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Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Prediction Week Seven Psychics and Channelers Free

McLean MasterWorks is so very excited to share the Predictions Week 2012 with anyone who would like to participate, for no cost at all!

Starting Sunday January 1, we are opening up MasterWorks Healing Membership site and offering a week of predictions from some of the most amazing psychics, astrologers, and channelers so you can begin the New Year with some incredible insights.

Simply head to and register with your name and email address to gain access to the entire Predictions Week 2012!

Each night at 4 PM Pacific/California/Los Angeles time YOU will have the chance to work one-on-one with one of these channels or psychics and find out what might be in store for you in 2012.
You will be able to learn from and grow with:

Elizabeth Jones, Astrologer – Guide to the Stars Extraordinaire
Brian Seth Hurst, Exceptional Intuitive & Coach
Anna-Maria Pierce, Master Clairvoyant & Healer
Dee Wallace, Creator of the Phenomenal I~M System of Healing
Pepper Lewis, Renowned Author, Teacher & Channel
Susan Taylor Shier, dynamic and gifted author, teacher, and intuitive counselor
Sheila Gilette, the direct channel for Theo since 1969

Each of these speakers will deliver a general overview of what they see coming next year, AND we will open the lines so you can have the opportunity to receive your own reading.

All you have to do is register above then call in early – there are a limited number of seats. You can THEN press a special combination on your keypad to raise your hand and put yourself in line to work with these speakers to receive your personal reading.

PLUS, as a special BONUS, you will receive my renowned and annual FREE gift of The Soul Song & Body Dialogue of 2011. After registering you will be able to download this and own this special audio that has aligned hundreds of thousands for the year ahead. You will receive this audio weeks before that actual release preparing for the year ahead before it starts.

Get ready for a GREAT ride and to receive information that you can apply IMMEDIATELY to make fundamental and dramatic changes in preparation for the amazing year of 2012.

Monday, December 5th, 2011

PREPARE FOR 2012 – Making the Energetic Shift!

Do you feel READY to take the LEAP with us to begin the NEXT phase of a new process of BEING? …then JOIN US for a life-empowering, frequency raising, heart opening series, to truly make THE ENERGETIC shift into and through this huge year of 2012′ leading to the big date of Dec 2012.

This series is here to assist you in processing deeply in preparation for, and in guidance through, 2012. You will be shown powerful vibrational healing tools, techniques and processes to assist you in clearing old limiting overlays and opening you to the truth of who you are as the brightest being of love and light… the brightest emanation of the divine, the grandest co-creator of your universe. or

Join us:

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Mary A. Hall – Abundance, Living On The Wings Of Blessings

Mary A. Hall says that, “Abundance lives on the wings of blessing.” What does that mean, exactly? Find out on this remarkable call, with a remarkable woman, who has a very special gift that the world is supposed to experience.

Our natural mind, our human mind, boxes us into what Mary refers to as a ceiling on what we can and cannot do. It’s a very limited perspective, which, in and of itself, prevents us from tapping into the energy of abundance.

Tonight, on Healing With The Masters, Mary showed us so much more of what is possible. In fact, she showed us that ALL IS POSSIBLE!

Abundance is the highest vibration of creation energy… it’s creation times a thousand!

As we play in that higher vibration… that Divine energy of abundance… the more we can just be with it and the higher we tend to go into that vibration. The higher we go into that vibration, the higher the vibration goes. There’s a pulling power that happens, creating an even higher vibration. When we’re in the essence of just being and vibrating with all that is possible, it’s creation at its expansive best. The energy just builds upon itself and all energy of limitation simply vanishes.

Creation at its expansive best gave us the opportunity tonight to tap into the heart of a blessing known as Mary A. Hall.

We are powerful creators, and the creative process Mary identified for us can feel otherworldly, because at this level of creation, we actually let go of what we call this human existence and tap into Spirit. That is where abundance lives. It lives within our heart. We can actually access it within our heart, but it’s not through the logical conscious mind, therefore we experience it as otherworldly.

Mary focuses attention on the heart energy. We’re not talking about the physical heart. There’s something more going on. When we are connected into our heart essence we become acquainted with Source, with the Divine and all the abundance that is available to us… that is us. It really is us. We just don’t realize it.

She spoke about how our depth of gratitude brings us deeper in our experience within our bodies. Spirit then causes us to be centered and go deeper into our heart. And, she shared some profound and powerful information about detachment and the energy of money, which may surprise you!

Mary gave us some fantastically beautiful gifts tonight. She used her ability to go into multidimensional space, to see the energy of everyone on the call and come up with powerful, powerful processes for the soul group. As she consciously emanated this high frequency energy, we opened ourselves to receive it, and what resulted was… well, powerful!

We came away from this call with so much, including not only the understanding that we can eliminate old, subconscious programs that are running our lives, but the tools to do just that… and we can do it in a loving way, tap into our own abundance signature, not only about money, but about everything else that is important to us as well.

Spirit came forward on this call! There’s just no other way to say it. Mary A. Hall facilitated our ability to connect with our beauty, blessings and abundance. Right here! Holy, completely, WOW!

There is a pulling power to this call, a juice that makes us feel alive… touches our hearts, our soul, our passions… that which gives us life. We got to play in the energy field of Mary A. Hall tonight. If you didn’t’ make the call, there’s still time to swim in this beautiful energy of abundance by listening to the replay. Come play with us in the energy field of Mary A. Hall. You’ll be glad you did!

Oh and Mary has created a delicious, dynamic and generous Special Offer, just for you, as a participant on Healing With The Masters. This is an incredibly powerful and profound program. To find out more go to: