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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Heal Your Life ~ Heal Your Business

[NOTE: scroll down for an exercise that will instantly bring you into the moment]

So we just have two more weeks before I will be playing with you to guide you to your success and abundance AND for you to experience some serious yet simple step-by-step information on how to achieve success… by either starting your online business or expanding your real world business (and career) through sound online and influence building practices.

~Heal Your Life, Heal Your Business Workshop~

I love this life I have created for myself after leaving over 20 years of a corporate marketing paycheck. I am committed to show as many people as possible the tips and tricks to achieving success by both releasing the internal obstacles, and applying the new found confidence (from those releases), into new business strategies.

I think my life's works has culminated in this workshop and I would LOVE for you to join me.

The Early Bird Special is still on until Feb 13, so come join us in sunny Southern California Feb 19 – 22 for some fun, some healing, some learning and some wealth building strategies.
2 DAYS OF HEALING then 2 DAYS OF NEW BUSINESS CONTENT (when you are most open to new information for your business, because you released the obstacles to your success in the first two days!).

I have negotiated a special rate with the hotel for your stay here (bring a bathing suit), AND to save you even more money I am arranging a roommate matching service… so you can split the hotel stay with a new friend that I will introduce you to.

Have you written or a book or do you have a product to sell… bring some extra copies and sell it at the "Participant Store" (and keep all the profits).

One time payment too much? I have a payment plan that you can use to spread the payment out over 1, 2, 3 or even 4 months. AND there is a bring a friend for half price special!
I really want to make this as easy as possible to come, and I know you will be a changed person when we are done.

So here is a tip… tap your sternum area / breastbone, near your heart in the rhythm of a heartbeat.

Say to yourself "I am here" while you are tapping that heart beat on your chest.

Look at the proximity of the objects in the room to where you are sitting… notice that the objects are where they are, and you are where you are–and feel into the space in between you.

Say to yourself a couple of time "I am here" while continuing to still tap the heartbeat. 

This is an exercise to almost instantly put you into the moment and into the flow of divine energy AND in vibrational resonance with what you want.

Now do me a favor, from here ask into the moment to picture yourself at my Heal Your Life, Heal Your Business workshop and feel in your body what it feels like to be there. Tapping your heartbeat and still saying "I am here" feel the hot warm Southern California air and picture the palm trees, does it feel like you should be here? Do you feel the energy of the room, the speakers, the shifts that are happening? If so then consider joining us. If not then this is likely not for you at this time. You will know immediately if this is right for you from this exercise.

You can use that exercise to feel into just about any decision you need to make. Use it and bring yourself into the moment and into your divine flow, and it will surely guide you.

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008


I have a GREAT gift idea for you… The Big Book of YOU! AND
you can get yet another discount by purchasing in bulk (see coupon below).

The book is not your average book and why lots of folks are seeing
that it makes a nice gift: It is a hard cover coffee table book (8.5 x 11 horizontal).
The inside pages are filled with artwork, photography, poetry (about the light and
dark of life), inspirational  quotes, as
well as pages of text dedicated to the many spiritual principles I have
developed over 25 years of playing and healing and working with clients.

It is an original piece of art that your friends and family
will enjoy. AND it will help them to find new ways to shift life’s difficulties
into gifts of release.

So, it is giving you triple duty: 

 check off a gift
on your list

– get an almost 40% discount

– AND help them to move into peace and health.

Cool huh?

Here is how the coupon works, by simply purchasing 5 books
or more you will receive a 10% discount off the entire order (that is after the already 30% discount on the

AND you will still receive all the great bonus

You can share that bonus gift link with those
you give the gift of the book to so they can enjoy the bonuses as well

You can still participate in the remaining Big
Book of YOU Teleseminar calls

AND you can upgrade to purchase and own the Big
Book of a YOU teleseminar series of six audios at the low introductory price
(another great gift).

Coupon Code: BBY5BOOKS

When you click on the purchase link at
 simply change the quantities in your order
to 5 then in the coupon area put in BBY5BOOKS and you will receive your additional
10% off.

I have been honored to receive wonderful feedback on my
little baby (The Big Book of YOU) and
know that you and your friends will enjoy it… who knows it might even change
your live and theirs?

Thanks for being part of this special community of readers,
I am honored and happy to have you join me on this wonderful spiritual
adventure called life.

Friday, April 11th, 2008

What Happened to Jennifer McLean?

So it has been a while since I blogged, I posted some announcements yesterday, but thought I at least owed you an explanation of my absence.

Bottom line is I have been having health issues… "adrenal exhaustion" that appears to have been cause by a nasty flu I contracted on my trip to Russia last fall. It was been fairly debilitating so I have had to cut a bunch of things out of my life. As with all of life there are many many blessing that accompany this "challenge.’

This is my first "illness" although I have had  injuries previously I have never been bed ridden with a health issue. This has really made me a more compassionate healer and I think broadened my work to encompass those with like challenges. The work I have done on myself around this health challenge has deepened me and I actually feel lighter and more grounded at the same time. The miracle of life is that we can use these opportunities to explore more, go deeper, and realign and release into new patterns of health.

I am convinced that I am ready for a different life and this illness is a catalyst for that. I am dreaming big and the universe is agreeing and offering me a chance to really look at the preexisting causes of some chronic health issues that have lead to this one and to once and for all release them.

I have self discovered new exercises and healing processes that I never would have found had this not happened. Ones that I am now using in my products (in particular the new Grief Tonal Healing Mp3 and the New Recession Buster Mp3) and in my sessions with clients. I have been forced to look at what I have been creating in my life and make some new choices. What a miracle huh?

Abraham Hicks has this saying they used quite a bit (and I am paraphrasing)… There is a difference in vibrational resonance to; stopping activities due to arthritis and wallowing in that vs having arthritis and being hopeful. I have learned to be much more resilient, appreciative, and I absolutely know that this is yet another process in answer to my requests for more, and it is allowing me to truly and authentically in all my presence fully open to my dreams.

What in your life can you now use as a catalyst to go deeper and move into a more authentic version of yourself?

What in your life appears to be negative but is actually there because you have the dream, the strength and the wherewithal to handle this challenge?

Know now that this challenge is here BECAUSE you are ready to manage it and release into something new, AND because you asked for a new dream and bigger life, this is the path, the catalyst, into change to achieve that life.