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Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Embody the Power of Presence with Rikka Zimmerman

OMG! We had such an AMAZING time with Rikka Zimmerman on Healing With The Masters last night!

The energy on this call is absolutely through the roof. We played with the concept of living a limitless existence and vibrating at the highest possible frequency for our highest purpose and when we all tapped in, we got verifiable feedback.

We actually manipulated the electrical currents running through the technology we use, giving us confirmation of what our hearts already knew was true – we are shifting into our highest and most potent selves.

This season just keeps getting better and better and Rikka’s call is another example of how INCREDIBLY POWERFUL this group energy can be.
Click Here to listen and embrace the power of all that you are.

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Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Creating Your Universe with Mashhur Anam

What a day! We got to spend another hour with Mashhur Anam on Healing With The Masters through a special Q&A call and it was definitely reality-shifting.

Your reality – everything that you resonate with, shows up in your three-dimensional playground. This journey is all about breaking through the barriers and building the experience you REALLY desire.

You have the power to create and align with the new holographic life. In essence, you are creating your own universe. Start resonating with the things you desire and the things you value most and ultimately, your life will be filled with those things.

From anger to love, fear, and compassion, anything you feel or see in others is the result of a resonance in your own being. In fact, your thoughts and feelings can shape your reality. Be aware of what you’re calling into existence and make the conscious decision to resonate with the things you desire and appreciate.

CLICK HERE to listen to Mashhur’s call and begin connecting with the positive and beneficial.

Mashhur welcomes you to learn the powers of Holographic Transformation and Harmonic Resonance and transform your relationship with the universal energies to manifest your heart’s desires – just click below to re-design your life.

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Birth the Miraculous With Panache Desai

Every time we get together with Panache Desai on Healing With The Masters, something INCREDIBLE happens. This call was no different – I’m pretty sure that everyone who listened in on the live webcast and replay has been changed for life.

We dove into the significance of consciously receiving the energy and vibrational resonance of Divine love and the energy was immediately flowing.

Dance and play in the beautiful energetic signature of Divine love, allow the light of your spirit or soul to shine through the limitations of this world, and awaken to your true, miraculously Divine self. Panache invites you to embrace the flow of energy and overcome the density that keeps you from fully experiencing all that this reality has to offer.

Allow your infinite expression to shine through your physicality. Overcome and transmute the limiting energies in your life and awaken to the experience you were designed for. This is all here for you, just embrace your miraculous nature and let your vibration shine!

CLICK HERE to listen to his replay and awaken to the life that you love by embracing your TRULY MIRACULOUS and DIVINE SELF.

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Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Invoke the Light of God With Patricia Cota-Robles

We got to spend some QUALITY time with Patricia Cota-Robles today on Healing With The Masters and WOW, was it a powerful call!

As Patricia shared, we are not victims or acted-upon by our lives, we are the co-creators of our lives.
The energy on this call was really incredible from the start thanks to the collective group energy, the energy of a New Moon AND Solar Eclipse. We got to play in the expansive embrace of all of it and really moved into a state of growth and release with Patricia’s graceful guidance.

As a collection of lightworkers, we must be sure to set the intention for our highest good and be ready to let go of everything that no longer serves us.

We have an opportunity to embrace these energies and set the stage for something pretty incredible, right now. We co-create this reality. You are influencing what’s happening today and what will happen tomorrow. You have the power you need.

Invoke the light of God and create the change you desire.

This call with Patricia really has to be experienced, so CLICK HERE and experience it! Then, make the choice to move forward in the Light.

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Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Co-Creating Your Reality With Colette Baron-Reid

Every so-often, we have the opportunity to re-meet with some of the amazing individuals who take the time to help this Healing With The Masters Community grow and expand. Today, we shared that experience with Colette Baron-Reid. Unlike the regular series of calls, these SPECIAL Q&A calls allow you to hear from this community of Divine beings and grow through their life experience, struggles and triumphs.

That’s right, this call with Colette was led and co-created by the intentions of the group. Early on, the intention was set to receive and allow everything through the highest level of expansion and BOY, did we receive!

As she shared, by setting your intention for the highest good in every day, you elevate your state of mind AND your energetic signature. Open your heart to being the absolute best and highest expression of you, each and every day and that’s exactly where you’ll live.

Colette allowed the best and highest energy to come forward as she opened this group to the potential of all that exists around us. This is SUCH AN AMAZING time in history and we’re all living and Co-CREATING it right now.

It’s time to commit to the life you know you deserve by opening to your innate potential.
Did you know that you’re limitless? Did you know that you’re an expression of Divinity?

Well, you are. Listen in to experience and share in the profound energy of this call with Colette Baron-Reid and commit to being the change that you desire in this life.
Just click here to hear what Colette has to share and be sure to set your own intention for what you desire – it’s all coming forward, right now!

Take an invaluable inventory of all that your experience has been and discover how to change your perception of the past to effectively co-create your future.
Join Colette on a forty-day journey into releasing all that no longer serves and welcoming the life you’re meant for by clicking below and exploring her incredible special offer.

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Let Love Overflow With Ram Dass

Ram Dass Joined us on Healing With The Masters and it was such an INCREDIBLE experience.

The mantra of “Be Here, Now” certainly reigned true as we dove into a conversation about loving awareness and identifying who we believe ourselves to be when compared with who we really are.

By embracing the statement of “I Am,” and affirming “I Am Loving Awareness” your identity shifts out of the ego and into the spiritual heart.
Your spiritual heart resonates upward and outward and allows you to see every aspect of this experience through new eyes – loving eyes. Rather than looking at love, you begin to RADIATE love.

Your spiritual heart is connected with everything and leads an existence of wholeness, free from any limitation. And, when you get there, you come home.

Walk into your place of unity. Discover your center and embrace the freedom of oneness.

Join Ram Dass and open your being at the cellular level to a Divine love without limitation.

Tune in (By clicking here) and feel the love flow through the hearts of all those who listened and participated, into and through your own heart.

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Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Embrace the Miraculous with Margaret Lynch

We had the chance to spend some quality time with Margaret Lynch on Healing With The Masters and as we’ve seen over the course of this season, the group energy and this AWESOME energetic signature is only getting stronger with each show.

This point of opening touched on the amazing power of miracles and our ability to reach out and bring them into our lives, each and every day and BOY, was it a call to experience!

Margaret explained that she’s so excited to share about miracles, especially because these are the very same principles and content that she’s used in her own life. Miracles are a Divine example of co-creation in your life.

Each miracle is a reminder that you’re on the path you were designed for. Having an opening to miracles allows you to take quantum leaps and just catapult you into new places and opportunities that you may never have expected. As you look at miracles in your day-to-day, be prepared to do your part and really allow the co-creation to unfold.

From aligning your Chakras – especially the lower Chakras, and the nerve bundles that they touch, to embracing a heightened consciousness, Margaret brings you to explore ALL areas of your Self. Answer some critical questions like “Am I Safe?” and explore how your ability to welcome the miraculous is ties directly to your physical and spiritual bodies.

You are ready for miracles. You have everything you need to welcome and embrace all the goodness the Divine has to offer, Allow Margaret to sow you how.

Listen to her Replay by CLICKING HERE, then peer a little further into all that you are by checking out her special offer, below.

Think about it…Right now, you are ready and able to see and experience miracles in your own life and the lives of those around you. Aren’t you ready to discover how? Just click below and join Margaret on a journey into allowing for and receiving all that you are.

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Feeling Your Feelings to Freedom With Jennifer McLean

We switched things up a bit and turned the table so you could hear and grow through some things I’ve been working on. It was an absolute blast to get to have Bob Doyle back on Healing With The Masters to lead the call and interview yours truly, Jennifer McLean.

The energetic group signature was SOOO powerful on this call and everyone who listened and played in these energies created a really wonderful experience as we talked about the notion of FREEDOM.

When you move to the place of absolute trust and faith in life and everything that shows up, freedom abounds. It can be easy to get caught up in the distractions – money, stuff, and physical possessions, BUT when you move out of the mind and into the heart you are more powerful than the triggers, patterns and imagined “wants” and “needs.”

Grow through your patterns. Overcome and release your triggers.
Just feel your feelings.

Notice what you give your power to: what are you giving meaning to and making important? Then, evaluate whether it REALLY matters. If it’s not that important, let it go.

It’s all wrapped around paying attention.
Give yourself the time and awareness you deserve, then use that attentiveness to peer into your habits, reactions and actions and release or embrace them.

YOU are the master you’re seeking. You already have everything you need in order to achieve the life of ultimate freedom.
Are You Ready?

Click HERE to listen to the whole conversation and work on increased awareness, feeling your feelings and getting to a life of beautiful freedom.

Progress past the limitations and perceived boundaries of this life and blossom into the miraculous individual you have always been. From understanding the instinctual AND spiritual nature of the masculine and feminine that are dancing in the new aquarian energies, to powerful sound vibration Soul Songs and profound Body Dialoging and Prayer processes, this is all here – safely guiding you into absolute freedom and preparing your system for optimal healing and growth BEYOND ANYTHING you thought possible. Click below and explore the potential of all that you are through a combination of BRAND NEW tools and some of my all-time favorites.

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Reinvention Leads to Joy, Love and Passion with Bob Doyle

This call marked the release of what Bob Doyle feels is his most important message EVER and we were SO DELIGHTED to share in the group energy and contribute to everyone’s abundance. Through really candid conversation and beautifully open sharing, we gained insight into Bob’s personal life and saw first-hand how reinvention is truly a tool for opening through integrity to embrace a life where EVERY ASPECT inspires Joy, Peace and Love.

The process of reinvention is something that ANY person can do at ANY time. Your life is the expression of what you choose to make.

As Bob explained, it is his desire that everyone on this call take the next step and move into the love and light of life that they desire. He has a genuine love for your shift as an individual and your reinvention into the life you long for.

It’s not about what Bob’s got, it’s about what you’ve got and what you’re doing to create the life that you want. The transformation is already within you and this call is the first step toward the change and positive transformation you desire. Listen in (Just go ahead and CLICK HERE) and discover how Bob’s passion for your reinvention and the products he’s used for his own amazing reinvention can bring you into everything you know you deserve.

This is the first time in roughly TWELVE YEARS that Bob has moved past the technical mode of teaching and into his present state of heart-centered sharing and transformational embrace of Joy, Love and Passion. Reconnect with your spiritual self and see how a journey with Bob is really a journey into you.

Explore and tap into the very tools that Bob has used to completely reinvent his own life and learn to maximize profound results for inspiring, motivating and empowering your own ongoing reinvention. Leverage a community of like-minded people to support you on your journey and allow Bob to interactively guide you, step-by-step, to the life you desire, rewriting your entire history.

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Live Through Divine Love With Wayne Dyer

With Dr. Wayne Dyer on this Healing With The Masters call, we were able to open and embrace the oh-so-powerful community energy and welcome the beautiful vibration of love. Did you know that just by being here, YOUR INTENTIONS and your actions are actually creating the space for everything that comes forth? Yep, it’s true!

You already have everything within you required to create the experience and the life you desire and as Wayne shared, by being in this world and striving to embrace a love that is not of this world – Divine love, you remove the limitation and power of fear. When you operate from a place of pure Divine love, it completely shifts your experience.

Living from love really creates a genuine state of overpowering bliss. You are Divine – everything but ordinary.

You are connected to God because you have been created by God through a process of Divine Love. Welcome what it means to be an unwavering expression of Divine love.

As you listen to the replay of Wayne’s call: Here, discover what it means to live your expression of Divine love as an orange exists in the hands of humanity.

It takes light to get rid of darkness: we have to be in a state where there is no opposite and the only thing that exists is love.

It’s rare that you have a chance to play with the powers that define your reality but with Wayne’s content at your fingertips, that’s exactly what you get to do. This is your time to really discover who you’re destined to become. Through powerful meditation, channeling the name of God, in-depth exploration of self and inspired teaching, this offer brings you everything you need to experience your greatest desires. Click below to explore everything Wayne has worked so hard to bring to you and get ready for the life of your dreams!