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Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Move Into Your Heart Center With Rikka Zimmerman

This is the final call in this 10th Healing With The Masters series and it’s so great that we were able to spend it growing and shifting with Rikka Zimmerman. We’ve all grown so much this year and it’s not over yet.

This final call of the season started with a process to prep each and every one of us for the days that follow.

Once you’re ready and open to the energy and vibrations of this call and this time, RIGHT NOW, there is such a beautiful transition that follows.

Acknowledge YOU and the wonderful power that you carry.
You hold the key to the universe and YOU are the beautiful gift that humanity has been waiting for.

Move into your heart center with Rikka, grow as a community, and progress into the most miraculous and beautiful version of all that you are.

This time is yours. These changes are inspired by and designed for you.
You are your own unique vibrational bridge – connect with these universal vibrations and break down the barriers that keep us apart.
Merge with humanity and serve your highest purpose as a united force for Peace and Love.

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Love The World as You Love Yourself

We were joined by Kenji Kumara who brought the same graceful and peace-inspiring energy as the last time we had the pleasure of speaking with him.
He began by sharing that we’re presently in a gateway and have an opening for all who are ready to take their next step.

WOW. Just take some time and listen to this call, follow along with the guidance that Kenji offers and feel your energy SHIFT immediately.
Tonight, the veil is very thin and has created a shift-inspiring point that makes it a quick and gentle transition.

Kenji jumped right into speaking with wonderful people who sought their personal development and offered some beautiful simplicity and direct routes to healing.
Listen in and settle down with the warm embrace of these loving energies.

Remember, love the world as you love yourself and embrace the beauty in hugs, smiles, and laughter.

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Embrace Your Humanity

Each one of these shows is energized with the frequencies you need to really build and grow as you progress along your journey. This fourth call in Encore Week with Panache Desai was an AMAZING follow-up to the conversation we shared a week or so ago.
As he shared, this is an incredible time and you, as a part of the community that is making a difference, are making a transition into a new state of being.

Do no discount or underestimate the importance of you.
You have the ability to make every moment a time of greater opportunity and to inspire blessing and grace amidst humanity.

Allow the fullness of spirit to bloom through your existence by knowing that YOU are powerful and YOU have the ability to influence and inspire this world.

So, embrace your humanity and allow all that you are to be.
This is your opportunity to have a positive impact and to leave this planet in better condition than when you first inhabited it.

Panache shared so much from the heart and moved everyone on the call to feel into who they are and move into a new place of compassion and love – Be sure to listen in.

Friday, December 14th, 2012

You Are Free, Listen in with William Linville

We were joined by William Linville in our third of SIX Encore Week calls and the energy here was just explosive.

We took off running into a discussion with William about not playing in the safety and security.

Let go of the concept of a backup plan and acknowledge your own Divinity. By owning up to who you are and the power you hold, you actually empower your whole being.

You are supported and YOU are moving forward. Jump into the dance of all that you are and know that nothing owns or limits you.

Listen in, experience these amazing conversations and get to play with all that this beautiful world has to offer!

All of this: these calls, these contributors, their special offers, and this whole Healing With The Masters series is here for you. Feel the loving embrace of these calls and consider what it’d be like to have them whenever you need them. Watch what’s unfolding in and around you and make the profound shift you’re after by owning all of it. And, take a look at the hand-picked processes and workshops that William has so generously decided to offer.

Friday, December 14th, 2012

You Have The Power to Overcome Anything

Did you know that YOU are the spark that enables all of us to grow? Yep! You are the powerful master who opens us up and empowers all of us to change this big beautiful planet of ours.

Christopher shared that we’re currently in a window or bottleneck of energetic transition. It’s created a real, tangible change that all of humanity can feel.

Right now, you’re being surrounded by these vibrations and energetic changes in order to give you the power to stand up with knowledge of and authority over the struggle between good and evil.

He shared such a poetic description of what we’re experiencing and really drew us a map to better understand how a new solar wind is impacting this planet.
Be sure to listen and re-listen to the knowledge he shared there.

Christopher then went on to expand on these changing times and enabled all of us to open up through direct interaction and conversation.

Listen in and hear all the insight and powerful knowledge he shared!

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Friday, December 14th, 2012

Be Drawn Deeply Into Who You Are

Mary is here to hold you in the essence of who you are. When she holds you, you are seen and able to truly see yourself. She joined us and spent some really awesome time sharing through the first of SIX Q&A sessions.

As she shared, our remembering of the beautiful Divine being of Love and Light that we are is an ongoing process. Each and every moment you experience is working to bring you back into your heart.

Listen to your Spirit and hear the call that’s beckoning you to remember who you really are.

When you place your attention on something in your life it expands. Keep that in mind when you’re reaching out into wants, desires, perceived lacks, and needs. When you focus on the negative it can consume you but when you live in the moment and allow yourself to see benefit of each situation, you flourish.

We all have moments where we long to know who we are and Mary is here to lead you along your path of beautiful discovery into YOU.

Join in and listen to this call and discover how beautiful, abundant and overflowing with LOVE and LIGHT you really are.

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Friday, December 7th, 2012

Trust and be Totally Open to Guidance

This last call of what has turned out to be a truly AMAZING season at Healing With The Masters was so very well spent with Kenji Kumara. As he shared, Kenji is a human being with the same hurdles to overcome as you and I. His journey led him to the discovery that moving inward, tuning into heightened awareness and drawing on Source energy allows all of us to grow exponentially.

The idea of moving into a state of more awareness means that you must give up the physical body.
The challenge is to trust and be totally open to guidance.

It only takes one Divine experience to catapult you into the place that you’ve been seeking. Kenji teaches you to be a receiver rather than a do-er.

Agree from your place of spiritual awareness to choose to live from a place where you no longer react. Embrace each moment, take them for what they’re worth, then choose to let them go.

Focus on what you truly want to manifest and visualize it from your soul, allow your brain and body to actually feel it and create the intention from your higher mind and manifest the next step in your soul purpose.

Manifest your next soul’s purpose and believe in your ability to make it happen.

Create a clear mind and release all the heaviness of the heart – Your world can and will change immediately.

Join Kenji on this call and discover the beautiful simplicity of Divine manifestation. Just click here and listen in to insight a lasting a change on your entire life!
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Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Harness the Energetic Signature of Abundance

On this call, I got to spend some time with our AMAZING guest interviewer, Edward Mills and was able to share about what I’ve been working on and offer some more insight into my own tools, processes and workshops. With the tables turned and me out of the driver’s seat, this call is a really great chance for me to open up and share with all of you.As you listen to the call (Just click here), open yourself to the possibility of your own power and know that you are already an amazing being.

I’m so thankful that I was able to spend some time sharing about this change and the side of me that may not be as widely known.

Listen in and discover a bit about my own healing systems, teachings, and work that goes on behind the scenes. I’m so thrilled to share and experience this life with you and couldn’t be happier about all of us, growing together.

My personal experience and my own journey has had it’s ups and downs but ultimately, the biggest shift occurred when I learned to let go and embrace my true passion.

You are fine.
Everything in this life – everything that shows up, is doing so because you are ready.
You are the Master and you are capable of growing as you’ve always wanted to. Just say “Yes.”

Embrace your own state as a master and get ready to grow, grow, grow! Say “Yes!” to your divine purpose and mission and claim that you are willing to be the master that you are.

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