want to focus on. What’s really going on and how can you move through it? Then you have an opportunity to move much more rapidly. Change is happening. Staying in the joy and potentiality of what is being birthed through that change is possible when the heart is aligned, the mind is aligned, and their energy rhythms are synchronized, because this is what creates a link to the Divine.

The most essential preparation for this change is your own internal knowing system about what is right for you… this joining of the heart and the mind with the heavens. Because, when you come into alignment internally and learn how to follow your guidance you will be exactly where you are meant to be at exactly the right moment with exactly the right tools, in every moment of your life.

This was an extraordinary call with a remarkable individual. Jo did a process to help each individual clear an ongoing challenge or issue. It was a very generous gesture, as the energy is present on the recording, so you can keep going back to clear any other recurring challenges or issues just by listening to the call again.

Jo captured her deep love and appreciation of the process, the exploration of how life works, in a beautiful analogy of life as a seed. The growth inside of us is cracking open the shell of our unconsciousness so that we can take root and flourish.

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Monday, October 10th, 2011

Sherry Gaba – Is Addiction Running the Show of Your Life?

There are many things we do in this fast‐paced society that keep us from being the best we can be. These crazy, autopilot behaviors keep us from being present, mindful or conscious, and in short, they rob us of joyful lives. Addiction and sobriety, terms most often used in relation to substance abuse, can also be used to describe these autopilot behaviors, which Sherry Gaba refers to as soft addictions.

Soft addictions are things we don’t even realize we’re doing, like being a victim, being defensive, rationalizing, being in denial, procrastinating, gossiping, etc. We do these things so that we don’t have to face our own demons and the underlying pain. Instead of allowing it to leave in a healthy way, we do other things, like repressing it with these softer, hidden addictions or with the harder addictions.

Sherry says, “I want people not to be afraid of the word addiction.” It is with this intention that she delivers not just regular psychotherapy, but a way to access aspects of your soul through mindfulness, through understanding your intentions, and by creating new intentions that are in alignment with your dreams.

An addiction is anything that keeps you from being present and looking at the truth. Mindfulness is about being present, conscious and living in the now. If you’re not living in the now, you’re either in the future or the past and your unconscious thoughts are running the show. The present, in the consciousness of the now, that is where all infinite possibilities lie. Wonderful wisdom and truth comes to you when you are mindfully present in the moment. That is what lies at the root of consciousness.

Are negative belief systems, running the show of your life? Do you think you’re not good enough? How about pretty and thin? Don’t even get started about smart or wealthy, right? If you are not in the moment, you are letting those negative thoughts control you. The energy of those negative thoughts can keep you from meeting your goals, experiencing healthy relationships and achieving the abundance we all deserve. Being mindful keeps us in the present moment, which is where truth lies. Without mindfulness, we allow the stories of our past and future to define our present.

So it’s all about switching gears, about being flexible and moving from moment to moment, but being in that moment before you get to the next one. Easier said than done, right?

How can you stay in the moment when you’ve got all these wild things that are coming up? How can you stay in the moment when limiting beliefs are holding you captive? How do you bring yourself into that moment, into mindfulness?

Thoughts are just forms of energy, even the painful ones we struggle with. They are just forms of energy. And, there are many healthy ways to deal with them versus hiding them with unnatural substances or destructive behaviors acting out behaviors. We don’t have to do those things anymore. We have the power within ourselves to let go of those thoughts. The most important ways of practicing mindfulness are through meditation, journaling, affirmations and body consciousness. Practice becomes discipline, and then it becomes second nature.

Anytime you run away from a problem, it will only follow you and get bigger and bigger and bigger. Sherry says it this way, “You cannot do a geographic on your issues. You can’t move to another city or move to another place, just like you can’t move out of your body when you’re going through something that’s difficult. It’s within your body. It’s where you are right now. That’s where the peace lies. That’s where the serenity lies.”

Any sort of addiction, soft or hard, is your desire to leave the temple that is your body, to self‐medicate, to anesthetize or to repress. Any habit can potentially become an addiction with negative consequences, even something like exercise. The question is whether or not a habit is done with such excess that any possible positive benefit ceases to exist.

Combining the law of attraction with addiction recovery Sherry has created a 7-step process that takes a person through a journey of mindfulness and letting go and is a modality to treat any sort of addiction, soft or hard. Her desire is to serve those people who haven’t had to reach a bottom yet, who haven’t had to lose everything but are in so much pain, and they don’t even understand why. And, that why could be revealed as a soft addiction.

95 percent of people with addictions, whether soft or hard, are in denial. If a negative habit is limiting your ability to express life to its fullest potential, give yourself permission to check it against this list:

• When asked why you do a particular behavior, do you become defensive?
• Do you perform the activity compulsively?
• Does the behavior almost feel like a ritual that you must do or you feel very uncomfortable not doing it?
• Do you imagine your life being empty without the behavior?
• Do you try to change the behavior but can’t?
• Have people close to you become upset by the amount of time, money and energy spent on that behavior?
• Have you given up doing something positive or not pursued a dream because of that behavior?
• Do you feel ashamed by that behavior?
• Do you zone out or feel numb while doing that behavior?
• Do you forget, feel drained or feel foggy by that behavior?

Now, if any of this rings true for you, then, give yourself permission to check out Sherry’s Special Offer at

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Rikka Zimmerman – Recap

Rikka Zimmerman is a powerhouse with a WOW-factor on steroids! Yes, what she has to offer is that good.

This exceptional bright light facilitated a simple yet profound healing technique, which had testimonials pouring in about instantaneous healings before the show had even ended.

After getting her hands on the tools, and using the concepts in Gary Douglas’ Access Consciousnessprogram, Rikka experienced a dramatic life shift within 24 hours. She now shares this amazing information around the world and tonight we had the good fortune to experience it first hand. And, it was a darn good time! How does it get any better than this?

What limiting beliefs and judgments do you hold about yourself? What parts of you are keeping things from showing up in your life? What if some things in your life just aren’t yours to decide? By playing small you keep the gift that you are from the world. You rob the rest of the world of possibilities. Who do you think you are to limit you?

Empower yourself to know what you know. What if there’s only one person on this planet that knows what you know? What if no one has your awareness and your consciousness? What if you’re the only one powerful enough to stop you? And, what if you’re the only one powerful enough to set you free?

Asking what else is possible about everything begins to open the door to all those infinite possibilities that you may not be aware of in the moment.

Like satellites, people are broadcasting their thoughts all the time. Negative thoughts are contagious. What if those limiting thoughts you have about yourself don’t belong to you? What if you could release them? What if you could replace them with thoughts that joyfully light your life on fire, and the lives around you, as well, because, positive thoughts are contagious too?

A question is a yes to the Universe. Find out how many no’s you have by asking yourself questions and gently wake up to own the knowing of you. What a gift you are, a walking talking miracle; brilliant beyond your imagination. Take ownership of your gift and start sharing it with the Universe. Just getting on your own side and asking questions, you’ll be amazed at what shows up. Are you ready to become the master of your phenomenal life?

This program gave new meaning to “THE ENERGY WAS OFF THE CHARTS!”

Rikka was inspired to create the most remarkable special offer – 14 products created specifically for you, the Healing With The Masters audience. Brand New! Never offered before! This is a first in the history of Healing With The Masters.

What could be better than that?

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Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Sonia Choquette – Moving Into a Place of Grace

“The Spirit is the holy spark that gives us life. It is the divinity in us, it is the creative in us, it is the lover in us, the part of us that makes us immortal, and makes us incredible light. And, it can be felt in our aura, it can be seen in the light in our eyes, it can be heard in genuine laughter from the heart, it is the power to heal, it is the power to manifest, it is the magic and mystery of every human being. It is the most essential, authentic, eternal part of us.”
- Sonia Choquette

If you feel that your most miraculous and vital life essence has gone missing, would you be interested in learning how to find it again? Would you like to regain your power and live in the magic and mystery; that divine intention of your existence?

Learn how to reconnect with that eternal aspect of you that is starving for your attention. Just as the body and mind need to be fed in order to thrive, so too does the Spirit.

What do you love? Can you name it?

What do you fear? Are you willing to claim it?

Tonight, through an incredibly simple exercise, Sonia Choquette demonstrated the equally incredible healing power of spontaneous remembrance. When we stop feeding ourselves a steady diet of fear or drama, and step back into the present, the dissonant frequencies that keep us in a state of fight or flight are neutralized. It is in that space that we can then begin to be creative again.

Fear is contagious. So is joy! So, is that vibrant, alive, anticipatory feeling in the body when you stand in your power with an open heart, when the magnificent possibilities of the life you desire become embodied, activate and bring the light back into your cells, reflecting the radiant being that you are and your life becomes a miracle.

Our minds are holograms and what we focus on is what we create. We must begin to focus on and really want to create a relationship with our spirit. It is a choice, a decision to make an effort everyday to connect with the power of our Source.

It is the daily attention to the Spirit first, not last or forgotten altogether, that will turn whatever experience you are in and bring it to an expanded, loving, joyful experience.

We invite you to listen to the replay of tonight’s program. The healing was profound So Important! So Simple! And, if you are so inclined, take a look at Sonia’s “special” special offer, just for you through Healing With The Masters, at