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Friday, March 29th, 2013

Everything is in Support of You, See How With Sonia Choquette

We had another wonderful call on Healing With The Masters and were able to spend some time with Sonia Choquette.

The group presence and creative energy that showed up was REALLY powerful; when you’re listening to her replay (Click Here to do so), move into your heart and get ready to inspire the transformation you desire.

As Sonia explained, you were brought into this world with the grace of God–it is literally the Holy source that breathed you into life. Welcome your Grace, Guidance, and Divine gifts and become aware of the wonderful support that is here for you. All of us are being collectively supported by the universe to move into our true expression in this life. But, she believes we’ve been growing too slowly.

By moving through your own resistance and fear of loving yourself, you literally grow-up into your Divine nature. When you are more conscious of your choices and mindful of how you are living, you’re able to let go of old ideas, mentalities and identities.

This is the call to your greater self; are you listening?
Begin participating full-out into your higher ascension. The whole universe is here to support you, all you need to do is become aware and embrace it.

Then, become aware of your greatness, tap into your innate Divine gifts and take the steps your heart is leading you to. This is your amazing journey but you have to want to receive in partnership.

This life can feel uncomfortable at times, growing can seem difficult. But you can use these tools from Sonia to see how every bit of uneasiness is another clue into how you’re moving into your Divine expression.
This life is yours for the making – create your desires and welcome the experience you know you deserve with Grace, Guidance and Gifts, click below for more.

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Attract the Life You Desire with Glenn Harrold

Everyone who takes part in these calls – even by listening to the Healing With The Masters replays, is contributing to the energy and the change inspired around the world. You are the creative spark that brings these intentions to light.

You have everything you need to shift your life into love and light. By embracing your power you inspire your own life and the world to a higher vibration.
Today, we met with Glenn Harrold and were SO Delighted to spend time with this remarkable man.

As he shared, music, resonant frequencies and therapeutic hypnosis actually have the ability to open your mind and body to the true potential you hold.
He’s poured his energy and focus into a passion for inspiring others to their greatness and the result solidifies something really important…

…When you embrace your passions, creativity and open your heart to your Divine potential, every event becomes point of opening.

The hypnosis that Glenn offers is a very safe form of inspiration to peace and calm.
Take a series of steps along the life path that YOU WANT and watch as the little steps add up and the work you put in pays off in spades.

You have the ability to attract the abundance you desire. You just need to believe that you’re worth it and trust that you’re capable.

Imagine using ancient tones and profound vibrational tools to move into everything you desire from this life.
The healing frequencies Glenn shares lead you into a state of peace, abundance, health and prosperity while the meditative tracks and eBooks solidify your progress.

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Believing in Your Divine Guidance With Jacqueline Joy

Wow, the ongoing group energy in this call was off the charts!
Each time you join in with this Healing With The Masters experience, you raise the vibration of individuals across the globe.

Jacqueline started off by sharing about how she came to know the Diamond energy and how her journey in her present life really began. As she spoke from experience, she explained that when you feel yourself thinking about, exploring and dreaming about the “next clue” along your path, pay attention and be willing to say “Okay, sure – why not listen?”

One of the ways she says: “Yes” to the universal messages she hears is through journaling. It allows her to anchor those thoughts and inspirational moments and take her intuitive voice seriously.

Every time she said “Yes” and really listened to her Divine guidance, she was repaid in more-than-full. Start listening to those Divine whispers and take the time to pay attention. Physicalize what you’re hearing (even if it’s something as simple as journaling) and believe in your own intuition.

Listen to what you’re hearing, open to the potential therein and be willing to trust that guidance.

This is a whole new world where we can be in active communication with everything that’s going on. You have the ability, right now to collaborate with the Divine – start listening and believe that it’s OKAY to act on your guidance.

You are being called to reach out of your comfort zone and say “Yes!!!” to Divine universal guidance.
Will you tune in and hear your soul’s call?

It’s time to embrace pure Beingness and Joy – allow Jacqueline to lead you there.

This call went on and Jacqueline shared and expanded on the next phase of Diamond Alignment: Diamond Aloha, as well as how you can feel and absorb Divine energy through an impromptu guided meditation. For the rest of this really wonderful conversation and SO MUCH MORE, Click Here and listen to her replay.

Also, Jacqueline has prepared a really amazing special offer and I’m so excited to be sharing it with you. Take full advantage of everything she’s offering here as it has the power to literally catapult your life into the greatness you deserve. Anchor your soul being in a field of ever-increasing vibration through Jacqueline Joy’s high-frequency Diamond tools, LIVE transmissions, activations and clearings – just CLICK BELOW.

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Write the Code of Your Life Experience with Mashhur Anam

This 11th season of Healing With The Masters has proven to be an incredibly powerful energetic platform and by listening in, you stand with thousands and set intentions that literally reach out and affect people across the globe. You are uniquely qualified to transform your life, and with this series and the tools and processes that Mashhur Anam brought to the table today, you have the ability to raise the consciousness and vibration of humanity.

As Mashhur shared, we are all connected. We are a collection of energetic particles that are constantly sending information into a universal experience.
Imagine that we are a network of computers linked by an enormous server. When the server is up (when we are conscious of the connection to the rest of humanity and are actively participating) we all interact and co-create this reality together. But, when it’s down, we can’t connect and are in a state of disharmony that prevents our interaction from being fully experienced.

Take a step back, become aware of this experience then ask yourself: “What do I want to allow in my reality?
What do you want to create in your life?

Transform your inner-reality and focus on the things you want to create in your life. Then, take steps toward making those things happen.

Listen to the replay (Just click here) and prepare for a journey into universal energy. Mashhur took everyone through a short journey and allowed us to see the impact of our life experiences on our development. He then empowered everyone to extract the lessons from those life experiences while releasing those that do not serve a higher purpose of growth and development.

It’s wonderful how a short conversation can shift our perspective and open our minds to a new potentiality within this human existence.

Mashhur is here to help you to reach your dreams and accomplish your goals. Allow him to shift your life through processes and embrace a higher state of resonance with your goals and desires by taking advantage of his special offer. It’s packed full of everything you need for transforming your relationship with the universal energies to manifest your heart’s desires.

Commit to a life that embraces change and experience these powerful tools for your growth and development. This is your life and your creative expression.
It’s time to start creating the reality you desire.

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

The Beauty of Appreciation with Howard Martin

We spent some quality time with Howard Martin at Healing With The Masters today where we began by moving into our hearts and focusing on generating and holding appreciation for all that is. It’s incredible how a few seconds spent in appreciative energy can heal and prepare the soul or what’s to come.

A big part of what we experienced was focused on making an honest journey from the head to the heart.
Walk through the doors of appreciation and embrace everything you have in your life, RIGHT NOW. Only then are you prepped and ready to move into greater peace.

That acceptance of your life, as it stands in the moment, enables you to see, appreciate, and begin to live from love rather than analytical nitpicking.

From there, we went on to discuss the scientific research Howard continues to do. One of the really incredible things that he and HeartMath have done is validate people’s belief systems with scientific fact.
Their research offers a real, tangible and visible foundation on which all of us can build our experience and the way we interpret it.

Join in and change the way you perceive your beliefs – there is an abundance of transformation happening around you all the time. It just takes a shift in how we look at and understand what’s happening through us in order to grasp the importance of these miraculous times.

This is an age of co-creative transformation; be open to taking the incremental steps and embrace the flow and rhythm of this life.
In short, be open to the ride and keep fueling your progress through active co-creation.

All of us meeting and converging together are part of a really, truly powerful group process. And every time we come together, we get to co-create and actually CREATE THE CONTENT that comes forward in these calls.

Continue to shift your life into love and light and embrace this time with like-minded individuals around the blessed globe. By spending time here on a regular basis and catching as many calls as possible, you get to build and grow and expand into your already magnificent self – the best way to do so is to own this series.

To own this series, just head to and make it yours.

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

What an Amazing 13/13 Prayer Circle!

What a profoundly inspiring, energizing, heart-opening experience for our third 13/13 Prayer Circle.

Through group intention and affirmation, we tapped into our individual and collective infinite, divine fields of knowing, allowing, compassion and acceptance. In this sacred, fortified, vibrational resonance of possibility, we experimented with those who seemingly attacked us and those who we feel we need protection from.

We observed our “attackers” and their sacred chambers. And, even though it may be dim or hidden, we noticed and focused on their light. As we observed their light from our powerful stance of knowing, allowing, compassion and acceptance, we shared our light with them and understood from our soul place that they are doing the best they can – even if it doesn’t appear so. The more we observed their light, the more it expanded as did our own.

In this place of powerhouse possibility, fear becomes just a notice that something is coming up. We can prepare for what comes up by not protecting, but by tapping into the knowing, allowing, compassion and acceptance that heightens our being and power.

We inculcated the energy signatures of knowing, allowing, compassion, acceptance, and love into our beings through a special flute and voice soul song and brought this high energy matrix to those we love and, optionally, those we might not love so much. We observed their beautiful light, appreciated and acknowledged their life and individual expressions of the divine. We prayed for those who appear dysfunctional and saw the divine dance in everyone.

We embraced those with illness along their friends and families, enveloping these individuals with love, light and cherishing adoration. We tapped into the notion that illness actually assists in transformation to possibility of new solutions, perceptions, receiving, support networks, groups, new friends and that there is not one body betraying its soul partner. Whatever’s occurring is FOR them and, as we honor that, there is an expansion in their being to make possible the energetic healing that is here. Whatever it is, is perfect.

Through the co-creation of a second soul song, we focused on all those for whom we prayed and cleared all fields of old resonant energies no longer needed. We felt and sensed these energies dissipate, transmute and transform all over the planet. What a tremendous gift for everyone…

We then shifted our focus to those souls around the globe seeking energy and even those who think they don’t want it or need it. We vibrationally brushed them all with love, reminding them of the light they are. We shifted focus to hot spots on the planet, observed lower vibrating energies and darkness and sent our light, allowing love, abundance, harmony to expand for divine unfolding within every event. Even in horror, there is an unfolding we can’t see or comprehend in our three dimensional world. From the soul perspective, we can change the events by sending light, love, compassion, gratitude.

We closed with acknowledging the Catholic community and connecting with their hearts through the heart of this new pope and the beautiful connection to St. Francis.

What a highly-energizing, purifying prayer circle this was. Thank you to everyone who joined and contributed their beautiful energy for everyone’s expansion.

The energies on this call have been captured and these healings and powerful group energies are available to you on the replay…
Just CLICK HERE and register. It’s FREE.

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Flow With The Energy of Presence with Rikka Zimmerman

 As we entered the first show of Healing With The Masters Season 11 the energy on the call was already overflowing with love and light.

We are So Thrilled to get to spend some time with Rikka Zimmerman who always strives to welcome you into the magnificence that you already are. She set the tone for this season as a global leader in consciousness and really shared her boundless love for humanity through our time together.

You are an infinite being of joy, potential, love and possibility.
You are a unique expression of Divinity and you are a MIRACLE.

Miracles are born when you are fully and exactly where you are, at full and complete presence with your life.
You are an infinite being and as such, you get to play with infinite energy and possibility. So, own that gift. Paint the canvas of your experience, sculpt the beautiful masterpiece of your existence and be fully present on this planet.

Be present – know that in this moment, yes-this very moment, you are the field of infinite possibility.
Just align yourself with it and live the miraculous life you’re here for.

It’s all happening right here and right now. Tune into the NOW and stay present in order to make the powerful decisions that positively impact your life.

By releasing the “fixed positions” of who you are (the things you think you know about who you are, the conditions you believe to have and the limitations you hold about yourself), you flow with the energy that you are and can’t be held back by anything.

You are more than good enough, release the self-imposed limitations when they come up and be FULLY AWARE of what you’re doing at all times.

CLICK HERE to listen to Rikka’s call and feel the profound energy of love and presence that she so beautifully shared.

We’re in the first series of the Aquarian Age and I know that we’re all in for a real treat with this beautiful series and these powerful speakers. Be sure to keep tuning in for these calls, make the most of what these speakers have to share, and discover how to embody true Power of Presence and move into your divine light with Rikka’s profoundly transformative special offer.

She’s pieced together all of her highest-vibrating tools and they’re here just for you in a way that they’ve never been before. Click below and visit her special offer to begin shifting your existence into a life lived in 120% presence.

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

A New Beginning, Healing With The Masters Season 11

This was the first call and a little pre-season peek into what’s in store for this fantastic new season of Healing With The Masters.
We’re in a powerful year of an incredibly powerful new cycle and whatever you intend for your life is part of the co-creative intention for this whole community.

You are a part of the foundation for this time of powerful change and the intention for this show is to enable everyone here to see, understand, know, manifest, and USE the Divine light that they, that YOU, possess.

Get ready for new levels of light.
Prepare for new levels of consciousness.
Brace yourself for new levels of Divine expansion.

And know that it is all happening through this powerful group and the work we are all doing here.
There is a new wave of energy and higher vibration here and YOU get to play within all of it.

Everything shows up when we’re ready for it.
The evidence is in what we’ve seen and experienced – feel into how you’ve grown and discover how true that really is. You are a catalyst and you are here to make THE difference.

Listen to this replay (Just Click HERE to head to, open to the MASTERY that you are and bring your gifts and intentions to the world.
Remember, YOU are the change.

If you haven’t registered for this new season of Healing With The Masters, head to and register so you can take advantage of ALL these sure-to-be amazing calls!

If you’ve already registered, just type in your special password to log in and listen to the replay.