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Wednesday, July 30th, 2008


WOW, what a night we had last night. The third call of the Vibration Healing series was an adventure in
sound vibrational healing. We explored the power of our voice and experimented
with techniques to find and powerfully project our own voice, engaging the
diaphragm and interacting with the old patterns for release. We also experienced
a healing meditation to release those old negative voices of others that get
stuck in cellular memory as well as tonal healing targeted to peace and calm.
The finale was a soul song that many commented on the call helped them go deeper
and re-align into health and wholeness.

If you listen to nothing else take the time to listen to this one… it was a VERY powerful evening. Make sure you listen right to the end of the audio recording, the soul song was a deep cleansing experience that would be valuable for you to hear. (The recording is only available until Saturday so catch it while you can. (You can also purchase the whole series at

ALSO I m offering a special package that your can use to experience further internal dialogging, and healings. Many have commented that they
want MORE and want to go DEEPER and REALLY RELEASE, I am offering my special package so
that you can do just that. This package of products (at a VERY special price)
will take you beyond just this fr*ee one hour call to experience all the many
modalities of healing available to you. You will have your pick of 3 packages
that have been proven to shift others into a newfound place of release, health,
wealth and fulfillment. Just go to this link and check out the packages, I know
you will find one that will match your needs and budget:


Wednesday, May 14th, 2008


WOW… we had a powerful night last night… there was shifting going on all the along this remarkable call. Have you ever had one of those times when flow was apparent and the universe gently guided you, well I think everyone on the call may have experienced some of that and I felt that the gentle winds of love were present for all.

I am truly feeling so energized after that wonderful interface with all who joined the call. That was
SO much fun and I have to tell you that the healing you experienced on this call
(and if you haven’t listened yet the healing you WILL experience), I also get to
experience… so thank YOU!

Last night as the speaker I walked participants
through about half a dozen techniques that you can use each day to help release
the obstacles to flow… the obstacles to the things you want in your life,
whether that is health, wealth or relationships. Some of them came from Esther and Jerry Hicks Abraham book Ask and It is Given.

One of my favorites is the "to do" list exercise. On the left hand column is your to do list on the right hand column are all the "hows" of your to do list. The top of the left column is "My To Do List" and the right column header is "The Universal Manager’s To Do List." You are assigning these items to your universal manager (AKA the universe). You can put items like "get more customers" and "make more money" as well as "set up vacation" etc. The things that can simply fall into your lap (if you trust it). The next step is to feel these items complete and most importantly to feel the emotions within, of completion. This exercise and the others mentioned on the call used daily can
do the trick, they have certainly worked for me!

I also walked everyone through
an internal dialoging version of the Ho’oponopono system of healing, one that
many have commented to me have really made a difference in their lives and have
allowed them to respond to life instead of reacting to it. This model has my dialoging healing method overlaid onto the Ho’oponopono prayer for a powerful and deep response. Finally there was a
guided healing; a journey through the body to directly ask into the obstacles
found within that are ready to be released, AND we finished with my renowned
tonal healing… This one is a keeper! You can use the meditation and the tonal
healing over and over again addressing new obstacles each time. If you haven’t signed up yet for The Healing  With The Masters teleseminar intensive, you can still catch the last 6 speakers AND have until Friday to listen to last nights program

ALSO, I also offered a very special package of
several of my products at a markedly reduced rate
FOR 48 HOURS. Since today is my birthday I am feeling like I can also do the gifting by offering my products at a package rate that shouldn’t be missed. There are two packages to choose from and the second one includes
my most powerful product, your own Personal Soul Song customized JUST for YOU. I
can only do so many of these Personal Soul Songs, this is why I am only offering
the sale for 48 hours, I am not sure how many more soul songs I will be able to
continue doing they are very time intensive so I may have to take the offer down
sooner. Your Personal Soul Song: I journey to your soul essence
and retrieve your soul’s melody, when you listen to it for 21 straight days
prior to bed, you re-tune your body to your true essence, releasing many of the
obstacles that held you back. AND the package of products that go along with the
Soul Song is at a remarkably low price so take advantage of it while you can.
You can access the two specially priced packages at
This is a one time offer only.

The second special you can take advantage
of is from the healer I turn to, Mary Hall, she is offering a spring cleaning of
sorts… clean you interior thoughts and beliefs of the obstacles they represent
to flow. Mary is one of the most amazing EFT therapists and overall healers I
have experienced (and I have worked and trained with some of the best over the
years). She is offering 3 telephone EFT sessions for the price of 2
. That represents a $125 savings. Go to
to order your personal sessions. But only do it if you are ready to shift… her
treatments really WORK! Mary’s sale is through May.

Next Week:
I am quite excited
about next weeks guest and you REALLY don’t want to miss this one, Dr
Eric Pearl
will be joining us to talk about his system of healing
The Reconnection. When this healing energy "happened to him"
his hand blistered and bled and his patients experiences truly
miraculous healings… healings from the most challenging of
illnesses. So, find out what has the medical community baffled. Discover why
hospitals and universities across the country are investing time and money in an
attempt to explain these extraordinary healings, and how you too, can master
this extraordinary work! Eric will discuss his remarkable story of how this
energy, light and information first came to him and how it changed his –and
many other’s– lives. Join us at

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

The Artists Way AND EFT

I mentioned Brad  in my last post and today he sent me an email with a really cool program that matches the Artists Way and EFT. He is offering this 13 week program at a ridiculously great price, and I for one am in! I was so excited that I wanted to tell you about it. I will let him tell you more, following is his promo piece:

Tapping into Creativity!

A powerful three
month journey of creative and spiritual expansion combining EFT and “The
Artist’s Way.”

It was just over ten years ago that I picked up Julia
Cameron’s amazing book on creative recovery. Many of you may have heard of it – many may have even gone through the
course, and can attest to the profound differences it makes – not just for
those who make their living as an artist, but also for the artist in everyone
making life a work of art.

In Law of Attraction teachings, we talk about being
co-creators of our reality. Doesn’t it
make sense, then, to be as free and open with your creativity as possible…?

Here are the Basic Principles of “The Artist’s Way”:Artist_way

  1. Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy: pure creative energy.
  2. There is an underlying, in-dwelling creative forceinfusing all of life – including ourselves.
  3. When we open ourselves to our creativity, we open ourselves to the creator’s creativity within us and our lives.
  4. We are, ourselves, creations. And we, in turn, are meant to continue creativity by being creative ourselves.
  5. Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.
  6. The refusal to be creative is self-will and is counter to our true nature.
  7. When we open ourselves to exploring our creativity, we open ourselves to God: God orderly direction.
  8. As we open our creative channel to the creator, many gentle but powerful changes are to be expected.
  9. It is safe to open ourselves up to greater and greater creativity.
  10. Our creative dreams and yearnings come from a divine source.
  11. As we move toward our dreams, we move toward our divinity.

So… what am I offering?

From August through October, I will facilitate this journey
as we set off together as a group in search of greater creativity.

One of the most challenging things about doing the 12 week
“Artist’s Way” course is sticking with it. By doing it in a group, there will be motivation, companionship and
accountability – making it more fun and more effective.

Each week, for thirteen weeks, we will do a call with guided
EFT rounds for clearing the blocks that might otherwise get in the way. So, we will be taking Ms. Cameron’s already
powerful tools and adding EFT to supercharge the process!

There will also be a yahoo group to keep in touch with
others along the way by e-mail. This
will also create the opportunity for individuals to meet and support each other
in other ways as they choose.

Because the basis will be the book, I will only be charging
$130 (just $10 a call).

The calls will take place each Friday morning at noon
Eastern/9am Pacific from August 3rd until October 26th.

That’s thirteen hours of tapping for about the price of a
one-hour private session!

This will be a powerful experience, and I look forward to
having you join me as you empower the creator within you!

To register, please visit: Register soon, as there will be limited
space. The first call will be next Friday,
August 3rd.

The calls will be recorded, in case you miss a week or
simply want to do more tapping on your own (always recommended).

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Be Magnificent!
(916) 729-0347

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

Living a Deliberate Life (not at the affect of life)

Isn’t it time to be deliberate? There is no more time for sitting
back; now is a moment of action. Not just doing for the sake of doing but
opening to the divine and listening, which is an aspect of doing/action.
Observe your surroundings and notice what feels “right” and what feels off,
then act on that. Acting/doing in this instance might simply be noticing
what the “off” part is, and how it is being attracted to you… What is it, where
and how does it manifest in your life. Then focus on attracting the tools and
skills that allow you to release it. The fact that you are reading this now is
an indicator that you are likely ready to release something. Here are a few
methods and tools for release:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Check out Gary Craig’s information packed web site. This link directs you to the page where there is a free 85 page download to learn how to do this for yourself. It is a great start, but find yourself an EFT therapist. I have two, Mary Hall who is local and Brad Yates who has a great Sunday morning group gathering (well worth it). His products include Money Beyond Belief: and click on the link for his Tappings and his eBook. Mary Hall is my local therapist and an absolutely amazing healer, she also does tele-healing EFT sessions and can guide you through nutritional healing, you can reach her at
  • Ho’oponopono. Joe Vitale has an amazing new book that walks you through the basics of Ho’oponopono. This is seriously the real deal healing method. I do it daily… any downtime or moments of confusion are filled with Ho’oponopono.
  • Sedona Method. Hale Dwoskin invented this awesome model to help you to understand whether the feelings you are having are real or not. Is it real, is it true… most of the time when you finish this inner dialogue you have released whatever “it” was.
  • 3-D Workout Dianne Woodruff offers a remarkable "Therapeutic Fitness" system that helps to
         eliminate pain, markedly reduce chance of injury (AND dissolve troublesome fat pockets.) 3-D Workout was designed to restore the body’s basic organizational patterns while building strength and coordination. Whether you are recovering from injury or want to virtually eliminate chance of injury, this will do the trick! These are two videos that will change your life.

So there is a short
list of things you can do, review them let these choices sit with you, open
yourself to the energetic essences, and use your inspiration to make a choice.
That process is yet another exercise for you. Right now take a look at your “to
do” list. Now take deep breath relax into the moment, find your center. From
this place of calm take another look at the list, without thinking about it,
what is calling to you? Maybe there is something that is not on your list (like
something you really love to do), add it to the list. Then do that which is
calling you the most, do what is creating a yearning inside of you. Writing
this blog right now is that for me. This is working from inspired action and it
will guide you unerringly to your goals. This is how to start living more

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Healing Tools – Soul Song Retrieval

Several years ago I learned about harmonics, toning and how the
energy frequencies of sound interact with the body to create and enhance
healing. Since then I have used toning as a natural part of any healing session
I do with clients.

Sound in general whether it is a growl, a deep loud sigh,
increasing the volume of speaking in anger, laughing, or singing all can
contribute to release. I have found many of my healing clients are “sound repressed”
we were told from a young age to keep quite, don’t speak unless you are spoken
to etc. Sound is a tool of vibration that can assist in releasing just about
any issue.

Here is a quick exercise: Take a minute and go inside find
that still place within, now go to the place in your body where there is
tension, open you eyes and senses to that area, look around. Now listen and
feel… what is the sound that is there? Is it a tone like one note of a song? Is
it a reminiscent melody? Is it a guffaw, a laugh a growl or grunt? Now express
that sound, let it go and out. Sound expression I think is one of the highest
forms of release and expressing this sound from that point of tension allows a
reorganization and a letting go of the energy blocks.

Listening is also part of a healing process and there are
many forms of healing music available. My friend Tracy and I used to do channeled
singing were we would just start singing whatever notes came to us in the
moment. There would be glorious harmonies and stimulating dissonance. At the
end of these sessions we always felt different, more open, more “resonant.” A
little over a year ago, I fell into a meditation and was shown a way to take
this experimentation with channeled singing, and hone it for individual healing,
called “Soul Song Retrieval.

I had taken many years of shamanic training and it was
energetically similar to power animal retrieval and soul retrieval. I was shown
in this meditation how to travel to the essence of my clients and ask for their
soul song; the melody that will remind them of their fundamental essence. I was
shown that their soul song allows release, a letting go of the shackles of
everything that is not their deep raw essence of unconditional love, joy and

As mentioned I often tone during healing sessions with
clients and have found that it further cements the energetic
shifts occurring in the body. It knits the new patterns into a stronger place. Sound
is vibration, and vibration is essentially what each of us are at the atomic
level. With this method I sync in with the harmony of my client’s sound
vibration to retrieve their individualized and personal melody… a truly
healing tool.

(Pause for a quick commercial break, but there is a freebie
in it for you…) This customized melody of your soul essence retrieved from your
higher self / god force, is now
available. I was guided to do a sample version that is available for free. I
recorded the Soul Song of the Earth
which is a tribute to Gaia retrieving the essence of her truth so we can
remember and align ourselves energetically with that truth. As part of this
package you can also download you
own desktop version of The Big Book of
you Movies
which are also infused with healing energies.

Part one of the Soul
Song of the earth is now available for download
which includes an acappella
(no accompaniment just vocals) version of the earth soul song, and a meditation
in combination with the soul song that opens you to this sacred melody of the
earth. Also a Ho’oponopono version of
the song is available. Part two (which
will be available next week) will add an accompanied version of the melody.

The following full package describes what you will receive as part of your own
personal soul song. Your
personal Soul Song CD
would include:

  • Acappella
         version of your soul song
  • Acappella
         version of your soul song with a meditation to open you to this sacred music
  • An
         accompanied version of your soul song
  • An
         accompanied version of your soul song with a meditation to open you to
         this sacred music
  • A
         acappella Ho’oponopono version of your soul song
  • A
         accompanied Ho’oponopono version of your soul song

[Go to
to order your own personal Soul Song today, or click
to order it right now (NOTE: there
is a free tele-healing session as part of a special bonus)

For the Earth Soul
, you can have your choice of downloading each of these elements of the
soul song (free) or I would be happy to send you the completed CD.


Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Are you in Ego or in Love?

I was doing an exploration of the ego… how do I know when I
am working from ego or when I am working from love. Here is what I got:


























The Ego Is:



Love/God is:






Trusts and knows









Seeks attention









Forgives (through being present and in the moment)












Guides and acknowledges



Pushes into the world



Receives and embraces the world



Isolates / frenetic



Is clear and smooth



Is disruptive



Is balanced






Acceptance peace and trust








Ok so now I am in ego, how do I find my way back to love?
Here is a quick exercise:

Ask yourself; is it true? Is what I am feeling and the
beliefs behind those feelings true? Then give yourself the opportunity to explore
the opposite of those feelings as listed on the chart. Then, using the Ho’oponopono model, thank
yourself for allowing this belief to seep into your consciousness, forgive
yourself for having the belief, and simply love yourself for the gift that your
are, and for being the you that is willing to work at this level of evolvement
and consciousness.

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Joe Vitale’s New Book About Releasing And Opening to Your Dreams (And I’m In It!)

I have exciting news. Joe Vitale featured teacher in The
and recognized visionary (especially with his new book called Zero
) invited me to contribute a chapter to his new book, coming out in
the fall, called The
Here is the book

will reveal the missing secret for attracting wealth, health, success,
happiness or anything else. It builds on the work in Joe Vitale’s bestselling
book, The Attractor Factor, and goes beyond the hit movie The Secret,
which costars Vitale.

premise of The Key is unless a person “gets clear” of the limiting
beliefs inside themselves, they will continue to push away the very things they
say they want. Vitale says there are counter-intentions within a person that
attract what they don’t want rather than what they do want. In The Key
he will reveal ten proven ways to remedy the situation and end self-sabotage

Joe is offering proven ways to clear and release the old
beliefs, and caked on energy debris to open you up to the flow of your dreams.
My chapter offers two exercises to clear your body of these old thoughts and

Imagine being cleared of this old “crap,” as I have mentioned
before in this blog, when we make big decisions and go for big dreams anything that
is not in alignment with these new energies will show up for release. The
techniques in my chapter and the other content in Joe’s book offer ways to
clear this. This is a key piece to opening to the flow of abundance. There is
no get rich quick model using The Secret, it is an internal process that takes
work and dedication. It takes listening to your inner guidance and nudges of
intuition and acting on those. At each step there are opportunities to release
anything (feelings, mind chatter, old habits) that are still in the way. Look
for those energy blocks, don’t judge them, but feel them. Acknowledge them;
thank them for showing up and in love release.

I am thrilled and honored to be a part of Joe’s book. If you
are interested in my work check out a description of one such exercise on my
web site
. I also walk clients through a deeper process with hands on
healing techniques through in person and on–the-phone sessions.

My book, The Big Book
of You
will be coming out at around the same time. It is also available
for pre-order

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

Releasing Our Stories and Healing Through The Law of Attraction

We all have stories. Sometimes we dwell on those stories: Someone, your parents, your friends, your boss did something to you.

dwell on these negative incidents because they are often still stuck in
our bodies. When old negative thinking and  debris is stuck in various
energy blocks in our bodies, it acts like big rocks in the river of our
lives and slows down the energy flow. When the energy flow is blocked
we get sick and feel physical pain. It might also show up as emotional
pain and mental fatigue (memory loss etc.)

opportunity is to get clear, to take each moment and look at what we
are feeling emotionally and how that is showing up in our bodies. Our
bodies are perfect diagnostic tools.

physical pain and disease has a thought behind it; a belief that has
grown a hard skin of protection  that  cannot be interrupted. Emotional
healing and release allows access to that thought. The day of going
backwards into the story, into the trauma are over. That  process just
re-affirms the trauma again, and according to the law of attraction, attracts more of the same.

going deep and accessing the thought that created the traumatic moment,
that then got stuck in the body,  accessing that creates a spontaneous
change. The body intelligence then sighs into a new and reorganized
pattern, opening the flow to all the good you would ever want. Finding
the thought/belief behind our old stories, acknowledging that thought,
thanking it for its protection (it likely protected us in the moment of
trauma) and allowing it to release opens the portals to abundance, flow
and joy.

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

The Still Point

In cranial sacral therapy the still point occurs when the
body goes in to a state of apparent “non-activity” – a place of stillness. In
this stillness, however, a subtle undercurrent of true healing activity is taking place and the opportunity for
a shift into balance is available. A “healing pulse” shows up in the still
point, and often the heat of a stored energy block is released. Emotional
energies from the tissue are liberated and the cells, muscles and surrounding
area settle into a new place of being. The body has natural healing processes
that cranial sacral (and other therapies) can address and stimulate, and during
a therapeutic session there is constant changing and shifting occurring as a
result. While a healing process is initiated true resolution of an issue or
issues occurs during a still point. The still point can happen several times
during a session or might happen just once, but if there is a still point
present a healing resolution has generally occurred.

Still points are not just reserved for cranial sacral
therapy sessions; you can also find them in nature and in your everyday life.
For example, you can find still points in a river whirlpool/vortex. As the
water curls around the rocks in areas of white water or eddies at the edge of
the river you will see this whirlpool effect. If you watch closely you will
also see the swirl move in the opposite direction as an anti vortex. The center
point between the two swirling vortexes is the point of inertia where the
movement appears to slow down.Vortexstillpoint

There is a balance between the vortexes found here and the
motion in opposite directions cancels out the other creating this lack of
motion. This is very similar to a still point in cranial sacral therapy. When
white water kayaking this “still point” is where you can “surf,” where you can
sit in the place of inertia where the two currents cancel each other out. When
watching for vortexes in nature see if you can find this mid-point in the
currents and witness the stillness. In that moment search for your own internal
rhythm; find and match the stillness in your own being.

The still point can also apply to human activities. Within our own lives we create vortexes (and
sometimes tornadoes). Within these whirlwinds of activities there are still
points available to us. There is a place of calm waiting for us in EVERY life
situation. Within those still points are found the opportunities for healing of
our life issues. It is in the still place that all possibilities are available.
In the stillness one can discover a new connection to the divine or the source.
This is where the wisdom shows up and reveals the nuances of change that can
lead to healing.

So look around you, where are the still points in your life?
What whirlwinds are you creating for yourself and are there still points that
you are overlooking? If you can’t see it, go to nature and witness the
stillness there, let it remind you and nudge you. When you find that still
point in your life’s activities, stay with it for a moment or two, the answers
and the path to healing are waiting there for you.