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Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

James Van Praagh’s Death Is A Doorway Replay

What an incredibly fun and insightful show that overflowed with amazing amounts of energy and cool vibrations.

James’ gifts are just astonishing and the information he brought forth is important for anyone who has loved ones on the other side.

We played deep in the energy of ONEness and learned so much about the adventures of the soul and the character of our loved ones once they leave the physical plane…

They are always with us, guiding us and very involved with our lives because we are invested in each other forever.

As James shared his experience of the dead with us, the signs and messages we received in real-time were wondrous and heartening. Even James was amazed!

In the moment, he decided to offer an exceptional bonus to his special offer that you MUST check out… It’s tremendous.

Then, our Q&A brought immense comfort and joy to everyone. The beautiful spirits that came through delivered messages of love, comfort, guidance and even humor.

We learned and witnessed, firsthand, how there really is no finality to death; it’s just a doorway to a new dimension of life.

​Listen to the replay here:

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Anita Moorjani’s Treasure Your Magnificence Replay

It was a true honor and gift to experience Anita’s beautiful energy and precious wisdom.

Her miraculous story of the journey through her illness and transportation to the “other side” awakened within us the clear reality that we are an expression of the Divine, connected to Source and, therefore, to each other.

And, most importantly, that we are loved.We were reminded that the quality of our lives is determined by our ability to love, honor and accept ourselves AND commit to our truth. In doing so, we open the channels for the universe and our guides to fully support us.

Anita lovingly shared with us some simple tips for cultivating more love and joy in our lives, drawing truth and beauty from within our hearts and reminding us of our magnificence.

The love we collectively emanated laid the perfect path to our Q&A, which offered deep healing and expansion for all of us…

From understanding how to love unconditionally and not endorse guilt, to learning how to help others move through health challenges while practicing self-love, we are more whole, enlivened and enlightened.

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Wendy and Victor Zammit’s Replay

Wendy and Victor Zammit’s passion for and expertise in afterlife investigation is quite spectacular.

Their magnificent experience with materialization mediumship not only offered a deeper understanding of the state of our loved ones’ souls, but confirmed the continuation of our relationships with those who’ve crossed over.

The astonishing evidence they shared proved that all our beloveds – including pets and loved ones from current AND past lives – are safe and sound on the other side, waiting there for us.

From understanding the time difference between our two worlds and learning how to connect with the part of our higher being that is already in the afterlife, Wendy and Victor’s discoveries brought significant encouragement.

Our incredible Q&A delivered a chock-full of profound information, including who greets us when we cross over, why some loved ones take longer to contact us, the ongoing development of methods used for after-death communication, and what happens to our pets’ souls.

As we gathered to speak about our beloveds, we could feel them gathering on the other side in support of us, showering us with love, which we embraced and shared with our callers.

You’ve got to tap into all the delightful energy and information on this one… Your perspective on death will never be the same.

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Thomas John’s The Love Continues Replay

Our time with Thomas John was beautiful and fun.

His amazing talent and extensive experience in connecting with the departed really painted the picture of what life is like on the other side…

A major dimension of beauty and joy with many different levels, our loved ones are “busy.”

From guiding us and supporting our journeys to working on their own continued evolution and fulfilling their soul assignments, each soul has their own reality based on the lessons that are unique unto them.

And, as their love and appreciation for us continues from “over there,” our connection to them is maintained.

Our Q&A was brilliant and Thomas’ astonishing ability to retrieve and precisely disseminate details that came through for our callers from their passed loved ones assured ALL of us that we are being watched, guided and supported and that all is well in the love-filled afterlife.

Make sure you listen to this refreshing replay…

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Colette Baron Reid’s Immortal Soul Frequency Replay

It is always an amazing treat to experience the wonderful combination of all of Colette’s phenomenal gifts.

Her personal story solidified a profound lesson for each of us — that we cannot escape what we came here to play with.

By embracing her calling as a spiritual medium, she brings healing, closure and enlightenment to thousands around the world, including us (through this very show).

We learned a TON about the evolution of our own souls AND those of our beloveds and how we have the capacity to heed the messages of our loved ones from the other side because we still share the same soul frequency.

Our powerful Q&A set the stage for Colette to deliver her astonishing intuitive and psychic gifts…

From messages and signs that brought clarity on career paths, relationship dynamics and important life decisions, our callers co-created some of the most incredible opportunities for awakening, growth and healing.

Make sure you catch this fun, amazing, informative show.

Listen to the replay here:

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Prepare for your mind to harness its natural capacity to understand all of life as you move into a new resonance of creation to manifest the life you want – the life already within you just waiting to be discovered, awakened.

Join Colette on this powerful journey to welcoming the life you’re meant for.

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Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Annie Kagan’s The Love Remains – Replay

What a tremendously enlightening journey we shared with Annie Kagan.

Her extraordinary personal communications with her deceased brother, Billy, helped us so clearly see the sweetness of eternal spirit and the unconditional love that forever supports us from the other side.

We realized that everything is temporary, that we can overcome the idea of separation and stay connected to our beloveds by “paying tribute.”

Through allowing ourselves to be in the present moment exactly as we are and embrace our grief as our path to awakening, we evolve further, along with our beloveds, into our highest healing.

Our wonderful Q&A allowed us to dispel many old myths about dying and grieving; we got a better understanding of what our beloveds want for us and how to open the channel of communication, and we learned that what we make of what we do is what matters most.

This show is a beautiful reassurance of the lasting connection to our loved ones.

Listen to the replay here:

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Dancing With The God Code: Rikka Zimmerman’s Beautiful Replay

OMG… Rikka Zimmerman delivered a foundation-rocking, heart-opening, soul-ascending show yesterday.

Her session work, processes, insights and activation statements brought us into our higher dimension of Heaven, which is here NOW and already within each of us.

We learned how the quality of our life is based on what we choose to empower and, by choosing our I AM, the universe turns and shifts to deliver our new reality (because WE are claiming IT).

Our remarkable Q&A prompted more God Code Activations, which brought our presence into the universe of I AM where we manifested miracles of self-love, healing, clarity, release, flow, safety, and possibility.

This show is seriously overflowing with limitless light of transformation that helped us completely re-write the whole of reality and fully embody the joy, magic, beauty, and possibility that we are.

We are still vibrating and tingling…

You’ve got to catch the replay and bring a pen and paper to capture the unique and beautiful information that Rikka shares.

Your life will be completely different by the end of this one…

Rikka’s personal journey, AND her work with THOUSANDS of souls, has led her to uncover the most powerful portal to manifestation.

Through this EXCLUSIVE, BRAND NEW special offer, Rikka’s giving you everything YOU need to discover the missing link that has eluded you until right now — so that you can use it to create YOUR most magnificent life.

You’re going to uncover THE GOD CODE… A high-vibrating light, an ascended dimension of being in which you exist where you are fully the energy of God.

In this place:
Your heart is one with God’s heart
Your body is one with God’s body
Your energy is one with God’s energy

And because God’s energy (or Source, Divinity, Divine Light) is overflowing, ever-present and never-ending, it flows with love, light, and magical possibilities.

The secret God Code Activating Statements and frequencies unveiled in this program will effortlessly evaporate the layers of separation that have been limiting you and your life.

You’ll fully move into creating your DREAM life from the God Frequency that you truly are.

AND, you’ll manifest the financial abundance, wonderful relationships, vibrant health and energy, mental clarity and peace you’ve dreamed of.

PLUS, Rikka’s throwing in an awesome 30-day Trial Membership bonus to her Adventure In Oneness membership site!
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You’ll experience 45-minute interactive, live streams; a LIVE, 90-minute group coaching call; abundance activations, and more (You’ll get the opportunity to interact directly with Rikka!).

It’s time to let go of the old world of separation and embrace your new way of being.
It’s time to embody your God Code Vibration and create your higher-vibrating, love-inducing, most magnificent masterpiece of a life!