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Friday, March 30th, 2012

Discover the Power of Afformations

Noah St. John has had the opportunity to interview individuals who earn 7, 8, and 9 figures, and he’s seen a difference in the way they operate. There’s a common trap that so many of us have been conditioned to accept and it’s preventing us from really thriving in this life. The belief that “you’re not good enough,” that “you can’t do it,” or that whatever it is, “must be more complicated than you’ll be able to understand,” is false and is the biggest barrier between you and success. The problem is, it’s incredibly difficult to reset a belief system that may have followed you since you were very, very young.

Noah explains that what we need to understand is that the majority of what we’ve been told about success is misleading and is actually just holding you back. If you’ve been led to believe that what you’re setting out to do is too hard, you run the risk of becoming overwhelmed and just giving up. Noah went into depth and described how he grew up with next-to-nothing and has had to build his life from ground up. He explained that he’s not a natural, he’s had to work at this just like any other individual. The difference, is in the method he’s developed. When he began his search for success, he didn’t have a mentor, nor did he have a guide, yet he’s been able to develop a series of tools that generate real, positive results.

So how did he do it? How do we overcome our experiences and get past what we’ve been conditioned to believe?

Rather than stuff the book of your life in the closet where it’ll be forgotten, grab hold of it and author your authentic life. He says that we all want “stuff,” whether it’s happiness, joy, peace, money, travel, or possessions, we have a motivating factor that’s keeping us striving and trying to move forward. With your goal in mind, the first step is to believe in yourself. Know that you can do whatever it is you’re working on, then take action toward attaining what you want. When you believe and work towards your motivating goal, you will achieve measurable results. You will progress. This is three simple steps: Belief, Action, Results

While opportunity my not grab you by the throat, it’s always surrounding us. We need to identify it, grab that opportunity and turn it into your open door. Everyone has the ability to change their position, it takes a profound mental shift for most people, but it really is possible.

As Noah explains, affirmations are statements of things we want to be true. One of the most common classic affirmations is “I am rich.” The problem is that most classic affirmations are usually directly followed by our self-doubt. That “yeah right,” that clips out of our subconscious is what ruins the entire action of affirming.

Rather than just state something that you don’t necessarily believe or will immediately question, begin by searching for the answer. Ask yourself “Why am I so rich?” and you’ll immediately start to search for the answer. You don’t shoot it down. You don’t fight what you’re thinking. By searching for the answer, asking empowering questions and coming up with positive answers, your thoughts sew positive seeds. With Afformations, you form and give shape to the life you want.

Success in and of itself is the desire to replace something. Ask yourself what you’re annoyed by right now and be honest. Then, write down the reverse of each thing you’re not content with. When you’re done, all you need to do is create a list of Afformations to address the list you’ve made and act on them. Noah is making this even easier for you to grasp by dropping the price of his process in his Healing With The Masters Special Offer. If you’d like to go deeper with Noah and really get into this life-shifting process, Click Here!




Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

What About You is Wonderful?

Our call tonight with the amazing Sonia Choquette on Healing With The Masters led us through some really wonderful stuff! We discussed how to feel more love, open up to the profound shifts in our lives, and how to benefit from listening to our spirit.

We started off by talking about our old ways of being (those less-powerful versions of us) and how to dismantle that stuff? Sonia made it easy for any of you to do, just:

Ask yourself what the payoff of that old way has been. What has that way of being done for you? After you’ve responded and really thought about the benefit, ask if it’s still working for you. You see, your old story serves a purpose, and it may have served you very well, but there comes a time when you need to recognize what you’ve gained, acknowledge its worth, and move on.

As we’re trying to move on, we may run into a barrier or two that’s trying to hold us back. If it happens, just ask “What about you do you absolutely know and trust (without anyone else needing to affirm) that is good, and powerful, authentic, wonderful, and important?”

Respond honestly. As you respond, and offer multiple responses, check those responses by asking “Is it true?” Speak each aspect, quality, or skillset out loud and appreciate yourself for each one. You’re an amazing being and you have so many incredible qualities and abilities worth acknowledging. When you respond, you empower yourself and tap into your true, authentic self and you feel energized! And it’s a genuine, honest, energy that really fills you up because you’re embracing the power of your spirit!

“The human spirit is a sacred gift, the rational mind is a faithful servant.” –Einstein

When you think of the rational mind or ego, consider it to be your pet, your servant. Train that pet, make it a source of support and unconditional love, and in reality, prevent it from messing all over your life. Learn when to utilize your ego, discern how to get it to work for you and work with you, and you’ll be able to harness your mind’s decisive ability.

We all have an innumerable amount of gifts and memorable qualities, we just need to begin naming them. As Sonia explained, even a troublemaker has a gift – when you upset someone, you get them out of your rut and out of their routine and force them to use their creativity. By owning our own authenticity, we can change the planet one person at a time. You unveil your light when you own your authenticity and turn it onto others. Next time you run into a stranger, rather than speak to their pet and ask “How are you?” say “Hi, how’s your spirit today?” Recognize the spirit in others and you will surely change their frequency and push those around you to think differently. Or, when you’re feeling down, use that question on yourself and reevaluate your own spirit! We can all use a little checkup can’t we?

When you want to take it further, ask “What does your spirit love?” and again, respond honestly. Then ask “What else?” and do it over and over and over again! You’ll be overcome with exuberance and excitement because you’re focusing on your spirit; on your Self! Then you can ask what you would love to do next and after you respond, ask if it’s true. If you feel vulnerable or afraid of what you’d love to do, go back to asking “what your spirit loves.” And you’ll open back up, begin laughing again, and will once again be overcome with that exuberance and joy! Stop letting that sense of self-doubt and that generic funk beat you up by just saying what you love – but you have to say it out loud! You’ll shift in an instant and will open yourself into a brand new realm! Don’t even focus on why you doubt or why you feel like you’ve been dragged through the mud. Focus on you. Focus on what you love. Discover that there is so very much within you that deserves to love and be loved.

 This call with Sonia was so inspiring! I know that I’ll be asking myself what I love and acknowledging my gifts more often. If you’d like more of an opportunity to work with Sonia  and benefit from her practical intuition, please be sure to take a look at the special offer she’s put together for you. As you know by now, she has your best interest in mind and she wants to see you grow. Take this opportunity to shift into the new you, CLICK HERE.


Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Jo Dunning on Abundance, Healing, and Growth

Jo Dunning approached this call with such a refreshed and rebalanced mindset. As she turns on the energy, she enabled an amazing direct connection to Source. After preparing everyone, she explained that while life can seem challenging, we need to focus on utilizing the energy that’s available to all of us here, now. So many of us are pouring effort into and getting frustrated by the desire to create what already exists within us. Life doesn’t need to be an arduous journey – we don’t have to fight our way through these events. We need to realize how valuable each experience is and learn everything we can along the way.

As you shift your perception and learn to interpret the purpose behind each event in your life, you’ll gain a renewed kind of knowing that explains how everything you’ve gone through, everything you’ve endured, and everything you’ve been fortunate enough to experience, has offered a benefit. Jo explains that being able to see the next step, understand the value in what’s taken place, and know how we’ve grown along our path is actually a form of god-consciousness. Whether you’re reflecting past events or are interpreting a situation in the moment, you will always benefit when you determine what you’ve gained from the experience. If you feel yourself getting caught in the moment, becoming overwhelmed, or being flat-out trampled by life, pause for a few minutes and let your mind wander; focus on something else. Jo assures us that this kind of acknowledgement and control can be tough at times, but becoming conscious of what we’re doing while we’re doing it is a huge first step. You may even catch yourself and turn a potentially harmful moment into a positive one full of growth, forgiveness, and love!

Trying to define what we are, why we’re here, and understand our purpose is no simple task, yet Jo states quite simply that each question and each definition will change as we grow and progress through this life – our purpose can shift as we move through different stages in our development. The radical thing to consider is that it’s okay not to know; just be open to fully experiencing whatever resonates within your being.

Jo shares so much energy and is constantly helping all of us to lead more fulfilled lives. She’s making this so simple and easy for us to become active participants in a couple miraculous ways. First, she’s started the Wish Project. Just go to, listen to the Wish Project recording and send your wish out into the world. Jo will then feel into your wish and actively offer energy to help you bring whatever you desire into fruition. Secondly, Jo has put a really generous special offer together that will allow you to grow, grow, and grow some more! As I’m sure you’ve realized by now, she’s all about helping you to make the most of this life experience and this offer is no exception!

Feel into the power of what she has in store for you and begin to realize the true potential of your every day!

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Energetic Healing With Donna Eden!

Wow! We had such a fun and enlightening call with Donna Eden last night!

We discussed the amazing power that energy systems can have. From Multiple Sclerosis to allergy relief, self-healing and embracing the power of connecting our energy systems has the power to open our lives to a new world of possibilities. She explained that the radical changes in our environment can have a profoundly negative impact on our body’s ability to heal. We simply haven’t evolved to properly deal with the kind of changes (electricity, wireless networks, radio waves, and the like) that have occurred in the last 100 years.

As Donna explains that our bodies are speaking an energetic language, it becomes clear that an illness or disconnect that impacts our health requires an energetic shift. Shifting your energy can lift you out of a funk and awaken hope, gladness, and a sense of wonder in your life. Sometimes it just takes a heightened awareness of what’s happening in your body to allow you to change for the better. You shouldn’t have to spend years of your life fighting to get better; you have the ability to improve your health and situation, today! Donna assured us that spending a mere five minutes each day practicing energetic exercises will increase your vitality and will boost your sense of energy for the things that require will-power to complete. She so eloquently explained that energy is not about effort it is about allowing. Your body already knows how to heal, this isn’t anything new. You just need the tools and awareness to bring you back to knowing what you should do.

As the conversation shifted, we progressed to discussing radiant circuits. From the bliss of true love to the awestruck feeling that nature can so easily inspire, radiant circuits are a spontaneous energy that grows through our spirit. When we want to open up to those radiant circuits we must first go through a clearing process. If you don’t feel connected to those around you, try placing one of your middle fingers in your bellybutton and lift upward – toward the sky. Then, place your second middle finger on your third eye and lift upward while taking at least three deep breaths. Focus on elevating your state and keep lifting until you feel that energy reach the top of your head. Isn’t it an amazing feeling? Donna explained that this will link two of your meridian circuits and begins to get you connected – it can even stop a seizure in its tracks!

You have the power to restore your energy to a full, free way of life. Life shows up, but as Donna put it, life is meant to show up and we are meant to dance with and grow through those experiences. Energetic healing is a wonderfully natural way to help your body contend with the stress and challenges of every day life. It will help you lift yourself up and out of those hard times – you simply need to learn what your body needs and embrace what your body is telling you. Feel into what your body is telling you and listen to what you hear! She explains that your body is more intelligent than your mind is! It’s not influenced by the pressures of society, it just responds the way it is designed to respond. Listen to the signals you’re receiving, feel your body and search for the parts that need to be healed then massage them. If you take the time to listen to your body, you’ll be practicing energy healing without even trying. Your spirit, soul, and vibration will be lifted and you’ll know exactly what to do when life comes along and tries to knock you off your feet.

Everyone is born with the ability to see and embrace the energy around them, they simply need to tap into it! Take a minute to read through some of the amazing work that Donna has inspired and think about how amazing it will feel when your body is completely in sync! She can help you understand yourself and grasp the hints that your body is sending your way. This is your time to make a permanent change and live the healthy, healed life you’ve been dreaming of!

Just Click Here to read more about Donna and take a look at her incredibly generous special offer. If you’re committed to living the life of harmony, contentment, and health that you’ve been longing for, this special offer is just a no-brainer! Take a look, I know you’ll be thrilled that you did.

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Embrace Your Wonderful Glowing Self

Tonight was my turn to open up and share through this fantastic 9th Season of Healing With The Masters. I embraced this opportunity as a chance to help each and every person on the call to find their gifts and diagnose their triggers. Through the Body Dialoging process, we were able to speak to the group through a couple of individual catalysts and forgave ourselves for the changes that needed to be made.

My greatest wish for all of you is that you can use your life to, come to a new place of ease, effortlessness, and peace. I’m so passionate about the fact that you are all a creative force in this universe. You’re all a force of love and light. I see that you all have a bright light, full of commitment to accomplish with you were designed for in this lifetime. Allow your life to become a grand experiment and let it grow to be more in alignment with your greater design and purpose.

The theme of this year is authenticity and your greatest gift is to unequivocally stand up and shine your beautiful brightest light. When you are able to just be, you are embracing the essence of authenticity. When you can see and experience your authenticity, you can then see and experience your own gifts and abilities. Focus on moving you full attention into that beautiful, perfect, sacred chamber of yours and use your full attention to notice and appreciate what’s there. Really exist in that place and embrace the power that this place of authenticity has to offer.

The more that you connect here, the more you are connected to the divine and the more you are in a place of potentiality and possibility. Just feel into that sense of support and light and allow that divine connection to nudge all of your cells in a direction of love and remembrance until you reach that place where your gifts are held; open that door!


Look at your gifts

Examine all of them

See those that lay dormant

See the ones you know oh-so well

And see the gifts that have yet to be developed


Take this opportunity to see, acknowledge, and thank all of your gifts because, quite simply, they are you. We’ve seen incredible things happen when people make the conscious decision to embrace themselves for all the wonderful potential that they are. This is your opportunity to progress into a new YOU.


This call is designed for you and with you in mind. I want to help you become the most powerful and authentic version of your Self. I want to help you use the triggers in your life to become the change you desire. Ultimately, I just want to help you grow.


If you don’t listen to these calls already, please take some time to register and embrace the shift that can result. Just head to and register. You’ll be able to listen to this replay (and so many more) to gain all of the healing energy that’s available here.

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Radically Forgive With Colin Tipping on Healing With The Masters

This first show in a two-show series was absolutely incredible. As we explored the depths of our being, we definitely dug deeper, wider, and more expansively than we could’ve anticipated! Wow!


We asked Colin about Radical Self-Forgiveness and what that means for all of us. He explained that, while he came from a wonderful childhood and great parents, Radical Forgiveness really found him. Through a process of growth and learning, Colin and his wife began leading cancer patients on a series of forgiveness retreats. They they quickly discovered that the traditional course of forgiveness, which can take upwards of 30 years, was no good. They needed something fast, effective, and honest; Radical Forgiveness was born.


He explains that there are several stages to traditional forgiveness:

1. Tell the story

2. Feel the feelings associated with that story without wallowing

3. Collapse the story by breaking it down and learning what caused the situation, which reduces the amount of negative energy associated with the story

4. We must then fight the dichotomy of our mind telling us to forgive while we hold on to the emotional state that says: “They did this to me! I’ve been wronged!”


Whereas Radical Forgiveness pushes us to comprehend that every situation in our life was inspired for a purpose and adds another series of steps to our journey toward growth. We must trust in our spiritual intelligence – the part of us that does understand and see the purpose in the pain we experience.

At the end of it, we discover that we can forgive others because we must forgive ourselves for playing a part in creating the energy that was ultimately designed, with a certain perfection, for our benefit.

Colin then walked us through the Radical Forgiveness process where he helped listeners to identify the problem, see the parts of their body that are being affected, be open and willing to the potential healing power of that the situation, and see the reality that we can be healing angels with a greater purpose – serving that purpose through the situation and ultimately forgiving ourselves as we accept our purpose. It has been a part of our purpose to experience the events we may be suffering from and utilize the tools we develop along the way to heal others.


This beautiful and simple process of self-exploration serves as an incredibly quick and easy way to forgive our Selves and others. Colin explains that the only requirement here is a willingness to accept that nothing wrong ever happened. As he puts it, if a certain critical mass was focused on the vibration that he discusses for 2012, it would be possible to have a global impact and promote peace on an incredible scale.


Colin then jumps into Radical Living, Radical Relationships, and offers a new, groundbreaking perspective on Radical Forgiveness and what all of these processes can do in your life! His Special Offer can be found HERE and will literally change your life, your relationships, and how you view your Self. This power-packed special offer will take you so much deeper into your Self and will enable you to become your own source of healing and eventually, be able to HEAL OTHERS!


What a wonderful call and offer!


Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Marisa Russo Will Empower You as You Thrive and Forgive

This call was all about empowering you and working toward forgiveness

Marisa Russo jumped into this call by explaining how powerful we really are. She explained that having powerful relationships with others enables you to then become a more powerful person. Those relationships have a profound impact on the energy that we vibrate and pass on to others. When you decide to love yourself, you’re then able to love others. We can get to a place of trust and knowing that all is well by awaking to our responsibility for what’s happening in our lives. We then need to recognize what’s happening and be able to make decisions that shift us into where we need to be.


When we begin making changes and shifting our lifestyle to combat the negativity around us, we then head down the path of trusting ourselves. As Marisa puts it, building toward trust can be like going to the gym. It must be an active pursuit rather than acknowledging that we need to make a change but avoiding action. Every moment can become an opportunity to shift into a place of power but we must be prepared to embrace that shift. If you are harboring past relationship issues and are holding on to distrust, pain, or fear, you need to go back and identify the root of that negativity.


Marisa took the group through an energetic clearing that focused on forgiveness and healing through release. We identified events in our past that inspired pain and held those situations in the forefront of our minds. While there, we were able to heal the person and the pain of our past with the love that we now contain. The fastest healing occurs when we acknowledge the pain, address your self of years ago, embrace it, and forgive yourself – offer the forgiveness that was never given and heal your past through the love you possess today. After the clearing, the energy was escalated and negativity was completely filtered. What an experience from such a simple practice!


When things do work out, focus on the energy and the fact that you were guided to that success and sense of peace. So much of what Marisa explained returned to the theme of trust and understanding. We all have successes every day that make life easier or elevate our energy but we need to be aware of what’s happening, acknowledge those successes, and remember that God, or Source, played a part in making them happen for you. The same practice can be applied to years of built up pain. Our entire body can be affected my stress, pain, and discomfort. Marisa shares such a wonderful wealth of information and really helps us to heal on the physical and emotional level.

If you would like to experience the incredible healing power of forgiveness and the application of direct energy that Marisa has to offer, Click Here and join in on her amazing Special Offer!

Develop an awareness of what you’re doing and really look at how you respond to the things in your life. There is certain baggage that we carry throughout our lives. It’s been built up over the course of several years; when we can recognize that nagging negativity and let it go, we achieve a feeling of weightlessness, can really forgive, and create power through trust.



Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Chris Cade’s INCREDIBLE Priority-Aligning Call

You are the Master, discover how to Liberate Your Life with Chris Cade!


We had an amazing call with Chris Cade that jumped into creating abundance, contentment, and peace in our lives by prioritizing what really matters and overcoming the fear of the unknown. Chris explains that when faced with the need to develop his spirituality, his immediate hesitation to leave what he had imagined were his “dream job” and “ideal life” for something completely unknown. As he hesitated, the universe gave him an ultimatum and pushed him to head down the path of reaching out to the energy around him and developing his Self.

Jennifer asked: “How can we gain the courage to jump?” and “How do we overcome the fear that follows that courage?” Chris explained that our energy is drawn and pulled and manipulated in multiple directions and countless ways throughout the day. We are all serving as veritable Swiss Army knives and must rise above the ambiguity of each challenge to face what lies ahead. What that translates to is the courage it takes to make it through a regular day. The courage, strength and willpower that exist within us – we simply need to reach in, recognize that it’s all there and utilize it. When we take on something new, we’re opening up to the courage we already have, not gaining courage. The universe always has your back so trust in your ability to handle what’s coming your way and believe in yourself.


The question and the courage are a simultaneous arising. Although we may feel paralyzed, we can follow our fears to freedom. Chris walked us through a fantastic process that moved us past our inner critic, which shields and blindfolds us from our true nature. The best way to overcome that fear is to challenge it. When we head toward the worst-case scenario, we need to ask “Is it true? Are we really going to die because we have to wait at this red light and may be late for a meeting?” This breakdown is something that we can all apply in our day-to-day and should be used to help prioritize what’s really important to us. Our needs and wants regularly differ and when it all falls apart, we usually lose our idea of what we need, not the actual needs.

He then touched on the question of creating rather than emulating.

First, consume as much knowledge as possible. Once you’ve gained an abundance of information about whatever it is that you’re learning, put all of that research up against a series of questions. Begin by asking yourself: “Is this true for me?” and “How can I find out if this is true for me?” Internal inquiry has to show you that whatever you’ve learned rings true for you in order for it to apply to your life. Chris emphasizes that you can have the most valid and trustworthy source but if you can’t believe what you’ve learned or if it simply isn’t true for you, don’t be afraid to throw it out the window.

Chris explained that the Wandering Butterfly Effect is a metaphor for how difficult it can be to focus on a single project when we’re trying to focus on all of them. The more loose ends we have, the more our energy is pulled away and prevents us from internalizing what we’re working on – the more stress and anxiety we accumulate. Rather than wander aimlessly, we need to search for the next task, which exists at the top of our list of priorities, then come back and finish it. We need to focus on one item at a time, reach the boundary at the end of that item, and move on to the next. We must focus and prioritize our energy through that self-inquiry in order to overcome the Wandering Butterfly Effect.


Overall, Chris focused on helping you to explore what you want to do and what’s important to you. This life is a series of events that require your energy – make sure you want to be spending it on what you’re doing at every moment of every day. Take advantage of this call, overcome those wants, and discover the truth of what really matters and is for your highest good. If you’d like to explore Chris’ amazing special offer that will really help you to align with what you need, overcome the wants that are distracting you from your true purpose, and discover your true self, be sure to CLICK HERE.