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Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Getting a llittle wet to get what you need – a metaphor for life

I love cats and this video made me smile. But as with all things in my life I look to how it made me feel and asked into that feeling. What I got as I asked in, was this beautiful metaphor of life…

Sometimes ya gotta get a little wet to get what you need.

Why not enjoy those "wet" life moments as this cat is doing. It reminds me of that great Abraham video (a few posts ago… just scroll down) that asked "Why does the dog risk getting bugs in its eyes to stick its head out the window?" (paraphrased). Same idea, we come to this life experience to fully EXPERIENCE all of it not just the perceived good but all.

When we come at life from this perspective then it changes from victim to creator, from something done "TO" me to something that I am ready for and that is why it showed up.

So allow yourself to get a little wet, and why not enjoy it in the process?

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Transformational Healing Music LAUNCHED!

Jennifer Mark Romero podcast pic Mark Romero and I just launched our collaborative project of healing music.

This soul stirring transformational sound vibrational healing tool gets into your cells…

Imagine, simply listening to this Transformational Healing Music and feeling the resonance created within your body as it shifts into new levels of balance for renewed Prosperity, Relationships and Health…

We are so proud to release 3 Transformational Music CDs focused on Prosperity, Relationships and Health. (9 Total Tracks of Channeled Healing Sound Vibrational Melodies & Body Dialog Sessions)…
all available to help you remember who you are.GuitareImagegrnsml

You can let the sound vibrations of this music wash over you and fill you, and nudge your cells into vibrational remembrance back to the purest levels of Boundless Prosperity, Harmonious Relationships, and Vibrant Health .

This music comes from Mark Romero – Sound Vibration Therapist and Master Musician and (me) Jennifer McLean 20 year healer offering her own Body Dialoging, and Sound Vibration Soul Songs.

With the healing energies of this channeled music you can create a balance and harmony in your body at the cellular level to allow in the life you want.

Go check it out at
On our April Healing With The Masters call Mark Romero and I performed a spontaneous channeled song. And the response was OVERWHELMING. We both were inundated with emails and calls prompting us with "please do that again" wanting to experience more magic of that healing moment, and we did…

We decided to get together and create something that is so easy to use… ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LISTEN, to be transformed and discover and remember the truth of who you are.

Both Mark and I channel healing sound vibrational music and when we both brought our gifts together the results were remarkable, they even surprised us.

We have created a powerful set of three CDs with Transformational Channeled Music, Body Dialog Sessions AND profound Ho'oponopono prayers (and Mary A. Hall's HeartThoughts) all focused on three specific themes of: Boundless Prosperity, Harmonious Relationships and Vibrant Health.

In fact right now many are commenting on the spontaneous shifts they are experiencing by just listening to the samples found on the web site. We have had several adventurous folks tell us they played each of the sample demos of the songs all at the same time, and the results and shifts they told us they felt were really quite something. Don't you just love how the universe works that three samples played at once offers even more. If nothing else go check that out.

This music has been scientifically proven to strengthen the body… it realigns the body's energy shifting it into rejuvenation and vitality. When the systems of the body are disrupted through energetic obstacles, old beliefs and caked on trauma, the body cannot come into alignment and is weakened. However when it is aligned  the bodies natural healing abilities are sparked and take over revitalizing and creating strength and vibrancy. 

The interesting thing about channeled transformational healing music is it delivers both clear harmonies and dissonance. Within these channeled pieces comes the dissonance that reflect the dissonance we find in life. This is a vital component, the dis-harmony nudges the body and prompts it to move to a place of balance and wholeness. A true realignment follows and a deepening is experienced. Then the harmonious notes and rhythms take over, beckoning your cells to even more profound levels of Boundless Prosperity, Harmonious Relationships and Vibrant Health.


(Be sure to scroll down once you land on the page and check out the excerpts of the music with Ho'oponopono and my Body Dialoging samples. They are powerful too.)

Our hope is that you invest in yourself by daily listening to the deep strains of healing found in this channeled music.

Mark and I are quite proud of this healing transformational music and we are confident that you will shift, and move and be moved into Boundless Prosperity, Harmonious Relationships and Vibrant Health..

Just go to:

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Sonia Ricotti on Healing With The Masters

Sonia Ricotti was on Thursday's Show of Healing With The Masters and reminded us of the essentials of the Law of Attraction. She also added some wonderful anecdotal illustrations of the principles applied very inspiring stuff.

She talked about her book The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple and offered 11 simple steps. For those of you that are familiar with the LOA this will be a nice refresher course. For those that don't this is a must read:

1) Decide What you want. What are you complaining about… use that as the contrast for what you don't want and then decide what you do want!

2) Choose your thoughts and feelings. Become aware of your thoughts and use your feelings as a barometer for where you are in the flow of your creations.

3) Keep and open mind. And Sonia asked us "what do you want to be remembered for" and suggested we write our own eulogy. Then use that to find out who we are and the values that mean the most to us.

4) Remove meaning. Stop taking what others do and say personally. They are just doing what they have to do to get by and it usually isn't even about you.

5) LET GO! Accept what is. Sonia talked about seeing the colsed door instead of experiencing the joys of the open door… She offered an amazing story about this, you can read it at my friend Cyndy Krupp's site

6) Forgiveness. Look for a silver lining in situations where you felt someone has done you wrong. They are just doing their best they can and in most instances it wasn't about you… you were just a trigger.

7) Unleash the Past. The past exists only in your mind yet can control how you behave now. So back to #5 let it go.

8) Be grateful… the foundation to all joy, all attraction, and all creating. Be grateful for what you have now.

9) Choose your friends carefully. Look around at your friends they represent where you are at energetically. don't like what you see then change it. Your friends can bring you up or down or up… just notice what you feel when with your friends.

10) Connect the mind, body and spirit… integrate these 3 aspects so they are in touch in a deep way and connected.

11) ALLOW it. Remove all doubt. "This or something better…"

Sonia also offered a look into her new project that just launched this week (

The SHIFT Project will not only help you glide through these turbulent economic times with ease but it will have you achieve greatness and live the life of your dreams despite all that is going on around the world!

Sonia’s SHIFT 21 Day Challenge Audio Program will transform your life in 21 days! You will achieve prosperity, inner peace, happiness, and bring back the passion in your life like never before!

You will also receive advice and coaching from some of the most amazing transformational leaders on the planet! Listen to some of it for free right now!

AND This project is literally worth thousands of dollars but Sonia and her team want it to be accessible to everyone during these tough times. You will be stunned at the cost (and it’s risk-free)!

If you want to hear this call you can still do so by signing up to Healing With the Masters the audio will be available until Tuesday night.

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Healing With The Masters is BACK

HWMVolIIIspeakers copy
So it is here finally after a three and a half month hiatus, Healing With the Masters – The Daily Work is back with Volume III… and back with a HUGE line up to top speakers (I think you will be VERY pleased).

There is Genpo Roshi, Dr Judith Orloff, Genpo Roshi, Guy Finley

Imagine you could sit down with NEALE DONALD WALSCH and hear first hand his story of homelessness and how that life compression lead him to the renowned Conversation With God series of books, then with GREGG BRADEN to discuss his books The Divine Matrix or The Science of Miracles or his new book Fractal Time – The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age and his remarkable dance with miraculous healings, or with JACK CANFIELD, a featured teacher in The Secret, creator of The Chicken Soup for the Soul series and author of The Success Principles and have him guide you to your ultimate success?

What if you could ask what obstacles JAMES RAY had to overcome to find his way onto The Secret and eventually to Oprah and what you can do achieve similar results through his Harmonic Wealth programs, or ask best selling author GARY RENARD about The Course in Miracles and the wild story behind the folks who showed up in his living room one day and helped him to write The Disappearance of the Universe.

Maybe how WILL BOWEN was suddenly inspired to create A Complaint Free World program and proceeded to virally attract millions from around the world to embrace this simple concept, and eventually shared it on the Oprah show? Then there is DR. ERIC PEARLS amazing story of the discovery of his remarkable healing abilities how his hands blistered and bled and this energy healed the unhealable?

And more than a dozen more amazing speakers with like stories!

This is your chance to hear, integrate and apply their stories and techniques to your own life.

WOO HOO this will be the teleseminar event of the season…  Once you sign up at you will be directed to a page where you can purchase this remarkable Volume III season at a special price. This will make sure you don't miss one of your favorite speakers and you cab listen to meditations and healings again and again.

The program starts on Tuesday March 10, and runs through to Wednesday May 27 each Tuesday AND Thursday at 4:00 PM California/Pacific time (the last Wed call is a bonus).

The first guest tomorrow is the amazing Sonia Choquette, Hay House author, intuitive, prophet and a joy to be around, you won't want to miss this kick off to the series.

I can hardly wait to hang out with you all again!

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Recession is a state of mind

RecessionA couple of hundred thousand people have lost their jobs. That is incredibly challenging for those who are experiencing this. But even for those who are in this situation there is opportunity here. I have spoken in my many talks about The Compression Theory… we ask for something that we want and everything that is not in alignment with that dream will show up to be release. If you are looking for your dream job –and you are NOT in that dream job– you may be forced out in order to pursue your dream (just one small example). It is all here for you, ALL of it.

I am already hearing the “yeah buts,”  but, I don’t have any money, but, I have to look for another job and that will take all my time, but, I am not in a good space now because I am scared. I get that, I have been there too.

The absolute BEST thing you can do for yourself is change your mind about all of this by doing a very simple exercise: feel into what is REALLY going on. Feel into the energy of where you are right now and I guarantee that you will see a flicker of the light at the end of that big ‘ole tunnel. That alone can dramatically change your energy. Then get into the habit of using those moments of fear and panic as the sign that it is time to go inside again and feel the opportunities coming your way.

Let’s get back to this whole notion of recession: 11% or more are now unemployed,  that means that there are 89% that are in the same financial position as they were a year ago, prior to this so called recession. Let’s be fair here and say that 80% of all of us are in the same if not a better position (I talk to literally dozens of people weekly that are telling me they are actually doing better (and I am one of those). What is happening is a state of mind– that 11% is telling the 80% that they could be in trouble too, so DON’T SPEND.  Guess what happens? They don’t spend so more will lose their jobs. These 80% have exactly what they have always had and yet fear is stopping them. And guess what fear will create for them… yep you got it, their circumstances will likely reflect their fear and they may go into poverty.

Your personal job is to see the opportunity that is right before you, see that it truly is thought creating reality. Here are a few things you can do to overcome the fears:

  • DON’T WATCH THE NEWS, it is just going to make you afraid and it is not real, you make your life.
  • Your credit score is a false sense of financial well being, if it goes down it has NOTHING to do with your self worth. I know lots of people with terrible credit scores that just use cash and they are doing very well. I know someone with a 560 score that bought a BMW for mostly cash and some credit!
  • Use many of the free gifts so many in the spiritual community are offering here is just one 777SelfHelp   [Note once you sign up you have to wade through a sales page, just scroll to the bottom and click on the "no thanks..." link]
  • Use the moments of anxiety to go inside, here is a link to a free audio I offer that can take you inside and release some of this anxiety. Here is the link to a talk I did with at least 6 clearing techniques, (This is FREE!!)
  • Spend some money and feel the flow of giving that it sets off. I am not saying go and spend all your savings, but stop holding back out of fear. If you want something and feel you can handle the expense then buy it, it keeps the energy going.
  • Here is one from Abraham Hicks, put a $100 bill in your wallet. Whenever you are out and about, if you see something you might like, you can say with all certainty, “I could buy that, I have $100 right here.” You don’t have to buy it but feel into how it makes you feel that you could.
  • (OK here is some shameless promotion) buy my Abundance/Recession audio, it is 47 minutes of clearing the recession from your essence and creating the energy of abundance AND a soul song to help the energy along (while healing the whole global economy).
  • OR come to my Heal Your Life ~ Heal Your Business workshop it is available virtually streaming live and recorded, or you can come in person. It is designed to heal the obstacles to wealth then provide info for you to truly start and run your own business.
  • If you have products, FEEL into the product and how it is serving your customers. Feel how they are changing by having your product. Care about how they are receiving it… this can make a HUGE difference. Feel them WANTING to pay you the value of the energy exchange for this product.
  • Be grateful for whatever you have. Do you have $10 in the bank? Be profoundly grateful for that. Do you have enough to pay this month’s electricity? Then be profoundly grateful for that. Do you have people who care about you and love and support you whether you are rich or poor… that is huge, feel you heart melt right now as you think about those who love you. Here is a link to a short but profound gratitude body dialog session (it's free too!).
  • Know that all is in absolute divine order and that what you want is coming toward you no matter how today looks… if you know that, if you go inside right now and even feel a glimmer of that, it opens your energy to receive.
  • Feel into the 80% who are just fine and feel into them opening to this kind of information, see them reading these kinds of things and sense their relaxation and opening (listen to the Soul Song of the Economy as you do this and it will contribute that much more).
  • Know that you know… and that your are fine, no matter what happens all is well and you can change your perception of it (even if for 17 seconds) and you will start to feel that knowing.
  • I love you all so very much! Feel that, allow that to soak in, you are, and always will be, loved and cherished.

Find the love that you are no matter what is up.

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Being There – Resistance for Ease

I am watching the movie Being There with Peter Sellers. It is about a man who was literally raised by the television. He has very little vocabulary and talks about gardening. He is thrown into the world after his only caretaker dies. Through a series of circumstances he is seen almost as a savior because his world view is so simple… when he speaks people think he is speaking in metaphors and they read whatever they want into what he is speaking.

Through the movie we guffaw at these silly people not seeing what is really happening. But then the final scene in the movie is the Peter Sellers character walking on water… designed to really make you think if this simplicity isn’t really the answer to overcoming the illusion of our lives (my interpretations).

The ultimate intrigue of the movie is that Shirley McLain is in it and it was filmed right when she came out of the spiritual closet and risked her career to show us some new insights on what life might be. ALSO this was Peter Sellers last film, he died not to long after this move came out.

So how often do I use complicated words and images and processes to improve what is really a simple thing. How about you? What in your life could be completely simplified to the point of creating a new sense of ease and effortlessness?

Many times the things we are most worried about are the things that are ready to be simplified.

Simplified might mean re-organizing, it may mean downsizing, it may mean leaving a job or a relationship. Our resistance to these things that are coming to us (because they are there to help us) is sometimes the only thing holding us back from an easier fulfilled life. “Resistance is futile,” “what your resist persists “are well know quotes that resonate deep. The resistance piece is the evidence that there is something to review, to notice to go deeper with. This resistance can also show up as making a big decision, going for the new job or career, moving in with your significant other, having a baby, taking responsibility for something that appeared to go “wrong” (there is never ANY wrong it all just is on our path to a juicy life adventure). So what are you resisting, how can you change your angle of perception to see it in a new light, one of simplicity and ease?

What is showing up in your life to illustrate both ease and resistance? Use these as evidence or examples of what works and what doesn’t work. Use the tension it brings to go into your body and explore the tension, ask into it, what does it have to show you? What does it (ultimately you) need? Follow the path that resistance is showing you and/or feel into the good that ease is showing you.

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Heal Your Life ~ Heal Your Business

[NOTE: scroll down for an exercise that will instantly bring you into the moment]

So we just have two more weeks before I will be playing with you to guide you to your success and abundance AND for you to experience some serious yet simple step-by-step information on how to achieve success… by either starting your online business or expanding your real world business (and career) through sound online and influence building practices.

~Heal Your Life, Heal Your Business Workshop~

I love this life I have created for myself after leaving over 20 years of a corporate marketing paycheck. I am committed to show as many people as possible the tips and tricks to achieving success by both releasing the internal obstacles, and applying the new found confidence (from those releases), into new business strategies.

I think my life's works has culminated in this workshop and I would LOVE for you to join me.

The Early Bird Special is still on until Feb 13, so come join us in sunny Southern California Feb 19 – 22 for some fun, some healing, some learning and some wealth building strategies.
2 DAYS OF HEALING then 2 DAYS OF NEW BUSINESS CONTENT (when you are most open to new information for your business, because you released the obstacles to your success in the first two days!).

I have negotiated a special rate with the hotel for your stay here (bring a bathing suit), AND to save you even more money I am arranging a roommate matching service… so you can split the hotel stay with a new friend that I will introduce you to.

Have you written or a book or do you have a product to sell… bring some extra copies and sell it at the "Participant Store" (and keep all the profits).

One time payment too much? I have a payment plan that you can use to spread the payment out over 1, 2, 3 or even 4 months. AND there is a bring a friend for half price special!
I really want to make this as easy as possible to come, and I know you will be a changed person when we are done.

So here is a tip… tap your sternum area / breastbone, near your heart in the rhythm of a heartbeat.

Say to yourself "I am here" while you are tapping that heart beat on your chest.

Look at the proximity of the objects in the room to where you are sitting… notice that the objects are where they are, and you are where you are–and feel into the space in between you.

Say to yourself a couple of time "I am here" while continuing to still tap the heartbeat. 

This is an exercise to almost instantly put you into the moment and into the flow of divine energy AND in vibrational resonance with what you want.

Now do me a favor, from here ask into the moment to picture yourself at my Heal Your Life, Heal Your Business workshop and feel in your body what it feels like to be there. Tapping your heartbeat and still saying "I am here" feel the hot warm Southern California air and picture the palm trees, does it feel like you should be here? Do you feel the energy of the room, the speakers, the shifts that are happening? If so then consider joining us. If not then this is likely not for you at this time. You will know immediately if this is right for you from this exercise.

You can use that exercise to feel into just about any decision you need to make. Use it and bring yourself into the moment and into your divine flow, and it will surely guide you.

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

How to USE your reactions…

I get the most AMAZING emails the majority 98% or so are lovely testaments to how they are applying some of the principles I have been able to share through my programs and how they have changed their lives. It is the most rewarding experience to hear that what worked for me and my clients is now working for them to. AND I also get to in turn pass along what this community shares with me to others in the community. It is a delightful circle of giving.

The other 2% of the emails are spiteful mean attacks that I have yet to get used to… but I use all of them and thank the energy that is showing up. Just today I was accused of extending my EARLY early bird rate because I can't fill my workshop. (It is pretty close to being at my target capacity.) I extended it because I know many are in a tight financial state and want to come… I wanted to help. But this emailer used a victim mentality to send a scathing email to say that they "caught" me with my hand in the cookie jar and that I should be ashamed.

So two things… when you have a reaction and go immediately into accusation this is YOUR opportunity. WHERE in your body are you feeling that (in this case) someone is trying to rip you off? What is that part of you, showing you, about you and your life patterns.

Ask into your body, how this aspect has served you? Then ask what this body part, this aspect of you, needs. It may take you to the trauma in your life where it was established that you couldn't possibly trust that another was in integrity… that life is somehow ripping you off. NOW ask what is needed to change this, and your bodies healing intelligence will take over and show you what this aspect needs to re-align into balance. It may be something practical like volunteering to see the good in people, or it may be a journey inside your body to a place where you can feel trust. It is all there for you.

So what if you are being falsely attacked as I was? USE THAT TOO. I went inside to see what inside of me was ready to be paid attention to, what aspect in me created this emailer to allow me another peek at my pattern of trust. Then I did a re-patterning technique and some Ho'oponopono and thanked them for showing up to reveal to me what I am ready to release. 

It is all good, all God, and all an opportunity to wake up even more, to advance into joy and ease even more. I hope you can do the same when life shows up for you.

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008


I have a GREAT gift idea for you… The Big Book of YOU! AND
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The book is not your average book and why lots of folks are seeing
that it makes a nice gift: It is a hard cover coffee table book (8.5 x 11 horizontal).
The inside pages are filled with artwork, photography, poetry (about the light and
dark of life), inspirational  quotes, as
well as pages of text dedicated to the many spiritual principles I have
developed over 25 years of playing and healing and working with clients.

It is an original piece of art that your friends and family
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So, it is giving you triple duty: 

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Cool huh?

Here is how the coupon works, by simply purchasing 5 books
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Coupon Code: BBY5BOOKS

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I have been honored to receive wonderful feedback on my
little baby (The Big Book of YOU) and
know that you and your friends will enjoy it… who knows it might even change
your live and theirs?

Thanks for being part of this special community of readers,
I am honored and happy to have you join me on this wonderful spiritual
adventure called life.

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Dee Wallace – I Am Divine Love

Dee2Dee Wallace well known actress who played the mother in the Steven Spielberg movie ET was on  Healing With The Masters for a second time. She was one of the most popular speakers on the spring program and kicked it to the moon again this time.

We went through defective DNA and physical healing, how to get  high out of living rather than being a victim, and getting juiced out of life instead of drama.

Dee did quite a few individual readings that many others said helped to clear them. Her works is SO powerful and so fast the shifts that were occurring on the call where palatable. Many have already indicated they want to listen again and again.

Here are the channeled sayings, the first two were brought to the public for the first time tonight:

I am the intersection of the complete formula

I am divine Love (this one alone clears all)

I know that I know

I am the only healing presence

Feel into these statements… allow them to penetrate deep within and shift and clear. To understand these better check out the call by signing up for Healing With The Masters and listening to the recording (available until Thursday) or you can purchase once you sign up and own the WHOLE series.