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Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Greg Braden on Healing With theMasters

Gregg was amazing as usual. His healing voice took us on a journey through our past and into our possible future. He shared about the the amazing cycle we are in; the last of 5, 5125 year cycles that is part of a 26,000 year cycle. He showed us that there are certain "symptoms" like weather changes that force us to grow food differently, collapses of systems that no longer serve, all found in the archaeological history.

Science is validating the cycle we are in and that the magnetic field coming from the center of the milky way is impacting the earth and her inhabitants.  However the most important magnetic field is the one in the human heart… and that is also the "cure" for these symptoms.

Being kind to one another (and if you are about to react and "take someone out" emotionally/verbally whatever, pause and breath first). Count daily on the little things that you have done that are adding to the collective consciousness. Ask yourself, how can I make this world a better place than when you came in. Those are the things that will lead us into a new world order of peace and coherence AND he stated that just ONE person can make a difference…

Gregg also talked about coherence, by simply being in a state of coherence that energetic state can help all. ONE person in this state can help literally thousands. What they have discovered is that coherence is not just feeling good or being in a meditative state, but it is a state of "beingness." Gregg mentioned HeartMath and the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) that is the product and research entity receptively that is investigating and helping to create coherence in individuals. If you go to the GCI site you can become a member and become more informed about their amazing initiatives.

One gadget that comes out of HeartMath is the EM Wave. Gregg and I spoke about, and I personally use it daily, it is quite an amazing devise that helps train you to achieve coherence. I just love this thing and as I write this I am now realizing that it has contributed to an overarching sense of peace and well being (and I think opened the doors to abundance too) more than I have ever experience before in my life. So check it out if you are interested…. Howard Martin of HeartMath will be speaking about this too when he is on April 7 show (I mistakenly said he would be on April 2 during the show, that is incorrect it is actually Tuesday April 7) so you won't want to miss that one!

I actually believe that Stephen Lewis' AIM program is another way that we can reach coherence, as is many of the dozens of techniques that Jack Canfield walked us through and just about an technique that the many speakers on Healing With the Masters offers. [Stephen offered us a great discount to join the AIM program that expires on Monday March 31 so you can still access that HERE.]

Gregg's new book, that all this content was reference from, just launched last week and he still has an amazing launch site up where you can get free bonus gift items and win a cruise with Abraham -Hicks! Go to this site first to buy the book so you can get at all this wonderful stuff (

If you have not yet joined Healing With the Masters do join now it is absolutely FREE and you can still listen to Gregg's call through the weekend once you join. AND there are still 17 more speakers to go!


If you want more of Gregg, here is a GREAT story from Gregg Braden captued by By Phil Bolsta from his Triumph of the Spirit blog,

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009


In anticipation of Gregg Braden's call tomorrow on Healing With the Masters and his new book Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age, the folks over at Hay House asked me to supply them with my definition of what 2012 is all about. So I thought I would share my thoughts with you too (AND don't miss tomorrows call with Gregg! Sign up here

2012 what is up with that date huh?

It shows up in too many ancient and modern texts to ignore… so what is it and who will we be when it is done? To me it is the divine consciousness coming into our hearts and truly blossoming. I believe it is the end of time, but that does not mean the end of the earth but the possible end of history (and of the history of man and war with it). This is a time of awakening and of owning our role in the creation of the universe through our thoughts and beliefs. 

Being in complete awareness of our vibrational resonance in relationship to our surroundings can shift us instantly into a moment of congruency, self responsibility, and ultimately love. That “moment of congruency” is what it will look like when the spark of the divine, that is within each of us, and a sense of personal ownership, is ignited into a critical mass  global awakening.

I even think the Christian notion of The Rapture could be relevant. But to me instead of Christ coming down and taking all the true believers, it is the Christ consciousness that is awakening within us AND, that may lead us into a new dimension, a new vibrational reality. This new vibrational dimension could actually look to those who are not vibrating at that same frequency, like we “disappeared.” Anything is possible isn’t it? I for one am playing at raising my vibration and using my life’s challenges and opportunities, as a juicy pathway to opening, owning, and taking command of the creative life force that I am.

~~ Jennifer McLean Author of The Big Book of You Host of Healing With the Masters

See you on the call tomorrow :)

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Eric Pearl – Light and Information

We had a truly unbelievable call tonight with cutting edge healer Eric Pearl founder of
The Reconnection. Eric took us deep
down the rabbit hole, we took the red pill, we went out there… ok you get the
idea. As one participant emailed me after: "I am still listening with the ears
of my soul."

Eric gave us a succinct yet deep description of The Reconnective
energy and The Reconnection describing how it started and how it evolved.

He talked about the "strings" and the "strands" that were mentioned in the 6 statements given to him by over 50 patients in a trance / channeled state. Eric described the changes we are going through, how the 4D bubble that is where we are consisting of height, width, depth and time is expanding… time is moving faster and our capacity to know more and experience so much more is here. He likened the DNA to software and we are receiving an upgrade.

There are scientist around the world that a backing up this information. Later in the program Lynne McTaggart and Gregg Braden both quoted by Eric in the call and in his book respectively, are going to be on the Healing With The Masters show and we can go even deeper!

importantly he shared with us a rare channeling that personally gave me chills. He read through the channeling he originally received in 1994–it was obvious
that these channelings are even more relevant to us now AND that these
channelings will likely affect you personally even though they were given to
Eric then.

I like to listen to my speakers after the call, but
know that I will listen to this one many times to hear the nuances of the
information Eric shared, you will likely want to as well. ALSO The Reconnection
energies were present and palatable and you will experience something
significant simply by listening. DON'T MISS THIS ONE! Sign up at and I will send you an email with the link to listen… you can still do so until Thursday evening.

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Gregg Braden, Lynne McTaggart, Joe Vitale, Eric Pearl…

Announcing Healing With The Masters – The Daily Work Volume II

Several years ago I had a dream of bringing some of my most
important spiritual influences to an audience of like minded individuals. I
dreamt of having one-on-one conversations with those who changed my life, and
introduce them to thousands more to help them find new ways of living and
growing into their next best version of themselves. I visualized an audience
who, like me, had explored, healed and evolved in many ways, and is now looking
to join others to find new answers and explore deeper hidden places within and

With over 18,000 plays and downloads of the calls from the
marvelous speakers of the first spring program, my dream has indeed become a
reality. AND now I have expanded the program to two nights a week (Tuesdays and
Thursdays), and attracted the cutting edge of new thought leadership to this
fall program…

I am SO excited to announce Volume II of the Healing With
The Masters – The Daily Work program…

If you were drawn to this post you likely know the people mentioned in the headline… those four AMAZING
speakers along with 17 others (yes that is right 21 speakers!!) are joining me
for the fall 2008 Volume II of Healing With The Masters – The Daily Work

On Tuesday September 16 the new series is starting with 21
leaders in wellness and new thought sharing their personal techniques and
practices they have used to achieve the life of their dreams and how
their techniques in their books and programs are changing lives.

I will
be having intimate conversations with these "masters" and you can listen in and
interact with each of them every Tuesday and Thursday night from September 16  -
November 25 4 PM Pacific time, 6 PM Central time and 7 PM Eastern

Imagine you could sit down with Gregg Braden and discuss The
Divine Matrix
or his new book The Science of Miracles and how he
removed cancer from his body…

or with Joe Vitale, a featured teacher in
The Secret and author of Zero Limits, The Attractor
and more than 30 other books speaking about moving from homeless to
multimillionaire and now spiritual mentor?

You could ask what obstacles
Lynne McTaggart had to overcome to find her way onto the New York Times
bestseller list for her international best selling sensations The Intention
and The Field

or ask renowned Hay House Radio
personality and best selling author of 10 books Sonia Choquette about her new
book and program The Answer is Simple, Love Yourself Love Your Spirit.

Maybe how Dannion Brinkley survived being struck by lightening and his
startling adventure to the other side that brought forth his healing and psychic

Then there is Dr. Eric Pearl's amazing story of the discovery of
his remarkable healing abilities how his hands blistered and bled and this
energy healed the unhealable…


This is your chance to hear, integrate
and apply their stories and techniques to your own life.

NOW, if you are interested in
purchasing this program and receiving downloadable bonus gifts from the
speakers, I am offering all 21 one hour programs packaged at an amazing price…
I am keeping the cost low so everyone can afford it! Once you sign up you will be directed to the purchase page… 
If you miss one of your favorite speakers you will be sure to have it; if you
hear something you want to experience again you will own it; if there is a
healing technique that can be done again, you can do it over and over applying
it to new situations.

Here is a testimonial from a happy owner of the
first series:

"First, I want to thank you for offering this wonderful Healing With
The Masters show! I really love it and benefit very much from it. In the
beginning I thought it would be fine to listen to the audios for 48 hours and
write down notes and inspirations, but your own session was so powerful and
blasted me off that I decided to order the Mp3's and transcripts to get even
"more" out of it! You're doing such amazing work, you are so direct, fresh,
alive and "human", so right on the spot!"
 – Marjukka

If you are new to my work and have not
experienced these Daily Work calls I have a special offer just for you, from the
spring series. Go to
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Here is a review of the links found
in in this email

We are going to have FUN this fall and I hope you will join