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Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Jennifer McLean – “Life is a Playground!”

We are so excited that you had the opportunity to experience the magnificent being that is Jennifer McLean, tonight!

Life is a playground! What a perfect metaphor for what takes place here at MasterWorks Healing, the home of Healing With The Masters. We get to play with Jennifer every day as she walks her talk and utilizes in her business, the amazing tools she shared with you on tonight’s show.

Jennifer set the intention to bring forth for you, a new understanding of you… an understanding that allows you to see the Divine that is you. She invited you to play with this concept, to experiment with it and consider the possibility that everything in your life is an opportunity to play.

With an understanding that your life may not feel like a game, because you’re faced with challenges that seem insurmountable, Jennifer invites you to experiment with the possibilities of seeing your challenges as opportunities to expand into a bigger, better version of yourself.

This is no whimsical invitation. Jennifer’s been to this party before and she speaks from personal experience. She understands the power of being able to step back from the moments of seriousness, reaction and fear to look at the challenges from a broader perspective than what might be most obvious.

It is for this reason that she is so passionate about providing a platform for your empowerment. She’s been through the fire, and her personal experiences are the fuel and inspiration that drive her desire to offer these teachings to you. She knows there’s a better way, and it is her deepest desire to give you the tools that she uses to stay connected to her Divine essence.

What if you could place your attention on your intention to understand moments of seriousness, reaction and fear as something other than harmful? What if you could approach the obstacles in your life like you approached the playground jungle gym as a kid… as an opportunity to learn about your strengths? What if the obstacles in your life are simply places where you can put your attention to play and discover yourself?

In each and every moment on the playground of life, you have the opportunity to discover more about yourself by using the challenges and obstacles to swing from one energetic phase to another, or to continue to hang on to the obstacle in front of you. What if swinging into that next energetic phase offers something far different than you’re experiencing now? What if it offers something far closer to your dreams?

Things show up in our lives because they’re there for us… to guide us, to allow us to go into a place of deepening. The opportunity to hear Jennifer’s call showed up for you tonight so that you could experience teachings ranging from her signature healing system, Body Dialoging, and the healing vibrations of the Soul Songs – that can only be described as, well, Divinely inspired – to her powerful invocation of a 2011 year-old prayer. If you weren’t on this call, give yourself the gift of listening to the replay.

The MasterWorks Healing team is so very proud of our inspired leader, and very, very grateful to be able to hang around in her playground. We hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to join us by listening to this call and checking out her special offer.

And, P.S. – HAVE FUN!

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Transformational Healing Music LAUNCHED!

Jennifer Mark Romero podcast pic Mark Romero and I just launched our collaborative project of healing music.

This soul stirring transformational sound vibrational healing tool gets into your cells…

Imagine, simply listening to this Transformational Healing Music and feeling the resonance created within your body as it shifts into new levels of balance for renewed Prosperity, Relationships and Health…

We are so proud to release 3 Transformational Music CDs focused on Prosperity, Relationships and Health. (9 Total Tracks of Channeled Healing Sound Vibrational Melodies & Body Dialog Sessions)…
all available to help you remember who you are.GuitareImagegrnsml

You can let the sound vibrations of this music wash over you and fill you, and nudge your cells into vibrational remembrance back to the purest levels of Boundless Prosperity, Harmonious Relationships, and Vibrant Health .

This music comes from Mark Romero – Sound Vibration Therapist and Master Musician and (me) Jennifer McLean 20 year healer offering her own Body Dialoging, and Sound Vibration Soul Songs.

With the healing energies of this channeled music you can create a balance and harmony in your body at the cellular level to allow in the life you want.

Go check it out at
On our April Healing With The Masters call Mark Romero and I performed a spontaneous channeled song. And the response was OVERWHELMING. We both were inundated with emails and calls prompting us with "please do that again" wanting to experience more magic of that healing moment, and we did…

We decided to get together and create something that is so easy to use… ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LISTEN, to be transformed and discover and remember the truth of who you are.

Both Mark and I channel healing sound vibrational music and when we both brought our gifts together the results were remarkable, they even surprised us.

We have created a powerful set of three CDs with Transformational Channeled Music, Body Dialog Sessions AND profound Ho'oponopono prayers (and Mary A. Hall's HeartThoughts) all focused on three specific themes of: Boundless Prosperity, Harmonious Relationships and Vibrant Health.

In fact right now many are commenting on the spontaneous shifts they are experiencing by just listening to the samples found on the web site. We have had several adventurous folks tell us they played each of the sample demos of the songs all at the same time, and the results and shifts they told us they felt were really quite something. Don't you just love how the universe works that three samples played at once offers even more. If nothing else go check that out.

This music has been scientifically proven to strengthen the body… it realigns the body's energy shifting it into rejuvenation and vitality. When the systems of the body are disrupted through energetic obstacles, old beliefs and caked on trauma, the body cannot come into alignment and is weakened. However when it is aligned  the bodies natural healing abilities are sparked and take over revitalizing and creating strength and vibrancy. 

The interesting thing about channeled transformational healing music is it delivers both clear harmonies and dissonance. Within these channeled pieces comes the dissonance that reflect the dissonance we find in life. This is a vital component, the dis-harmony nudges the body and prompts it to move to a place of balance and wholeness. A true realignment follows and a deepening is experienced. Then the harmonious notes and rhythms take over, beckoning your cells to even more profound levels of Boundless Prosperity, Harmonious Relationships and Vibrant Health.


(Be sure to scroll down once you land on the page and check out the excerpts of the music with Ho'oponopono and my Body Dialoging samples. They are powerful too.)

Our hope is that you invest in yourself by daily listening to the deep strains of healing found in this channeled music.

Mark and I are quite proud of this healing transformational music and we are confident that you will shift, and move and be moved into Boundless Prosperity, Harmonious Relationships and Vibrant Health..

Just go to:

Monday, February 16th, 2009

It Just Doesn’t Matter

I have received several emails last week and this week from somewhat frantic subscribers that are simply terrified about the economic downturn and what it means.

They have been frightened by those in the psychic sector and even the professional financial realm that are predicting the direst of circumstances. Almost doomsday kind of stuff.

They want me to check in with my intuition to see if these predictions were "true."

I did feel into these things and here is what I got:

It just doesn’t matter.

What matters is where is your state of abundance mind set.

If any prediction is scaring you then use it to access the piece of you that is ready to let go of that fear (that is why it is showing up).

This financial crisis is all about a bunch of people believing what they think is a truth to them. It is, and therefore, it becomes. Your beliefs about abundance will show up for you as well, and mine will show up for me.

What I personally do and what I do with my clients is check in… is this information sticking to me (i.e. is it triggering a reaction)? If it is then I pause and ask into my body and access the part of me that has attracted that fear in order for me to let go of it.

So use that fear that is creeping in, it showed up because you asked for something different and it is showing you the places that are holding the fear.

Go to those places within you and ask into those areas what is going on, what you need around this fear, what are the next steps. Go inside and feel the peace and the love that your really are. Use what shows up in your life to remind you what you are really wanting and where you are pointing your vibration.

Are there big changes a foot? You bet!

Are we in danger? NEVER.

~It is all in perfect beautiful divine order~

SOOOO come to my Heal Your Life ~ Heal Your Abundance workshop, you can participate from your living room by watching the virtual streaming version (this is recorded too) and I will take you to these places of fear within you to reveal the true peace and love that is really there.

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Heal Your Life ~ Heal Your Business

[NOTE: scroll down for an exercise that will instantly bring you into the moment]

So we just have two more weeks before I will be playing with you to guide you to your success and abundance AND for you to experience some serious yet simple step-by-step information on how to achieve success… by either starting your online business or expanding your real world business (and career) through sound online and influence building practices.

~Heal Your Life, Heal Your Business Workshop~

I love this life I have created for myself after leaving over 20 years of a corporate marketing paycheck. I am committed to show as many people as possible the tips and tricks to achieving success by both releasing the internal obstacles, and applying the new found confidence (from those releases), into new business strategies.

I think my life's works has culminated in this workshop and I would LOVE for you to join me.

The Early Bird Special is still on until Feb 13, so come join us in sunny Southern California Feb 19 – 22 for some fun, some healing, some learning and some wealth building strategies.
2 DAYS OF HEALING then 2 DAYS OF NEW BUSINESS CONTENT (when you are most open to new information for your business, because you released the obstacles to your success in the first two days!).

I have negotiated a special rate with the hotel for your stay here (bring a bathing suit), AND to save you even more money I am arranging a roommate matching service… so you can split the hotel stay with a new friend that I will introduce you to.

Have you written or a book or do you have a product to sell… bring some extra copies and sell it at the "Participant Store" (and keep all the profits).

One time payment too much? I have a payment plan that you can use to spread the payment out over 1, 2, 3 or even 4 months. AND there is a bring a friend for half price special!
I really want to make this as easy as possible to come, and I know you will be a changed person when we are done.

So here is a tip… tap your sternum area / breastbone, near your heart in the rhythm of a heartbeat.

Say to yourself "I am here" while you are tapping that heart beat on your chest.

Look at the proximity of the objects in the room to where you are sitting… notice that the objects are where they are, and you are where you are–and feel into the space in between you.

Say to yourself a couple of time "I am here" while continuing to still tap the heartbeat. 

This is an exercise to almost instantly put you into the moment and into the flow of divine energy AND in vibrational resonance with what you want.

Now do me a favor, from here ask into the moment to picture yourself at my Heal Your Life, Heal Your Business workshop and feel in your body what it feels like to be there. Tapping your heartbeat and still saying "I am here" feel the hot warm Southern California air and picture the palm trees, does it feel like you should be here? Do you feel the energy of the room, the speakers, the shifts that are happening? If so then consider joining us. If not then this is likely not for you at this time. You will know immediately if this is right for you from this exercise.

You can use that exercise to feel into just about any decision you need to make. Use it and bring yourself into the moment and into your divine flow, and it will surely guide you.

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008


I have a GREAT gift idea for you… The Big Book of YOU! AND
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The book is not your average book and why lots of folks are seeing
that it makes a nice gift: It is a hard cover coffee table book (8.5 x 11 horizontal).
The inside pages are filled with artwork, photography, poetry (about the light and
dark of life), inspirational  quotes, as
well as pages of text dedicated to the many spiritual principles I have
developed over 25 years of playing and healing and working with clients.

It is an original piece of art that your friends and family
will enjoy. AND it will help them to find new ways to shift life’s difficulties
into gifts of release.

So, it is giving you triple duty: 

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Cool huh?

Here is how the coupon works, by simply purchasing 5 books
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Coupon Code: BBY5BOOKS

When you click on the purchase link at
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I have been honored to receive wonderful feedback on my
little baby (The Big Book of YOU) and
know that you and your friends will enjoy it… who knows it might even change
your live and theirs?

Thanks for being part of this special community of readers,
I am honored and happy to have you join me on this wonderful spiritual
adventure called life.

Monday, October 27th, 2008

EFT and H.E.A.R.T. Thoughts – Mary A Hall

EFT therapist and healer extraordinaire Mary A Hall walked us through the nuances of healing describing how we hold trauma and reminding us who we really are. This was an elegant and profound call, I thought you might enjoy an an excerpt From Mary's talk right from the transcripts:

"What I also found out was that many clients that I worked with had such a traumatic past that they had no basis for what is joy, what is safety, what is love, what does that feel like.  And that’s how the heart resonance, and I kind of have grown it into heart thought, which is what does the heart really say when you’re there.  And when you say those phrases, which we will do a little bit later and you hear the resonance of that, you’re present and you’re there and so your vibration raises too remembering who you are.  So there is the aspect of making sure that we’re clearing, but I always say on any call that I do, the thing that I want you to hear more than anything is the key is to connect back to who you are.  That’s where we find our true strength and joy and peace and that feeling of wellbeing.  That’s where it resides is within us.

But what also happens is there has been this incredible program that has been running all along whenever anybody says you’re wonderful, you’re doing good things, it takes in that information and it runs it through the programs that has been locked in throughout your childhood or through traumatic events. If you’ve got a core program that’s running that says, “I’m not worthy of love” or “I’m not good enough” or “I’m broken because of my past,” if any of those programs are there what it will do is that information will come in and it will either sort it and file it into an area or it will delete it. And most often anything good comes in, it’s deleted because it doesn’t fit into the programs that you have running."

And later in the talk Mary discusses heart thoughts:

Mary :  "…I realized that there is a certain language that’s happening within the heart.  It’s like it also speaks in present tense, much like the subconscious mind, but it’s empowering.  So as we connect with the heart energy and your inner being, your true essence, as you connect within that and feel that, there is literally this whole language that’s there.  And so what I’ve done is I’ve taken phrases so that as we say the phrases they resonate within our body, within our being and it’s like waking up those parts of us to remember who we are. 

Jennifer:    Right.  It’s like the truth of the soul in a way.

Mary:    Absolutely.  And the part that’s incredible is that each person that says the heart thought if they say it in that space of being connected and really feeling into it, their voice carries the perfect resonant vibration that is like a tuning fork for their body to wake up."

Mary also blessed us with a very special sale of one-on-one personal sessions with her. She is offering 3 sessions for the price of just two!… an amazing opportunity to release and re-align you beliefs about the blocks in your life. If you are looking to make a change and increase your vibrational resonance to be in alignment with your dreams then join us tonight, you will be changed for the better, I promise it (I have personally experienced Mary's work, and it is second to none). Just go to and sign up you will love it.

If you want to listen to the talk sign up at and I will send you the link to listen… it will be available until tomorrow night (Oct 28)

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Eric Pearl – Light and Information

We had a truly unbelievable call tonight with cutting edge healer Eric Pearl founder of
The Reconnection. Eric took us deep
down the rabbit hole, we took the red pill, we went out there… ok you get the
idea. As one participant emailed me after: "I am still listening with the ears
of my soul."

Eric gave us a succinct yet deep description of The Reconnective
energy and The Reconnection describing how it started and how it evolved.

He talked about the "strings" and the "strands" that were mentioned in the 6 statements given to him by over 50 patients in a trance / channeled state. Eric described the changes we are going through, how the 4D bubble that is where we are consisting of height, width, depth and time is expanding… time is moving faster and our capacity to know more and experience so much more is here. He likened the DNA to software and we are receiving an upgrade.

There are scientist around the world that a backing up this information. Later in the program Lynne McTaggart and Gregg Braden both quoted by Eric in the call and in his book respectively, are going to be on the Healing With The Masters show and we can go even deeper!

importantly he shared with us a rare channeling that personally gave me chills. He read through the channeling he originally received in 1994–it was obvious
that these channelings are even more relevant to us now AND that these
channelings will likely affect you personally even though they were given to
Eric then.

I like to listen to my speakers after the call, but
know that I will listen to this one many times to hear the nuances of the
information Eric shared, you will likely want to as well. ALSO The Reconnection
energies were present and palatable and you will experience something
significant simply by listening. DON'T MISS THIS ONE! Sign up at and I will send you an email with the link to listen… you can still do so until Thursday evening.

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Dee Wallace – I Am Divine Love

Dee2Dee Wallace well known actress who played the mother in the Steven Spielberg movie ET was on  Healing With The Masters for a second time. She was one of the most popular speakers on the spring program and kicked it to the moon again this time.

We went through defective DNA and physical healing, how to get  high out of living rather than being a victim, and getting juiced out of life instead of drama.

Dee did quite a few individual readings that many others said helped to clear them. Her works is SO powerful and so fast the shifts that were occurring on the call where palatable. Many have already indicated they want to listen again and again.

Here are the channeled sayings, the first two were brought to the public for the first time tonight:

I am the intersection of the complete formula

I am divine Love (this one alone clears all)

I know that I know

I am the only healing presence

Feel into these statements… allow them to penetrate deep within and shift and clear. To understand these better check out the call by signing up for Healing With The Masters and listening to the recording (available until Thursday) or you can purchase once you sign up and own the WHOLE series.

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Trust… Faith… how to dicover it

We had a marvelous session last night with Sandra Lemieux the minister, intuitive life coach and energy medicine practitioner on Healing With The Masters – The Daily Work. Sandra did a session with one the audience members that was a catalyst for each person on the call. There were shared tears and rememberings that brought us all to a new place.

We talked about the importance of seeking our inner guidance and trusting that. We reviewed how important our emotional compass is to directs us the the true course of our life, using the joys AND the sorrows to discover what gifts they can reveal to us… what we are ready to release, and what we can now embrace.

We covered how we don't have to be "nice" that we can actually move on from unwanted situations. In fact it is our duty to ourselves as well as those we are leaving. That we actually do a disservice to those who we are in conflict by not acknowledging that it is harming us and not taking care of ourselves.

ALSO Sandra offered an amazing special buy 1 session and get the 2nd session with her for half price ($150 total A $50 savings), AND/or invest in a month of coaching and get the second month for 1/2 price (a $300 savings)! For the coaching you will receive 4, 1.5 hour coaching sessions (X2 months). Sandra is also my coach so I can tell you first hand that you will change! Just send her an email to to book your coaching and/or sessions.

So much on this telseminar called to the hearts of so many.

If you have not done so, you can sign up at to receieve the dial up information for Thursday's call with Keith and Maura Leon and you can still hear the recording of the call with Sandra until tomorrow night. Once you sign up you can still purchase this series and own these remarkable healing calls yourself to listn to and remind you of who you really are.

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Gregg Braden, Lynne McTaggart, Joe Vitale, Eric Pearl…

Announcing Healing With The Masters – The Daily Work Volume II

Several years ago I had a dream of bringing some of my most
important spiritual influences to an audience of like minded individuals. I
dreamt of having one-on-one conversations with those who changed my life, and
introduce them to thousands more to help them find new ways of living and
growing into their next best version of themselves. I visualized an audience
who, like me, had explored, healed and evolved in many ways, and is now looking
to join others to find new answers and explore deeper hidden places within and

With over 18,000 plays and downloads of the calls from the
marvelous speakers of the first spring program, my dream has indeed become a
reality. AND now I have expanded the program to two nights a week (Tuesdays and
Thursdays), and attracted the cutting edge of new thought leadership to this
fall program…

I am SO excited to announce Volume II of the Healing With
The Masters – The Daily Work program…

If you were drawn to this post you likely know the people mentioned in the headline… those four AMAZING
speakers along with 17 others (yes that is right 21 speakers!!) are joining me
for the fall 2008 Volume II of Healing With The Masters – The Daily Work

On Tuesday September 16 the new series is starting with 21
leaders in wellness and new thought sharing their personal techniques and
practices they have used to achieve the life of their dreams and how
their techniques in their books and programs are changing lives.

I will
be having intimate conversations with these "masters" and you can listen in and
interact with each of them every Tuesday and Thursday night from September 16  -
November 25 4 PM Pacific time, 6 PM Central time and 7 PM Eastern

Imagine you could sit down with Gregg Braden and discuss The
Divine Matrix
or his new book The Science of Miracles and how he
removed cancer from his body…

or with Joe Vitale, a featured teacher in
The Secret and author of Zero Limits, The Attractor
and more than 30 other books speaking about moving from homeless to
multimillionaire and now spiritual mentor?

You could ask what obstacles
Lynne McTaggart had to overcome to find her way onto the New York Times
bestseller list for her international best selling sensations The Intention
and The Field

or ask renowned Hay House Radio
personality and best selling author of 10 books Sonia Choquette about her new
book and program The Answer is Simple, Love Yourself Love Your Spirit.

Maybe how Dannion Brinkley survived being struck by lightening and his
startling adventure to the other side that brought forth his healing and psychic

Then there is Dr. Eric Pearl's amazing story of the discovery of
his remarkable healing abilities how his hands blistered and bled and this
energy healed the unhealable…


This is your chance to hear, integrate
and apply their stories and techniques to your own life.

NOW, if you are interested in
purchasing this program and receiving downloadable bonus gifts from the
speakers, I am offering all 21 one hour programs packaged at an amazing price…
I am keeping the cost low so everyone can afford it! Once you sign up you will be directed to the purchase page… 
If you miss one of your favorite speakers you will be sure to have it; if you
hear something you want to experience again you will own it; if there is a
healing technique that can be done again, you can do it over and over applying
it to new situations.

Here is a testimonial from a happy owner of the
first series:

"First, I want to thank you for offering this wonderful Healing With
The Masters show! I really love it and benefit very much from it. In the
beginning I thought it would be fine to listen to the audios for 48 hours and
write down notes and inspirations, but your own session was so powerful and
blasted me off that I decided to order the Mp3's and transcripts to get even
"more" out of it! You're doing such amazing work, you are so direct, fresh,
alive and "human", so right on the spot!"
 – Marjukka

If you are new to my work and have not
experienced these Daily Work calls I have a special offer just for you, from the
spring series. Go to
to purchase and download that wonderful series and it ALSO includes some of my
products at a markedly reduced price.

Here is a review of the links found
in in this email

We are going to have FUN this fall and I hope you will join