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Friday, April 26th, 2013

Reinvention Leads to Joy, Love and Passion with Bob Doyle

This call marked the release of what Bob Doyle feels is his most important message EVER and we were SO DELIGHTED to share in the group energy and contribute to everyone’s abundance. Through really candid conversation and beautifully open sharing, we gained insight into Bob’s personal life and saw first-hand how reinvention is truly a tool for opening through integrity to embrace a life where EVERY ASPECT inspires Joy, Peace and Love.

The process of reinvention is something that ANY person can do at ANY time. Your life is the expression of what you choose to make.

As Bob explained, it is his desire that everyone on this call take the next step and move into the love and light of life that they desire. He has a genuine love for your shift as an individual and your reinvention into the life you long for.

It’s not about what Bob’s got, it’s about what you’ve got and what you’re doing to create the life that you want. The transformation is already within you and this call is the first step toward the change and positive transformation you desire. Listen in (Just go ahead and CLICK HERE) and discover how Bob’s passion for your reinvention and the products he’s used for his own amazing reinvention can bring you into everything you know you deserve.

This is the first time in roughly TWELVE YEARS that Bob has moved past the technical mode of teaching and into his present state of heart-centered sharing and transformational embrace of Joy, Love and Passion. Reconnect with your spiritual self and see how a journey with Bob is really a journey into you.

Explore and tap into the very tools that Bob has used to completely reinvent his own life and learn to maximize profound results for inspiring, motivating and empowering your own ongoing reinvention. Leverage a community of like-minded people to support you on your journey and allow Bob to interactively guide you, step-by-step, to the life you desire, rewriting your entire history.

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Live Through Divine Love With Wayne Dyer

With Dr. Wayne Dyer on this Healing With The Masters call, we were able to open and embrace the oh-so-powerful community energy and welcome the beautiful vibration of love. Did you know that just by being here, YOUR INTENTIONS and your actions are actually creating the space for everything that comes forth? Yep, it’s true!

You already have everything within you required to create the experience and the life you desire and as Wayne shared, by being in this world and striving to embrace a love that is not of this world – Divine love, you remove the limitation and power of fear. When you operate from a place of pure Divine love, it completely shifts your experience.

Living from love really creates a genuine state of overpowering bliss. You are Divine – everything but ordinary.

You are connected to God because you have been created by God through a process of Divine Love. Welcome what it means to be an unwavering expression of Divine love.

As you listen to the replay of Wayne’s call: Here, discover what it means to live your expression of Divine love as an orange exists in the hands of humanity.

It takes light to get rid of darkness: we have to be in a state where there is no opposite and the only thing that exists is love.

It’s rare that you have a chance to play with the powers that define your reality but with Wayne’s content at your fingertips, that’s exactly what you get to do. This is your time to really discover who you’re destined to become. Through powerful meditation, channeling the name of God, in-depth exploration of self and inspired teaching, this offer brings you everything you need to experience your greatest desires. Click below to explore everything Wayne has worked so hard to bring to you and get ready for the life of your dreams!

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Be Still and Listen with James Van Praagh

What a wonderful call with James Van Praagh on Healing With The Masters.

James is such an amazing medium who works so gracefully to open all of our eyes to the power and energy that exists all around us. As we stand together on this platform of community, know that you are contributing to the greatness of this experience. By reading this, setting your intentions, and moving forward to listen to the REPLAY (Just click HERE) you become the creative spark that moves this world into further greatness.

James has been sharing his gift with humanity for years and has watched as mediumship progressed from something that was really shrouded in disbelief and seen as socially unacceptable to the status it how holds – a window and doorway to expansion and human evolution. As a result, James is now able to help countless people overcome fear and limitation by embracing empowerment and love.

We are constantly receiving and broadcasting information through our knowingness. The key is discerning what is real and what is not.

The ego can play games, but identifying your reality allows you to overcome limitation.

Stop, be still and listen to your past, present and future. James is here to gracefully guide you into realizing the wonderful expression of all that you are. Get a taste by listening to his replay and joining in the process on that call, then read on about his special offer and make his practice a part of your routine.

Right here and now, you have access to content that moves you into new states of being, opens your heart, mind and soul to the real potential of all that you are, takes you away to celestial gardens and enables you to shape your perception in real-time. And that’s just the beginning! Half of James Van Praagh’s offer has never been made available to anyone, in any form. It is original content and is available EXCLUSIVELY through Healing With The Masters through this very special offer. Click below to tap in to this awesome and exclusive content!

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Embrace Your Truth with Colette Baron Reid

Colette Baron-Reid is an internationally renowned intuitive counselor, educator and best selling Hay House author who helps others recognize and connect with their own intuition, potential and purpose. In a truly remarkable hour spent with this advocate of love and Divine expression on Healing With The Masters, the intentions of the group came forth and brought this show to LIFE.

We embraced the idea of focusing on how you tell the story rather than the story itself. It can be so easy to get stuck in a limiting pattern by reinforcing it through repetition. Colette’s interest in and love for humanity have pushed her to discover new ways of overcoming limitation and releasing the “Victim Story.”

You have the ability to completely re-write your history simply by changing your perspective and examining the truths. Increase your awareness and tap into the reality of your history by really looking at it with clarity, then you can transform the meaning it holds.

You are greater than the judgements placed on your history. You write the story of your past, present and future.

By coming back to the place of self love and holding patient grace for your self, you move into the most amazing place of manifestation. It can be tough sometimes to be consistent in self-love but as Colette shared, the best thing we can do is embrace the ebb and flow of this energy and accept that life comes in waves.

Allow your vision and awareness to expand and welcome a life changed by shifts in perspective and active co-creation. Embrace your truth – you have to suffer the journey in order to truly grow through the experience.

You have a choice: Long for more or embrace your truth as a Divine miraculous being and see the beauty in every moment of your past, present and future.

Listen to the replay (Just go ahead and CLICK HERE) and experience the energy that came forward on her call.

This special offer is the culmination of tools and techniques that Colette uses in her own practice and they’re now available to you. Take advantage of this incredible, never before offered, gift of abundance and clarity to reshape your experience by clicking below, while it lasts!

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Embody The Frequency of Light Energy With Kenji Kumara

This Call with Kenji Kumara on Healing With The Masters marks the middle of Season 11 and what a POWERFUl and really incredible show we had. We are all participating in this remarkable journey in the new Aquarian age and by listening to the replay (Just click here) you actually contribute to the energetic platform that we’re building from. Pretty cool, right?

Kenji opened up an energetic portal for everyone who listens to this call and enabled all of us to embrace our reality as true masters. As he shared, be the state you want the world to embrace and love the world and everyone who inhabits it with the same love you desire for yourself.

Before jumping into discussing the present state of this world and the energetic impact we’re all experiencing, he led us through a quick process to raise our vibration. Through breathing, increased awareness and conscious intent, we bring a pure vibrational light into our body and actually release dense, stuck energies.

Deep moments of joy, connection and bliss await as you release the density and allow your body to hold the pure light vibration. Embrace the pure light energy and remain present to respond to life’s situations rather than react.

Come from your spirt, offer a loving embrace response, and choose to lead an un-reactive life. The really incredible part of this experience is that you get to choose and accept to become the greater frequency.

Listen in and join Kenji on a series of awesome activations that allow you to tap in and successfully manifest the experience you desire.

Take a look at Kenji’s special offer. This is one of the most packed and energetically overflowing special offers Healing With The Masters has made available. All of these processes and attunements continue to live and grow, no matter when they are heard. Their effects are cumulative so each process builds with the next to help create an even more miraculous experience in your life. Welcome a graceful alignment to the New Earth frequencies and commit to the shift you’ve been longing – click below to find out more.

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Harness Natural Energetic Balance with Clayton Nolte

We had another AMAZING bonus call on Healing With The Masters and this time, we were able to spend a little time with the wonderful Clayton Nolte. We came together to tap into the group intentions and embrace the collective healing power that showed up, and boy did it show up!

You are the master that you are seeking – did you know that? Join Clayton Nolte, experience this replay and open your eyes to the power of energetically charged water and the impact it can have on your life. Structured water is everywhere, even in our bodies, and it grounds us in this three-dimensional reality. When you are fully present in this three-dimensional reality the possibilities literally become limitless.

Clayton pushed everyone to be grounded, embrace the notion of asking the question, and allow the response to come from the ethers. Structured water brings from within us the power and energy of the Earth and the presence allows us to recognize the Divine guidance we need most. Clayton’s tools offer all that and more.

His Dynamically Enhanced line of water structuring units work synergistically to provide you with better health in EVERY aspect of your life. Bring these tools into your day-to-day and welcome the power of structured water for yourself by clicking below.
Listen to the replay (by clicking here), tap into the energy that remains ever-present and discover why Clayton longs to get you grounded.

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Release Your Healing Sounds with Jonathan Goldman

Tonight we were able to share a WONDERFUL hour with Jonathan Goldman on Healing With The Masters. This point of opening truly builds on the last and makes an even more solid foundation for our next call with Clayton Nolte tomorrow.

You are the fuel that turns the spark of transformation into a flame that is sure to change humanity.

When Jonathan made his presence known, the energy on this call shot through the roof. The conversation turned to the power of sound: the beautiful tangible essence of vibration, that penetrates us at the CELLULAR level.

Sound is an energy that travels as a wave, of which, you can hear between sixteen and sixteen thousand. But did you know that animals like dolphins can hear sound vibrations that can’t even be detected by the human ear?

That means that sound, resonance and vibration exist all around us – we just can’t hear or feel them all of the time.
Join in to this insightful and REALLY FUN call (By clicking HERE) and discover how to bring your body back to your Divine vibrational resonance. Embrace the Divinity of YOU and raise your body’s vibration through the power of sound.

Jonathan has heard and seen extraordinary shifts as a result of sound vibration work. As he explained, the amazing shifts we’re experiencing are just the tip of the iceberg – he believes we are going to see more and more transformation as time goes on.

Jonathan Goldman has composed this special offer, combining his most transformative and inspirational tools in one location, so that you may live your potential and achieve your wildest dreams. Not only does he show you the way to a life overflowing with healing and shaped by your own manifestation, he places the tools in your hand and helps guide you along the way.

Friday, April 5th, 2013

Embrace the Life You Desire With Rikka Zimmerman

We had such a GREAT time with Rikka in this special Q&A call on Healing With The Masters. It’s really incredible to see where these calls journey to as they’re totally open to the power and push of the Divine.

Each person we got to meet tonight was chosen for the benefit of the whole group and audience. As you listen in, look for the specific solution, insight, or guidance that applies directly to your life.

We moved through opening to the power of abundance, asking for more clarity and guidance surrounding next steps, really truly loving the self, welcoming all you desire and so much more!

Learn to get past the “How?” and “Why?” then open your energetic arms to embrace the life you desire.

This collective experience brought us to a new frontier in Self-love, presence, honoring, expression and allowed everyone on the call to open in brand new ways. Join in, offer up a huge energetic “Yes!” over and over again, and come to terms with how AWESOME you already are.

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Embrace Balance and Harmony With Lee Holden

As each experience on Healing With The Masters is a stepping stone into your incredible expression of love and light, Lee Holden have us HUGE boost toward stress-free and peace-inspiring lives. Listen to his replay and discover some beautifully practical tools and meditations for visualizing the balance and harmony you deserve.

Qi Gong is an ancient art that is very practical for today… Qi means life force energy and Gong means to work with.

At any given moment, through breathing, stretching, movement and meditation, you can tap into this life force energy and optimize it. And MAN, we did just that.

Lee has been practicing Qi Gong since he was just nine years old and it was evident not just through his extensive knowledge, but through his palpable life force frequency, which creates peace all around him in every single moment – even with us.

We were guided through several remarkable processes involving breath, visualization, sound and with each process we were uplifted, feeling relaxed, cleansed, stress-free, balanced and recharged. Whoa…

Lee also walked us through an easy and amazing process called Inner Smile, where we learned that the simple act of smiling is a wonderful meditation because it not only infuses us with positive, healing energies, but completely transforms our energy and that of those around us.

When we take time to connect to ourselves, it assists us in feeling more connected in general and gives us the ability to manage the things we are gifted with… Energy is always here, we just have to access it.

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Do More of What You Love With John Assaraf

By coming together and establishing this Healing With The Masters community, each individual who participates brings this energy to a new level of opening and spreads this co-creative force around the globe.
We shared some tim with John Assaraf and discussed How to Get More Done in Less time and Values Based Living, two of John’s amazing tools for shaping the experience you desire.

As he explained, to bring more balance and happiness into your life you must do more of what you love, less of what you tolerate and none of what you hate.

When looking at your values, there are really two types of values:
Means values, whose existence brings your true values into light and serve as a means to accessing your desires
End values, the object, emotion, or experience that you are working toward

Money can be a means to your end goal of living a certain lifestyle or experiencing a new part of this world. They key is to focus on your end goal. Turn your awareness to the fact that certain means values support your true values and goals, then continue to work toward the end goals that really matter.

This call was SO INSIGHTFUL and really amazing to experience. Join in by listening HERE and share in all the wonderful information John shared before moving on to his really life-shifting products: How to Get More Done in Less time and Values Based Living.

Welcome a life where each second counts and every step is moving you toward your greater, divine purpose. This offer has been created exclusively for Healing With The Masters and brings you the transformational tools necessary for a more efficient life focused on what matters most to you. Click below and get ready to explore the potential of all that you are.