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Friday, November 30th, 2012

Experience Everything and Embrace Your Self Through the Q&A with Panache Desai

As a wrap-up and conclusion to our incredible three-night series with Panache Desai, we spent some time in a Q&A session that allowed everyone to grow deeper through the expression of pressing questions. Listen to the replay (by clicking here) and be sure you’re ready to go deeper.

There was no holding back on this call and Panache’s wisdom truly shined.

The intention was set early on to have the perfect people chosen to speak with Panache – it definitely came through here.
The individuals we heard from and interacted with really opened up and brought a beautiful energetic signature along with them.

Life isn’t about always being joyful – don’t invalidate your awareness and being-ness by making yourself one-dimensional. Allow yourself to be embraced wherever you are and know that this is a community of individuals who love and support your growth.

You are already a miraculous expression of love and light and YOU have the ability to reach into all that you are. Love each trait, quirk, talent, and aspect that make you, You. As you shift through these conversations, discover how to go from stressed to blessed. Then, click below and see the platter of developmental tools that Panache has prepared for you.

All of this: these calls, these contributors, their special offers, and this whole Healing With The Masters series is here for you. Feel the loving embrace of these calls and consider what it’d be like to have them whenever you need them. Watch what’s unfolding in and around you and make the profound shift you’re after by owning all of it.

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Embrace the Fact that You Have Arrived With Panache Desai

Our second night with Panache Desai kept the movement of energetic change and progress running ahead at full speed. Listen to the replay and discover that you already have all the answers. Achieve a state of mind where the most difficult question you’ll have to answer is, “What’s for dinner?”

Did you know that YOU ARE THE MASTER?
YOU are the source of positive change on this planet and with Panache as your guide, you are opening to a Divine higher vibration.

Stress is your ally. Stress is a natural part of your personal development and the most effective way to navigate that stress is to allow it and grow through what comes.

In order to develop into the most magnificent version of you, you must be willing to leave your old life behind and rise from the ashes of previously-held beliefs that are no longer needed.

Your pain is the fuel that fires your transformation.
That struggle allows you to shift into a new vibrational exploration into all that you are.

Underneath the perceived trauma and darkness is the beautiful golden light that resides within you. Open your heart to the concept that everything is happening as it should.

Embrace the fact that YOU HAVE ARRIVED.

Transformation is the courage and willingness to know and meet yourself in every situation and interaction. In each moment, there is light – can you see it?

This is the second of three calls with Panache and is one more stepping stone along the path of your overall development. To see how you can shift beyond the magnificent content in these calls, look and feel into his special offer by clicking below. AND, click HERE to own and use all of these incredible calls for repeated divine and energetic shifts.

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Move From Stressed to Blessed in an Hour With Panache Desai

This was the first of THREE NIGHTS we were able to spend with Panache Desai and we were so blessed to have him with us. Whenever we meet with Panache, we have such an amazing experience and are able to grow and progress so rapidly in such a short period of time – this show was no different.

As he shared, every time we get together with Panache, we engage in a paradigm-shifting conversation. As you listen to the replay, know that you’re tapping into an incredible universal potential and know that you are in great company.

Through this call you literally move into the beautiful being that you were born into this world to be.

Panache is here as your tuning fork and is an active participant in enabling you to vibrate at your highest frequency. Welcome in the version of you that was Divinely proclaimed as the most beautiful and miraculous thing ever created. Rather than resist the flow and movement of nature, let go and fall into the beautiful embrace of all that is.

You are and always have been an incredible expression of Divinity.

Evolve into the fullness of all that you already are and open up to the YOU that you were designed to be and click below to visit the special offer that Panache crafted for your own personal development. Move beyond the limitations that you’e placed on yourself and ALLOW YOU TO BE.

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Marry Your Mind to Your Heart

There is always something amazing that happens through William Linville’s calls and this one was notably remarkable. This call started off with a blast of information that centered around this battle of the head vs. the heart and our reality that everything that no longer serves is falling away.

He invites everyone listening to examine their head and heart spaces.

Consider the last struggle you experienced and look at the root of the problem.

How much of that struggle came from within your own being?
Were you actually influenced by the world or did your internal conflict shape the outcome of that battle?
Did you give yourself enough time to truly process everything that was going on?
Did you give yourself everything you needed to feel safe?
Did you ask yourself what was missing outside of the actual conflict?

In order to have a relationship with anyone else and to provide the love that the world deserves, you must first embrace a marriage of your head and heart. You already have the power to have an absolute blast in this life but unless you accept that fact and open up to YOU, you may never see it.

Listen to this call and get to know how intimately your heart and mind can be related, THEN, click below and open up to everything else you were born into this world for. This beautiful call is so transformational and offers your internal self so much to grow in and through so imagine what it would be like to have ALL of this season’s calls. Each session builds upon the previous one and exists for YOU. Bring this series home today and remember that expansion into love and light is a lifelong journey.

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Make Your Wellbeing and Joy the Top Priority

We had some incredible people listening in and setting intentions for this call with Emmanuel Dagher because, WOW – it was just amazing. We started off by talking about healing, and health in general, and Emmanuel shared what he’s noticed when working with individuals around the world.

Right now, we’re going through a period of growth through release and cleansing.
Many of us are experiencing events from past lives coming to the surface and as Emmanuel explained, there’s a really important step that needs to be included.

Healing isn’t about fixing something that’s broken or trying to change the physical body.
Healing is about recognizing, acknowledging and embracing who we really are. Focus on getting back to Divine remembrance and look past the illusions of what needs to be “fixed.”

When you truly embrace all that you are and own the Divine reality of YOU, everything changes and miracles become a part of your day-to-day life.

Join Emmanuel on this call and make your WELLBEING and JOY your top priority. Grow through his wisdom and guidance then open your heart to the limitless healing potential of his special offer. If you haven’t already done so, click the link to his offer below and accept the most incredible version of you.

This call is one piece of a beautiful puzzle we’ve been building over the course of Healing With The Masters, Season 10. The best way to continue growing and progressing into your own miraculous expression of Love and Light is to own this series and participate over and over again. If you feel your heart calling out and asking for that continued growth, CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Find Your Way Into Your Heart

Through this amazing hour or so with Drunvalo Melchizedek, we were able to grow so much deeper in our understanding of all that was, is, and is to come.

He offered a critical understanding of this ascension process and shared that we are a species that has been here for a little over 50,000 years. Over that span of time, we’ve interacted with and have been surrounded by ascended masters.

There are ascended masters on this planet and you’ve probably come into contact with them!

He shared a great deal of amazing history about early lineage and how previous generations have impacted the lives that we all now lead.

Hold the beauty and grace of the statement “Don’t worry, be happy,” in your heart see how powerful it really is.

Allow yourself to be blinded by the light of this universe and phase-lock your heart and mind.

This call has to be listened to in order to be truly felt and experienced. Join Drunvalo and see how easy this process of ascension will be and know that you are surrounded by beings who have carefully crafted a plan for progression into higher consciousness.

And, this is just one of the countless gems that has the power to shape your existence on this planet. Click here to own all of this season’s shift-inspiring content then, take a look at the gifts that Drunvalo’s providing though his generous special offer. All of these tools are designed to take you deeper into the knowing of you and of this this universe.

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

This is Your Time to Create YOU

This was the third call and Q&A section of our amazing THREE NIGHTS spent with Rikka and it was definitely something that must be heard and experienced. We were able to grow alongside some amazing guests who truly opened up and got to play FULL-OUT with all that Rikka has to offer.

We had a conversation about stress and as we learned, when you allow your being and knowing to show up, you can be the energy that causes everything you desire to come into this experience.

You cannot find YOU within a box of limitation.

Let go of the fixed perspectives of this world, clear the boundaries of perceived betrayal and let consciousness serve you. If you are the CREATOR of YOU, shouldn’t this be the time to create you? Shouldn’t this be YOUR time, right HERE and NOW?

You are an amazing, beautiful, inspiring, and POWERFUL being – take advantage off your gifts and create the experience you know you deserve.

Listen to this replay with Rikka and shift yourself into the greatest expression of you!

And remember, this is just one of the THREE NIGHTS Rikka was with us. Revisit her replays and know that you can own all of them. Just head to and make these calls yours. Every call of this season, including these three miraculous nights with Rikka Zimmerman are here to serve your growth and expansion into love and light. Let these experiences do the greatest good in your life and keep on growing through Rikka’s special offer at an incredible 93% OFF.

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Open, Relax and Allow Yourself to Be Infinite with Rikka Zimmerman

This call was the second workshop of THREE NIGHTS with Rikka. Our first night with her was amazing, to say the least and this second conversation was no different. We spoke with Rikka about health and the body and discussed the concept and practice of moving your physicality into alignment with your spiritual body.

Rikka offers you an open invitation to become all that you already are. Your body is this amazing miracle that has a way of unlocking your infinite energy.

She shared that you can’t be affected by energies in your life because you are an infinite energetic being. You are all energies and have already experienced everything.

Open, Relax and Allow yourself to BE.
Live a comfortable life full of outside-of-the-box energy and be the infinite being that you are!

Say yes to the goodness and greatness of You and welcome in your miraculous self.

Old thoughts and old beliefs may be preventing you from allowing your body to welcome in new energies. Rather than fear the energies you already are, allow all new energies to exist as a part of you and just get excited when you re-visit them. Listen to this replay with Rikka and expand out beyond any limitations you may have set up for yourself. 

Remember, this is just one of the THREE NIGHTS Rikka will be with us and you can own all of them. Just head to and make these calls yours. This season and these calls are something that you can have and continue to grow and benefit from FOREVER.

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

You are Already OVERFLOWING With Abundance

Did you know that YOU are the spark that helps all of us grow? That’s right…
…All the amazingness that came out of this call with Rikka Zimmerman was inspired by YOU.

This call was the first of THREE NIGHTS with Rikka and it was such an incredible start to this awesome week. There was a beautiful air and lightness on this call and as was shared pretty early on, this time is one of monumental shifts and incredible changes and YOU get to be a part of it all.

You have the ability to make an infinite number of decisions and the shifts that occur over the course of the next three days are just a small example of your potential. Imagine what your life would be like if you were never limited and never resisted anything that is coming to you.

It’s time to bring your miraculous life into you. Rikka called all of us to bring your amazing innate life into this reality and dove into a conversation about abundance.

Imagine a world where we are all vibrational bridges that send and receive energy and have the ability to really, truly embody all that we came here to be. That world is here and now.

You already are an incredible expression of you and have the ability to open up into the oneness that you actually are. You already know and are all that you desire to be.

Turn your focus inward and believe in your expression and existence as the most incredible version of you. If the things in your world aren’t working as you’d like, consider what Rikka explained:

This world conditions us to believe that life happens to us and that we have to reach outward in order to bring abundance inward.

BUT, that’s not the case.

You hold the key to abundance in your hand and YOU have the power to make as much or as little progress as you’d like.

Listen to this replay and unlock the abundance within your Self with Rikka. Then, head over to her special offer and take full advantage of that opening. She’ll inspire you to be all that you were born into this world to be and will show you how to expand your own life as far and wide as you’d like.

Remember, this is just one of the THREE NIGHTS Rikka will be with us and you can own all of them. Just head to and make these calls yours.

Tune in tomorrow and keep on growing!

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Get Out of the Matrix and Create Something New With Bruce Lipton

When we met with Bruce Lipton, an internationally recognized leader who has inspired incredible change and works to bridge the gap between science and Spirit, we dove into a captivating conversation that turned out to be nothing short of amazing.

As he shared, you are an active participant as a cultural creative and YOU are making waves of progress that will change the shape of humanity as we know it. We started by learning that our lives are under our control but we’ve been programmed to stay within a limited experience.

You’ve felt it, right?
Your body and biology have been telling you that things are changing – have you been listening?

We’re facing a mass-extinction that is the result of human activity. The way we treat each other and the way we treat the planet is causing some pretty serious damage. Bruce explained that as Einstein shared: “You cannot solve the problem with the same thinking that created that problem,” we have to shift our belief systems in order to inspire real change.

Don’t live in fear, look at the cause of the problem or “breakdown of the structure” and welcome the change that’s coming. Bruce shared that things must break down before we can build them as a new civilization. By looking for answers outside of the box, your actions are the necessary steps toward a harmonious new experience.

We are all ONE. We are all CONNECTED. We have the ability to change the world and shape the future, we just need to change the way we think.

Humanity is changing – are you playing your part?

Join Bruce to see how amazing this period of evolution really is and discover how you can play a critical part in shaping the new community and writing the future of this entire world.
Each show in this series builds on the foundation of progress and change. Click HERE to own this series and continue to take more and more from each call as you listen over and over again.