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Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Turn Your Focus Inward With Mark Waldman

Our third and final show of Science Week brought Mark Waldman into the Healing With The Masters community and WOW, was it an incredible experience. He jumped into the call by sharing a really unique exercise centered around yawning.

As he explained, repetitive yawning seems to be as effective as 15 minutes of meditation and actually helps you focus more effectively and become more mindful. This means, you have a choice to determine which consciousness you want to be in.

By taking advantage of the neouro-scientific strategies that Mark shared here, you can tap into a resource that has the power to completely shift your mental state, improve your relationships, become more focused, and even become more intimate with everyone in your life.

Mark also shared the importance of determining your innermost essential value. Rather than looking outside of your self for fulfillment and gratification, look to the inside and get back on track by believing in what really matters to YOU.

To discover how to turn your entire focus inward and heighten your awareness of Self, click below and take a look at Mark’s wonderful special offer. It inspires heightened consciousness through in-depth self reflection and allows you to take the necessary steps to discover and work toward your true purpose.

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Together We’re Better and Stronger – Dr. James Hardt

As we continue our science week in Healing With The Masters Season 10, we were able to meet t with Dr. James Hardt about the brain, brain waves and their impact on our world.

With co-creation, together we’re better and stronger.

The power of the collective’s intention, when on the same wavelength, is immensely powerful.

Our brains reach out to one another through their waves. In fact, some brain waves can actually reach out and alter the experience of other individuals.

When we come together with other individuals, hold the same intentions, and have brain waves which are in the same wavelength, we can literally change the planet. And, that’s what Dr. Hardt aims to help all of us do.

Through his unique training, he enables individuals to train their brains and reach a higher state of zen, in which they can boost their brain waves and grow the power of their brains.

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Discover How to Become One With Humanity

Our first day of science week stated with a fantastic conversation with Lynne McTaggart. Lynne began by sharing some truly remarkable information about the power of intention and humanity’s ability to inspire change through intention.

She also shared that our minds and bodies are projecting energy and frequencies at all times. So, how we feel and how we react to our surroundings and the events in our lives, actually has an effect on the rest of the world.

We, as humans, are actually designed to think as “We.” In reality, thinking “We” helps the “I” do better.

A loving and supportive community full of individuals who have made the decision to pursue individual achievement for the benefit of the group uplifts the planet and has a positive impact in all situations.

Having a larger version of the “We” enables us to let down our walls of protection, embrace our personal gifts and be the interdependent and connected beings that we are supposed to be.

Reach out, relate to those around you, and make those essential connections to individuals by sharing deeply and acting generously.

Change the currency between you and those around you and see the power you have to change the planet. Then, continue to grow and learn more through Lynne’s LIMITED TIME special offer by clicking below.

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Reach Your Highest Purpose With Rick Bergen

When you quiet your brain and allow life to happen, all the most incredible people and the most amazing opportunities show up.
Look inside the space that Nature holds for you and realize that when you allow yourself to listen and pay attention, everything you do links back to your relationship with the planet.

There is an incredible harmonic resonance that occurs when you are in alignment with Nature. And, as Rick shared, anything is possible when you’re resonating with Nature.

Your body can truly heal itself and you have the power and ability to clear and release the “stuff” that no longer serves you. Your time now is so essential. Know that when you make the decision to pay attention to where life and Nature are leading you, miraculous things happen and your potential literally becomes limitless.

All of Rick’s products help you tap in to this harmonic resonance with Nature and really solidify an amazing relationship there.

Be in the moment and notice what comes forward. Then, release what no longer works and develop your energy to achieve your highest purpose.

Take a look at his amazing Zero Point products by clicking below and allow Nature to help you reach your highest purpose.

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Reset Your Programming and Pursue Your Divinity With Suzanna Kennedy

As Suzanna Kennedy Shared, you’re probably hearing the universal wake-up call and it’s all in Divine timing. It can begin as a subtle tap on the shoulder or a nudge in the right direction but ultimately, you’re going to see that this is your time to express your true radiance.

Own up to your true divinity and begin living a life that really expresses how magnificent you are.

You are here to do some pretty amazing things. Although you may not know it yet, you’re meant to be a mover and a shaker. You are not a mistake. You were called by Mother Earth to share your unique gifts at this point in history.

All that is wants to thank you for being here, right now, and sharing those gifts, love, and compassion with the rest of the world. Just wake up and own how amazing you are.

Connect with who yo really are and feel the truth and beauty and real lusciousness of your fullest potential. You’re really such an incredible and vast being full of potential and overflowing with abundance.

Click HERE to listen to this amazing replay…

…And get to know YOU and let the light into your life. Illuminate who you really are and see through the illusion of limitation and lack through this incredible technology that Suzanna’s sharing today. This offer has never been made at this price and with this radiating frequency – click below and take advantage of all that you are.

Today is yours, capitalize on what you’ve been given and accomplish your true reason for coming into this world.

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Resistance is The Fire That Strengthens Your Steel

In order to understand why life can get difficult and the world seems as though it has turned against us, we must first understand ourselves. We had a spectacular time with Guy Finley and were able to take a deep dive into the mystery of life, our events, and happiness.

Begin to turn your focus inward and take responsibility for everything that is going on inside of you. You co-create this reality so, you must acknowledge that you take part in the pain as well as the pleasure.

Resisting an unwanted moment only heightens and strengthens that moment. The more you push, the more it hurts.

Resistance actually causes a heightened emphasis on what it is that you don’t want. Strive to understand who you are and turn your focus to turning unwanted moments into hidden treasures. Your life events are your teachers – the embodiment of precisely what yo need in order to grow.

These trying times are exactly what you need in order to make the most of each and every moment. They arise when you need to learn.

Observe your life events as opportunities, know that you co-create your reality, and turn your focus to a developing a heightened sense of Self-knowing.

Resistance in your life is the fire that strengthens your inner steel.

Do not judge yourself and beat yourself up for not knowing what you don’t know. Love all that you know you are and praise the process that continues that development.

This experience with Guy was truly enlightening. Click HERE to listen to this replay and click below to continue along your path of growth and self-development. It’s SO WORTH IT!

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Shift Into Your Own Ascension With Christopher Tims

We had a fantastic kick-off to Healing With The Masters Season 10 with Christopher Tims. He’s a sound healing pioneer who focuses on healing your body, tapping into the divine template and building up the beauty of your humanity without declaring you a “sack of symptoms.”

As he shared, what you feed will continue to grow. So, feed your spirituality, humanity, and your existence in every way so that you may grow on all levels.

You are the perfect reflection of a divine eternal flame – believe in YOU.

When you tap into the sound and tonal healing Christopher shares, you are literally in communion with God and are able to quench the thirst inspired by this state of humanity. By feeding this intimate and personal communion with God, you are able to live through a stronger sense of self-worth, love, compassion, and truly HEAL like never before.

Receive and accept balance and take yourself beyond symptoms and beyond the restraint of impossibility.


Listen to his replay HERE, then continue your growth through his special offer. This unique opportunity is one that must be taken advantage of. Simply listening to Christopher’s words, meditations, sound vibration technology, and utilizing the sacred geometry that is part of everything he shares, shifts you into ascension.