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August 27th, 2012

2012 is NOW, Day 7: NOW is The Time

We had such a great experience wrapping up this INCREDIBLE 2012 is NOW series with Pepper Lewis and Gaia. This week has had a resounding echo of “Now is the time” and “Take advantage of all that you are.” The realm of new predictions is gone and we’ve entered a time of growing through the NOW and moving into our most magnificent versions of Self.

As Pepper shared, when we’re not living in the “now,” there is an overarching feeling of lack and incompleteness. Make the most of all the energy that’s moving throughout the planet and live in the NOW.

We are coming full circle and recognizing what wholeness looks like.

Move past the “What if” and live in the life that you desire. Allow yourself to move into the heart and embrace the coexistence of new and old paradigm minds.

Balance between your state of being human with human responsibilities and your other, spiritual and intuitive self. Stand with one foot in each realm and trust the pace and timing of the universe.

This is your chance to look at what is true for today, what you want to accomplish, and what you’re doing to make those things happen. Then, rid your life of everything else that does not serve your most true purpose. Are your desires of years ago still what you want and need today, or are they just a routine you’ve carried with you? Do you still long for that new person, place, thing, or state of mind or are you now content with who you’ve become?

As so many others shared, this is a time of transformation, of cleaning out your spiritual closet, and of assessing what really matters. Seize this opportunity to champion the life that you truly desire and make the most from here on out.


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