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February 5th, 2009

Recession is a state of mind

RecessionA couple of hundred thousand people have lost their jobs. That is incredibly challenging for those who are experiencing this. But even for those who are in this situation there is opportunity here. I have spoken in my many talks about The Compression Theory… we ask for something that we want and everything that is not in alignment with that dream will show up to be release. If you are looking for your dream job –and you are NOT in that dream job– you may be forced out in order to pursue your dream (just one small example). It is all here for you, ALL of it.

I am already hearing the “yeah buts,”  but, I don’t have any money, but, I have to look for another job and that will take all my time, but, I am not in a good space now because I am scared. I get that, I have been there too.

The absolute BEST thing you can do for yourself is change your mind about all of this by doing a very simple exercise: feel into what is REALLY going on. Feel into the energy of where you are right now and I guarantee that you will see a flicker of the light at the end of that big ‘ole tunnel. That alone can dramatically change your energy. Then get into the habit of using those moments of fear and panic as the sign that it is time to go inside again and feel the opportunities coming your way.

Let’s get back to this whole notion of recession: 11% or more are now unemployed,  that means that there are 89% that are in the same financial position as they were a year ago, prior to this so called recession. Let’s be fair here and say that 80% of all of us are in the same if not a better position (I talk to literally dozens of people weekly that are telling me they are actually doing better (and I am one of those). What is happening is a state of mind– that 11% is telling the 80% that they could be in trouble too, so DON’T SPEND.  Guess what happens? They don’t spend so more will lose their jobs. These 80% have exactly what they have always had and yet fear is stopping them. And guess what fear will create for them… yep you got it, their circumstances will likely reflect their fear and they may go into poverty.

Your personal job is to see the opportunity that is right before you, see that it truly is thought creating reality. Here are a few things you can do to overcome the fears:

  • DON’T WATCH THE NEWS, it is just going to make you afraid and it is not real, you make your life.
  • Your credit score is a false sense of financial well being, if it goes down it has NOTHING to do with your self worth. I know lots of people with terrible credit scores that just use cash and they are doing very well. I know someone with a 560 score that bought a BMW for mostly cash and some credit!
  • Use many of the free gifts so many in the spiritual community are offering here is just one 777SelfHelp   [Note once you sign up you have to wade through a sales page, just scroll to the bottom and click on the "no thanks..." link]
  • Use the moments of anxiety to go inside, here is a link to a free audio I offer that can take you inside and release some of this anxiety. Here is the link to a talk I did with at least 6 clearing techniques, (This is FREE!!)
  • Spend some money and feel the flow of giving that it sets off. I am not saying go and spend all your savings, but stop holding back out of fear. If you want something and feel you can handle the expense then buy it, it keeps the energy going.
  • Here is one from Abraham Hicks, put a $100 bill in your wallet. Whenever you are out and about, if you see something you might like, you can say with all certainty, “I could buy that, I have $100 right here.” You don’t have to buy it but feel into how it makes you feel that you could.
  • (OK here is some shameless promotion) buy my Abundance/Recession audio, it is 47 minutes of clearing the recession from your essence and creating the energy of abundance AND a soul song to help the energy along (while healing the whole global economy).
  • OR come to my Heal Your Life ~ Heal Your Business workshop it is available virtually streaming live and recorded, or you can come in person. It is designed to heal the obstacles to wealth then provide info for you to truly start and run your own business.
  • If you have products, FEEL into the product and how it is serving your customers. Feel how they are changing by having your product. Care about how they are receiving it… this can make a HUGE difference. Feel them WANTING to pay you the value of the energy exchange for this product.
  • Be grateful for whatever you have. Do you have $10 in the bank? Be profoundly grateful for that. Do you have enough to pay this month’s electricity? Then be profoundly grateful for that. Do you have people who care about you and love and support you whether you are rich or poor… that is huge, feel you heart melt right now as you think about those who love you. Here is a link to a short but profound gratitude body dialog session (it's free too!).
  • Know that all is in absolute divine order and that what you want is coming toward you no matter how today looks… if you know that, if you go inside right now and even feel a glimmer of that, it opens your energy to receive.
  • Feel into the 80% who are just fine and feel into them opening to this kind of information, see them reading these kinds of things and sense their relaxation and opening (listen to the Soul Song of the Economy as you do this and it will contribute that much more).
  • Know that you know… and that your are fine, no matter what happens all is well and you can change your perception of it (even if for 17 seconds) and you will start to feel that knowing.
  • I love you all so very much! Feel that, allow that to soak in, you are, and always will be, loved and cherished.

Find the love that you are no matter what is up.

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  1. Thanks Jennifer, for your engaged news of how to feel our way into where we really belong. It is so good of you to hold this Divine space for us, as we each create a little more heaven on earth everyday, even if it is just by getting through the day. Panic may not be pretty, but the day still passes, and there are more options to seek the next day.
    Yesterday a friend told me how freaked out he is with President Obama being different now that he is in office. My team showed me a physical posture, very T’ai Chi like, imagining the President standing in front of us, and each of us is in a grounded stance where we have one of our hands on the back side of his heart chakra, supporting him, just supporting him energetically.
    Then my team showed me what some of us are doing, which looks as if we had stepped to one side and looked down at him fallen off his pedestal (the one we made ;-) lying on the ground while we stand to one side and look down at him. Which picture do we choose?
    We don’t have to agree with everything he is doing, but we have to walk our talk and support him energetically to help him to make choices we can all live with. Yes, there is some ‘politics as usual’ but it will not last so long if we take energetic responsibility for offering this other energy, instead of ditching our connection, and trashing our own dreams.
    Finally my team asks, what if we all do this energetic heart support for ourselves and each other, too? That is the way to welcome the age we are creating. I feel like that is what you are creating with this blog post – relief is a state of mind too!
    Blessings, Denise Schultz

  2. Ivone says:

    Your downloads are not working. One led to Dream weaver but nothing on it. the other plainly just didn’t work.
    Please inform how to solve this.

  3. Alisa Rose says:

    BEAUTIFUL, Jennifer, Thank You! You are magnificently generous.
    and , wow, thank you also to Denise for her sharing here!
    One point I want to add is that it is not Obama who is different now that he’s pres.–he voted for the Patriot Act and increasing military spending. So, what Denise said about Us not abandoning Our dreams and visions, and thus supporting Them ( our dreams) energetically is key, I feel.
    WE joined together with Mr. O. to put him physically where he is because of his true heart.
    Perhaps we can also be of support by collectively sending Love to the White House itself!
    Have a Love-ly Day,
    Alisa Rose

  4. Well said, Alisa. Thank you for your clarity.

  5. Nan Akasha says:

    I love your posts they feel like they come right form inside me!
    I never watch the news, for almost 20 years now, and I can’t explain how empowering it is…you do T miss out and you get along better.
    Remember that money is energy, just like anything else. It is you/us who put the meanings on it. We keep it away by being mad, scared, frustrated and buying into what others (media) tell us it means. Recession is also a concept, means nothing to me. In fact, when someone says recession, i do not feel fear or lack, I feel excitement. DO you know that more massive wealth has been made in recessions than any other time?
    Recession merely means change. Things have shifted and if we ride the wave and look for the opportunities in the shift, we prosper and grow. When you hold on to the old way of things, you feel the pain. You have to let go of needing things to be the same, listening to what others say is happening and go within. What is really happening for you?
    Like Jennifer, my business is taking off, and I am having a great time. I know that what is happening around me is not true for me unless I choose it to be. I get to decide what I feel, attract and experience. I get to create my own reality and that includes, prosperity, money and wealth.
    Opportunities are all around us. Make your intention to see, choose and allow in new and lucrative opportunities and then look for them.
    You are the only one at the helm of your ship, your life. You get to choose the meaning of what happens to and around you. You get to decide to believe that losing your job is the end or the beginning. Do you want to grow, have fun and create wealth and happiness, or live in fear and scarcity?
    Wallowing in fear does not serve you, your family or anyone. Feeling powerless and ‘playing small’ actually makes that the reality you are living.
    DO the things Jen suggests here, get on my free http://AskYourMoneyMuse.com call, join any group of positive, empowering people and decide today to choose a world of wealth, health, love and joy. Do not wait for Obama, your employer, spouse or anyone to make your life better. You are the master of your life’s experience, be it.
    I believe you can, I know it, I am here to help too…Nan Akasha http://mymoneymuse.com

  6. Dino says:

    The beauty of the earth, connects with the beauty of the heart mind and soul. ddw.edbd

  7. David says:

    Thank you for this perspective! It is much ended. We always have enough if it comes from our state of being.