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Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

John Grey – Secrets of Successful Relationships

Tonight on Healing With The Masters, Dr. John Gray shared some fascinating insights about the nature of the relationships between men and women.

There are some key differences between the sexes and how our brains process information. This was a very hopeful call because it provided specific reasons for why we interact the way we do, and how we can better understand one another to not only create more intimate relationships, but better health as well.

One of the greatest causes of stress is bad communication in a relationship. On the flip side, the number one way to cope with the stress of our lives is to be in a good relationship.

Many men don’t understand the power of affection. It dramatically increases a body hormone in women called oxytocin, otherwise known as the love hormone and is a great, uplifting, de-stressor for women. Men produce this hormone as well, however for men, oxytocin inhibits the production of testosterone and literally makes them tired. It is the reason a man falls asleep after sex and a woman wants to talk; both have released a great deal of oxytocin, but their bodies process it differently.

For a tired man, resting is what allows his body to replace his depleted testosterone, which is vital in order to solve problems. A tired woman rejuvenates by creating a beautiful environment or loving relationships.

How, in our fast paced lives, which cause high stress in our bodies, do we use this opposite body chemistry to assist each other?

John talked about male and female polarity, what it has to do with the way men pull away and become repelled by the women they’re attracted to, and why it’s important for women to not take it personally.

He had some invaluable advice about why women should consider men as the dessert, not the main meal in life, the tremendous power of a self-sufficient woman to bring out the best in a man, how a woman can use the man in her life as a stress reducer, and why a woman who demands that a man have a talk with her, is as bad as a man who demands sex from a woman!

There are several gems in this call, like how to get a man to do things for you with a communication skill set that easily motivates him, how to teach a man to come out of his man cave and listen to you, the beauty of a “honey do list” and the art of turning nagging into requests that he’ll respond to.

Nobody wants a boss in his or her relationship. What we want is to be in charge of our own time and actions. Multiply that times ten for a man. Nobody wants anybody to be in charge about how they should feel. Multiply that times ten for a woman.

The newness of a relationship stimulates hormones that make us perceive life as perfect, much like a drug-induced state. As our perception changes over time, we lose our ability to bring out the best in our partners. It’s important to be appreciative of what you have, to understand that nobody is perfect and to learn to live in a world that isn’t ruled by fear or guilt or shame.

We have to find ways to be more loving and more intimate, because higher levels of intimacy and love are the antidotes to higher levels of stress.

If you are ready to experience higher levels of intimacy, have true and lasting peace with the opposite sex, release the anger and frustration from years of misunderstanding, move into a place of deep and meaningful love, affection, and just plain acceptance.., and in turn be completely accepted for who you are, then you are ready for this profound, relationship-saving Special Offer from Dr. John Gray, just for you as a participant of Healing With The Masters.

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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Colette Baron-Reid – Practicing Surrendered Acceptance

Tonight’s call with Colette Baron-Reid, on Healing With The Masters, simply ended too soon!

She sparkled with so much joy, providing truly valuable content in such a clear, concise and fantastic, yet grounded, manner that the time just flew by.

Hitting rock bottom at the age of 27, Colette used her life experiences to shift and change herself, and has now helped thousands of people shift and change themselves as well. So when she says being a victim is a choice, she speaks with the voice of experience.

She’s not talking about denying your grief or anger when someone hurts you. She’s talking about the self-sabotaging energy of resentment and wandering around in the past.

Most of us have a hard time really looking at ourselves. We would rather run as fast as we can in the opposite direction. The real courage isn’t about the actual experience of being wounded; it is about going inside, looking at the wound and getting at the stuff that’s festering around it.

If you don’t have another solution and you don’t trust that there is one, you’re going to run. When trying to escape our feelings some of us turn to what Colette refers to as detours, things like food and perfectionism, instead of becoming still and staying where the discomfort is. It’s easier to surrender and experience the discomfort, because it goes away faster if you remain present to it.

You have to make peace with the fact that you are an imperfect human. That includes making peace with the darker side of your nature; with feelings like jealousy or not feeling like you’re good enough. You have to be kind with yourself.

The wounded ego refuses to acknowledge when it is hurt, so it goes into different layers of character defects in order to remain separate from others. It’s important to be compassionate about that part of us, too.

Colette shared a profound exercise, her Envision Process. Using these 3 Questions, she immediately put us into the observer state of mind:

When are you?
Who are you?
Who are you listening to?

This quick exercise will help you stay put and get to neutral, when life’s challenges make you want to run for the hills.

Through her Goblin Process we used our imaginations to invite our unconscious mind to speak to us in the language of imagery, so we could redirect the wounded energy into something more productive.

And, the exercise around the landscape of your mind is not to be missed. It is one of those simple opportunities with the potential to change your life! This powerful process offers a lightness of being which can be reached in moments and a new, irreversible perspective.

We experienced many, many gifts of insight tonight with Colette Baron-Reid. We had a terrific time learning about where to look for the buried treasures of our lives and how to stay present in a world where everything is sacred.

Just a really, really, wonderful and rich call!

We’re super excited about Colette’s Special Offer. If you’re resonating with her message, you might want to check it out.

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Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Jean Houston – Activating the Vast Creative Forces of Inner Space

We had the great honor tonight of experiencing just a snippet of the expansive mind and heart of Dr. Jean Houston. The breadth and depth of this woman’s knowledge will astound you.

Her unique gifts span a global consciousness imbued with relevant, cutting edge information, buoyed by a rich understanding of history, the human landscape and the cosmos. Entertaining and thought provoking, her humor and infectious story telling draw you into her world of magnificent possibilities.

The topics ranged from how information technology is creating an unprecedented worldwide interrelationship, “so that the world mind is taking a walk with itself,” to cell biology and the concept of Epigenetics.

The new story of emergence through emergency is happening simultaneously all over the world. Virtually everybody is getting the tools to participate in a hyper-connected world. This change has happened in just a few decades. It means we have to adapt and develop all manner of new capacities. We are coded and loaded with potentials few of us ever needed to use, and now we do. We need to adapt to a world that is an entirely different reality than the one we’re prepared for.

Right now this totally new world environment is turning on the world mind in a way that has never been known before. We have to begin to access the vast domains of inner space, of the ecology of the inner world.

Jean shared methods she uses to train her students to exactly that by using their extended internal senses, extended psycho/physical awareness and extended psychological and mythical realms, to tap into the many different people and skill sets that reside within each of us. She spoke about our ability to use time differently to accomplish in 5 minutes what use to take an hour.

The most important part of this colossal new human survival story is a collective effort, with women rising to full partnership with men, creating an immense addition to the mind scope of who we are and of what we are capable.

The discussion turned to spiritual sourcing and how everyday spiritual practice will be the future norm with people drawing upon what she calls a “divine delicatessen” of the spiritual knowing, not only of the great religious traditions, but also of the great shamanic traditions, all coming together to give us access to capacities that before did not seem possible.

“The notion of awakening is the once and future demand of the human condition.” We are in what Jean calls “jump time,” an acceleration of reality such as we have never known before. In her book of the same name, she writes of the evolutionary pulse arising from the universe and how each individual is an integral part of this unfinished symphony of the cosmos.

Ultimately, Jean believes, this is what the Occupy Movements are about. Not just the gross unfairness in the banking and economic systems, but also it’s a waking-up to the fact that we are the ones with the capacity to grow or die. With her hand on the evolutionary pulse of change, every morning Jean counsels organizers of the Occupy Movement from around the world. She tells them, what she tells us now. Begin to strategize. What are you for? Wake up and do something. Go back to your communities and be of tremendous use. Tap into the vast resources of your inner space. Show those Wall Streeters that you can make a difference as you grow into your capacities and respond to these huge challenges, in these most unprecedented times, like no other in human history. This is it! The time is now, and we have a huge roll to play.

As an “adopted” daughter, Jean was at the bedside of the great, Margaret Mead when she died. Mead told her to forget everything she had taught her about politics and the world because if we’re going to grow and green our time, it’s a question of people getting together in teaching and learning communities.

It’s about people growing together in body, mind and spirit, and then on the basis of this deepening, broadening and a growing understanding of knowing what they have to do, responding. If people are working together in teaching/learning communities, the world will survive.

Dr. Jean Houston has taken that advise to heart, creating teaching and learning communities all over the world.

Right here, in this moment, you are part of her community. Tap into the information on this dynamic call. Find out what is meant by social artistry, and what a male/female complimentary society looks like. Learn how to activate your own inner artist. Discover the significance of positive fractals. Find out how you can activate all the divine forces in the universe to achieve your biggest dreams! Really!

These are proven methods for lasting, meaningful and dramatic change, created in the mind of one of the greatest and most brilliant teachers of our time.

Listen to the replay. There are great big take-aways here in the exercises she shared!

If you are committed to discovering your life’s purpose and living to your fullest potential, you may wish to take a look at a once in a lifetime opportunity, available only to you, the Healing With The Masters community, for a limited time through this Special Offer from Dr. Jean Houston.

There’s a reason Jean Houston showed up on this planet, offering her unique gifts to the world now. There’s a reason you are in a position to receive them!

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Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Jon Griffin – Tapping Into Your Divine Melody

Today’s Bonus Call with Jon Griffin on Healing With The Masters was simply remarkable! He engaged the healing frequencies of sound with such a high level of purpose, consciousness and intention that we actually had a testimonial of one caller’s healing from years of chronic pain!

If you listened to the call live, chances are you’re already taking advantage of the replay to get another magical hit of the healing energies you experienced. Guess what? There were limitations to the phone line so, Jon has given us even higher quality sound healings of what he shared and you experienced on the call. These healing sounds will take you deeper into your resonant truth.

Everything in life has a frequency. It is vital to stay aware of what frequencies we are creating and what frequencies we are attracting, because that’s what we will resonate to the world. By not being present and not being aware, we are avoiding being authentic to our truest intentions, our divine melody.

At the heart of it all, our intention is to resonate fully, to connect with others, to live whole-heatedly, to allow ourselves to be vulnerable to life’s experiences and to make those beautiful connections, which are truly how we make a difference in the world. When we don’t resonate authentically, we lose site of our intention.

All frequency cycles move at a particular pulse, like the breath or the ocean tide. Sound is the same. It is literally the high and low movement of air pressure. If you could move a fan 440 times in one second, you would produce an A note, what orchestras classically tune to. It brings everyone into that harmony of being in tune.

The Science of what’s really going on is interesting, but you don’t have to know anything about science to know that there are sounds that you like and resonate with, and many sounds that you don’t like and find discordant. Underneath the science is the shifting of our being.

We’re being bombarded with all these frequencies. When we aren’t aware of what sounds and frequencies we’re accepting into our bodies, letting pass through us, surrounding ourselves with, using to align our brain, then we’re just subject to all frequencies around us. That becomes a really difficult state. How do we null and void the lower vibrations and allow the higher vibrations in?
It’s important to understand that what you resonate with is a choice. How that gets played out in a concrete way, for example, is if you’re raised in an environment of conflict, your conduct often is adapted around that mindset of conflict. It gets really hard to see that that doesn’t have to be your way.

Giving yourself the opportunity to resonate with a particular frequency allows you to channel the deepest truths within yourself and resonate them outward into the world. There is choice involved in every relationship. What goes into your ear when you choose to listen to particular sounds, you are creating a harmonic vibration with that sound.

Universe comes from the Latin meaning of “one turn”, one cycle. Jon’s interpretation of Universe is one frequency. Everything that exists is a harmonic frequency of that one frequency. So when we hear music or chimes that we like, we’re resonating with something that allows us to be harmonically attuned to a deeper place within, and harmonic resonance with the Universe itself. Isn’t that awesome!

Each of us plays such an important part of what’s happening in the Universe. Right now, all of us, in this moment, we are happening together. We’re generating, and resonating a frequency that we’re sharing with the people we work with, live with, have relations with. The world is waking up to the idea that we can have a more harmonic union with each other.

What do we do with the moments of dissonance? Do they serve a purpose?

Why did we feel so good after Jon shared his musical pieces?

How can you tap into your inner divine melody?

Learn the answers to these questions and more as Jon shares more insights about the sacred healing power of music and the tools that we can use to shift our energy.

Jon tells of the spark that started him down the path of spiritual discovery and a life-long interest in the healing power of sound. And, he shares the beautiful and inspirational story about one of the most magical moments in his life, shared with a lion, in the wilderness.

Grace-filled and heart-centered, Jon Griffin was an undeniable healing presence for us today.

If you’re resonating with wanting to learn more about Jon’s work, we invite you to take a look at his Special Offer. You won’t find this anywhere else, and if you were on the receiving end of his energies on this call, you already know the healing potential that awaits you.

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Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Geneen Roth – The Spiritual Aspects of Food

Tonight we had a wonderful and fun time with the amazing Geneen Roth, on Healing With The Masters.

This lively, relevant conversation, focused on the spiritual aspects of food, but the wisdom can easily be applied to all other aspects of life, including your relationship with money.

You are a living transmitter of what you believe and what you eat is a reflection of your beliefs about yourself. Take a look at what’s on your plate, because you are acting out your beliefs about yourself in every moment, including the choices you make about what to put into your body.

This enlightening program prompted us to reconsider the role food plays in our lives. Instead of denying yourself, what if you could recognize the triggers that prompt binge eating? What feelings are you trying to numb or distract yourself from? Do you feel like you can’t have the love you want? The freedom? Relationships? Job? All of those beliefs you have about yourself play a part in what and when you choose to eat.

What do you really want?

Most of us have scary stories about what would happen if we allowed ourselves to feel our feelings. We allow those stories to run our lives. We have lists of lies about ourselves that we never question. Geneen Roth offers a different orientation on your relationship with yourself. She asks that you assume you are exquisitely smart and wise and that you’re doing what you’re doing for very good reasons. Then, ask yourself, “What are those reasons?”

She asks that you become curious with yourself, and that you lavish kindness and tenderness upon yourself. If your intention were to be exquisitely kind to yourself, what would that look like? Would you eat when you’re not hungry? Would you keep eating when you’ve had enough?

Some of us use food and our body weight to speak for us in ways that we don’t feel capable or allowed to speak for ourselves. “Keep away. Don’t come close. No!” We keep relationships out because we’re scared of intimacy. What if, instead of using our bodies to say, “Keep away,” we became interested in ourselves and curious about learning what’s going on with us?

Are you ready to take back that power that you’ve given to food and to your weight? Because, it’s yours anyway… It’s you who’s saying, “Keep away.” You can find more direct ways to say that and be in a body at a comfortable and natural weight, without making yourself miserable.

When you’re in pain, hurting, in some way, and you turn to food for comfort, you double your pain. Although it tastes good, by the time you’re done, you are still left with your original pain and you now have added the pain of guilt on top of it.

There’s power in the moment of your decision. There is power in unwinding the relationship with food if it’s painful for you. You can find yourself. Your relationship with food is a doorway. You can use your relationship with food as a doorway to an ecstatic part of you that you have never been in touch with.

Geneen shared 7 Eating Guidelines that are so intuitive that 4 year olds follow them, before they’ve been entranced by sugar. If you just follow these guidelines, you will lose weight. But, if you follow them because what you want to do is lose weight, they will become like a diet and she gave this caveat about diets. They can easily turn into rules. When you turn things into rules around food, you end up rebelling. And she offered this wisdom, which she playfully refers to the 4th Law of the Universe – For every diet there is an equal and opposite binge.

The intention with Geneen’s work is to get you back in touch with what you knew when you were a young child, the natural rhythms of being hungry and satisfied when your body has had enough.

You have to be willing to believe in yourself enough to stop trashing yourself. To do this, you have to really want to change. If all you want is to lose weight, there are lots of easier ways to do it.

People think that being thin will make us happy. Unless you feel good and centered in yourself; unless you have some sense of knowing who you are, it doesn’t matter what you weigh. The problem is that being thin does not bestow happiness on people. Happiness is having a different kind of relationship with yourself and using your relationship with food as a doorway to that relationship with yourself.

If you’re ready to walk through that doorway, you may want to take a look at Geneen’s Special Offer. This is an awesome package, and offered at a super, steep discount, just for you as a participant in Healing With The Masters.

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Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Morty & Shelly Lefkoe – Recreate Your Life!

Do you like your life? What if you could recreate it? It is possible. After all, you created it to be the way it is now! That’s true for all of us, though most of us aren’t aware of how we did it. And, surely there are things we would like to change.

Morty and Shelly Lefkoe joined us tonight on Healing With The Masters for a thought provoking dialogue that left us feeling hopeful that emotional freedom, which can seem so distant, is truly right in front of us.

The beliefs we created very early in life are the underlying source of most of what we do today. Everything we experience is seen through the eyes of the child we once were and the opinions and beliefs we formed at a very early age. As children, we gave meaning to what our parents did and said. They could have been encouraging us to do better, but we might have formed the belief that they were criticizing us. So, we came away from those experiences feeling like we weren’t good enough.

With the exception of traumatic events, most beliefs are formed because we make an assumption from a series of events and the pattern of treatment we received from our parents on a regular basis. We gave those events meaning because it seemed as though we discovered what our parents were feeling. That is how we formed our beliefs about ourselves.

It’s like constructing a building on an unstable foundation. Beliefs get formed from this overlapping set of experiences, and then those beliefs create your reality. If your reality is that relationships don’t work, for you that is a fact! So, you live your life as if relationships don’t work. So, of course, your relationships don’t work. If your parents were supportive, you feel supported. If they expressed that money was hard to come by you believe that money is hard to come by, and it out-pictures in your experience.

Once you form a belief, you cannot only be unconscious of it, but you can intellectually hold the opposite belief. Most people suffer from the self-imposed belief of not being good enough, including the Harvard PhD’s and successful CEO’s with whom Shelly Lefkoe works.

We view life through the filter of our beliefs. What beliefs are running your life? What do you believe about yourself? About other people? Do you believe you are important? Is that how you present yourself in the world? Do you celebrate your mistakes as learning experiences, or do you turn them into failures?

We discovered tonight that if we could eliminate the limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves, we could make radical changes and recreate our lives. We listened and applied the message to our personal experience, tapping into the conversation from our current circumstances.

Shelly shared a powerful tool that, when used, can make a profound difference in our lives. And, Morty reminded us that it’s what we think is in the world, that isn’t really there, that limits us. Most of the limitations in life, and the hardest to deal with are self-imposed. They can be eliminated.

Your beliefs are simply statements about reality that feel true to you. Do you have a belief that is limiting you? What else could it mean? Would you like to eliminate it?

The more beliefs you get rid of, the more freedom you have to be in life, the more natural confidence you have to express yourself… to say what you need and want. Isn’t it time you set yourself free?

Morty and Shelly Lefkoe have created an incredible Special Offer. If you’re ready to change things up and break free of all that is holding you back from being the very best you can be, you might want to take a look. Here’s the link:

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Bill Bauman – Through the Eyes of a Mystic

When was the last time you had the privilege of looking at life through the eyes of a mystic? In this beautiful, heartfelt conversation, filled with unbelievably abundant blessings and grace, that is what was offered tonight, on Healing With The Masters.

Words like beguiled and magic come to mind in an attempt to describe this deliciously indescribable call. A powerfully sacred, space pulled us gently and joyfully into the awareness that we were being embraced in an unconditional love that can only come from the heart of authenticity.

His life’s purpose clearly revealed to him, Bill Bauman is here to be the soul of the planet, to embody the spirit of creation, be love, embody love and radiate love to each of us, who he describes as personalized units of the Universe.

What is the spirit of love calling you here for? It’s not calling upon you for judgment, because there are enough of us doing that, so there’s nothing more to add to the planet by standing in judgment. Looking at any situation through the lens of the heart creates a really different picture. When one’s judgments are big, that’s hard to do. Connecting to our heart helps us renew our commitment to life, our passion about life and wakes us up to who we really are.

Consider the nature of deep, deep pain in others when it is projected onto us. If we don’t take it personally, it frees us to see what’s really going on with them; that they’re just trying to heal. This simple awareness creates a space of allowing for another as well as ourselves, because it just keeps opening the heart. It’s a juicy, beautiful expression of spirit.

Why are you here on the planet? At the silent space of your being, what answer comes up? Can you feel your heart? Can you lead with it in all situations? How does your knowing soul want you to show up to everything?

The soul is the central core of the self, which is an individualized form of the soul core of life. Everything has a soul. Every thought, every feeling, every cell is a soulful entity.

If you are in pain, go to the deepest truth of it – instead of trying to numb it, go to it. Plunge into the deep end of it, looking for the soul of it. If you hang out with the pain long enough, you will discover the reason it’s there. There’s a truth to it, a message, something that’s just waiting to be revealed. Oftentimes pain doesn’t go away because we haven’t gotten the message yet. So, go into the soul of it, love the pain enough to be willing to be in that kind of relationship with it, even if it hurts until you get the message. Healing is an internal job. It lifts us and grows us into ourselves.

Everyone is hungry for love and compassion… for healing. People sub-consciously put their pain out, asking subliminally for love. A lot of times they dump their lower vibrational “stuff” onto you. Are they holding a mirror, reflecting you, or do they see somebody who has a heart, who has a soul? What would happen if you could just love them, in as pure a way as possible? The way you think God loves them?

When you can go beyond the personal and feel into another’s experience, your soul’s bond. It is then that you can respond in a way that makes a huge difference, show up to the truth of what’s going on with them, and amazing things happen.

Love is a miracle-producing phenomenon… healing, a treasure, because all healing is an excuse for love. We need healing because there is some facet of us that’s not feeling united. We have a soul contract that says the whole purpose of three-dimensional human living is to love. Healing is a precious ritual that builds on this agreement we come together in love. We came here to bask in the miracle, magic, wonder and grace of love.

What is the spirit of love calling you here for? If we could ask ourselves no other question that this, it would be a life changer. Love is a singular phenomenon, the soul of life, the juice of life.

There’s magic in life… magic in this call…. too much to relay here, with words insufficient to capture the true essence of the gifts it contains, including a very, very powerful, light healing exercise. Just phenomenal!

This is sure to be a one you will listen to over and over again.

What does your heart say? How would your heart direct you? What would love invite you to?

We strongly recommend that you check out Bill’s beautiful Special Offer. These are his favorite products, offered from the heart at a big, honkin’ discount!

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Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Lindsay Wagner – How to Quiet the Mind & Open the Heart

Lindsay Wagner softly and gently enveloped us in the powerful embrace of love tonight, on Healing With The Masters.

It’s part of our human journey to cover up the mastery each of us has been Divinely gifted. We create illusions about ourselves through the process of identifying with the external world and the things we’ve heard about ourselves. Around the age of 7 we start to develop our own ideas out of everything we’ve taken in. As we evolve that becomes a dis-identifying process, which can result in great turmoil.

There is great wisdom on the other side of that turmoil. When we recognize that phenomena manifests through this process and that we are a critical part of it… in that moment we start waking up to the magnificence of ourselves and the whole creation of life. We have an opportunity to use the identification that we think is who we are, to then move into something different. Using the wisdom gained from our painful experiences, we can then learn to take care of ourselves when faced with the needs of the whole.

Silver linings emerge from dark clouds and we are now at the point of choice. We have worked our spiritual muscle through that painful process to discover that it was actually a gift. From that perspective we can turn things around where we held judgment about ourselves.

What judgments are you holding about yourself? What kind of gifts can they be turned into now? How can you use them for yourself?

You were born of two personalities and came out with your own. When you hold the tenacity of taking care of yourself and your own needs with the same precious love that you do for others, you begin to realize that you need to help yourself figure how to make things happen.

When you take the time to get more in touch with you… not the you that you think you are, but the you where your childlike spontaneity came from… when you go back to the real you, that’s where you’ll find your inspiration again.

A feeling of safety came through as Lindsay’s took us through some wonderfully nurturing processes that inspired self-love and welled the emotions.

She shared fast, fun and effective techniques to rapidly switch us from the contracted energy of fear and discord, into the expansive energy of love and harmony, which is our natural state.

We learned a simple technique for letting go, and that embracing our negative emotions instead of resisting them actually raises our vibrational frequency.

Life is only this moment to the next moment, to the next moment. Our next moment is a function of this moment. Without realizing it, we get attached to what we are doing and lose site of who we are.

We were held in a beautiful, gentle and sacred space, filled with care and the Highest Light, tonight, as Lindsay Wagner helped us remember!

This was just a remarkably sweet, nurturing call. Show yourself some love and listen to the replay.

And, if you’re ready to treat yourself to the gift of you, the real YOU, not the one you think you are, check out Lindsay’s fabulous offer at:

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Kaitlyn Keyt – The Sacred Polarity Ratio in Nature

This Bonus call was OFF THE CHARTS! Literally, figuratively and every-which-way in between. Kaitlyn Keyt is a treasure. The information she shared today on Healing With The Masters is worth its weight in gold. She presented a simple, scientifically viable and incredibly powerful explanation of why our brains function at a fraction of their capacity.

Growing up as the “if she can do it you can do it,” child, Kaitlyn realized that book smarts do not equal genius. Discovering her scientific mind late in life by most standards, Kaitlyn now uses Nature as her laboratory. Her scientific associates include things like trees and bark! She creates unbelievably significant and effective vibrational tools for bringing humankind back into balance with the Sacred Polarity Ratio in Nature, which is the Energy of all Creation.

Setting the intention for a fun, simple and magical call, Kaitlyn confided that the thing that kicked off the great flow of information in her was when she started believing in herself. That’s when her life really got exciting. It was a great reminder that what we believe is where our energy goes and it is our perception that creates our reality.

We played with the yin/yang symbol and car batteries, learning what they mean to our ability to release fears about radiation and EMF’s

With silliness and eloquence Kaitlyn’s explanations cut through the mind fog that keeps us running our victimhood stories. The vibration of truth resonated in our hearts and provided thrilling “A ha!” moments about why we are facing the kinds of challenges we’ve been experiencing. The beauty is, it’s nobody’s fault! There is no bad guy! There’s only energy doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing as we evolve according to the laws of science.

We’ve been under the belief that there are two strands of DNA. Scientists have discovered that there are actually 12. They call the other 10, Junk DNA. Kaitlyn believes that we have just not had the capacity to activate those strands of DNA, and that we are quickly gaining that capacity, which will result in super human abilities and gifts in the very near future. How exciting is that? If the sophistication of our technology is a reflection of the sophistication of our minds, imagine what that means for the future as we evolve into these new vibrational heights!

Kaitlyn’s languaging around The Sacred Polarity Ratio, that pattern of creation that is repeated in everything in Nature, from the spirals of a pinecone to the configuration of the brain; that female/male polarity which creates a baby, a seed, a thought, the ultimate balance… her languaging around that is profound and even more accessible. That which is of nature is bio-identifiable. Our bodies naturally know how to use it, embrace it, mesh with it. That which is synthetic throws nature out of balance.

Humankind has been thrown out of balance. We have unplugged from the feminine side of our Nature and the remaining masculine is seeking desperately to find the natural balance again. Why have we unplugged? What is the purpose? How can we plug back in again?

Nature has amazing information for us. We are nature. Who better to remind us of this than Nature itself? Its time to remember who we are and step back into our power. Nature is there for us, ready to remind us.

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Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Deborah King – What Is Your Story & Where Is It Leading You?

Tonight on Healing With The Masters we experienced a beautiful call, with lovely insights.

The epitome of her personal definition of a shaman, Deborah King is someone who has dealt with her own stuff, to such an extent that she has become a clear channel; to such a degree that she can help others; by actually using herself as a vessel to receive the higher vibrations of other spirits and worlds; for the benefit of all.

You have the capacity to be a shaman, too. Each and every one of us does. You are a natural born intermediary between the spirit world and this one. Each and every one of us is. As a natural born healer, infinite wisdom is already deeply encoded into your cellular memory. And, Deborah King wants to help you wake-up to it!

We all love a good story. Our stories sustain us and make us who we are. They help us uncover and formulate our gifts. A linear, skeptical young lawyer with substance abuse issues and all of the answers, steps away from the rat race after a diagnosis of cancer and discovers herself. It’s an inspirational story, with the miraculous twist of complete remission at the hands of an energy healer! And, like any good story, it is that inexorable nudge that led her to the next phase of her journey.

Deborah shares why the linear, logical, left-brain thinking required of her as a lawyer is actually extremely important in healing, and how she teaches those who are studying under her guidance to clear discordant energy, in order to connect the hemispheres of the brain.

Discover why meditation is the most life-changing thing you can do for yourself. If you’re not happily meditating every day, there’s something in your practice that’s not working for you. Guess what, you get to choose to try something else! Exercise your freedom to experiment until you come up with something that does.

Find out how Deborah’s method of journaling can empower you for a lifetime, learn about the 5 practices that allow us to be a channel for ourselves and others, and get the recipe for Deborah’s simple yet powerful Energy Clearing Bath.

We are living in special times. Nature is sensing our need for higher consciousness. Big life events are unfolding concurrently at an accelerated paced. What role does the body play in spiritual transformation? What has this got to do with the 5 Levels of Initiation? How come the lower levels don’t feel like much but the higher levels can be quite orgasmic?

Here’s a hint. The answer has to do with your vertical power point! And, it can be very inspirational…

A part of you is trying to access and enter you so that you can manifest the qualities you were meant to bring into this lifetime. Deborah’s message is affirming and hopeful. Nothing you have done is wasted. You are on the path you are supposed to be on. What is your story? What wounds are giving you the opportunity to uncover your best qualities? Are you ready to become your own shaman? Where is your story inexorably leading you?

Deborah’s amazing and wonderful Special Offer can help you find your way. And, at a Discount of over 57% it’s also an incredible deal!

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