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Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Just Look Up – A Q&A Call With Rikka Zimmerman

This has been one of the most powerful seasons we’ve ever had and we are so blessed to bring it to a close with Rikka Zimmerman. This is the last of our Q&A calls and is effectively the last call of Healing With The Masters Season 9.

In order to extend the reach of this season even further, we’ve decided to dedicate all of the proceeds of Healing With The Masters Season 9, Encore Week, to the Unstoppable Foundation. We’re going to be adopting another village in Africa and want you to be an essential part of literally transforming lives around the world.

In this call, Rikka called everyone to honor who you are at this most important time in human evolution. She is the midwife of this new energetic signature and definitely ushered us into a new way of being.

She helped us open up the world by embracing our gifts and sharing them with all of humanity. We were able to embody the fullness of ourselves where need, want, lack, and desire, no longer exist.

What could you choose to have in your life if you are everything? 

If you just look up, there is a beautiful platter overflowing with your abundance. You can put down the shovel and stop digging in the muck. Your divine life awaits – all you need is to open your eyes to the truth of your own magnificence.

Let you come home to You.

Rikka also helped us embrace that money is just paper we’ve printed. She helped us to destroy and un-create the notion that we need money in order to accomplish something. Let go of all the limitations you’ve wrapped up into money. As she explained, it’s insignificant and is in true essence, it’s just paper.

Prevent money from becoming the enemy that takes you away from you. Care about your Self and embrace the beauty of your own existence. You are an infinite being.

Remember, the secret to having money is not caring about having money.


Rikka really knocked it out of the park on this call and enabled everyone to release some of the most firmly-held constructs surrounding self, love, money, and belief. Be present for your life. Live the day, today. Don’t look back on the past years of your life attempting to understand why today isn’t as you’d hoped – know that you are an infinite being with the power to define your own reality. Take the active steps to make every second the most beautiful experience you could ever ask for.

You can shape your future; just be present and look up.

When you commit to taking this season home for the improvement of your own Self, you also offer a new way of life to others. As you listen to this replay (Just CLICK HERE to do so), take some time to think about how it would feel to have a hand in changing the lives of men, women, and children you’ve never met. And remember, spread love, joy and compassion as you pursue the passions of your own heart. Be present for today and break free of the misunderstandings that hold you back. Rikka’s commitment to your growth has led her to offer an incredible special offer package. CLICK HERE to discover how your life can be transformed. Never stop growing, never stop learning, and never stop loving.

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Begin Truly Living – a Q&A Call With William Linville

We had the wonderful opportunity to speak again with William Linville through this special Q&A call on Healing With The Masters Encore Week. He is here to help you run forth into your brilliance and is dedicated to helping you discover your own unique path to fulfillment, abundance, and joy.

He explained that we all hold and harbor a collection of dogmatic weights or debris that prevents us from really flourishing. In order to release it, we must quicken our pace and begin to dance. Enter a state of dancing, flourishing, and playing in this great reality. Let go of the debris that clouds your true and authentic image. And, allow William to help you find the root of each and every issue that’s holding you back and overcome the hurdles of your past that get in the way of your future.

Here you are, completely waking up to you, again.

The group was able to experience lightness through release and celebration. William reassured everyone on the call that healing work is the opposite of weight and density and wants everyone to live through the power of light by just letting go.

He helped us release the negative effects of planetary energy on our physical bodies by commanding an opening and amplification that enables each and everyone who participates to flourish.

Flourish from your heart.

William also helped us to see the power of giving our true identity to another and wavering in our existence for the hope of acceptance. When we try to please the world rather than ourselves, we basically become invisible. It seems as though we’re alone and completely obsolete. Learn to live for you and fulfill your own wants, needs, and desires by first coming to terms with the difficult bits of your life. Ask for nothing but the truth and find the source of each issue.

When you know the truth about your painful experiences, you have a roadmap to releasing them.

Let go of your barriers, welcome a miraculous existence, and embrace your ability as a co-creator of this reality.

This was a fantastic follow up call with so many participants. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to listen to the replay, HERE and take a look at the healing content that awaits in the recordings of Healing With The Masters Season 9.

And, all of the proceeds of Healing With The Masters, Season 9’s Encore Week will go to the Unstoppable Foundation. This is an amazing cause that literally changes the lives of individuals around the world and you have the opportunity to contribute!

In addition to changing the world by making Healing With The Masters Season 9 a part of your daily life, you can also take William’s remarkable special offer home. He is only offering this unbelievably low price here, through Healing With The Masters, and once the offer ends, will return to offering these products individually at full cost. Join William, transform your Self through his guided meditations and workshops, and begin believing in the power of your life and your own abilities. This is your chance to transform your life, allow him to show you how, HERE.

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Let your Soul Dance With Sonia Choquette

Sonia Choquette joined us this time around on Healing With The Masters Encore Week and we had a really amazing experience right from the beginning. We were able to play with being more aware and receptive to the energies around us.

Sonia invited us into an experience that inspired a release and helped us to pull our energy back into the center of our hearts. She helped us to get in touch with our real authority and asked the question of “If I weren’t afraid, I would…” The result was a beautiful realization of the vibrant and joyful life that we can lead. Listen to your heart and your truly fulfilling desires will take the stage, propelling you into a world of playful employment.

The throat is the chimney of the heart – open that door and give your heart a voice.

When you allow your mind-chatter to take hold and determine your future, it clouds your true purpose and prevents you from seeing what you’d love to do. Connect with your inner guidance and listen to your body’s need for silence, room and space.

You need mental freedom to connect with the feminine side of you that will create balance and joy in your life. Take some down time and create space to really get in touch with your internal spirit. Sonia suggested going to a pole dancing class or learning the trapeze to embrace your heart’s desires.

You can have all that your heart desires. You can live through love. You can lead a completely fulfilling life that emanates joy and sings the beauty of your spirit.

There was such a wonderful energy on this call and you really deserve to experience it. Click here to spend some time moving into your heart and listen to Sonia Choquette’s replay. Then, take a moment or two to realize how profoundly your life will change when you’re working with Sonia every day. Her special offer is designed to bring you into a life of love and passionate creativity – discover how to live through the light of your spirit.

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Open to The Power of Your Potential With Panache Desai

Panache Desai joined us on Healing With The Masters for another fantastic call and opened our eyes to a new world of possibilities through this first Question & Answer call of Encore Week. You will literally experience a series of miracles on this call!

Our first question came from Casey who is looking to change her life circumstance and move into the love and abundance that she desires. Panache shifted her relationship with the energy that money is by lovingly dissolving all positions that she holds around money. He enabled her to release the limiting beliefs and shared that powerful experience with everyone on the call.

As he explained, you are a thread in the tapestry of humanity. Your precious life is so much more important than you may be giving yourself credit for. We are all in this together.

Alicia was our next caller who is looking to think, speak, and act more lovingly. Panache helped her change her perception of energy and embrace the pure potential that she truly is. Embrace the potential of your own life and see that you’ve never been wrong. The judgment of this planet is bringing you down – allow Panache to show you how to rise above that judgment. You have always been magnificent and will always be.

Nancy would like to trust in love and life. Panache allowed us to see how easy it is to re-ground ourselves and embrace this reality with open arms. He reaffirmed that it can be tough to trust in this world but helped each and every person on the call to experience the love of this world.

This call literally shifts your entire experience of life. As the calls continued, Panache helped us to see the miraculous nature of our existence. He empowered us to heal, love, and truly live through this life. Listen in – you will change at the vibrational level. What that means is that you’ll soon feel everything you need to feel in order to authentically embody you in all your glory.

You were born knowing the truth of all that is but somewhere along the line, you embraced the lie that you’re not good enough. Your intuition, guidance, and innate abilities are there for a reason, open up to the power of your potential and you’ll soon see how infinite you are. By listening to this replay and jumping into the fantastic experience we had here on Healing With The Masters, you are allowing Spirit to move through you and use you as a divine instrument.

Change your reality, reshape this world, and continue to grow with Panache Desai by listening to this bonus call HERE, and visiting his limited special offer HERE.

Remember, you are so powerful. You are powerful enough to change your world, heal your body, and completely shift your life.

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Trade Old Behaviors for a New Life With Dr. Joe Dispenza

What a fantastic call on Healing With The Masters with Dr. Joe Dispenza! Your brain is literally changing with every new thought. Dr. Joe Dispenza explained how to tap into your subconscious traits and characteristics to evolve your being. He went into further detail about epigenetics and shared that when new ways of stimulation come into your world, you actually create new neurons and enable your brain to fire in new ways.

If you want to change your personal reality and reshape your destiny, you must first change your personality. Change how you think, act, and feel to align with the life you’re longing to lead and you’ll be able to create it. In essence, you’re reshaping your Self at the root of who you are.

The changes you make must create a unique and entirely new co-creation of your world. If you interpret everything through your familiar experiences or events, your brain learns nothing new and switches into autopilot. By pushing your mind to reach for the un-experienced and forcing your Self to co-create with an intelligence larger than your physical body, you actually shift at the genetic level!

You can’t go into a new future by holding on to the emotions of the past. Life events have the power to turn moods into personality traits. And, unless you know how to release the negative ones, they’ll keep you stuck where you don’t want to be.

When you feel that your subconscious emotions are taking control and pushing you into an old behavior, you must first remove yourself from that event and begin to observe what’s happening. Become aware of your Self. Make a more powerful decision to respond differently. Look at the situation and remind yourself of who you want to be, how you want to live, and how you want to respond. That energy of the choice of positive change is greater than the addiction. When you do this consistently, your positive intention and repetitive practice actually solidifies who you’re working to become.

Move into an elevated emotion of how an event would feel before it’s had the ability to affect you. When you do, you positively change your personality.

You have the power to make thought more real than reality itself; if you’re unaware of your knee-jerk reactions, you’re letting life change you rather than changing life. Ultimately, you’ll get to the point where the outside world does not have the ability to affect your personal reality. You can walk through the flames or imagined “stressors” of life and come out completely unchanged.

This new form of knowing allows you to learn and forge new connections. If you can take what you’ve learned and apply it to your life, you create new experiences, which shape new behaviors. When you take those new behaviors and actively respond through what you know, your body understands what your mind knows and you embody that knowledge. Then, practice, practice, practice. Condition your body to memorize the new behaviors that you’re working to create and they become a subconscious reaction.

Ultimately, your subconscious reactions or programs are the result of your drive to change. When that happens, you are actively co-creating your reality. The world no longer affects you.

Lose your mind in order to create a new one and continue to learn and evolve. Begin causing what happens in your life and be effective in creating your reality. Move from your old, inhibiting beliefs, reactions, and personality traits and take regular steps to reaffirm who you want to become. You don’t have to come to the lowest point in your life to begin growing and improving. Rather, wake up every morning and ask yourself what the greatest expression of your Self looks life.

To really grasp what Dr. Joe discussed, and gain the benefit of his GUIDED MEDITATION, listen to his replay on Healing With The Masters. Begin shaping your reality and turn your subconscious reactions into positive responses that reaffirm who you want to be. Improve your life with Dr. Joe Dispenza and learn the intimate details of how to literally change your genes through his limited special offer, HERE.

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Turn on Your Spiritual Gifts With Christie Marie Sheldon

Christie Marie Sheldon’s notion of “love or above” came from her deep-seeded desire to help people change. She’s determined to help her patients move from a vibration of fear, lack or anger, to a much higher place of love where they can positively influence those around them.

Open your vibration of love to the rest of the world and help them to catch the most wonderful and inspiring virus we’ve ever seen. By choosing a higher vibration, you empower yourself to live a life of abundance than can literally change the world as we know it. If you doubt your ability to change your own life or the lives of those around you, give the miracle a chance. Christie shared that she’s seen some of the most miraculous changes in lives of people all round the world simple because they made a decision to lead a life that overflows with love.

By working with all these people, Christie’s been able to discover that many of the impacting imprints were established in our lives before the age of 7. So, we all need to dig deep, work through the early programming, and receive all this world has to offer.

Ask yourself the right questions and you’ll get to experience the amazing life you desire.

The blocks in your life are literal kinks in your garden hose. They prevent the world from flowing into you and prevent you from giving back.

Christie gracefully guides everyone on this call and replay through her process of opening your flow and allowing the light to enter your life – you must listen to this call and take part in this process!

Discover how to give and receive while transmuting the blockages and embody a new ideal version of your life to show up.

Picture what your life would be like if you had more than enough. Join Christie’s team and believe in yourself. You have the power to change your life and with a little help, you can change this world.

Never fear money again, be as big as you dreamt you could be, allow your energy to be huge, embody the expandedness of your true Self and move into a place of comfortable abundance. You deserve to instantly transmute all the negative blocks in this life and Christie is here to help you do it. Listen to her replay here and join in as she walks you through TWO amazing clearing and transmuting processes. THEN, take a look at everything she has in store for your continued growth with THIS AMAZING SPECIAL OFFER. Prepare to grow through this call and change your life with Christie’s special offer – shift like never before. 

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Rise to Meet Your Higher Levels With William Linville

We jumped into this call with William Linville and took off running.

From the beginning, he explained that you have the ability to meet your Self for the very first time. There is so much unfolding and taking place that is leading to your most beautiful expression of Self.

William shares that the universe is shifting and changing in such a profound way to enable you to see yourself as your full and complete embodiment and fullest expression of you. Break down and rewrite your physicality in order to exist as a full and complete creator incarnate.

We are happening now and creating our experience as we see it now. You create your own reality. From conflicts right in front of you, to car accidents, to love, and even down to cells and tissues, you have played a role in the creation of all of it. When you’re surrounded by events and situations that you’d rather not have created, William says that we can all enjoy the entertainment value as we observe and suggests that we take them with a grain of salt.

You can either battle for peace and combat the battle you see with another battle, or accept that we are all equal and admit that everything in this universe is coming to a point of equilibrium and neutrality. There can only be victimizers if there are victims and vice versa.

Your image is your creator levels and your pure divine creator essence. Rebuild, regenerate and come into alignment with who you truly are and allow your being to evolve and shift into your true brilliance and magnificence. Discover how to take command and embrace your image as a wide-open and amplified state.

He completely embodies and practices what he describes and makes it possible to see, first hand, what it means to live in a creator state and view the events of this world from the perspective of one removed. He embraces the entertainment value of the events of this world.

Come forward and step into your own brilliance with the support of your angelic family cheering you on.

Join William as he takes you beyond belief systems and shows you how to give the total directedness to your body principle by connecting all of your levels. Give your body the ability to function with, amplify, and ultimately work with you to serve your highest purpose. And remember to ask the question “What about you?”

Play with everything that is and dance through this life.

Take a series of journeys that will change your physical body and leave you completely transformed. To tap into the energy of this call, you really must listen in and experience it first-hand. There is a vast energy on this call and you definitely don’t want to miss it, listen to the replay here, and take this journey to the next level by feeling into William’s generous special offer HERE. He will take you through a BRAND NEW series, which has never been shared in this way.