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Thursday, August 21st, 2014

We’re Clearing Out The McLean MasterWorks Warehouse

Just a few weeks ago, I was looking around our warehouse of amazing transformational products that are chock-full of life changing processes, really powerful insights, clearings and proven healings that have helped countless people move into profound states of peace, abundance, hope and joy.

And, what happened was pretty remarkable – I realized that I needed to offer them to you at a ridiculous discount to make room for new inventory.

This limited supply of inventory has been marked down to our absolute LOWEST possible price, so, once we sell out – it’s ALL gone for good. We won’t be distributing these in digital or hard-copy format ever again.

Yep! We’re clearing out the warehouse and putting these products in YOUR hands so you can take them to heart and achieve the transformation you’ve always wanted.

So, what’s that really mean?

Well, I’m giving you access to tools that reach into all aspects of your life.

From learning to build stable, powerful, happy and meaningful relationships to tapping into a deep well of healings, manifesting the life you’ve always dreamt of and tapping into and making sense of the patterns of your soul, I really want you to have it all.

I want you to:

  • Have peace when life’s waves crash at your door
  • Discover your life’s patterns, using them to transmute, transform and open to a new evolved expanded YOU
  • See the clarity and beauty of your passion and the freedom it delivers
  • Resolve your financial, relational and health patterns into new frequencies of possibility
  • And So Much More

Want to learn more about all these amazing goodies?

Then Click Here and explore what’s in store for your AMAZING life in the coming days, weeks and months.

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Conscious Emergence With Derek Rydall

Derek is a true master when it comes to congruence and the Laws of Emergence and we soared into an entirely different dimension AND perspective with this show.

We learned how our broadcasted consciousness is projected in every single person and thing we encounter, and we experienced an activation so powerful (and subtle) that we moved deeply into, embodied AND FELT the wholeness of our heavenly abundance… And we are STILL floating from this one.

Derek also shared his 3 Core Foundational Steps to Emergence and we learned how to tune-in to and welcome the inexhaustible frequency of wealth and abundance that is already within.

The profoundly glorious space of emergence energy lead us to a remarkable Q&A that opened our beings, advanced our conscious awareness, moved heaps of underlying barriers and brought forward the exact messages of enlightenment that we need right now.

Get ready to activate, generate and circulate the inexhaustible wealth within you that’s been anxiously waiting to come out.

Truly activate and live in this world as the Source that you have always been…

This powerful program guides you to really understand that no one AND nothing outside of you is your Source.

Go way deep into the 7 Secret Gifts of Giving and activate and boost your very own God-like ability to manifest everything you need while blessing everyone you touch.

Experience grand activations and disintegrations and make the universe your silent success partner in everything you do.

As you prepare to reap the rewards of your soul’s journey of wealth and manifestation, Derek’s Quantum Healing work accompanies you in the background and energizes your unique spiritual signature deeper and deeper each day.

Experience total life emergence as you go way deep into wealth mastery and begin to manifest your wealth in health, creativity, personality, relationships, career and SO MUCH MORE.

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Reclaiming Your Brilliance with William Linville

William’s accelerated, guided journeys of universal unraveling allowed our physical, mental and emotional bodies to move into new states of possibility and freedom in every area of life.

We gained a deeper understanding of loss and death and saw beyond the physicality of three-dimensional existence while experiencing the heartwarming presence of our beloveds who are still very much present.

An astonishing ride into our limitless magnificence guided us to adjust, re-align and restore our beingness, letting the brilliant stream of consciousness drain and release all old resonant energies from our fields while grounding us in our limitless Divinity.

These collective, accelerated frequencies of higher consciousness made for a beautiful and powerful Q&A that extracted everyone on the call out of all forms of density and catapulted us into total lightness.

Prepare to open up, blaze forth, activate, initiate, and unfold… Your life is about to change FOREVER.

If you are being called to receive more heightened insights from William’s accelerated and powerful journeys, this BRAND NEW content will guide you to clarity, vibrancy, understanding, and total restoration.

His incredible video series, which has never, ever been released, will help you fully express your Divine magnificence as you activate, initiate, unfold and embrace every magnificent aspect of you.

Get in touch with your highest self, highest vibration and perfect creator consciousness and soar to a whole new level of manifestation and creation.

Take back your power and live as the creator of your own reality while effortlessly jumping back and forth from the mind to the heart and fully and fearlessly express all of your beautiful capacities.

Plus, his previously unreleased 5-module series helps you to release old resonant energies that have held you back and guide you to fully express YOU from the heart of your being.

Are you ready to discover all that you’re capable of creating and SO MUCH MORE?

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

A Conversation That Can Literally Change it All

Tom is a remarkably brilliant operator and amplifier of Scalar Energy who’s on a mission to help us transform our physical, emotional and mental experience by moving us into a revolutionary paradigm of healing.

From its mystical partnership with the Divine and its power to completely transform and transmogrify anything back into harmonic balance, Scalar Energy is an extraordinarily groundbreaking new science that is changing the course of humanity (and animal kind).

This field of new opportunity and possibility served as the perfect platform for our Q&A, which covered a plethora of topics and reviewed Tom’s simple yet powerful three-layer process for reversing and eradicating viruses and parasites as well as aiding and boosting the immune system while undergoing cancer treatment and recovering from surgery.

From ebola, candida, and arthritis, to phobias, fibromyalgia, and hormone balancing, this Divine technology of support offers a new way of living that has been exponentially improving our lifestyle and infusing the world with newfound light.

Sense and experience the wonder of this remarkable intelligence and learn how you can contribute to and benefit from Scalar Energy’s purifying, harmonizing, re-balancing life-force.


Tom has put together a remarkable, three-option special offer that gives you the capacity to experience three protocols to reduce pathogens, support the immune system in recovering from chronic illness and introduce micro-nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids.

This system has achieved incredible success all over the globe and has been scientifically proven to overcome Hepatitis C, Lyme Disease, Herpes, Candida, Depression, Anxiety, and over 12,000 pathogens.

This is your chance to really make a difference in your physical health and all of humankind…

Balance and harmonize everything, including your chakras – the 7 scalar energy-processing points in your body that are responsible for your emotional and mental state.

Disassemble pathogens then receive nutrient therapy energy to assemble nutrients.

You’ll get Scalar Energy treatment for 30 days and have the option to sign up for recurring sessions if you choose.

And Tom is offering his powerful Scalar Energy therapy at an exclusive price just for Healing With The Masters!

Are you ready for your miracle?