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Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Ho’oponopono and the New Spiritual Principles

I have been behind in my posts of late. I have been busy
finishing The Big Book of You. It is an
exciting yet time-crunched time and I apologize for my absence. I will work at
posting more in the coming weeks as I build up to my launch (tentatively
scheduled for Dec 10, 2007—guaranteed Christmas delivery!).

I have been doing a speaking series at Sangha Center for
Spiritual Living called Ho’oponopono and the New Spiritual
. I am two weeks into this great 9-week series and we are
having so much fun. Last night I talked about EFT and the Sedona Method as well
as the healing release technique I developed (that is included in Joe
Vitale’s book The Key
as a
contributed chapter authored by me). The original talk I did about this is available
at my last

Each of these techniques discussed at my talk last night encourages
exploration of emotions as a path to release. Feeling your feelings is truly
the key here. Being with your body and experiencing what you are feeling creates
space. The observer effect found in quantum physics applies here, by simply
noticing and acknowledging what you are feeling emotionally and physically
comes the opportunity to release. This doesn’t mean going into it like primal
scream therapy (that simply reinstates the trauma) but observing and “asking
into” your body; meaning ask what is there, why it is there and what it needs.  Then using what we perceive to be the
challenging feelings to release the old caked on energy blocks as well as using
the so called positive emotions (there are really no good or bad emotions) to
feel the gratitude and open ourselves to our dreams.

Miscellaneous Announcements: 

  • If you are interested, you can pre-order The Big Book of You by clicking here there will be special gifts to those who pre-order! 
  • Also Joe has a great intro video to his new book The Key just click here and scroll down. 
  • Soul Song Retrieval: The Soul Song purchasers seem to be enjoying their Personal Soul Songs,
         they have told me they are feeling the essence of their origins and finding healing and balance (and abundance and new found happiness as well). For a limited time I will throw in my new Tonal Healing Session
    to go with your Soul Song (see next item for details on Toning
         Sessions). This bonus gift won’t be included on the Soul Song Retrieval site, so mention that you saw it here and it is
  • Download you free Soul Song of the Earth. The "Soul Song of the Earth" is just that the soul melody of the
    earth. When you listen to this CD you have the opportunity to assist with the healing of the earth. By listening to the earth’s true melody you participate in sensing the perfect original vibration of the earth and allow her to remember that once again. It allows you to find a deeper reflected truth about who you are on this earth plane. It also offers a Ho’oponopono version for those who have been exploring Joe Vitale’s new book Zero Limits. 
  • Tonal Healing: I recently created a Heart Tonal Healing that is helping clear the heart and open up to intimacy and true love. It comes with a meditation, the heart toning healing session, as well as a Ho’oponopono version (all for just $10!): As I mentioned in my last email, for just $40 I will also perform a customized toning session that will open you in ways that few other modalities can address. Go to for more info. There you will find an AMAZING video of manadalas formed out of sound, it is quite confounding, and amazing evidence of the power of sound.

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Ho'oponopono and the No Compromise Theory

today is Audio day at The Big Book of You Blog. It is a 22 minute audio file of a talk I did at a New Thought church Called Sangha in Huntington Beach California. I was pleased to present my thoughts about Ho’oponopono and the "No Compromise Theory" that is from my upcoming book, The Big Book of You. Take a listen, is is good information, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Sangha Sunday Talk – Ho’oponopono and the No Compromise Theory

Download sangha_talk.mp3

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

Living a Deliberate Life (not at the affect of life)

Isn’t it time to be deliberate? There is no more time for sitting
back; now is a moment of action. Not just doing for the sake of doing but
opening to the divine and listening, which is an aspect of doing/action.
Observe your surroundings and notice what feels “right” and what feels off,
then act on that. Acting/doing in this instance might simply be noticing
what the “off” part is, and how it is being attracted to you… What is it, where
and how does it manifest in your life. Then focus on attracting the tools and
skills that allow you to release it. The fact that you are reading this now is
an indicator that you are likely ready to release something. Here are a few
methods and tools for release:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Check out Gary Craig’s information packed web site. This link directs you to the page where there is a free 85 page download to learn how to do this for yourself. It is a great start, but find yourself an EFT therapist. I have two, Mary Hall who is local and Brad Yates who has a great Sunday morning group gathering (well worth it). His products include Money Beyond Belief: and click on the link for his Tappings and his eBook. Mary Hall is my local therapist and an absolutely amazing healer, she also does tele-healing EFT sessions and can guide you through nutritional healing, you can reach her at
  • Ho’oponopono. Joe Vitale has an amazing new book that walks you through the basics of Ho’oponopono. This is seriously the real deal healing method. I do it daily… any downtime or moments of confusion are filled with Ho’oponopono.
  • Sedona Method. Hale Dwoskin invented this awesome model to help you to understand whether the feelings you are having are real or not. Is it real, is it true… most of the time when you finish this inner dialogue you have released whatever “it” was.
  • 3-D Workout Dianne Woodruff offers a remarkable "Therapeutic Fitness" system that helps to
         eliminate pain, markedly reduce chance of injury (AND dissolve troublesome fat pockets.) 3-D Workout was designed to restore the body’s basic organizational patterns while building strength and coordination. Whether you are recovering from injury or want to virtually eliminate chance of injury, this will do the trick! These are two videos that will change your life.

So there is a short
list of things you can do, review them let these choices sit with you, open
yourself to the energetic essences, and use your inspiration to make a choice.
That process is yet another exercise for you. Right now take a look at your “to
do” list. Now take deep breath relax into the moment, find your center. From
this place of calm take another look at the list, without thinking about it,
what is calling to you? Maybe there is something that is not on your list (like
something you really love to do), add it to the list. Then do that which is
calling you the most, do what is creating a yearning inside of you. Writing
this blog right now is that for me. This is working from inspired action and it
will guide you unerringly to your goals. This is how to start living more

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Healing Tools – Soul Song Retrieval

Several years ago I learned about harmonics, toning and how the
energy frequencies of sound interact with the body to create and enhance
healing. Since then I have used toning as a natural part of any healing session
I do with clients.

Sound in general whether it is a growl, a deep loud sigh,
increasing the volume of speaking in anger, laughing, or singing all can
contribute to release. I have found many of my healing clients are “sound repressed”
we were told from a young age to keep quite, don’t speak unless you are spoken
to etc. Sound is a tool of vibration that can assist in releasing just about
any issue.

Here is a quick exercise: Take a minute and go inside find
that still place within, now go to the place in your body where there is
tension, open you eyes and senses to that area, look around. Now listen and
feel… what is the sound that is there? Is it a tone like one note of a song? Is
it a reminiscent melody? Is it a guffaw, a laugh a growl or grunt? Now express
that sound, let it go and out. Sound expression I think is one of the highest
forms of release and expressing this sound from that point of tension allows a
reorganization and a letting go of the energy blocks.

Listening is also part of a healing process and there are
many forms of healing music available. My friend Tracy and I used to do channeled
singing were we would just start singing whatever notes came to us in the
moment. There would be glorious harmonies and stimulating dissonance. At the
end of these sessions we always felt different, more open, more “resonant.” A
little over a year ago, I fell into a meditation and was shown a way to take
this experimentation with channeled singing, and hone it for individual healing,
called “Soul Song Retrieval.

I had taken many years of shamanic training and it was
energetically similar to power animal retrieval and soul retrieval. I was shown
in this meditation how to travel to the essence of my clients and ask for their
soul song; the melody that will remind them of their fundamental essence. I was
shown that their soul song allows release, a letting go of the shackles of
everything that is not their deep raw essence of unconditional love, joy and

As mentioned I often tone during healing sessions with
clients and have found that it further cements the energetic
shifts occurring in the body. It knits the new patterns into a stronger place. Sound
is vibration, and vibration is essentially what each of us are at the atomic
level. With this method I sync in with the harmony of my client’s sound
vibration to retrieve their individualized and personal melody… a truly
healing tool.

(Pause for a quick commercial break, but there is a freebie
in it for you…) This customized melody of your soul essence retrieved from your
higher self / god force, is now
available. I was guided to do a sample version that is available for free. I
recorded the Soul Song of the Earth
which is a tribute to Gaia retrieving the essence of her truth so we can
remember and align ourselves energetically with that truth. As part of this
package you can also download you
own desktop version of The Big Book of
you Movies
which are also infused with healing energies.

Part one of the Soul
Song of the earth is now available for download
which includes an acappella
(no accompaniment just vocals) version of the earth soul song, and a meditation
in combination with the soul song that opens you to this sacred melody of the
earth. Also a Ho’oponopono version of
the song is available. Part two (which
will be available next week) will add an accompanied version of the melody.

The following full package describes what you will receive as part of your own
personal soul song. Your
personal Soul Song CD
would include:

  • Acappella
         version of your soul song
  • Acappella
         version of your soul song with a meditation to open you to this sacred music
  • An
         accompanied version of your soul song
  • An
         accompanied version of your soul song with a meditation to open you to
         this sacred music
  • A
         acappella Ho’oponopono version of your soul song
  • A
         accompanied Ho’oponopono version of your soul song

[Go to
to order your own personal Soul Song today, or click
to order it right now (NOTE: there
is a free tele-healing session as part of a special bonus)

For the Earth Soul
, you can have your choice of downloading each of these elements of the
soul song (free) or I would be happy to send you the completed CD.


Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Joe Vitale’s Zero Limits Ho’oponopono is HERE

I am VERY Excited to announce that Joe Vitale’s book Zero Limits about Ho’oponopono book is now available AND if you click on the links below you will receive hundreds of dollars in free gifts (including some from me!). I will be posting a review about the book a little later this week, for now take it upon yourself to learn about Ho’oponopono, one of the most important systems of self discovery and healing I have come across. I do it daily in as many moments as I think of it, and it has already changed my life.

Here is what Joe sent me…

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message of "Zero Limits" out to the world. The book describes the three stages of awakening, and I would love for the majority of the world to enter stage three.

What is stage three?

Get the book and find out.

Expect Miracles.

I love you,

PS -  You can get more details about the book,including how to get audios of the first seminar based on the ideas in the book, at -

PPS — "Zero Limits" is now on itunes (in the Audio Books section) and will soon be on CDs.


Dr. Joe Vitale

"Aude aliquid dignum" *

Author of way too many books to mention, including the bestsellers "The Attractor Factor,"Life’s Missing Instruction Manual" and ooohhh so many more, including the forthcoming head spinner: "Zero Limits" and then "The Key." [JENN: I have contributed a chapter to this one]


Member BBB Online 2007

* 16th century Latin: "Dare something worthy"

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Inspired Action and Ho’oponopono

I loved the Dona
Nobis Pacem program that Mimi Writes
put together (and the post it bought
out in me) so much I decided to leave it up a little longer than normal… so now I am
back at more regular posts. It received almost a dozen comments so it had the
same impact on you as it had on me.

This past week I learned an important lesson about inspired
action and holding the intention of strengthening my “feeling muscle” for what
I love to do. As most of you know I am live in a fragmented world of marketing
and healing. I spent time last week in my capacity as a market communication strategists
working with the venture capital (VC) world (I am helping to organize a VC
track for a technology conference in the Bay area). There I was at a conference
surrounded by this interesting group of VCs and the service providers who hang
around them. Most of VCs started as technologists in some form or another and became
VCs after a startup success and also became extremely wealthy in the process.

It feels energetically like most of them don’t ever have to
work again, but like to keep their hands in it, and gamble a little, through
investing in a start up technology company.

What I realized is there are some on power trips and some
that are just intellectually curious, those that need to be right and those
that simply need to win more and garner more prestige. Most importantly, each
one of these different attributes described aspects of myself. That every
person I meet offers the opportunity to reveal to me what is inside of me.

So at the conference I am spending a large portion of my
time looking at the person I was judging or appreciating and observing those
same qualities within me. I did my Ho’oponopono
work (thank you, I am sorry, I love you, please forgive me) and investigated
how I was feeling. Wow it was powerful, I clearly saw times in my life were I
was seeking power over, where I had to be right, where I pursued something
simply for prestige (and not in service). I forgave myself for that previous
behavior. I thanked the catalyst of these men for reminding me of the aspects
of myself I didn’t really want to look at, and for providing me the opportunity
to delve deeper.

Through that process I uncovered an even more important
piece, what I love to do, what gives me passion and touches my heart and what
is just fun. Those attributes I mentioned
above (prestige, being right etc.) pointed out the reasons why I chose various
jobs; they were in alignment with my beliefs and unconscious material at the
time. I can clearly see the law of attraction in action… I created many moments
to align with where I was at in that material. Now as I am reminded of those
attributes through the people I meet, I can go back to that moment of
unconsciousness and really look at it and see the “why” of who I was, and also
see how far I have come and now see what inspires me most as
I move forward in my life and work.

So my question to you is: who in you life can reflect back
to you what you have been creating for yourself then do your Ho’oponopono. Also, what fills
you up, what drives your passion. If you had a magic wand and could wipe it
over you life what would you be doing and more importantly what would it feel
like. What does it feel like in your body when you are doing what you love?
Grow that feeling muscle so that each time you feel it you know you are on the
right path.