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Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Cleansing Emotions as Well as the Colon

I am starting a cleans today. My normal method of cleansing
is the “703 cleanse” by Bud Curtis.
His cleanse is unique and offers some intense options. If you’re in for a
tough, full time (you’re focused on the cleanse at all times) 7-day cleanse,
then this is for you. I have done this one 4 times, and every time I felt like
crap and had issues with hypoglycemia. But I felt great afterward. I also liked
it because was did not allow the time or energy for cheating.Toxinout_box_sm_2

However, this time I am trying a more gentle approach it is
a 3-month program by Dr. Natura. I am
doing both the colon cleans and the “Toxin-Out” program. What
feels different
to me this time around is I am choosing to be gentler (and risking that I will
cheat). It feels like it is time to explore the feelings and emotions that
inevitably come up and allow the time for acknowledgment and release. The daily
rituals of the 703 cleanse were so distracting that I wasn’t able to be with my
body and experience the release of the emotions.

From a Polarity Therapy
perspective, the colon can hold fear and anxiety, so when you are going through
a cleanse anticipate that these emotions are going to show up. My sense is that
if you are not open to the emotional release that can occur during a cleanse
the process isn’t as deep and won’t be as successful. BUT simply by choosing to
go through a cleanse we are making an unconscious decision to open up to the
emotional baggage that might be stuck in the colon along with the real impacted
material.  If we can bring some
consciousness to the emotional pieces of the changes, I believe we all would
have better results and longer term health benefits.

This applies to just about any change we undertake whether
that is diet, exercise, relationships or jobs. Allow for the inevitable
emotions that will come up. Feel them, express them, release them in love and
forgiveness and the process will be deeper, more positive and life changing.

I will likely keep you posted on the cleanse and any
observations about the emotional healing aspects.

If anyone has used this product or has gone through a great
cleanse and wants to share just reply in  comments and let us know or email me and I will write about
it in future posts.