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Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Explore The Healing Power of Water With Clayton Nolte

Can you say “WOW?” It was SO GREAT to share another hour with Clayton Nolte on this Healing With The Masters Encore Week Call!

There is such a beautiful energy that has come to the surface and really been strengthened over the course of this 11th Healing With The Masters season. If you haven’t had the chance to experience all these calls CLICK HERE to bring them home. This has been such an amazing season of transformational calls in this first year of the Aquarian Age and we’ve learned and grown so much.

Clayton shared how he came to know the incredible power of water, offered insight into his experience and journey of discovery and opened our eyes (even wider!) to the energetic power that water holds.

When you’re drinking energetic water, it comes into your body with the power to move right into your cellular level… Energetically-charged water literally moves straight to where your body needs it most. How AMAZING is that?!

Clayton shared so much really valuable information about what structured water means for our bodies – this conversation is one that really NEEDS to be listened to. CLICK HERE and welcome this powerful information. THEN, explore the tools he talks about by clicking below.

Welcome a new experience, completely re-shaped by the Dynamically Enhanced line of water structuring units that work synergistically to provide you with better health, in EVERY aspect of your life. Bring these tools into your day-to-day and welcome the power of structured water for yourself; just click below to explore the possibilities!

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Overflowing Joy and Abundance Through Giving With Cynthia Kersey

We leapt into the universal flow of energy through this eye-opening and enlightening call with Cynthia Kersey on Healing With The Masters.

We started by talking about the law of giving and what it means for all aspects of your experience on this planet. Giving to others and offering your time, talents and financial resources is a direct route to an immeasurable source of joy, happiness and peace.

In fact, scientific research has actually proven that giving is the most potent force on the planet. It has a truly significant impact on all areas of our life.

“Give and it shall be given unto you,” helps to lay the foundation for the law of giving.

Cynthia shared about her path to living a life without boundaries and offered invaluable insight to help each and every person listening in to do the same.

CLICK HERE to listen to Cynthia’s call and discover how giving has the power to enrich ALL aspects of your life.

When you move into harmony with giving, there is a good that comes to you that cannot be contained. Give from your heart, without attachment, and begin to experience true joy.

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Embrace Divine Guidance With Eva Gregory

What a night!

We shared an hour or so with Eva Gregory-who also spent some time channeling THEOS, on Healing With The Masters. This experience was SO INCREDIBLE to share in and grow through.

We discovered the beauty of our own higher selves and were able to see that even Eva has to progress through moments of frustration, overcome limiting beliefs, and get past the point of feeling like giving up. By quieting down and opening to the direct communication with your guides, there is a knowing that blends with your thoughts.

Tapping into your Divine guidance is like a beautiful dream… By voicing them, the dream is shared with all who are able to listen.
Embrace your Self and all that YOU are, then allow your guidance to come forward.

Explore the power of this replay by CLICKING HERE.Consider how your life will shift with Divine guidance designed JUST FOR YOU and begin to play in the sheer joy that comes forward when you embrace this oh-so-powerful energy.

Eva just wants to share this gift and experience with you. Release your limiting beliefs, overcome ALL obstacles and welcome a connection with the Divine. It’s time to wake up and meet your higher self!

Joy, abundance, love, happiness, true fulfilment and so much more await…All you need to do is listen and focus. Allow Eva to move you through phases of understanding, allowing, and listening, and begin to co-create your beautiful life based on the direction offered by your own internal guides. Click below and explore the absolutely beautiful Special Offer she’s put together, just for you.

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Discovering Self-Definition With Neale Donald Walsch

Do you know that YOU are the master you are seeking? YOU are the light that shines through on these calls, the spark that allows all of us to grow. Tonight, we spent an hour or so with Neale Donald Walsch on Healing With The Masters and…WOW.

Neale has touched millions of lives through Conversations With God and his number of other series and titles and it was incredible to play in that beautiful insight and wisdom with our Healing With The Masters community.

As he shared, “What flows through you, sticks to you,” and it really applies to all aspects of life. Life really is not a school – it is a process of remembering the body of God.

Allow yourself to rejoin the community of all that is and dedicate to doing what you really came here to do. Choose to know yourself fully and experience yourself completely.

It’s time to move out of your mind and into your heart. Live this life as you are meant to – as divinity made manifest. You are a being of the Divine and miraculous.

Join Neale by CLICKING HERE and listening to his replay. Discover how every act is an act of self-definition and become aware of how you write your story.

Neale’s Special Offer: Welcome a life sculpted by You with a Heartcenter focus and an intent to inspire the most joy possible by exploring the potential of the most-packed collection of powerful, insightful, shift-inspiring, vibration raising, absolutely wonderful tools we have offered this season. Just click below to begin exploring your Divine expression.

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Your Divine Blueprint With Kenji Kumara

Kenji’s call on Healing With The Masters was SO MUCH FUN! We got to play around with something a little different – exploring the potential of video and offering another way to experience these wonderful individuals who bring such vibrant and transformational energies to you through Healing With The Masters.

Open your palms, open your heart and open your mind to the beautiful energies on this call.

By creating a sacred space together and allowing all Kenji to lead us to a place of trust and faith, we’re playing in a new experiment. Kenji shared about some new universal energies that are working to open us to our Divine Blueprint.

This time around, we got to play with the energies of the here and now by bringing in individuals from all around the world as conduits for whole-group expansion. As you tap in, make sure you’re open and willing to receive the guidance that is meant just for you. Each person who shares in these calls is doing so because they were chosen by the universe to help all of us.

Align with Kenji’s guidance, keep an open heart and alert mind and really embrace what you feel to be true for you.

If you’re listening to the replay (Which you can do HERE), the video will be posted shortly so check back for a whole new perspective and way to sense and experience these calls!

Then, welcome a graceful alignment to the New Earth frequencies, commit to the shift you’ve been longing for and make these amazing tools a part of your daily life by clicking below and exploring all that Kenji has in store for your past, present and future. It’s his goal to help you simplify and embrace a life where receiving Divine guidance is as automatic as second nature. Join in!

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Looking at The Root Cause of Change With Sara Gottfried

This point of opening was AMAZINGLY INFORMATIVE. What an insightful experience with Dr. Sara Gottfried we had on Healing With The Masters. She’s truly come with all the aspects of life on this planet and came to offer a huge leap in resolution by helping women everywhere shift their relationship with their bodies.

As she put it, if you’re struggling to regain the energy or stamina that you used to thrive on, it’s not you – it’s your hormones.
Isn’t that such a RELEIF?

She gets to the bottom of the changes in our bodies and gracefully opens our eyes to the “why” behind the shifts that occur over time.

By using ancient traditions in wonderful partnership with modern medicine, Dr. Sara is offering a new approach to understanding and adjusting how we develop.
There is an innate intelligence in the body. The more we allow the body’s wisdom to do its job, the more we are able to feel at home and dance through this BEAUTIFUL life.

Click Here to listen to her replay and discover how your hormones are actually working to support what you’re interested in! It’s time to have a great relationship with food, listen in and discover what that means.

Dr. Sara has put together a package of tools and incredible insight to give you a transformational, and essential journey into the world of hormones. It’s time to re-shape your own reality with the very same tools, techniques and insight that she developed to be used in her own life. Win the war with body weight, gain control over your emotions, discover the beauty of a life without hot flashes and feel sexy, beautiful and comfortable in your own skin again – just click below and start today!

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Embody the Power of Presence with Rikka Zimmerman

OMG! We had such an AMAZING time with Rikka Zimmerman on Healing With The Masters last night!

The energy on this call is absolutely through the roof. We played with the concept of living a limitless existence and vibrating at the highest possible frequency for our highest purpose and when we all tapped in, we got verifiable feedback.

We actually manipulated the electrical currents running through the technology we use, giving us confirmation of what our hearts already knew was true – we are shifting into our highest and most potent selves.

This season just keeps getting better and better and Rikka’s call is another example of how INCREDIBLY POWERFUL this group energy can be.
Click Here to listen and embrace the power of all that you are.

THEN, head over to her awesome special offer where you can truly embody the power of presence and move into your Divine light (just click below for that delicious expansion).

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Creating Your Universe with Mashhur Anam

What a day! We got to spend another hour with Mashhur Anam on Healing With The Masters through a special Q&A call and it was definitely reality-shifting.

Your reality – everything that you resonate with, shows up in your three-dimensional playground. This journey is all about breaking through the barriers and building the experience you REALLY desire.

You have the power to create and align with the new holographic life. In essence, you are creating your own universe. Start resonating with the things you desire and the things you value most and ultimately, your life will be filled with those things.

From anger to love, fear, and compassion, anything you feel or see in others is the result of a resonance in your own being. In fact, your thoughts and feelings can shape your reality. Be aware of what you’re calling into existence and make the conscious decision to resonate with the things you desire and appreciate.

CLICK HERE to listen to Mashhur’s call and begin connecting with the positive and beneficial.

Mashhur welcomes you to learn the powers of Holographic Transformation and Harmonic Resonance and transform your relationship with the universal energies to manifest your heart’s desires – just click below to re-design your life.

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Birth the Miraculous With Panache Desai

Every time we get together with Panache Desai on Healing With The Masters, something INCREDIBLE happens. This call was no different – I’m pretty sure that everyone who listened in on the live webcast and replay has been changed for life.

We dove into the significance of consciously receiving the energy and vibrational resonance of Divine love and the energy was immediately flowing.

Dance and play in the beautiful energetic signature of Divine love, allow the light of your spirit or soul to shine through the limitations of this world, and awaken to your true, miraculously Divine self. Panache invites you to embrace the flow of energy and overcome the density that keeps you from fully experiencing all that this reality has to offer.

Allow your infinite expression to shine through your physicality. Overcome and transmute the limiting energies in your life and awaken to the experience you were designed for. This is all here for you, just embrace your miraculous nature and let your vibration shine!

CLICK HERE to listen to his replay and awaken to the life that you love by embracing your TRULY MIRACULOUS and DIVINE SELF.

THEN, join Panache Desai on a vibrational journey of wondrous discovery to open your heart and soul to the potential of all that you are and the greatness you always have been by clicking below and playing wit his amazing special offer. Oh, and what’s more – Panache was called to VERY GRACIOUSLY extend his 30-minute sessions to HOUR-LONG sessions through the special offer below. Be sure to check it out!

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Invoke the Light of God With Patricia Cota-Robles

We got to spend some QUALITY time with Patricia Cota-Robles today on Healing With The Masters and WOW, was it a powerful call!

As Patricia shared, we are not victims or acted-upon by our lives, we are the co-creators of our lives.
The energy on this call was really incredible from the start thanks to the collective group energy, the energy of a New Moon AND Solar Eclipse. We got to play in the expansive embrace of all of it and really moved into a state of growth and release with Patricia’s graceful guidance.

As a collection of lightworkers, we must be sure to set the intention for our highest good and be ready to let go of everything that no longer serves us.

We have an opportunity to embrace these energies and set the stage for something pretty incredible, right now. We co-create this reality. You are influencing what’s happening today and what will happen tomorrow. You have the power you need.

Invoke the light of God and create the change you desire.

This call with Patricia really has to be experienced, so CLICK HERE and experience it! Then, make the choice to move forward in the Light.

Patricia’s special offer is here just for your shift into greatness.
Allow yourself to embrace the Divine love and universal feminine powers while tuning into the INCREDIBLE changes occurring RIGHT NOW. Join in and welcome a life of profound and limitless love that overflows with genuine abundance and ease while nurturing beautiful and balanced relationships… Read on by clicking the little blue button below and begin the shift today!