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Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Chris Cade’s INCREDIBLE Priority-Aligning Call

You are the Master, discover how to Liberate Your Life with Chris Cade!


We had an amazing call with Chris Cade that jumped into creating abundance, contentment, and peace in our lives by prioritizing what really matters and overcoming the fear of the unknown. Chris explains that when faced with the need to develop his spirituality, his immediate hesitation to leave what he had imagined were his “dream job” and “ideal life” for something completely unknown. As he hesitated, the universe gave him an ultimatum and pushed him to head down the path of reaching out to the energy around him and developing his Self.

Jennifer asked: “How can we gain the courage to jump?” and “How do we overcome the fear that follows that courage?” Chris explained that our energy is drawn and pulled and manipulated in multiple directions and countless ways throughout the day. We are all serving as veritable Swiss Army knives and must rise above the ambiguity of each challenge to face what lies ahead. What that translates to is the courage it takes to make it through a regular day. The courage, strength and willpower that exist within us – we simply need to reach in, recognize that it’s all there and utilize it. When we take on something new, we’re opening up to the courage we already have, not gaining courage. The universe always has your back so trust in your ability to handle what’s coming your way and believe in yourself.


The question and the courage are a simultaneous arising. Although we may feel paralyzed, we can follow our fears to freedom. Chris walked us through a fantastic process that moved us past our inner critic, which shields and blindfolds us from our true nature. The best way to overcome that fear is to challenge it. When we head toward the worst-case scenario, we need to ask “Is it true? Are we really going to die because we have to wait at this red light and may be late for a meeting?” This breakdown is something that we can all apply in our day-to-day and should be used to help prioritize what’s really important to us. Our needs and wants regularly differ and when it all falls apart, we usually lose our idea of what we need, not the actual needs.

He then touched on the question of creating rather than emulating.

First, consume as much knowledge as possible. Once you’ve gained an abundance of information about whatever it is that you’re learning, put all of that research up against a series of questions. Begin by asking yourself: “Is this true for me?” and “How can I find out if this is true for me?” Internal inquiry has to show you that whatever you’ve learned rings true for you in order for it to apply to your life. Chris emphasizes that you can have the most valid and trustworthy source but if you can’t believe what you’ve learned or if it simply isn’t true for you, don’t be afraid to throw it out the window.

Chris explained that the Wandering Butterfly Effect is a metaphor for how difficult it can be to focus on a single project when we’re trying to focus on all of them. The more loose ends we have, the more our energy is pulled away and prevents us from internalizing what we’re working on – the more stress and anxiety we accumulate. Rather than wander aimlessly, we need to search for the next task, which exists at the top of our list of priorities, then come back and finish it. We need to focus on one item at a time, reach the boundary at the end of that item, and move on to the next. We must focus and prioritize our energy through that self-inquiry in order to overcome the Wandering Butterfly Effect.


Overall, Chris focused on helping you to explore what you want to do and what’s important to you. This life is a series of events that require your energy – make sure you want to be spending it on what you’re doing at every moment of every day. Take advantage of this call, overcome those wants, and discover the truth of what really matters and is for your highest good. If you’d like to explore Chris’ amazing special offer that will really help you to align with what you need, overcome the wants that are distracting you from your true purpose, and discover your true self, be sure to CLICK HERE.


Monday, February 14th, 2011

GUEST POST: Dr. Jennifer Howard – Being in the Now

Original post date on June 3, 2009 by Dr. Jennifer Howard

CLICK HERE to listen to the replay of my recent interview with Dr. Jennifer Howard on her radio show, A Conscious Life.

For over 20 years, I have been working with clients, both as a psychotherapist and spiritual teacher. There has been a lot of recent attention given to the topic of “being in the now” and “being in the present moment.” This experience can be life changing, lasting minutes, hours, days, a lifetime or can come and go. There is a common thread that people experience when they move into “being in the now.” It is an opening into an inner stillness and a distinct feeling of a background and foreground shift. This opening is a taste of the Divine or Universe or God which rightly feeds our spiritual longing for more.

This concept is not new; spiritual paths have always talked about being in the present and being in the now. Some spiritual teachers and great sages have shared their experience of waking up one morning in this state of grace and never going back to ordinary consciousness or suffering. For most of us though, achieving this oneness takes the same quality it takes to get to Carnegie Hall, practice, practice, practice. (more…)