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August 6th, 2009

Abraham: WAR, PETS AND ALIGNMENT – Esther & Jerry Hicks

Another amazing Abraham-Hicks video…

“Your discomfort is not because you took lives… it is all mutual co-creation and there is no death… your suffering because you followed guidance other than the guidance that was coming forth from within.”

“This pain that you are feeling is not because that other person has died, this pain that you are feeling is because you are using this as your excuse for not being who you are [a divine being of love and light]”

This pretty much cuts to the core of it doesn’t it.

So what/who are you using as a distraction for avoiding the glory of who you really are?


  1. Peter says:

    Now Jennifer, Abraham really clears up questions many folks will have with this one. The example and explanation they use here transcends an entire multitude of issues that hold many fine folks back from re-learning who they really are.
    All grand stuff my dear.