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September 24th, 2008

Trust… Faith… how to dicover it

We had a marvelous session last night with Sandra Lemieux the minister, intuitive life coach and energy medicine practitioner on Healing With The Masters – The Daily Work. Sandra did a session with one the audience members that was a catalyst for each person on the call. There were shared tears and rememberings that brought us all to a new place.

We talked about the importance of seeking our inner guidance and trusting that. We reviewed how important our emotional compass is to directs us the the true course of our life, using the joys AND the sorrows to discover what gifts they can reveal to us… what we are ready to release, and what we can now embrace.

We covered how we don't have to be "nice" that we can actually move on from unwanted situations. In fact it is our duty to ourselves as well as those we are leaving. That we actually do a disservice to those who we are in conflict by not acknowledging that it is harming us and not taking care of ourselves.

ALSO Sandra offered an amazing special buy 1 session and get the 2nd session with her for half price ($150 total A $50 savings), AND/or invest in a month of coaching and get the second month for 1/2 price (a $300 savings)! For the coaching you will receive 4, 1.5 hour coaching sessions (X2 months). Sandra is also my coach so I can tell you first hand that you will change! Just send her an email to sandra@lemusing.com to book your coaching and/or sessions.

So much on this telseminar called to the hearts of so many.

If you have not done so, you can sign up at www.healingwiththemasters.com to receieve the dial up information for Thursday's call with Keith and Maura Leon and you can still hear the recording of the call with Sandra until tomorrow night. Once you sign up you can still purchase this series and own these remarkable healing calls yourself to listn to and remind you of who you really are.

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