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Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

A Course In Miracles Perspective

Today I interviewed Tomas Vieira and Nouk Sanchez on my first interview of The Healing With The Masters – The Daily Work series ( Tomas and Nouk wrote a wonderful book Take Me to Truth that arose from the authors’ sincere commitment to live out (over 17 years) the principles outlined in A Course in Miracles. They are a couple who divorced to save their relationship. They are living examples of the power of Quantum Forgiveness. The result is this revealing guide to the six stages of spiritual awakening.

Tonight Nouk and Tomas walked us through "quantum forgiveness," "radical self inquiry" and "now moment presence" part of their IPQ system that encourages you to be in the moment and use the reactions and emotional buttons that get pushed to review where you are at and what you are feeling. You can use the moment to explore and release what your are seeing as the illusions in front of you releasing the ego mindset.

The key is to see others as they really are to move past their dysfunctional projection of who they appear to be, and in turn to allow yourself to be seen. Opening yourself to be vulnerable is part of showing up as your true authentic self. It is a great risk but also delivers the biggest reward.

A really remarkable conversation. I highly recommend

their book that reveals their story and how they have lived the Course in Miracles with truly miraculous results.

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Joe Vitale will be speaking with us on Thursday.