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April 21st, 2008

Using Emotions to Get What You Want

Last Tuesday April 15 we had a big crowd participate in the inaugural The Daily Work call with New York Times Best selling author of Your Destiny Switch, Peggy McColl. It is an amazing book that really teaches you about understanding and leveraging your emotions to then “switch” them into the positive, andEmotions_faces
therefore pulling your life into the flow of good rushing toward you. She also covered her new book Twenty One distinctions of Wealth, another important book that will help you to habituate yourself to wealth.

Besides the great insights and content Peggy offered, one of the thing I noticed with her, and many spiritual leaders, is their vigilant commitment to working on themselves. They buy the newest books read voraciously listen to multitudes of CDs attend workshops, go on cruises and apply many, many techniques each day. They are at it all the time. Now I ask you, how much if your time is spent on efforts to creating the life you want? The caveat is of course visualizing, feeling then LETTING GO, not hanging on for dear life to your dreams. Your dreams need the space to grow and manifest.

There were a lot of questions that came through the webcast, and I would like take a couple of days each week to blog and answer some of those questions as this 12 week Healing With The Masters Intensive progresses.

[If you haven’t signed up yet it is absolutely free and runs on Tuesday nights 7PM Eastern through to July 1. AND if you can’t make Tuesdays a recorded version will be available for 48 hours to listen in after the fact. PLUS there is an interactive webcast so international participants don’t have to worry about long distance calls and you can ask questions in the moment. www.healingwiththemasters.com]

Here is a good question that came from the Webcast form:

    “I am presently in debt, should I PAY a consultant or a life coach to help me, using money I don’t have? Isn’t that digging the hole deeper?”

Peggy’s answer was to be careful where you spend your money if it is tight, but to do what feels right and best to further your dreams. I use a method to go inside the body and determine what “Yes” feels like and compare that to what “No” feels like. If you check out Yes and feel into your body all the qualities of Yes, you will be able to really start sensing it a little more each time you explore this sensation. It is like growing the “Yes muscle.” Then feel what No feels like by comparison. So, if you are tight on money and want to invest in a program or book, go inside and feel your answer. Notice that guilt feels different than no or yes. If it feels like yes then do it, commit to it whole heartedly. If it is yes ignore the guilt go to the feelings of having what you want and dote on those feelings until you have changed your guilt into this new feeling of yes.

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  1. Aloha!
    Just a quick note from Sweden saying thank you for your tele-seminar that I enjoy listening to over the internet. In 2005 I discovered Abraham-Hick after a lecture of Wayne Dyer in Hawaii and I really needed a reminder. I am starting the prosperity game tomorrow!
    Love Light Blessings,