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Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Make This Reality a Miraculous One With Jo Dunning

You are the Master and YOU have the ability to co-create your reality–even the outcome of these calls.

We joined Jo Dunning and were able to spend some time in a place of possibility and opening as she carried on this fantastic conversation about co-creation and elevating your vibration.

As she explained early on, your vibrational energy and direct connection to Source is impacted and created by your daily interactions, experiences, choices, emotional responses, and the energy you send back out into the universe. When you move into an elevated vibration, your experience shifts to a place of gratitude, trust, support, love and peace.

Stay true to your emotions, beliefs, and responses and allow yourself to feel what you have in the moment. Then, move past that experience with your new knowledge and progress down a new, smoother path.

You can learn from each response and emotion you experience.
Because you are human, you are more tuned into the negative aspects and responses of this world. In order to create emotional balance, focus on the positive aspects and offer five pleasant or positive thoughts for each negative one that comes up.

By focusing on the positive, you write new neural pathways in your brain and actually re-write your responses.

Isn’t that amazing?
You can take charge of your mind and control how and what you think. That simple act of staying aware and focusing on the positive allows you to release harbored emotional responses and erase whole reservoirs of negativity, sadness, anger and frustration.

Reestablish a higher vibration of consciousness and discover more secrets to re-writing your brain and natural responses with Jo Dunning. You co-create this entire reality, become aware of all tat you can do to make it a miraculous one!

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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Release The Story and Reclaim Your Energy With Carol Tuttle

You are the master–YOU already have everything you need, within you. Join Carol Tuttle tonight and come another step closer to discovering the master that you are.

Carol shared that we can experience more peace and wholeness by revisiting the energetically charged moments of our lives and reclaiming our energy.

This looks like:

Releasing the story attached to the energy or experience and stating that you are re-claiming that energy and re-including it in your being. THEN, give all the energy that belongs to someone else back to them and reclaim all your energy that resides in them.

You are accountable for your own energy and experience – support everyone else in the same pursuit.

Remember, you have the power. You don’t need to give in to your inner child and you don’t need to believe that someone else has to change in order to make you happy. Your self-love and living true to your nature is all you need to be happy.

You are going through some pretty amazing changes right now.

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Friday, October 19th, 2012

You are WHOLE and COMPLETE, a Discovery With Mary A Hall

This third call with Mary A Hall was the perfect completion to our three-day workshop series.

Continue your dance through this life as you GROW and progress into a life overflowing with Love, Light Wholeness and Allowing.

You have the opportunity to tap into a new place of beautiful abundance. Your life and your experience here is a literal expression of Love and Light.

And, the energy of Love and Light is a direct connection to Spirit. As Mary explained, you can take advantage of that connection whenever you want to.

All you need to do is allow. Allow this space to exist in your being and release all that no longer serves you.

By listening to the call (HERE), you are able to take part in this incredible experience and tap into the energy of each question asked and answer given. Take this time to deepen your connection to Spirit and welcome the loving embrace of the space Mary holds for you.

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Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Allow the Divine Loving Embrace with Mary A Hall as Your Guide

This second call with Mary A Hall took all of our progress and space and GROWTH from last night and progressed to a place of knowing the vibration of abundance. She really wants you to get it and actually shaped her entire plan for the evening around the questions she received from our participants.

By listening to the call (HERE), you are able to experience Mary as she taps into your abundance and holds you in a high-frequency place of wholeness.

Mary took the time tonight to create space and hold a vibration for you to understand your own power. Feel the beautiful energy of love and wholeness that is YOU.

The things that keep you from experiencing peace, wholeness, and love that actually prevent you from achieving the abundance you’re after. Let go of the limiting beliefs and let excitement back into your life.

By letting go of everything that no longer serves you, you free up all of that energy to accomplish what you really want in life.

Allow yourself to just BE.

Move past the right, wrong, good, and bad and live in a world where your very existence is a beautiful gift.

You are a being of love and light with a direct connection to Spirit and in the essence of Spirit is wholeness and oneness.

You are embraced and loved and one with Spirit. All you need to do is allow it to happen.

Take this time to move even further into a place of allowing, space, and love and light and keep growing with the tools offered below. This special offer is BRAND NEW and offers some of the highest-vibrating tools and processes we’ve ever seen.

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Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Mary A Hall Knows You are a Creator in EVERY Way

Our first of THREE calls with Mary A Hall on Healing With The Masters started off the week and set such a wonderful tone for healing and tapping into your heart. You truly make a difference on this beautiful planet and have the power to inspire the change you’ve been dreaming about.

Mary has this incredible ability to see individuals for all that they really are – as beings of love and light having a magnificent and unique human experience. Tonight, we got to hear about her BRAND NEW content and experienced what it means to have Mary hold space in energy and vibration of love, wholeness and abundance.

In reality, you are energy and are a divine being of Love and Light. You are a creator and have the ability to create whatever you desire.

The entire experience you’re having has been created By you and FOR you. Whats more, the law of vibration states that whatever you focus your light on defines what you create.

The information Mary shared tonight allows you to heal your Mind, Body and Soul: your ENTIRE being. You are a creator in every way.

Embrace the law of oneness, allow the love and light that you are to direct your focus, and create all that you desire. Then, click below to tap into the beauty of your existence.

Mary’s Special Offer is here for your development and to enhance the beautiful expression of all that you are. Take advantage of it!

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Embrace Your Willpower and CREATE Your Reality With Dee Wallace

Dee Wallace joined us on Healing With The Masters and shared some of the most incredible information about EXTREMELY powerful technology that literally moves you into a new place of possibility. She also opened up about her amazing “I AM” system, which enables you to identify and re-define your energetic state of being.

You are miraculous. You are incredible. You are the co-creator of this reality and have the power to do ANYTHING.

Did you know that you can find JOY and serve through Divine love. All you need to do is serve your Self in order to serve others; just do what makes you happy.

When you move past what your mind gives you and claim clarity whenever you aren’t comfortable receiving what you need, you’ll receive the true answer:

To serve your Self and to make your Self happy is your highest purpose and is for the highest good. By claiming your own power and being in joy while serving your Self, you can then be in a place to give your best to others.

These principles really apply to everything – it’s so incredible to think about all the potential you hold. Your power is truly limitless and you deserve to be living the life you long for.

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Then, take this insight into your heart, embrace the willpower of creation you’ve been given, and join Dee as she opens you up to a world of creative power through her LIMITED Special Offer.

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Reach Into YOU for All Your Answers With Kaitlyn Keyt

This call was instantly riveting as Kaitlyn Keyt jumped into explaining what she’s been working on. She shared that while in the past, when she’s reached out to nature and asked for some guidance or feedback she’s received an abundance of information, that’s not the case right now.

When she asked nature and asked the trees what we needed to learn from the world, they responded with “nothing.”

Yep, that’s right.

Rather than look out into the world for those answers and feedback, we are at a point where we must look within ourselves. You have the answers within – reach in and pull them out.

In addition to looking within yourself for the answers to progress, you can also release your own fears and raise your own vibration.
You have the ability to rid your body of fears (some of the lowest vibrations out there) and can literally achieve anything.

You can tap into information without having to get it from a book, the internet, or an outside source. You have the power to reach into the universe and come back with a basket full of incredible answers.

Take advantage of it!

Click HERE to listen to this replay and get ready to grow, grow, GROW into your own magnificence.

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Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Grow with EASE and GRACE by Letting Go with Hope Fitzgerald

We were able to speak with Hope Fitzgerald, an incredible speaker dedicated to truth, healing and wisdom who has brought the gift of The Infinity Wave into the world. This is HUGE new technology that enables you to evolve and grow and progress like never before.

She explained that right now, we as humans are expanding and it’s really, really essential that we continue to open to the progress of this human experience.

The more we are in sync and union with this change, the more beautiful this time of progress will be. You are the catalyst for this time of change and progress, by accepting that this human experience is going through the eye of the needle and owning up to the pain and struggle that happens as a result, you are strengthening the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE.

Once you acknowledge that you are in a state of struggle, you provide yourself with the space to co-create the reality you desire.

As Hope explained, we must first be in a place of wanting to change. Once there, we can shed the appearance of safety, let go of certainty, and own the reality that we co-create this entire experience.

Say: “I am a willing vessel. I am ready to change. I want to see how this is going to play out,” and strap in for the ride of your life. We don’t always have the foresight to see how we’ll get through these interesting times of change but trusting that you’re going to grow and progress ensures your evolution.

You will change. You will evolve. The difference is in the process and your approach and willingness to become the most magnificent YOU. Let go of the unknown and allow yourself to just BE.

Change and grow with EASE and GRACE by letting go. 

For tools that allow you to work with the quantum field, click below and get to know Hope’s Infinity Wave.

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Bless Your Essential Truth and Become More Enamored With Your Light

Sonia Choquette is an incredible Spiritual teacher, best-selling Hay House author, and a truly distinguished intuitive advisor and we were so blessed to be able to meet with her on Healing With The Masters. She shared that she’s released a new book titled “Grace, Guidance, and Gifts” and int hat book, she explains the cyclical nature of our soul growth.

Your soul has a history and is the part of you that holds experiences while your spirit has no history, no struggle, and is our most timeless authentic self and our direct connection to Source.

Right now, you are being given an opportunity to transition from a soul-based experience to a spirit-based experience.

This time is your time of transition from caterpillar to butterfly. We are all in a time of change that feels a bit uncomfortable – just know that as a citizen of the universe, you are able to hold a place of connectivity to the light and leave the baggage behind.

How great is that message?

You actually get to transition into a state of being where the restraints get left behind and you become more invested in your light and beautiful progress.

Bless your essential truth, add fuel to the fire of your internal light, and prepare to improve your awareness and end your separation journey.

This is your time of transformation and evolution. Allow it to happen beautifully.

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Flip Your Learning Switch “On” With Anat Baniel

We had the incredible opportunity to speak with Anat Baniel today and as we dove into the topic of brain plasticity and the development of our brain’s communication pathways, it just got better and better!

She explained that healthy children are making more than 1.8 million new connections a minute on a completely spontaneous basis. As we get older, we need to train our brains to continue allowing rapid growth and change.

It’s natural to be opposed to change; however, that opposition is really just holding you back from growing your brain. What’s incredible though, is that when you train yourself to create patterns and habits where it is useful, you free your brain to learn from the wonderful new aspects of life.

Your life positively reflects the change you open up to.

Create a life in harmony with safety, habit, and LEARNING and be open to accepting new information. Your world will expand and your mental ability will grow exponentially as a result.

A love of change and a learning switch that is flipped “On” allows you to reach out into a world of limitless possibility, potential, and progress.

Anat’s special offer enables you to utilize a remarkable method for tapping into your fullest potential and maximizing your brain’s receptivity to the world around you.
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