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February 4th, 2009

Being There – Resistance for Ease

I am watching the movie Being There with Peter Sellers. It is about a man who was literally raised by the television. He has very little vocabulary and talks about gardening. He is thrown into the world after his only caretaker dies. Through a series of circumstances he is seen almost as a savior because his world view is so simple… when he speaks people think he is speaking in metaphors and they read whatever they want into what he is speaking.

Through the movie we guffaw at these silly people not seeing what is really happening. But then the final scene in the movie is the Peter Sellers character walking on water… designed to really make you think if this simplicity isn’t really the answer to overcoming the illusion of our lives (my interpretations).

The ultimate intrigue of the movie is that Shirley McLain is in it and it was filmed right when she came out of the spiritual closet and risked her career to show us some new insights on what life might be. ALSO this was Peter Sellers last film, he died not to long after this move came out.

So how often do I use complicated words and images and processes to improve what is really a simple thing. How about you? What in your life could be completely simplified to the point of creating a new sense of ease and effortlessness?

Many times the things we are most worried about are the things that are ready to be simplified.

Simplified might mean re-organizing, it may mean downsizing, it may mean leaving a job or a relationship. Our resistance to these things that are coming to us (because they are there to help us) is sometimes the only thing holding us back from an easier fulfilled life. “Resistance is futile,” “what your resist persists “are well know quotes that resonate deep. The resistance piece is the evidence that there is something to review, to notice to go deeper with. This resistance can also show up as making a big decision, going for the new job or career, moving in with your significant other, having a baby, taking responsibility for something that appeared to go “wrong” (there is never ANY wrong it all just is on our path to a juicy life adventure). So what are you resisting, how can you change your angle of perception to see it in a new light, one of simplicity and ease?

What is showing up in your life to illustrate both ease and resistance? Use these as evidence or examples of what works and what doesn’t work. Use the tension it brings to go into your body and explore the tension, ask into it, what does it have to show you? What does it (ultimately you) need? Follow the path that resistance is showing you and/or feel into the good that ease is showing you.


  1. This is such a great post and such a great movie. I loved that all of his metaphors about life come from his experiences in the garden. I’ve heard others like Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer talk about the lessons that can be learned from nature. When you used the word resistance, it reminded me of surrendering to what is and again back to nature with Luke 12:17. When I began my spiritual transformation last year, I began to notice spiritual messages in mainstream movies I had missed before. Ground Hog Day and Regarding Henry come to mind. Neale Donald Walsch’s friend Stephen Simon has a couple of books on the subject of spiritual cinema. I look forward to reading them.