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September 16th, 2009

Getting a llittle wet to get what you need – a metaphor for life

I love cats and this video made me smile. But as with all things in my life I look to how it made me feel and asked into that feeling. What I got as I asked in, was this beautiful metaphor of life…

Sometimes ya gotta get a little wet to get what you need.

Why not enjoy those "wet" life moments as this cat is doing. It reminds me of that great Abraham video (a few posts ago… just scroll down) that asked "Why does the dog risk getting bugs in its eyes to stick its head out the window?" (paraphrased). Same idea, we come to this life experience to fully EXPERIENCE all of it not just the perceived good but all.

When we come at life from this perspective then it changes from victim to creator, from something done "TO" me to something that I am ready for and that is why it showed up.

So allow yourself to get a little wet, and why not enjoy it in the process?


  1. Rob Lear says:

    That was hysterical! I have never seen a cat so comfortable with water, especially on their head. I think you could throw her in the pool and she’d be right a home.

  2. Colleen in MA says:

    great post! I love inspiration mixed with some humor. thank you!