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Friday, October 17th, 2014

HUGE Quantum Healings & Calibrations ~ Kenji Kumara’s Powerful Replay

OMG, what a HUGE and powerful week!

Kenji helped us co-create some seriously tangible frequencies of support and healing on yesterday’s show…

He guided us to completely restructure, reorganize and recalibrate our physical, mental and emotional bodies back into balance and oneness.

And, MAN, we unloaded a BUNCH of old, unneeded stuff, fully opened our hearts and overcame every aspect of fear. This show is beyond magical.

A beautiful, guided process opened the door to our guides, guardian angels and company of Heaven, who so gracefully confirmed that they are accompanying and supporting us on our journey and that we are never alone.

These brilliant frequencies of awareness lit the path to a remarkable Q&A where we moved even deeper into the place of support, love, healing and peace, serving the highest purpose of EVERYONE on the call…

From INSTANT relief of major surgeries to identifying and following our path; clearing lifetimes of patterns, fears and releasing financial worries, we manifested new levels of freedom, synchronicity and possibility for all.
Listen to the replay here:

This exclusive, never-before-offered series of tools contains Kenji’s NEWEST activations, initiations and clearings for welcoming you into your soul-illuminating life.

I personally love this one because, as the vibrations on the planet continue to change, grow and expand, Kenji is ahead of the curve, guiding us all into the next vibration and the next and the next.

With TWELVE activations, THREE BONUS activations, AND TWO bonus discounts (available exclusively to HWTM) for a one-on-one phone session AND live, in-person event of your choice with Kenji, you will blossom into the expansive, limitless, all-capable being that you are.

This is your chance to…
Wake up each day knowing that you are pursuing your soul’s purpose
Do all things for your highest good
Create a profoundly positive impact on this planet
Be embraced by Divine love at all times
Fully express your soul’s gifts and share them with the world
Reset your “destiny codesâ€Â? into a new quantum of activation

Through humble, gentle and supportive teachings, Kenji enables you to effortlessly conceive, receive and achieve your dreams, goals, hopes and aspirations. In fact, his only request is that you remain present while tuning-in and hold the intention for your highest good to be fulfilled.

Are you ready to transform your reality into that of heavenly joy and watch those around you overflow with light and love?

Embrace Kenji’s timeless Quantum activations, tap into your higher purpose and begin expressing greatness in everything you do.

Check it out…

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

HUGE Healings, Alignments, Ignitions ~ Matt Kahn’ s Life-Changing Replay

Holy Moley… Our show with Matt Kahn was seriously unlike any other.

His incredibly gentle yet HUGELY palpable transmissions brought every single soul to the resolve and peace that is necessary for aligning with our Divinity.

Not only were his personal stories of development and evolution deeply touching, mesmerizing and breathtaking, but they so clearly demonstrated how we each have the capacity to have our master within reveal itself to us AS US.

The astonishing processes he shared were empowering yet tender, allowing our hearts and minds to merge as we came into alignment with the innocence of our inner child and learned to love ourself without judgment nor condition.

Our magnificent Q&A brought forth exactly what was required to create resolve; the energies of empowerment, support and relief integrated into our being and continue to heal us at the deepest levels.

We are all significantly different because of the profound energy surges on this show.

I cannot stress enough how important this one is to YOUR awakening and expansion…

Listen to the replay here:

This BRAND NEW, never before offered package from the remarkable Matt Kahn contains some of the most powerful energetic healings he’s ever transmitted.

This unique package has only been experienced by those who helped to create it earlier this year at Matt’s live, exclusive retreat…

And their lives were positively changed forever.

By introducing you to a new plane of confidence, security and universal knowing, this in-depth program will revolutionize:

  • Your self-perception
  • How you interact with others
  • Your understanding of time and space
  • The way you see your world
  • The level of appreciation you hold for this life
  • The degree of universal love you feel

This is your opportunity to connect with one of the most grounded speakers on this planet while unraveling the mystery of your life and purpose.

Get ready to release the entire concept of struggle and welcome in a sense of peace and Divine pace unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

PLUS, a free bonus reveals how to enhance your life by mindfully bringing forth your unique frequency of love and expression — to infuse it into the hearts of everyone you meet.

Let Matt help you step into your full potential and live from this new paradigm of love, self-expression and profound understanding of your life’s purpose.

Check it out now…

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Wonderful Awakenings & Healings: Nick Ortner’s Profound Replay

Holy Cow! What an exhilarating FIRST WEEK for season 14…

Nick Ortner’s profound mastery of EFT/Tapping enabled us to unravel and release our stories and subsequently dissolve the emotional AND physical pain attached to them. Just WOW…

We received and co-created the deepest of transformations instantly because of his powerful yet astonishingly simple processes.

There is a HUGE field of safety and healing just waiting to envelop you on this show. This one is a MUST LISTEN.

Nick’s fascinating ability to see and sense what we are going through resulted in fabulously guided processes that instantly delivered us from frustration, fatigue, stress, fear, and acute AND chronic pain.

The field of safety that we tapped into as a group allowed us to experience one aha after another and we literally changed in the moment.

Our Q&A turned out to be a magically beautiful experience of revealing and healing. We dissolved physical pain, emotional pain, traumas of all ages and even struggles we didn’t know we had!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who showed up authentically to contribute to the profound healing of the collective.

This show is going to heal you in miraculous ways…

Listen to the replay here:

Nick Ortner’s Life-Changing Offer:
Tap Your Way To Permanent Healing

This is truly one of our most powerful special offers…

You’re about to gain access to BRAND NEW teachings that will completely heal your relationship with pain. For good!

Nick has put together this exclusive special offer just for this brilliant community … to help each and every one of us take back the keys to our freedom and live the life we want, how we want.

His breakthrough Tapping Solution for Pain Relief program is the most cutting-edge system that helps identify the root causes of layered pain and completely eliminate them.

From negative emotions, physical pain, grief, anxiety, and so much more, you’ll learn the practical processes that will easily guide you toward a life of total and true healing.

PLUS, as a BONUS, Nick is throwing in 21 POWERFUL presentations accompanied by the workbook from his remarkable Pain Relief World Summit… The opportunities for healing are endless here, folks!

Take this simple yet monumental step in transforming your being AND saving your life.

Check out Nick’s LIMITED offer…

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

HOLY Brain-Powered Healing & Vitality ~ Anat Baniel’s Life-Changing Replay

Anat Baniel knocked our first show of the season OUT OF THE PARK.

Her simple yet profound movement processes instantly shifted our levels of flexibility and health.

And her extensive research and case studies on the brain have produced remarkable insights and systems of healing that have really granted us the beautiful opportunity to expand and change in the moment. WOW, this could change it all in a very short period of time.

I am so excited about Anat’s proven methods; they are exactly what so many of us are seeking to reclaim our overall health.

The simple yet powerful process through which she guided us allowed for instant, miraculous possibilities of total wholeness and healing for our minds AND bodies. This, alone, is truly quite fascinating and mind-blowing.

We also learned that by being attentive and present, we can improve the ability of the brain to be a perceiver of difference, enabling the brain to more efficiently retrieve information and find solutions.

Plus, Anat explained The Nine Essentials of the NeuroMovement from her Anat Baniel Method. (So you’ll want to bring a pen and paper, folks!)

And our beautiful Q&A made for an incredible informative session that demonstrated the revitalizing potential for those living with Sciatica, Parkinson’s, mobility limitations and emotional stress.

This show is filled to the brim with information that will inspire and motivate you. Treat yourself to the replay…
Listen to the replay here:

Anat Baniel’s Incredible Special Offer:
Feel. Move. Thrive.

Anat has put this unique and remarkable package together JUST for this community… It has NEVER been offered in this way.

Through two complete, full-length video workshops, Anat is going to help you heal and create new neural pathways… opening you to an astounding new flow of energy.

Whether you are in excellent health or living with a limiting diagnosis, you will be guided to make the impossible possible by completely shifting your brain AND body.

This is the ultimate toolkit for:

  • Overcoming pain
  • Releasing all physical limitation
  • Expanding through difficult situations
  • Improving your physical body’s performance
  • Enhancing your brain’s cognitive capacity
  • Tapping into your innate creative abilities
  • Becoming more sociable and comfortable around others
  • Developing more harmonious relationships
  • Experiencing profound new states of happiness
  • Retraining your body to perform more efficiently than ever
  • Living the way you were truly designed to live

This content has completely transformed the lives of thousands of individuals around the world and NOW, it’s your turn. With these incredible tools at your fingertips, you can rid your body of any and all limitations.

Now is your time to progress through life with even more physical grace and ease.

Allow Anat to lead you along this path of self-discovery and start doing everything your heart, mind, and body long to do.

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Conscious Emergence With Derek Rydall

Derek is a true master when it comes to congruence and the Laws of Emergence and we soared into an entirely different dimension AND perspective with this show.

We learned how our broadcasted consciousness is projected in every single person and thing we encounter, and we experienced an activation so powerful (and subtle) that we moved deeply into, embodied AND FELT the wholeness of our heavenly abundance… And we are STILL floating from this one.

Derek also shared his 3 Core Foundational Steps to Emergence and we learned how to tune-in to and welcome the inexhaustible frequency of wealth and abundance that is already within.

The profoundly glorious space of emergence energy lead us to a remarkable Q&A that opened our beings, advanced our conscious awareness, moved heaps of underlying barriers and brought forward the exact messages of enlightenment that we need right now.

Get ready to activate, generate and circulate the inexhaustible wealth within you that’s been anxiously waiting to come out.

Truly activate and live in this world as the Source that you have always been…

This powerful program guides you to really understand that no one AND nothing outside of you is your Source.

Go way deep into the 7 Secret Gifts of Giving and activate and boost your very own God-like ability to manifest everything you need while blessing everyone you touch.

Experience grand activations and disintegrations and make the universe your silent success partner in everything you do.

As you prepare to reap the rewards of your soul’s journey of wealth and manifestation, Derek’s Quantum Healing work accompanies you in the background and energizes your unique spiritual signature deeper and deeper each day.

Experience total life emergence as you go way deep into wealth mastery and begin to manifest your wealth in health, creativity, personality, relationships, career and SO MUCH MORE.

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Reclaiming Your Brilliance with William Linville

William’s accelerated, guided journeys of universal unraveling allowed our physical, mental and emotional bodies to move into new states of possibility and freedom in every area of life.

We gained a deeper understanding of loss and death and saw beyond the physicality of three-dimensional existence while experiencing the heartwarming presence of our beloveds who are still very much present.

An astonishing ride into our limitless magnificence guided us to adjust, re-align and restore our beingness, letting the brilliant stream of consciousness drain and release all old resonant energies from our fields while grounding us in our limitless Divinity.

These collective, accelerated frequencies of higher consciousness made for a beautiful and powerful Q&A that extracted everyone on the call out of all forms of density and catapulted us into total lightness.

Prepare to open up, blaze forth, activate, initiate, and unfold… Your life is about to change FOREVER.

If you are being called to receive more heightened insights from William’s accelerated and powerful journeys, this BRAND NEW content will guide you to clarity, vibrancy, understanding, and total restoration.

His incredible video series, which has never, ever been released, will help you fully express your Divine magnificence as you activate, initiate, unfold and embrace every magnificent aspect of you.

Get in touch with your highest self, highest vibration and perfect creator consciousness and soar to a whole new level of manifestation and creation.

Take back your power and live as the creator of your own reality while effortlessly jumping back and forth from the mind to the heart and fully and fearlessly express all of your beautiful capacities.

Plus, his previously unreleased 5-module series helps you to release old resonant energies that have held you back and guide you to fully express YOU from the heart of your being.

Are you ready to discover all that you’re capable of creating and SO MUCH MORE?

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

A Conversation That Can Literally Change it All

Tom is a remarkably brilliant operator and amplifier of Scalar Energy who’s on a mission to help us transform our physical, emotional and mental experience by moving us into a revolutionary paradigm of healing.

From its mystical partnership with the Divine and its power to completely transform and transmogrify anything back into harmonic balance, Scalar Energy is an extraordinarily groundbreaking new science that is changing the course of humanity (and animal kind).

This field of new opportunity and possibility served as the perfect platform for our Q&A, which covered a plethora of topics and reviewed Tom’s simple yet powerful three-layer process for reversing and eradicating viruses and parasites as well as aiding and boosting the immune system while undergoing cancer treatment and recovering from surgery.

From ebola, candida, and arthritis, to phobias, fibromyalgia, and hormone balancing, this Divine technology of support offers a new way of living that has been exponentially improving our lifestyle and infusing the world with newfound light.

Sense and experience the wonder of this remarkable intelligence and learn how you can contribute to and benefit from Scalar Energy’s purifying, harmonizing, re-balancing life-force.


Tom has put together a remarkable, three-option special offer that gives you the capacity to experience three protocols to reduce pathogens, support the immune system in recovering from chronic illness and introduce micro-nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids.

This system has achieved incredible success all over the globe and has been scientifically proven to overcome Hepatitis C, Lyme Disease, Herpes, Candida, Depression, Anxiety, and over 12,000 pathogens.

This is your chance to really make a difference in your physical health and all of humankind…

Balance and harmonize everything, including your chakras – the 7 scalar energy-processing points in your body that are responsible for your emotional and mental state.

Disassemble pathogens then receive nutrient therapy energy to assemble nutrients.

You’ll get Scalar Energy treatment for 30 days and have the option to sign up for recurring sessions if you choose.

And Tom is offering his powerful Scalar Energy therapy at an exclusive price just for Healing With The Masters!

Are you ready for your miracle?

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Purifying Healing & Congruence with Clayton Nolte

I just love having Clayton on our series… His unique energy, amazing presence and captivating expertise made for a profoundly fun, enlightening and healing discussion that delivered us into a brand new state of energetic wholeness.

From enhancing our food to purifying our energy fields and relieving physical ailments, we learned a TON about the power of structured water and its naturally miraculous ability to promote vibrant health, balance and harmony at the atomic level.

Clayton treated us to a remarkably uplifting structured-breathing exercise that integrated us into the present moment, beckoning our power of manifestation, which shifted our reality and activated the gateway to total transformation.

A HUGE thank you to all of you for your tremendous engagement and playing with us. All of your phenomenal questions created a beautiful ripple effect that brought us into a new field of balanced energy.
There is just SO MUCH information on this show. Tap in and allow the natural flow of all things beneficial.

Imagine your house singing in the vibration of love, structure, balance and harmony and THEN you showering with it!

So many of you have written in and asked us to help you structure your whole house and Clayton worked with us to make that happen in such a remarkable way.

Through this very special offer, we’re giving you FOUR options to be a catalyst of coherence for your whole neighborhood, the wildlife, surrounding trees, plants and so much more…

And this special is exclusive to this community! It’s not available anywhere else, folks…

There’s never been a more convenient way to experience and share the healing qualities of structured water and we’re bringing it to ya.

For the first time, we are offering Under The Sink units, which are perfect for those of you who live in an apartment or condo!
AND, you can get a FREE Portable Structuring Unit (A $399 value) with the purchase of the Dynamically Enhanced Whole-House Unit!

Monday, July 28th, 2014

An Incredibly Healing, Interactive Bonus Q&A With Jarrad Hewett

OH YEAH… What an incredibly healing, interactive, bonus Q&A call we shared with Jarrad on Friday…

He kicked off this HUGE show by generously gifting us one of the products from his special offer and we were guided to immediately shift life in the most remarkable, immeasurable ways. [We've uploaded a completely mastered version of this audio gift for the replay so that you can tap in and hear it clearly.]

His powerful statements and sacred formulas set the intention to release limits, move MOUNTAINS and LIFETIMES of frequencies, clear emotional trauma, heal soul scars and ascend into who we really are as Source.

The group on this call manifested tremendous energy through their amazing participation, which brought forth mesmerizing gifts of expansion, safety and support that moved all of us into new levels of being, trust and knowing.

We covered so much on this show … The energies and vibrations are simply OFF THE CHARTS and they’ve been preserved for you on the free replay.

CLICK –>Listen to the replay HERE

This is truly one of the most JAM-PACKED special offers we’ve ever been able to bring our beautiful Healing With The Masters community.

Jarrad has put together a couple of really remarkable systems and collections … I mean, they’re AMAZING! And each piece of the puzzle is built on years of research and fine-tuning.

Through graceful yet powerful guided meditations (some of which are set to frequency-tuned music) and a library overflowing with frequencies to help with every situation you could imagine, Jarrad leads you to embrace and strengthen your true creator essence – your real power for shaping and living this reality of Divine freedom and truth.

What if you were free from all perceptions of limitation? What if you could start each day KNOWING that you are manifesting your dreams, setting the course for exactly the life you want to be living?
…Now you can.
Be sure to check out this limited-time special offer and get ready to receive the greatness for which you are destined.

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Instant Harmonic Alignment Replay with Mashhur Anam

Mashhur delivered BIG TIME on this one and we tapped into the miraculously supportive holographic energy of the stars and universe, which imbued us with newfound hope, power, trust and confidence.

By detaching from expectation and judgment, we learned how to refine our unified matrix, which projects our reality, and connect to new morphic fields and algorithms for finding the purpose in all of life’s events (no matter their appearance).

A powerful, 5th-dimensional process disconnected us from old patterns, creating the sacred space for the acceleration of our highest good. And this potent, high-vibrational energy carried over into our Q&A where beautiful messages and insights transformed our energy fields, aligned us with harmony and created a platform of brand new possibility.

We went so deep on this call, our consciousness was heightened and we’ve entered a brand new dimension of being…

Listen to the replay and tap into the fabulous tools and teachings for creating new resonance.

Listen to the replay HERE:

If you are ready to advance into the next level in your morphic field and establish & maintain the harmonic vibrational resonance of abundance to create miracles across all areas of your life, one of these (or maybe both) is for YOU.

Masshur compiled three different options for your exponential peace & prosperity and we could not be more excited about these incredibly powerful systems of healing and re-awakening….

From Holographic Transformational Tools such as rings of harmony, vision board, energetic downloads, liquid luck, and group coaching from Masshur, himself, these instruments will pulse through you, radiating your information to the entire planet and connecting you to miracles abound.

And, with Bridge to the 5th Dimension, you’ll access your ascension blueprint and integrate its vibration RIGHT NOW as you infuse FIVE powerful AND new holographic matrices into your existence.

You are the creative force in your life and these special tools, along with Mashhur’s personal guidance, will help you harness your miraculous powers of creativity and manifestation.

Are you ready to connect with your Divinity and unlock your hidden potentials?

Check one, two, or BOTH out now… Up to 99% off!