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August 24th, 2012

2012 is NOW, Day 5: Say YES to Life

This call with Susann Taylor Shier took off with an energetic blast and began with a discussion about what’s happening right now and what’s in store for the next few months. As she shared, it’s been a bit of a fire cycle. Rather than just jump into the challenges of right now and resort to feeling trapped, see this as an opportunity to move into new energies, spaces, and even create the new version of YOU.

Consider the transformation from a caterpillar to butterfly and know that this time right now is just your cocoon period. You are in the process of becoming the most magnificent version of you. Ask “What can I co-create RIGHT NOW?” then go ahead and do it. Be creative and do what your heart is calling you to do. This time is yours to learn from the inside out.

Transform from the inside out and focus on growing YOU in order to reshape your outward world. Keep saying YES to life.

This time and the time that lay ahead is the Olympics of your soul. You’re being presented with challenges that directly translate into opportunities to overcome and shine like never before. This time is all about life energy. Bring the universe in and make each and every moment of each and every day an essential and interconnected part of your life.

Let the world that no longer serves you fall away. You must make the distinction between everything that is supporting and growing your life energy and everything else that aims to draw your energy away from you. Place the focus on yourself and look at the world to see where and how your energy is being drained. Then, shape your experience to make the most of what you have.

You are the co-creator of this life and your energy is essential to the process of coming into your own magnificence. Center it around your needs and create a world that overflows with joy, beauty, and abundance.


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Susann’s Special Offer:

NOW is a crucial time in the shifting of our planet. We are the necessary players in this transformation that is upon us. We must first be willing to alter outdated, un-serving and uninspired soul patterns within us. Then we can thoroughly relish the ecstatic nature of co-creating with Spirit in this time of REVELATION.

ONLY through the connection with abundant, inherent power of Spirit that is OUR SOUL GIFT, and our willingness to embody that wealth in our life, will we be part of the majestic Great Awakening that is calling to us.

Trust Susann Taylor Shier to guide you to establish your PERSONAL COMPASS, ignited by your soul’s inner GPS as your spiritual navigation tool, to transition into 2012 and our shift into the powerful new reality before us and dive into this life-changing special offer!


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