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Friday, April 27th, 2012

Learn to Live From Love

This evening, we were able to speak with Isha Judd who, like so many of us, once struggled with issues of self-worth and self-love. Before discovering the power of love consciousness, she was living under the condition that her things and achievements shaped her identity. However, she explained that you start loving yourself and start feeling complete once you grow into love consciousness.

Love consciousness is who we are. Everything is love, even extreme fear is love – it’s just a variation of the same energy, said Isha. Start to build everything from a place of unconditional love and you’ll evolve beyond the duality of love and lack and will come back to a place where you’re able to just be yourself. When tough times enter your life, it’s just a wakeup call informing you that you need to focus more on living in love. Life can be a gift but you need to seize the opportunity to be more and to live from a place of love in order to truly realize how amazing you were created to be.

One of our biggest barriers to a love-led life is the mind. The mind is so tough to get past because it’s constantly taking us into a place of fear or fantasy and clouding our vision of reality. In order to get through those distractions and break down our barriers, Isha has developed a few tools. She shared the four facets that allow you to anchor yourself in present awareness for each moment, appreciate and embrace your humanity, find a union with and connect to that which you truly are, and become one with everything. You can only become one with everything externally once you’ve embraced everything within yourself. When making this shift, place the intention profoundly in your heart and really allow it to settle into your heart chakra. One of the most important facets of humanity is our ability to experience emotion. Isha explained that we have to embrace out humanity and everything that entails. This process allows you to stop projecting stress on others and move that stress so it can be removed forever. Isha has even seen this process shift the lives of criminals in incredibly high-stress environments and reduce stress by up to forty percent!

As she explained it, you have to be responsible for the joy and peace you are experiencing now. Ultimately, when you accept that state of love and internal abundance, you spread it around your world and inspire world peace. If you move into a place of victimhood, you may even believe that you don’t deserve love. Rather than force others to change their behavior in order to make you happy, you have the power to move within and make a proactive change that will in turn, inspire love in everyone around you. When you expand your love consciousness and find the source of internal appreciation, you’ll stop looking to the transient external sources of love and will rely on the consistent source of love that you have always been.

Surrender to the idea that you’ve always had whatever you needed in every moment and you will begin to see the opportunities or “diamonds” that the universe is throwing at you. Each and every day, you have the opportunity to be presented with opportunities. The difference between remaining where you are and progressing toward your dreams is as simple as how open you are to your own potential. If you live from the heart and are existing in a place of love, you will learn to let go of the “rocks” or your present situations that are holding you back, and will quickly discover the amazing opportunities that are waiting to be pursued.

All the love is in us, once we’ve tapped into that incredibly abundant source all we have to do is give it. This life is your for the taking, stand up, tune into your self and the world around you and live from a place of love! If you’re still unsure of what that looks like, how to start the process, or even how to tune to love when the waves begin to capsize your life, take a look at the special offer Isha has put together for you. She has poured herself into each and every product and knows that you are destined to grow through this amazing series of audio and video resources.

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Inner Peace Will Guide You Home

We had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Mary Allen, America’s Peace Coach, this Wednesday and it was such a great conversation about why we all need inner peace and the real impact it has on our lives.

If you’re debating the need to find it, know how to return to it when times get really tough, and create from inner peace when you’re being dragged down, consider Mary’s point that inner peace is actually the source of success, abundance, great relationships, and ultimate happiness!

She explained that when people find inner peace, the seeking stops. When we can’t get to inner peace, we’re coming up against resistance of some sort. It can be reality, the weather, our circumstance, other people, and even ourselves and our own worthiness (our strengths, emotions, passions, and room for growth). What results is a minimized version of self that ultimately slips into a downward spiral of self-doubt. Inner peace is the source of power that enables you to really live the life you were meant for.

So, how do we achieve inner peace?
Mary offered a really powerful process and led everyone on the call to a state of timeless, effortless, and thoughtless, and genuinely relaxed being. She pushed everyone to analyze the reality of the simple actions that we can easily take for granted and instilled a sense of clarity and calm around our instinctive actions. You’ll come out the other side with a heightened sense of clarity, spaciousness, and limitless peace. Inner peace lives in that subtle shift in attention.

Mary also touched on the Now Practices that emphasize a heightened focus on something you do regularly. Make a conscious decision to actively participate in a part of your daily life.
First, focus on getting in touch with the senses. Pay attention to what you’re seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling. Is it the road flying by, hum of the engine, the scent of your air conditioner, a piece of gum you’ve been chewing, or the bounce of the road?
Next, show gratitude and appreciation for the senses you’re able to experience. Really appreciate everything you’re being present for.
The third step is feeling yourself being connected to your body as well as the world outside of yourself. Really feel into your body and sense the interaction you’re having with the world.
And lastly, embrace reality – it’s not as daunting as it sounds. Just allow yourself to be in the flow of what you’re experiencing and acknowledge that, as Mary put it, the world will still exist as it is now once you’re gone. You don’t need to apply a second layer of interpretation to the reality you’re experiencing. Accept it at face-value and allow your world to be what it is without creating a story for it; if you have 365 emails in your inbox, let them exist without labeling them and allowing them to infiltrate your place of inner peace.

When we add to, distort, deny, or resist reality, we immediately push ourselves toward suffering. Free yourself from that suffering by focusing on not reading between the lines and accepting each part of the situation for what it is. Practice noticing without giving it a meaning.
To better emphasize the importance of living in reality without applying a second complicating coating to it, Mary offered another process that focused on writing and meditating. Be sure to take this wonderful opportunity to listen to the replay of her call here. Because she wants to be sure that you are living a life overflowing with inner peace, the life you were brought into this world to live, Mary has also put an incredibly generous special offer together. Achieve your wildest dreams and discover the key to creating the abundance, contentment, and success in your life – .

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Prepare for the Shift of a Lifetime

Drunavlo Melchizadek, has poured his life into understanding our relationship and connection with God. He is a world-traveler, author, and world-renown speaker and we had the incredible opportunity to leaner from his insights and grow through his perspectives on Healing With The Masters.

He explained that the majority of people around the world are living in their brain. It has become normal to neglect the heart and live in the mind, but dreaming and creating from the heart is everything. It is true reality and serves as a completely different world through which we can connect to this universe and God. When you’re living from the heart, your perception and the decisions you make will change. Rather than make decisions based on your own needs and the impact your ego is trying to make, you have the ability to rationalize each choice and see the way it will affect those around you. You have an impact on the world and hold the ability to choose what kind of impact you make.

Drunvalo explained the concept of Stair Step Evolution and the kind of impact it has had on our world. The Ascended Masters have been feeding humanity with incredible knowledge that is seemingly unimaginable since the beginning of our established historical record of time. On December 21 and 22, 2012 the world will shift and something completely brand new and miraculous will happen. Our world is going to change forever and as Drunvalo explains, we will experience an amazing and positive change in the very structure of our world and how we interact with ourselves and one another. The cycle that was established when our universe was created is about to come to completion. It is beyond us and is beyond every single living thing in this universe yet we will know exactly what to do when it happens.

About half way through the conversation, he explained that because mass-telepathy is yet available to us, we all need to listen between what he says, shift our perception and sense the images that he is energetically sending. He goes on to explain that as this cycle of time comes to an end, there is a very deep part of you that will know exactly what is happening and what to do. Because the universe is nothing but consciousness, we have created things within us that are far more sophisticated than we would believe is even real. What that means, is that when this universe ends, we are going to create a brand new one and enter an entirely new world – transforming into an entirely new way of existing. We will sweep past all accepted ways of existing and will actually live in a new world without a body. Do not doubt yourself because if you have a heart and can believe in your connection to God, you have everything you need!

After delving into the shift we are all going to experience near the end of this year, Drunvalo spoke about the power of the emotional body, or Merkaba, and the kind of imprinting that occurs when we are faced with emotional strain. Every event in your life has the power to imprint on your emotional state and unless you understand how to wipe that body clean, you will be left with a clogged emotional self that is just longing for repair and healing. He went on to explain that there is now a process (currently under development) that has the power to wipe our most profound negative emotional imprints and allow us to forgive without holding back. Rather than hang on to the issues of our past and have to carry that baggage through life, we would be able to use this process to truly forgive and let go – and Drunvalo is on the forefront of making that possible for humanity!

We are approaching a new time like the world has never seen and this world will change into an entirely new environment. Drunvalo reassures us that it will all be for the best and explains that our new consciousness and awareness will enable us to live a life like never before. We simply have to trust and believe!

While we only had an hour to learn from the wealth of knowledge that Drunvalo has to share, he wants to be sure that we can all grow from and learn as much about the times that are coming. Take this time to read through the incredible special offer he’s put together and prepare for the change of a lifetime!

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Thursday, April 19th, 2012

The Truth Behind “I am” With Wayne Dyer

We had another amazing chance to speak with Dr. Wayne Dyer today and were able to follow up after last week’s call about the “I am” principle. We were able to gain a deeper understanding of the growth we are all experiencing and really dive into how to continue this shift.

Last week, Wayne discussed the power behind “I am” and went deeper into the fact that that simple statement leads back to God. He explained that when Moses, in the book of Exodus, came across a burning bush that was not being consumed, God said: “My name is I am that I am. And that shall be my name for all future generations.” Wayne explained that every time you’re using the words “I am,” you’re quoting the name of God. This is your highest self. Thus, whenever you say “I am weak,” you are desecrating the name of God. Remember to be able to say “I am,” and have faith that God is with you. While you may have been raised to believe that you’re limited to a certain ordinary-ness, the fact is that you are what never changes. While your body will change, the “Who I am” never will. You are grand and capable of creating anything you want in your life.

If you are having a hard time with the “I am” and what it really means to say “I am strong, I am great, I am abundant,” or “I am powerful,” it’s just the human being that’s occupying this sensory body that holds you back and prevents you from really connecting with God who is always with you.

When Wayne began taking calls, we heard from Shirley who is struggling with extreme and incessant neck and shoulder pain. Wayne suggested using tapping with an intention of releasing the pain she is experiencing and living through the statement “I am pain free.” As she works through the feeling of being pain free, she will experience her universal bucket of energy filling up. When you tap into the power of the universe and all the love that God has to offer, you’ll realize that there is nothing too big or small to repair.

Our second caller turned out to also be Shirley and when we spoke with her we leapt into the concept of presence and really being with the “I am” outside of this physical body. Wayne says to make the number one relationship your relationship to Source, not twitter, Facebook, your iPad, or iPhone. The reason that you get such a good feeling about any of the stuff in your life is because of the outpouring of love you have on that stuff. But, if you shift that outpouring of love to the beautiful inspiration and creation of this world, you will receive that love in return! Sometimes, we need to understand love in its purest sense by offering it up for the sole purpose of loving. You always have the power of saying a silent prayer, offering physical touch, and genuinely offering love.

We then tackled the idea of feeling our wishes fulfilled when there’s no frame of reference for that all-empowering love. As Wayne put it, you came from this awe-inspiring power and source that is love. Your original nature is to give and to serve and to give divine love to one another, it’s your nature at its most pure sense. So, when you feel as though you don’t know how to relate to the incredible power of all that you deserve and all that you are, just hold space for the fact that you are what you are trying to feel. We are all infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience on this planet.

When we spoke with Shirley, we moved into overcoming the anger and frustration surrounding some of the events that come into our lives and shape our existence. Wayne then explained that the only thing we have to do is to treasure out magnificence. We don’t need to be angry, we don’t need to be frustrated with anyone or anything, we just need to embrace ourselves and truly embrace who we are.

When we are faced with distraction but are being pulled, we must reprogram our conscious mind to be in a state of love. When you say, “I am love,” you will know the love, the patience, clarity, and pure embrace that you are. Honor everything, pay attention to everything, be astonished by the miraculous things of this world, and share all of it with others. It’s all so simple, it just takes a little focus and diligence.

If you are in a place that could be defined as ordinary, and are ready to be changed by Dr. Dyer, shift who you believe you are and begin living as the infinite and divine being that you are. This is just the beginning of what’s in store for you. If you’d like to claim your God-Self, then be and live from that place of divine love, please, please take a look at the incredibly generous special offer Wayne has put together – it’s really an incredible compilation of meditations, processes, and complimenting content and I know you’ll be blown away – Click Here.

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Live the Abundance That You Are With David Neagle

We had the incredible opportunity to speak with David Neagle and started off by diving into the universal law of abundance. David explained that the notion of abundance would come up from time to time but didn’t really settle in until he realized that we could all be having a great time enjoying this life one minute, and the next, we could be gone. The time we have here is really precious and we can have a profound impact on the world if we just focus on the value of life. The sooner we all come to this realization, the more effective our lives will be!

If we’re experiencing lack, either we’re ignorant to the law of abundance, or we’ve built a law and foundation around the fact that there is lack in the world. Either way, there is a shift that must happen and can completely change the life we lead. If you’re in a situation and can accept the fact that you’ve created it, all you need to do is change your attitude. What that means is: when you follow the principles and laws of Spirit and the Universe, you will grow. By pursuing your passions, loving what you do, and really honoring the quality of work you offer to the world, you will lead a more abundant life. You will achieve your dreams.

David went on to explain that while money is not going to make you happy, it will touch all of the things that make you happy. We could not be where we are in this stage of social evolution without money. It is one of the most important parts of our world and yet it is one of the least-mastered items in our life. If you have the desire to do something, you already have the opportunity to make that change. It is just waiting for you to make the decision and shift your vibration. When we desire something, we are in resonance with something else. You just need to identify the opportunity and make the change – even if it seems like an unfortunate change. And, when you begin to shift how you work, how you treat those around you, and what you’re doing, you will lead a more abundant life and your perception of your world will change.

If your attitude is off, it will take you off course from where you want to be. The best way to shift those beliefs is to be aware of the opportunities that come up. When you hear something you don’t understand of even something that offends you, ask yourself what you don’t understand and do everything in your power to learn about that topic. As a result, you will discover more new processes, industries, and items that you would otherwise never have known. Then, ask yourself what you’re feeling and where that feeling is coming from. When you will accept 100% for literally everything in your life, you absorb all of your power to change. In so doing, you take all power away from those who wronged you and give yourself the ability to move forward. If you’re still not moving forward and you’ve accepted responsibility, ask yourself: “What am I resisting and not doing?” God is going to bring you the opportunity but it will make you take an uncomfortable step and oftentimes sacrifice in order to get there. It’s so worth it when you’re done but you have to be completely on board.

This whole process is about awareness. You will shift when you are aware of and pursue the Spirit-inspired opportunity in your life. In so doing, you will grow into the most magnificent version of yourself. Do you have respect for humanity? Do you love what you do? Are you passionate about the quality of work you offer to the world? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, please make the investment in your Self and take a peek at all the incredible tools David has to offer. He really wants to ensure that you live the fulfilled and abundant life you were destined for and this special offer is your key to that world. Click Here.

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Tune the Strings of Fulfillment in Your Life With Mark Romero

Mark is bringing people into alignment through the field of possibility and he didn’t hold back on this call! When we started to speak about manifesting and getting to our heart’s desire, Mark was reminded of his personal journey from his previous life and career to where he is today. Through the trials he faced, he was taught to focus on the joys of what his dream and vision would bring and learn from the lessons that are essential to progression. Everything shifts, and there will eventually come a time that you’ll realize why each event in your life had to happen. It’s about knowing that everything in your life, every time of adversity and every challenge, has a purpose.

Technology and EMF’s (Electromagnetic Fields) are creating a fog that ultimately cuts us off from the planet’s natural energy. Mark’s music allows you to raise your vibration and helps to cut through the fog, bringing that energetic light of possibility and hope into your life. It is his goal to move those who are willing, up the universal radio dial. Raising your vibration is a commitment that takes daily practice, make a conscious decision and recommit yourself to focusing on personal and spiritual evolution.

It’s pretty amazing to think that you have access to the same energy, the same fields, and the same possibility of all those minds who have had profound impacts on our world. When you focus on staying in the moment, you’ll access the power you were born for and will create and manifest the life of your dreams. One of the most important parts of our self-evolution is setting an intention and taking action steps to get that process rolling. Remember, you are divinity in motion and the universe responds to your actions.

The steps we take, the relationships we establish, and the intentions we set are all woven into a latticework that ultimately creates a new life for you to stand on. Your actions are literally building the next platform for the incredible performance that is your life. Our path through life is a constant state of evolution. We came here to re-remember and know the joy, light, love, and divinity in a new dimension. Our experience is one of creation and composition – we all have the ability to insight change, inspire other people to action, and have a profound impact on this world. This life is your chance to play in the journey and soak up the beautiful rays of experience!

Mark played a brand new piece on having the courage to be open to the synchronicity in life, or as Mark put it earlier: “the phone call from God,” and it was spectacular! It’s one thing to know when you’re being called to action; it’s another thing follow the bread crumbs and follow that direction. When random moments of inspiration come up, be open to them and see where they take you. Life takes place between where you are right now and where you want to go! Be willing to move through this journey, embrace the adventure, and live in the present; your life will change forever.

Mark has a library of thousands of pieces of music and he’s chosen a select few that will most serve you. His special offer is a really fantastic compilation of musical mantras that are designed to help you shift, set intentions, and just live a joy-filled life. If you’d like to discover how to tune the strings of fulfillment and inspire health and vitality, prosperity, livelihood, wonderful relationships, true spirituality, and more joy and fulfillment, Click Here! Regardless of where you are in your process of awakening, the universe has more for you to open into. This life is meant to be a process of growth filled with joy, love, peace and adventure. Live through the journey and remember – you matter. You can light up the world.

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Learn to Assume the Feeling of a Wish Fulfilled

What an incredible call!
Wayne Dyer dove into explaining our five guides and helped us learn what it really means to live and create from a place of divine love. Time literally flew by! Wayne explains that when Moses, in the book of Exodus, came across a burning bush that was not being consumed, God said: “My name is I am that I am. And that shall be my name for all future generations.” Wayne explains that every time you’re using the words “I am,” you’re quoting the name of God. This is your highest self. Thus, whenever you say “I am weak,” you are desecrating the name of God. Remember to be able to say “I am,” and have faith that God is with you. While you may have been raised to believe that you’re limited to a certain ordinary-ness, the fact is that you are what never changes. While your body will change, the “Who I am” never does. You are grand and capable of creating anything you want in your life.

Wayne was captivated by the statement: “If you want to accomplish something, you must first expect it of yourself.” He was pushed to realize that the intentions he sets are backed and influenced by the Universal I Am. In order to access the energy behind the “I am” statement, you must first understand that in order to change anything in your life, you must first change the concept of yourself, or everything that you believe to be true about yourself. That belief has landed you wherever you are right now. If you are living in the ordinary and want to get to the extraordinary, you need to shift your awareness away from a belief that you are a human being having a spiritual experience into the belief that you are a spiritual being having a temporary human experience. You are not limited to what your senses tell you to be, you are an infinite belief. William Blake once said: “Everything that now exists was once imagined.” It is the spirit that gives life. In order to know something spiritually, you must experience it. Wayne goes on and says that in order to live anything spiritually, “You must learn to assume the feeling of a wish fulfilled;” you must act upon things as though they have already existed. That which you feel yourself to be, you are. If you want to make a change in your life, you must first imagine it and you must also believe that it can happen. All your soul wants to do is to expand; it just wants to grow!
How great is that??

He then went into explaining that the conscious mind is the mind we use when going through new tasks like learning to drive a car, riding a bike, taking a walk, and so on. But ultimately, all of those things move into your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is the mind that has been trained to live within your limitations. It is the mind that has been taught to hold you back. Wayne even gives us an incredible example of subconscious programming by sharing a little of the Morse code he learned some 50 or so years earlier and hasn’t used since! Although you’ve been programmed to believe that you are limited and incapable of leading the life you desire, you have the ability to re-write your past and create the future. Each and every one of us is a divine piece of God and as such, all things are possible. You are connected to your source of being at all times!

To reprogram yourself every night, Wayne shared a process with the group, which he calls “Now I lay me down to sleep.” Your conscious mind is most comfortable when connected to your subconscious mind and that is most true when you are dreaming. As you begin to reprogram your subconscious mind, make a huge shift here and begin to reprogram that you already are what you want to be. During the last 5 minutes of your day (the most important 5 minutes of your day) you will set the intention of your subconscious mind and will then marinate in those thoughts for the next 7 to 8 hours. If you focus on the negative, you will train your mind to live in the negative. If you focus on the positive and define what you will be by owning it, you will be everything you want to be. All you need to do is, for the last 5 minutes before you fall asleep, go over your “I am” statements. You will reprogram your life and will tap into the field of infinite possibilities by exclaiming “I am well, I am prosperous, I am successful, I am connected to spirit,” and so on.

This experience is one of synchronicity and delicious connection to everything that is. Allow yourself to be inspired by Spirit. Let your life become directed by a purpose greater than what you previously believed to be possible and dormant forces, faculties, and talents come alive. You will realize that you are a far greater person than you previously believed you could be. You Are A Divine Essence!

Everything that is fear, cannot be love. Everything that is love, cannot be fear. It must be one or the other and when you choose to live from divine love, there is no place for fear in your life. Divine love is a never-ending love that does not want. As Wayne so poetically recited, “Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth ‘You owe me.’ Just think of what a love like that can do. It lights up the whole world.” This is about existing in a place of divine love. When a few members of the human race exist in this place of love, it will become infectious and will spread like wildfire. Once you recognize that you are divine, you change what you believe to be true (which brought you to where you are now). If you are in a place that could be defined as ordinary, shift who you believe to be. This is all just the beginning of the processes that Wayne has prepared for each and every one of us.

If you’d like to claim your God-Self, then be and live from that place of divine love, please, please take a look at the incredibly generous special offer Wayne has put together – it’s really an incredible compilation of meditations, processes, and complimenting content and I know you’ll be blown away. All you need to do is Click Here.

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Open Your Eyes to a World of Possibility

What an enlightening call! We learned so much groundbreaking information through this intimate forum with Gregg Braden.

He began by delving into the reason behind his new book, Deep Truth: Ignite the memory of our origin, history, destiny and fate then took off running as we learned some of the most significant changes to the fundamental “truths” in our world. His book opens with the question of “Who are we?” and as Gregg explains, the way that we address and solve the problems we are dealing with now, all comes down to the way we think of ourselves and our relationships with our past, present, and future existence.

The way we answer “Who are we?” will ultimately determine how we solve our problems and how we live our lives each day. As a result, the systems that are no longer sustainable in this present world are falling away and are being replaced with others that work more efficiently with the current way of thinking.

Gregg also explained that science has made many false assumptions about our relationships with time, space, and the world. We’re taught to live within the confines of these principles and are ultimately limited by them. He went into detail and have a really profound breakdown the 5 most prominent false assumptions that have a profound impact on our present society.

Those assumptions are:

Evolution explains life as a whole and more specifically, human life. The fact of the matter is, DNA and scientific research does not support this assumption.

Civilization is much, much older than we have been led to believe (has been traced back to the end of the last ice age) and occurs in a cyclical pattern of development.

Consciousness is not separate from our physical world. It is the missing link in the unified theory and serves as the truth of our existence.

The space between “things” is not empty. We can have a very profound impact on our world without making direct contact with each person or thing that we influence. Look at energy, for example!

Nature is not based on “survival of the strongest” (an established Darwinian theory).

Science must be used as a tool to teach and inform the world of the things that still hold true. Charles Darwin was the first scientist who attempted to answer the life and existence defining questions; however Gregg explained that he took personal observation and tried to generalize and apply it to all species and situations. He then went on to go more in depth and elaborate on the importance of embracing the new discoveries that re-write previously held beliefs. As a standard, humans are designed to work cooperatively as we develop our own gifts, talents, and abilities. Even the human body is a compilation of cooperative cells. When cooperation breaks down, illness invades and we fall victim to the resulting sickness.

We have all be taught that the world is as we’ve always believed it to be – until something changes. What we must remember is that the world and what we know to be true, is changing every day. We must work together to really understand where we’ve come from in order to know where we’re going. Gregg has done so much work to help open our eyes to the true potential of our existence. Embrace the possibility that we don’t know everything and meet change with open arms.

If you want to discover what Gregg really means and how you can play a more significant role in this cooperative dance with humanity, Click Here and take a look at the amazingly insightful special offer he’s put together for you. This is your opportunity to understand what your next step must be. Take advantage of everything Gregg’s offering!

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Live From Love With Jon Griffin

On this auspicious April 4th, we had the pleasure of enjoying a bonus call with Jon Griffin!
He is a powerful musician – a modern day, spiritually motivated composer, whose healing vibrations will lead you toward the repair that you’ve been looking for. We jumped right into this one with the oh-so-significant topic of love. Jon explains that at our core, we are expressions of love. He then led us through a little exercise that established a circle of love.

It’s easy to get caught up in life and forget that every situation exists for your growth, so when you feel overwhelmed and need to recharge, just say:
“I am the courage to live whole-heartedly and to resonate love from my core,”
and really own it.

Jon encourages you to focus on what you’re doing right now. Regardless of what you’re meant to do, where you’re going, or where you’ve been, this is where you are right now. This is you. This is your life.

Jon explains that the changes in our lives will happen regardless of whether we want them to or not. Rather than live in fear of those changes and the impact they may have, embrace that fear and really love it. When you become aware of your fear and love and honor its purpose, it allows you to grow in your conscious awareness. You do not have to struggle against your life and feelings, you just need to embrace and grow through them. Find a sense of balance as you move and grow. What’s more, be excited when challenges arise! If you experience opposition, you’re doing something right! You’re having an impact on this world and the resonance you’ve created will attract some opposing energy – don’t let it get you down. embrace the richness and beauty of being human and allow yourself to really live through each experience.

Jon played a beautiful piece on the sitar with the intention of mending, growing, and expanding the wounded heart. He then progressed to a sound bath that held the intention of sharing your true voice. What an energetically powerful pair!

Embrace the love that you are, learn from the events in your life, and inspire joy endlessly. To help you allow that feeling of lightness, speak your truth, experience the support you deserve, and have the strength to move forward, Jon wants you to have a really incredible collection of his works.
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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Create From The Space of Love With Susann Taylor Shier

Everything negative stems from the lack of life force moving into the area we’re struggling with.

In those moments of overwhelm, we just don’t feel like we have what we need…

All we need to do is reconnect and everything will be okay again.

The outbursts that say: “stop this, I want to get off!” are just trying to bring our attention to the situation we’ve put ourselves in. We’re living with a need and living beyond our means – we’ve simply overextended ourselves. So ask what you need in order to feel “okay” about your world. Take the resources that rebuild your mental state and feed the part of you that feels like it wants to get off the train. We’re simply longing to get back and receive from the field of connection!

You see, these things aren’t trying to get us – they’re not trying to trip us up. They just want us to return home to that place of full reunion. So how do we get connected?

First, you just have to listen to what your body is telling you. Ask what you need in order to re-connect. Do you need to feel like you’re in power? Do you need to have a little more patience? Just listen to what you want and need. Once you’ve identified what you need, go into that space. Feel into the last time that you really lived as you need to live now. Once you’re there, hold that feeling and sense of knowing in your sacred heart to get back in tune. So many of us are just out of tune. We turn to food or develop addictions because we feel like we have no ground to stand on, like we need an external support system. When you feel like the world is falling out from under you, ask what’s causing it. Do you feel yourself saying: “I just need something, anything!” when you’re losing control? If so, focus on what you have. You have control, you can create you are more powerful than fear and you can hold the intention of connection. When your heart is open and free you can let go.

When we want something, make it a quality of spirit
Then tap into what you want; what are the qualities of what you want?
Breathe those qualities down into your heart.
Breathe those qualities down into your abdomen.

You bounce out of this life because you don’t feel connected. Eventually, that lack of connection to this world forces you to take away the value that it deserves. These soul-level wounds prevent you from living in the place of abundance. They prevent you from really loving where you are and being content with what you have and what you’re doing. Our souls know exactly where we’re going because our souls have always held that blueprint! You are connected to the field of creation, creation ignites your life. You are a part of something greater than yourself. We are not along in this process. You are a part of the most powerful source – creation based in love. This is a reunion with everything your soul knows is powerful. Every time you see a miracle of creation that inspires joy in you, breathe it into your abdomen and live from that place of joy.

When Susan gets in touch with the larger dimension of her Self, she explains that the beloved is honored to be with you now as the treasure chest that you are. You are bright lights on the planet. As you look up and stare into the brilliance of the universe, they peer down and see you shining just as brightly, receiving the gifts that they bring. You have done so much to move through the challenges of your life. You’ve been brave enough to come in to the light and break the barrier of buried treasure. You are the reason for this miraculous year of 2012. Keep going! Hold this place – the unconquerable light prevails.

What is your essence? Feel into that essence. Feel into what you’ve promised to bring into this world? What have you promised God to contribute? Hold a space for that contribution and bring love in again. Feel this co-creation and this energy of 2012 and activate your connection every being on this planet – that is your mission. Create from love and ignite your life. Open your heart to your unique promise and live it every day!

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