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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Inspire Change on a Global Scale With Neale Donald Walsch

Neale’s call began with a bit of discussion about his wonderful new book, The Storm Before the Calm, which is pushing the envelope on human interaction and is offering humanity the opportunity to share ideas about creating a new cultural story at

Neale shared that the new human reality must be written by humanity itself. We must work to co-create the beautiful world that we long to live in and must all contribute to improving our current situation. Through this website, people from all walks of life have the opportunity to share ideas about improving this world, communicate with others who desire to do the same, and even interact with Neale to gain more insight as they read his book.

He will then take the most inspiring ideas and most moving concepts from, those that really light the way for co-creating a beautiful future, compile them into a book titled Humanity’s Dream and will deliver them to our world’s leaders. This is a tremendous chance to do something magnificent and it’s open to you. Help write the book that shapes our collective tomorrow.

Neale has coined a new phrase that reshapes how and why we live. “Being-ness” suggests moving to a new, elevated manner of being in life. Life is emerging from us and is not a process of receiving, but is a process of sending. While most people believe they experience that life is happening to them when, in reality, human beings are contributing to creating their own reality. We are collaboratively creating the exterior events in our reality and independently creating our internal response to those events, which becomes our own reality.

If two men stand by one another in the midst of a rainstorm, those two men alone cannot be responsible for the rain pouring from the clouds. However, they are responsible and have power of the resulting effect of that rain on their own lives. The first man could be ecstatic that the rain has finally come to nourish his crops; while the second is appalled by the fact that the rain has ruined the parade he’s been planning for the last 7 months. Those resulting reactions emit an energetic imprint and can shift the energetic and emotional state of people around them. So, the reality you are living is the series of responses coming through you from the collective experience around you. You can affect others just as you can be affected by them.

You have – and have always had, the ability to inspire change in this world. It’s just a matter of embracing the notion of our oneness and allowing your personal identity to impact the identity of our collective humanity. We can dramatically change the way we do life on this planet.

Neale then shared the new 15-word gospel: We are all one. Ours is not a better way, ours is nearly another way.” and explained that we all owe it to eachother to start believing in the power of this collective reality because we all have the power to change it. Rather than go to war over a difference in belief system, open up to kind and respectful discourse and develop a desire to learn from one another.  Explore the gifts and treasures that make you, you, sift through them and identify your best way to change our world. Truly embracing our oneness and utilizing your gifts sets the stage for a positive change like we’ve never seen before.

He then posed the question: “How can I make this idea of my own individual impact functional in my daily life?” and explained that first, it’s going to take active courage and intention to fully embrace our role of who we really are. You are a collaborative co-creator of this reality and have the ability to utilize your interior decisions and your state of being to change the state of our entire world. You play a significant part in crating a shift in global consciousness. Do so with intention, consciousness, and clarity and you will change the very fabric of this entire world.

One you’ve set the intention, the next step is embracing your pursuit of reaching toward the highest and most grand version of you regardless of the situation.

Then, stand up to all fear and negativity and know that you are greater than the damage it attempts to inflict. When you assert that you are the greatest expression of you and commit to existing in that way at all times, you make the impact you were destined to make. It is in the smallest moments of life that the biggest choices are made. Embrace your greatest self while driving, at the barbershop, at the dinner table, and at any other point, and shift the way those around you can live.

Climb to the highest point of your existence as your greatest self, reach out to humanity with patient love, understanding, and compassion, and lift the people of this world up to meet you there. It is through your existence that you will insight a change, make it a profound and positive one. You are what you say you are. Choose to be what you wish to be regardless of any exterior circumstances, events, or positions in your life, and you will achieve that state of being-ness.

To the question of “How do we make an impact if we don’t have what we need in this life?” Neale explained that there is nothing preventing you from living the magnificent existence you were born for. Avoid falling into the trap of want and belief in lack. Nothing is preventing you from being wholly loving, compassionate, or the highest version of yourself. You just need to be.

Before wrapping up, Neale touched on the 7 questions that he’s included in The Storm Before the Calm. In his book, he asked people to take these 7 questions to consciously create conversations that begin to shift our way of thinking on a global scale:

1. How is it possible for 6.9 Billion people to claim they want the same thing and be unable to get it?

2. Is it possible that there’s something we simply don’t understand here?

3. Is it possible that there’s something we don’t understand about who we are individually?

4.Who am I?

5. Where am I?

6. Why am where I am?

7. What do I intend to do about that?

Every morning, afternoon, and evening take some time to ask yourself those last four fundamental questions and you’ll be able to create a framework or pathway to your soul. These questions have the ability to change the way you live your own life. After answering the last 4 questions, you’ll discover your true passions, answer the first three questions, and shift your life and the lives of those around you.

While this post is more lengthy than usual, there’s still more to be gained from Neale’s call. Take some time to invest in your life and the lives of those around you and listen to his replay by Clicking Here. Then, look into his generous special offer by Clicking Here, and begin taking the steps that will insight a lasting and profound impact on humanity.

You have the power – the way you live your life is the foundation of a path to a new, magnificent existence.

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Remember the Joy of Learning and Elevate Your Quality of Life With Jim Kwik

This amazing opportunity to speak with Jim Kwik allowed us to see through a unique window into a mind full of powerful and learnable, qualities. Jim’s life work has been learning and teaching a series of processes that make it possible for anyone to read more quickly, retain more information, and multitask like never before. Through his series of products, you can quickly and confidently remember the information you need, when you need it most, and save valuable time by increasing reading speed. You’ll also improve focus, comprehension, enjoyment and retention.

As Jim explained, he came to this series of processes as a result of a direct need. Learning is so fundamental – if knowledge is power, learning is the superpower. After reaching an information overload and pushing his body to the depths of exhaustion, he knew there had to be an easier way. He set out to unravel how our brain works in order to truly work the brain.

So many people are multitasking to the point of developing a clinical condition that is centered around stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and ultimately, frustration and exhaustion. This information age is pushing humanity to work harder, faster, and more efficiently than ever before.

Jim explained that maintaining focus and staying present is much more of a difficult task than it has ever been. While people turn to genetics and biological predispositions as reasons for any potential limitation, in reality, only 1/3 of our ability to learn is dependent upon our genetics. That means that 2/3 of your potential is completely in your control!

When discussing reading, Jim explained that the fastest readers actually have the highest retention rates because they’re focused. When you’re genuinely focused, you are able to process what you’re working on and can really benefit from what you read. When you read slowly, you become distracted and it’s extremely easy to forget what you set off to do. Your mind wanders and you think abut all the other things you’d rather be, or simply could be, doing.

The key to learning is embracing the natural focus that speed brings to the surface. Reading should really be more of a logical, whole brain exercise; it’s not “how smart are you,” it’s “how are you smart.” With each exercise, whether you’re taking notes, reading, or learning something new, you should be using your whole brain or whole self.

What’s more, all learning is state dependent. If you’re trying to learn anything, you will get the most out of it when you’re in your peak state. So, before jumping into any of these processes and strategies, Jim helps you move into a peak state that enables you to maximize the effect of what you’re learning.

Children are the fastest learners on the planet. While some of it may have to do with the biological state of things and the process of growth, they really learn in such a wonderful capacity because they’re open and willing. Put yourself in a creative state, embrace that childlike mentality, and open yourself to a world without limits or limitations.

Sit up straight, take some deep diaphragmatic breaths, stay hydrated, then ask yourself what you’d like to be learning.

M.O.M. is key to retention.
Motivation (Why do you do the things you do and what will give you the greatest reward? Ask and you shall receive. What you practice in private yields rewards in public.), Observation (Place your attention on what you’ve decided truly matters. If you’re forgetting a name, you weren’t paying attention to begin with.), Mechanics (The skills, processes, practices, and abilities that enable you to actually bring all of these changes into practice).

In reality, so much of our success is dependent on our internal psychology and our ability to really see, listen, and internalize.

There is so much more to be gained from Jim’s replay that you simply must listen to it. If you’ve already done so, give it another hour of your life and focus on each step he offers. Click Here to head to the replay page and really get a firm grasp on how to change your life by discovering how to learn!

You can only be truly happy when you’re fulfilling your soul’s purpose. Jim wants to help you tap into this incredible power that moves you out of overwhelm and allows you to focus on living a better life. Genius can be learned! Join Jim as he shows you the intimate details of how to learn and helps you overcome years of overload and information anxiety through his limited special offer – CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Harness the Magnificent Healing Power of Light With Carol Look

Carol Look leads her life through an incredible degree of clarity. As the conversation began, Carol shared that her journey is always one of progression and pursuit of personal evolution. She listens to these transformational calls and purchases these incredible special offers – and isn’t afraid to share it. Our Masters are pursuing growth in their lives, just like you are.

Carol wants you to know that regardless of what you’re doing, where you are, and what point of your life you’re working through, you’re good. Listen to yourself, believe in your own ability, and validate each and every one of your feelings. Just say “I am who I am and this is how I feel.” If we don’t allow ourselves to express our feelings and emotions, they get impacted and they all go somewhere. Remember, emotions are energy in motion.

Saying you “should feel better, more calm, happier,” and so on opens yourself to a need that must be addressed. Pretending you’re not there, not having those feelings, or aren’t affected by the situation pushes those emotions into the recesses and ultimately creates a pattern. If you change an energetic pattern by adding a new ingredient or taking something away, that pattern can’t exist any longer. So, if you’re saying “I’m not good enough, because…” then identify that you’re not believing in you, and add self-love or self-acceptance to your life’s recipe, the pattern reaffirming that state of lack has to go away.

Discover the patterns, analyze where they’re coming from, and you can address the root of the problem and shift the pattern by changing your emotions. The emotions are the source of everything. Trust in your own emotions and have faith in what you feel and, odds are, you’ll begin making decisions that you’re both happy with and benefit your life!

Respect and validate your own feeling and emotions. You are worth your own time. Just imagine how you’d react if a friend came to you with a problem – you’d give them time to share what’s going on and help them find the source of the issue. Rather than deny the truth of how you feel or how you were hurt, sit with your feelings and really work on yourself. You’ll help your friends and loved ones when they need you – do the same for yourself!

We moved into discussing Carol’s new and truly powerful process: Healing Lights and learned that she’s actually helping people bring universal light into their lives and bodies. The vibration of light is so hot, fast, and loving, that illness literally cannot survive in its presence. When you add light to an ailment, the light wins. Feelings, negative emotions, and physical dis-ease are all less powerful than the light.

Just as you add an ingredient of change to shift emotional patterns, Carol’s Healing Light is the secret ingredient that has the power to heal all aspects of your life. It can penetrate any part of your body and the process of bringing it in will actually allow you to navigate your own physicality to see where you need it most. The light that Carol helps you bring inward is flexible, transformative, and it’s wholly yours to do with what you please. Take your brilliance and your knowing to use the light for your benefit.

Listen to the replay here to receive light through Carol’s facilitation. And, click here to gain a more profound understanding of the love, vibration, and healing power that this amazing quality has to offer.

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Live Your Life of Magnificent Authenticity

Panache jumped right into this beautiful call – he spoke about the incredible energy that inspires vibrational transformation. This gift of presence that you experience on this call is a gift directly from the Divine. He explains that all you need to do in order to maximize the impact of the content he covers is begin this call through a willingness to accept and own your limitless abundance and unfaltering connection to Source.

Listen to this call and dissolve all limitations and propel yourself into the fullness of You. Panache explains that he is nothing more than the reminder, than a part of you that re-opens your eyes to the brilliant spark of all you are. As the call progressed, we moved into discussing authenticity and the importance of expressing your authentic self.

We’re being asked to go beyond the judgments and everything that this reality projects as truth and own the honest truth of our being. Living an authentic life is the key to living the version of you that you were designed to be and moving into the magnificence of everything that you are.

You are a magnificent being. You are incredible. You are limitless.

As you raise your vibration and you abide in authentic state of experience, life will continue to happen but you won’t be triggered or pushed into reaction. As life continues to unfold, your authenticity allows you to navigate it with absolute grace and ease. Be at peace as you’re in the midst of everything life brings to your feet.

As Panache guided all of us through an integration, you experience the beauty of truly seeing and being seen. Break down the barriers that prevent you from truly being you, learn to utilize the experiences of your past, and peel back the veil of judgments. Have the audacity to allow your infinite luminous presence, your divine spark to expand out to infinity, filling the space of anything and everything that has been and will be imagined.

Receive your infinite abundance, health and vitality, be infinitely connected to Source energy and Source potential, and receive love infinitely.

No matter what you’re going through, your choice to a part of this world at this point in time changes the very fabric of reality. You make this world a better place. It’s not about you being more, doing more, or becoming something larger than you – this is just about having the courage to walk the path of your life and be the most authentic version of you.

Acknowledge the truth of your being and allow that infinite expansiveness to flower in your reality. There is no limitation in your life. You are infinite.

Reclaim your soul signature, overcome stress, shatter inner sabotage, and know the power of transformation. Achieve modern-day mastery in the real world and fully own the power that you already possess in the group-breakthrough webcast that Panache is offering in his limited Special Offer!
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Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Embrace Your Excellence in 2012 With Elizabeth Jones

As Elizabeth explained, the changes of this incredible year are happening. While you may feel dizzy, overwhelmed, or confused by everything going on, rest assured that this cosmic energy and all of these changes are here to support you. The universe is here to benefit you – the key is finding your connection to the Source, our Sun.

Our sun is currently undergoing dynamic and profound changes as a result of an increase in light from the great central source. The sun is the key to this accelerated energy. As she put it, it’s the Sun that’s the star of 2012. There is a great central sun, which exists in the realm of pure spirit where all things are created, maintained, and preserved. It is a realm where matter can be created from pure spirit. The Great Central Sun is, in essence, the giver and sustainer of life and the divine heart of our galaxy. From this place, divine love pours through to our solar system and emanates from our Sun.

Our existence is maintained from our Sun’s source: the Great Central Sun. She explained that since approximately 3180 BC, our sun has been traveling in a field of cosmic debris that limits the amount of light and energy it can project on to all of us. That means, 5120 years ago, this cosmic event shifted the way we receive light and love and essentially plunged our plant into a dark age. This clouded dark age has made it harder and harder to remember our connection to the Divine.

The separation in our world, the greediness, selfishness, and belief that people can only affect themselves, is the physical manifestation of the haze we’ve been living in. Many believe that leaving this realm of universal cloudiness marks the beginning of the Age of Light. This increase of cosmic light and energy from our Source is expected to occur on December 21, 2012 and will personally and spiritually affect all of us. If you’re experiencing an overwhelming sense of confusion and turmoil, you need to understand how to recognize and understand what’s happening and embrace these miraculous changes as they come and seek your soul’s true identity.

Align with your soul, allow it to participate in these amazing times, face your lower natures, break apart old patterns, and discover the divine light within your soul! As we raise our vibration, the Sun, planets of our Solar System, and constellations of the Zodiac all contribute to your growth during this amazing time in history. Elizabeth explained that astrology is a map to reaching out to your divine self. As you work with these universal elements, you gain the ability and understanding to co-create your experience and awaken to your soul’s destiny! It is a privilege to be alive right now, during this shift.

If you’re feeling an impact unlike any other time in your life, you are a Lightworker and must begin working to understand how to achieve the clarity and strength that only comes from a genuine expression of your soul qualities and connection to the Great Central Source. Your soul qualities are embedded in the constellations of the Zodiac belt. You are being held and embraced by this circular belt of stars and are constantly surrounded by the blueprint of divine expression that they hold. Understanding your life’s purpose is as simple as tapping into the universal wisdom and opening your soul to its true qualities.

We know this story – it speaks to our ancient, eternal roots and origins. If you feel yourself gaining an instant grasp on what Elizabeth discussed, it’s because you already knew it! This call is packed with information that will literally lead you to your true life’s purpose. Never before have we been in this same position with these same shifts and occurrences in our universe. This is all BRAND NEW and Elizabeth Jones is the first person to give you a guide to excellence during these times. Embrace these changes, see the world through new, enlightened eyes, and use the series of tools that she’s created to make this process an easy and absolutely beautiful one. Her special offer through Healing With The Masters is only available for a limited time and enables you to embrace all of these changes with open arms for an unbelievably affordable price.

Click here, define your own future, embrace your true purpose, and tap into your Soul Qualities!

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Discover the Incredible Power of Your Dreams With Denise Linn

We had such a captivating and fun call with Denise Linn!

Denise jumped into this call and explained that everybody dreams. Every 90 minutes, you dream and they are absolutely essential to your wellbeing. In fact, if you deprive yourself of dreams, you actually become psychotic – they’re that important!

Even if you don’t feel like you dream or can’t remember them, they’re happening. Elizabeth explained that in recent sleep studies, when people wake up immediately after the end of their REM sleep cycle (when we actually dream), they can usually remember their entire dream. However, the further they get from the end of that cycle, the more fragmented their memory of those dreams become.

Simply talking about dreams and thinking about your dreams activates the awareness you need to tap into the dream state and remember them. In native cultures, people remember their dreams because they understand their importance. In modern cultures, dreams tend to be less significant.

The first step is to believe in the importance of the dreams. The more important you believe your dreams to be, the more likely you are to remember them. Then, activate a dream shield and allow yourself to exist in your own dream energy. People have the ability to tap into other people’s dreams and can actually play different roles in the sale dream – the dream shield allows you to dream your own dreams and exist in your own unique state of things. Your dreams are a great place to process, heal, release, and to simply have adventures.

After programming yourself with any number of things that Denise goes over, prepare yourself to remember your dreams by having a journal handy and remember that you actively remember your dreams when you are in the same position that you dreamt in. Whether you write or draw your dreams, when capture what you can remember you get to begin interpreting them; those interpretations may just save your life.

Einstein said that every major discovery he made came from a dream. Our dreams are so incredibly important that neglecting them is doing nothing more than hindering us and preventing us from living to our fullest potential. Your dreams have the power and insight to change the very way that our world works.

If you need help navigating your dreams and activating a specific intention through your dreams, you can call out to Spirit and ask for a dream guide. That dream guide can help to lead you toward what you’re looking for and can even help you discover how to shape you dreams. When interpreting your dreams, you can go the route of free-association. This is the simple drawing of connections between what you’ve dreamt and the events in your life that have shaped your perceptions of the elements in your dream.

By analyzing your dreams and diving even deeper into your nightmares, you can go back into them and turn them into a positive outcome. You can change your nightmares, unlock hidden abilities, overcome inner blockages and fears, and completely re-write your subconscious beliefs. Your dreams are a compilation of FREE therapy. You can tap into these dreams and actively program yourself to work through the roadblocks of your past, release the tension of stress and drama, overcome the limiting hurdles, and even connect with loved ones who have passed. Denise’s book, The Hidden Power of Dreams is included in her special offer – take it home and discover the power of your own dreams, today!

Whether you’re looking to learn new paths, develop new tools, identify with yourself as Spirit, or achieve a sense of freedom in your night hours that becomes freedom in your waking hours, Denise is here to lead you there. Her special offer is a compilation of tools that allow you to reach out to a whole new version of self. Take a look HERE at everything she is giving you and discover how amazing life can be.

Revolutionize society, discover new paths and processes, and access your own internal wisdom, all by dreaming!

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Explode Into the Fullness of Your Self With Rikka Zimmerman

Rikka lives in this space of joy and possibility by asking really profound and thought-provoking questions. She stated off the call with a welcoming “what if.”

What if you are a vibrational key to consciousness that is here to change the entire planet?

Access Consciousness works because you do, but you have to be batting for your own team. As you ask questions that help you uncover your meaning, you become the god of your reality and get to be who your heart is longing to be. Rikka is here to empower you to know what you know and inspire you to live a truly phenomenal life.

You can truly have and be anything of your choice.

She gave everyone some tools to work with and built a foundation around the statement: Ask and you shall receive

What if the truth will always make you feel lighter and a lie will always make you feel heavier? Build with that question as your foundation.

-       Does judgment make you feel lighter or heavier?
-       When you ask a question, does it create and opening? Does it open you up to new possibilities?

Ask questions like “How does it get any better than this?” and “What else is possible?” and the positive potential shows up. Use these positive questions to generate more receiving in your life.

Then, ask: “What would it take for ‘blank’ to show up?” and allow the universe to send you the answers.

What if your point of view actually creates your reality? Your point of view can either facilitate what you’re looking to do or it can conflict with the question and prevent you from getting to where you want to be. If you’re saying “I’m not ready” or “I’m not good enough,” you can actually build roadblocks in your life and create those points of view that simply aren’t true. Once you get out of your own way, you can create the situations you’ve been longing to be a part of.

Next, shine your light of consciousness on your own thoughts and reactions and ask: “Who does this belong to?” What you’ll find is that so many of these thoughts don’t belong to you and don’t actually serve you. You’ll be able to enjoy and receive more effectively in your life and will begin creating in your own life.

Rikka then introduced the Access Consciousness clearing statement, which allows you to remove the aspects of your life that no longer serve you: “Right and wrong, good and bad, POC and POD, all nine, shorts, boys, and beyonds.”

What the statement serves to do is ask and answer a series of questions and allow you to clear much more effectively and much more quickly than ever before. You’re asking what’s right about it, what’s wrong, what’s good and bad about it, POC stands for Point of Creation and determining the source of these limitations in order to dissipate them at their source, POD stands for Point of Destruction and allows you to see where you’ve been destroying yourself in order to hold these limitations, All Nine has to do with nine questions relating to the right, wrong, good, and bad, Shorts has to do with the energy of meaning – what we make meaningful and meaning-less, Boys stands for anywhere you’ve planted the seed of limitation, and Beyonds stands for the feelings and sensations that take you out of being present. Clearing all of these things take you out of the limitations you’ve built and allow you to really move past the barriers that you target.

Rikka wants to end the judgment you place on others and accept for yourself. If truth makes you feel lighter and lies make you feel heavier, judgment, because it makes you feel heavier, has always been a lie and has never actually belonged to you! Judgment has always been a projection and interpretation from an outside source. Rikka then cleared all of the virus-judgment that each person on the call had been harboring and allowed everyone to feel the power of removing those projections and limitations.

Explode into the fullness of your Self and allow yourself to be all vibrations by clearing each and every one of your limitations. You have the power to transform reality and bring every other being to a heightened sense of awareness in this reality. You are not judge-able when you release the servant-hood of reality. Wipe away the limitations of the “I’m not good enough,” and embrace your true ability, abundance, peace, and love in this reality.

Take some time to revisit this replay and really embrace what Rikka has to say – this is life-changing work that literally inspires a shift into the fullness of your Self. She’s put an entire collection of tools together that enable you to take this process so much further and embrace everything you can be. Click Here to embrace your greatness and see all that Rikka has for you to take home.

Ask the “What if’s,” own up to your talents and abilities and lift the veil that blinds you from your possibilities!

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Learn to Live From Love

This evening, we were able to speak with Isha Judd who, like so many of us, once struggled with issues of self-worth and self-love. Before discovering the power of love consciousness, she was living under the condition that her things and achievements shaped her identity. However, she explained that you start loving yourself and start feeling complete once you grow into love consciousness.

Love consciousness is who we are. Everything is love, even extreme fear is love – it’s just a variation of the same energy, said Isha. Start to build everything from a place of unconditional love and you’ll evolve beyond the duality of love and lack and will come back to a place where you’re able to just be yourself. When tough times enter your life, it’s just a wakeup call informing you that you need to focus more on living in love. Life can be a gift but you need to seize the opportunity to be more and to live from a place of love in order to truly realize how amazing you were created to be.

One of our biggest barriers to a love-led life is the mind. The mind is so tough to get past because it’s constantly taking us into a place of fear or fantasy and clouding our vision of reality. In order to get through those distractions and break down our barriers, Isha has developed a few tools. She shared the four facets that allow you to anchor yourself in present awareness for each moment, appreciate and embrace your humanity, find a union with and connect to that which you truly are, and become one with everything. You can only become one with everything externally once you’ve embraced everything within yourself. When making this shift, place the intention profoundly in your heart and really allow it to settle into your heart chakra. One of the most important facets of humanity is our ability to experience emotion. Isha explained that we have to embrace out humanity and everything that entails. This process allows you to stop projecting stress on others and move that stress so it can be removed forever. Isha has even seen this process shift the lives of criminals in incredibly high-stress environments and reduce stress by up to forty percent!

As she explained it, you have to be responsible for the joy and peace you are experiencing now. Ultimately, when you accept that state of love and internal abundance, you spread it around your world and inspire world peace. If you move into a place of victimhood, you may even believe that you don’t deserve love. Rather than force others to change their behavior in order to make you happy, you have the power to move within and make a proactive change that will in turn, inspire love in everyone around you. When you expand your love consciousness and find the source of internal appreciation, you’ll stop looking to the transient external sources of love and will rely on the consistent source of love that you have always been.

Surrender to the idea that you’ve always had whatever you needed in every moment and you will begin to see the opportunities or “diamonds” that the universe is throwing at you. Each and every day, you have the opportunity to be presented with opportunities. The difference between remaining where you are and progressing toward your dreams is as simple as how open you are to your own potential. If you live from the heart and are existing in a place of love, you will learn to let go of the “rocks” or your present situations that are holding you back, and will quickly discover the amazing opportunities that are waiting to be pursued.

All the love is in us, once we’ve tapped into that incredibly abundant source all we have to do is give it. This life is your for the taking, stand up, tune into your self and the world around you and live from a place of love! If you’re still unsure of what that looks like, how to start the process, or even how to tune to love when the waves begin to capsize your life, take a look at the special offer Isha has put together for you. She has poured herself into each and every product and knows that you are destined to grow through this amazing series of audio and video resources.

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Inner Peace Will Guide You Home

We had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Mary Allen, America’s Peace Coach, this Wednesday and it was such a great conversation about why we all need inner peace and the real impact it has on our lives.

If you’re debating the need to find it, know how to return to it when times get really tough, and create from inner peace when you’re being dragged down, consider Mary’s point that inner peace is actually the source of success, abundance, great relationships, and ultimate happiness!

She explained that when people find inner peace, the seeking stops. When we can’t get to inner peace, we’re coming up against resistance of some sort. It can be reality, the weather, our circumstance, other people, and even ourselves and our own worthiness (our strengths, emotions, passions, and room for growth). What results is a minimized version of self that ultimately slips into a downward spiral of self-doubt. Inner peace is the source of power that enables you to really live the life you were meant for.

So, how do we achieve inner peace?
Mary offered a really powerful process and led everyone on the call to a state of timeless, effortless, and thoughtless, and genuinely relaxed being. She pushed everyone to analyze the reality of the simple actions that we can easily take for granted and instilled a sense of clarity and calm around our instinctive actions. You’ll come out the other side with a heightened sense of clarity, spaciousness, and limitless peace. Inner peace lives in that subtle shift in attention.

Mary also touched on the Now Practices that emphasize a heightened focus on something you do regularly. Make a conscious decision to actively participate in a part of your daily life.
First, focus on getting in touch with the senses. Pay attention to what you’re seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling. Is it the road flying by, hum of the engine, the scent of your air conditioner, a piece of gum you’ve been chewing, or the bounce of the road?
Next, show gratitude and appreciation for the senses you’re able to experience. Really appreciate everything you’re being present for.
The third step is feeling yourself being connected to your body as well as the world outside of yourself. Really feel into your body and sense the interaction you’re having with the world.
And lastly, embrace reality – it’s not as daunting as it sounds. Just allow yourself to be in the flow of what you’re experiencing and acknowledge that, as Mary put it, the world will still exist as it is now once you’re gone. You don’t need to apply a second layer of interpretation to the reality you’re experiencing. Accept it at face-value and allow your world to be what it is without creating a story for it; if you have 365 emails in your inbox, let them exist without labeling them and allowing them to infiltrate your place of inner peace.

When we add to, distort, deny, or resist reality, we immediately push ourselves toward suffering. Free yourself from that suffering by focusing on not reading between the lines and accepting each part of the situation for what it is. Practice noticing without giving it a meaning.
To better emphasize the importance of living in reality without applying a second complicating coating to it, Mary offered another process that focused on writing and meditating. Be sure to take this wonderful opportunity to listen to the replay of her call here. Because she wants to be sure that you are living a life overflowing with inner peace, the life you were brought into this world to live, Mary has also put an incredibly generous special offer together. Achieve your wildest dreams and discover the key to creating the abundance, contentment, and success in your life – .

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Prepare for the Shift of a Lifetime

Drunavlo Melchizadek, has poured his life into understanding our relationship and connection with God. He is a world-traveler, author, and world-renown speaker and we had the incredible opportunity to leaner from his insights and grow through his perspectives on Healing With The Masters.

He explained that the majority of people around the world are living in their brain. It has become normal to neglect the heart and live in the mind, but dreaming and creating from the heart is everything. It is true reality and serves as a completely different world through which we can connect to this universe and God. When you’re living from the heart, your perception and the decisions you make will change. Rather than make decisions based on your own needs and the impact your ego is trying to make, you have the ability to rationalize each choice and see the way it will affect those around you. You have an impact on the world and hold the ability to choose what kind of impact you make.

Drunvalo explained the concept of Stair Step Evolution and the kind of impact it has had on our world. The Ascended Masters have been feeding humanity with incredible knowledge that is seemingly unimaginable since the beginning of our established historical record of time. On December 21 and 22, 2012 the world will shift and something completely brand new and miraculous will happen. Our world is going to change forever and as Drunvalo explains, we will experience an amazing and positive change in the very structure of our world and how we interact with ourselves and one another. The cycle that was established when our universe was created is about to come to completion. It is beyond us and is beyond every single living thing in this universe yet we will know exactly what to do when it happens.

About half way through the conversation, he explained that because mass-telepathy is yet available to us, we all need to listen between what he says, shift our perception and sense the images that he is energetically sending. He goes on to explain that as this cycle of time comes to an end, there is a very deep part of you that will know exactly what is happening and what to do. Because the universe is nothing but consciousness, we have created things within us that are far more sophisticated than we would believe is even real. What that means, is that when this universe ends, we are going to create a brand new one and enter an entirely new world – transforming into an entirely new way of existing. We will sweep past all accepted ways of existing and will actually live in a new world without a body. Do not doubt yourself because if you have a heart and can believe in your connection to God, you have everything you need!

After delving into the shift we are all going to experience near the end of this year, Drunvalo spoke about the power of the emotional body, or Merkaba, and the kind of imprinting that occurs when we are faced with emotional strain. Every event in your life has the power to imprint on your emotional state and unless you understand how to wipe that body clean, you will be left with a clogged emotional self that is just longing for repair and healing. He went on to explain that there is now a process (currently under development) that has the power to wipe our most profound negative emotional imprints and allow us to forgive without holding back. Rather than hang on to the issues of our past and have to carry that baggage through life, we would be able to use this process to truly forgive and let go – and Drunvalo is on the forefront of making that possible for humanity!

We are approaching a new time like the world has never seen and this world will change into an entirely new environment. Drunvalo reassures us that it will all be for the best and explains that our new consciousness and awareness will enable us to live a life like never before. We simply have to trust and believe!

While we only had an hour to learn from the wealth of knowledge that Drunvalo has to share, he wants to be sure that we can all grow from and learn as much about the times that are coming. Take this time to read through the incredible special offer he’s put together and prepare for the change of a lifetime!

Click Here and discover your true potential.