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August 21st, 2012

2012 is NOW, Day 2 – Experience the Love within YOU

Brian Seth Hurst began by speaking about the role of credentials and how important they really are.  Many of us may strive for greatness or that feeling of success when all we really need to do is look at our credentials and what we’ve truly accomplished.

He then shared that while we may be constantly striving to live life in a linear way, elevating as we grow in age, it really occurs in cycles. The universal and collective experience is created by the actions of each and every person on this planet. So, when we come from love and live from a place of love for our Selves, it’s contagious. You can inspire love on a worldwide scale by turning attention to yourself and taking care to LOVE each and every moment of your life.

You are WHOLE and COMPLETE and lack nothing.

Ask what you can do to being you love and joy each and every day of your life, then DO IT. As Brian shared, this year holds the potential to open your soul’s purpose – you don’t have to work hard to discover what your soul’s purpose is because it’s already there!

Move into the energy of PEACE and FAITH and do what you were meant to do.


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Brian also shared that he is opening up to this community with a very incredible and unique offer. He explained that if you’d like a personal reading they are half-hour and hour-long sessions. You can email him at briansethhurst@hotmail.com, however, this is his personal email address and he does this for a living so please respect Brian and his time. He has also written a book titled Whole which has yet to be released, BUT you can receive a copy for FREE if you are one of the first 30 people who email Brian and have an hour-long reading.

Also, if you head to Facebook.com/wholethebook you can spend some time with Brian and others who are so thrilled to see this book come to light. It’s definitely worth it!


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